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Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 11: The New Comer
planned by Kristi
written by Dice

The next video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on. Static
dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

Triple H and X-Pac are walking down the hallway that leads from the men's
locker room area to the women's locker room area.

"Hey... have you noticed how good that Lilian has gotten lately?" Hunter asks
with a smirk.

"Yeah I have... I heard Billy and Jesse had a word with her," X-Pac laughs
a bit before he stops in his tracks, "Holy shit... look at the ass on that
chick." Hunter stops and looks in the direction X-Pac is looking at and
smirks. Both men are looking at the newest diva on the roster, Lita, who is
the valet of the new Light Heavyweight Champion Essa Rios X-pac then adds,
"That mexican chick has one hot ass doesn't she?"

Hunter nods in agreement, "I wouldn't mind showing her how damn good I am...
and since we've got time to kill..."

X-Pac gets a smirk, "I hear ya..."

Both men approach Lita and Hunter slaps her ass. Lita jumps a bit and turns
around, she doesn't get mad as she expects that sorta thing to happen in the
WWF. Hunter smiles and crosses his arms.

"Hey there, do you know who we are?"

Lita nods her head, "Yeah I do... you're Triple H and you're X-Pac." Lita
extends her hand to shake theirs, "I'm Lita." Both men don't shake her hand,
so Lita pulls it back. X-Pac moves closer to her.

"Since you know who we are, you probably know what we're famous for, right?"

Lita raises an eyebrow, "I'm... not really sure what you mean."

X-Pac laughs, "Don't worry rookie, we'll help you understand."

"That's right, cause we got two words for ya," Hunter says as reaches into
his workout pants and pulls out his dick. X-Pac does the same and does the
crotch chop.

"And those words are suck it."

Lita steps back against the wall and laughs a bit, "You're kidding right? Is
this some kind of rib or something?"

Hunter shakes his head, "No this isn't a joke, now get on your knees."

Lita shakes her head in refusal. X-Pac then points at Hunter.

"You see this man here? This is Hunter Hearst-Helsmley, Stephanie's
husband... he calls all the shots around here and he can give you anything
you anything you want, like a title shot. He can do anything for you if you
play the game right."

Lita thinks about it for a few moments, and looks at Hunter. "Anything?"
Hunter nods his heads, and Lita smiles, "Ok then... I'll do it."

Hunter smirks, "Then get to it and suck it."

Lita takes off her red halter top and kneels down as the men completely take
off their pants. Lita grips both men's cock at the base, stroking them as she
sizes them up. Since Hunter is the one who's in charge and since he has the
bigger cock, that's where she starts.

She take it into her mouth and starts to suck on it lightly. She keeps her
mouth wide open so she can move her tongue all over the head when she comes
up for air. Lita then switches over to X-Pac, licking up and down his shaft
for a few moments, before going back to Hunter to do the same.

"God damn... she's pretty good at this..." Hunter says with a moan as Lita
closes her mouth around his shaft and sucks on his shaft as if it was a
straw. She lets go of Hunter's cock to take it completely into her mouth.
She puts that hand into her red tights much to the surprise of the two men.
Lita tightens her grip on X-Pac cock, pumping it like a piston, and manages
to insert two fingers into her pussy. Lita takes her head off Hunter's dick
as she brings her hand out of her tights. Lita puts her fingers into her
mouth, sucking them clean. She looks up at both men as she sucks on her

"Shit... I think she's really got some demands..." X-Pac laughs.

Lita smiles a bit, "No... I just get really horny when I'm sucking a bit
hard cock..." Lita then stands up and leans against an equipment case to
take down her tights. Both men can see that she is not a natural red-head,
but they don't really give a shit either way. X-Pac places his hands on
her exposed waist and turns her around. He bends her forward to where here
tits are mashed down against the top. Lita looks back at him, "You're not
big enough..."

X-Pac is a bit insulted and slaps her ass. He pushes his dick into her pussy
and starts to fuck her. Much to his surprise, Lita isn't as tight as he'd
expected and catches on to what she meant. Lita's pussy is like the grand
canyon and his cock is flopping around in her like a fish out of water. He
pulls out of her and looks at Hunter with disappointment.

"Man, she's got a strechted out cunt... not tight at all..."

Hunter laughs, "That's because you're not big enough for it... move out of
the way." X-Pac moves as Hunter lifts Lita up and sits her on the case. Lita
licks her lips as she sees Hunter's cock again.

"Now... that's big enough..." She says with a grin as Hunter pushes his cock
into her. Lita wraps her legs around his waist as Hunter goes to work on
fucking her loose pussy. Hunter's cock is sooned joined by Lita's fingers as
she grinds her cock against him.

"Yess... ahhh ahhh ahhhh fuck me... fuck me!" Lita screams, proving it
doesn't take much to get her into get her wanting more. Hunter grunts with
each thrust as Lita spanks the area above her pussy. "Yeah... yeah... fuck
me harder!"

Hunter pulls out of her pussy and lifts her hips up a bit. He slams his cock
into her asshole. Lita's head snaps back and forth as she pushes back against
him, wanting more of his cock. X-Pac climbs up onto the equipment case and
takes advantage of her wide open mouth. He turns her head towards his cock,
but before he can do anything else, Lita grabs his dick and brings it to her
mouth, and sucks on it like a vaccum.

"Ahhh yea... that's suck that dick," X-Pac yanks on her dyed red hair,
popping his hips foward to get more of his cock into her mouth, much to
Lita's delight. Hunter continues to fuck her ass, he grabs her legs and
pulls them from around his waist and lifts the up higher. Lita let's
X-Pac's cock fall from his mouth.

"MMmmmmmm... I need more dick in me..." Lita moans while pinching her
nipples. Hunter pulls out of her ass and X-Pac hops off the equipment case.
The two men huddle a bit to figure out what they are going to do next to the
lustful diva. Bue before they can come up with something Lita stands up on
the equipment case and jumps onto Hunter, who is able to catch her. Lita
wraphs her legs and an arm around him as she reaches dwon with the other to
grab his cock and work it into her pussy.

"Holy shit..." X-Pac says with a laugh as Lita rocks against Hunter, she
looks backs at him.

"Come on!" She says as she reaches back with her free hand and slaps her own
ass, "Fuck my ass!"

X-Pac smirks and joins in. He stands behind Lita as she bounces wildly on
Hunter's cock. X-Pac manages to grab her hips and holds her still enough to
get his rod into her ass. X-Pac and Hunter don't have to do a damn thing
since because Lita is using her entire body to fuck herself with their dicks.

"YES YES.. OH MOTHFUCKING GOD!" Lita screams. She reaches behind her her and
grabs some of X-Pac hair. Hunter and X-Pac do start finally to fuck her back.

"Damn... she's a fucking slut..." Hunter says as sweat drips down the bodies
of all three people. Hunter and X-Pac slam their cocks in and out of her at
high speed.

Lita bites down on her lips, "AHhh AHhh I'm CUMMING!" Lita's body thrashes
abouth as she climaxs. Hunter and Pac pull out of her quickly and drops her
onto the ground. Lita reaches up and grabs both men's cocks.

"Move closer together," She purrs. Hunter and X-Pac does what she tells them.
Lita opens her big mouth and as she holds both dicks together. She lowers her
mouth onto their cocks and sucks them both at the same time, bobbing her head
at a shockingly quick rate. Lita uses her tongue by sliding it between both
cocks in her.

"Fuck I'm going to bust a nut on this bitch!" X-Pac says as he starts to cum
in her mouth.

"Me too..." Hunter grunt and unleass his juice into her already sperm filled
mouth. Lita pushes both men away, closes her mouth and swallows it all down.
She then smiles up at Hunter and X-Pac,

"I know what I want..."

Hunter smirks, "All right, what is it?"

"I want... to manage those two hung studs... the Hardys..." Lita licks her


Lita grins and takes both cocks in her hands again, and kisses both of the

X-Pac smirks and looks at Hunter, "Gotta love having all the power..."

The screen cuts back to the static again and after a few moments, the tape
stops, signally that it's the tape.

Next in the Series: Invading Chyna

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