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Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 12: Invading Chyna
written by Dice

The next video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on. Static
dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

"Oww... my head..."

The woman known as Chyna is slowly waking up. The last thing she remembers is
talking to Triple H about rejoining D-Generation X until Stephanie walked in
with the New Age Outlaws. She remember's Stephaning ordering the Outlaws to
attack her and that's all. Chyna tries to sit up but now she realizes she's
tied to a bed in a hotel room.

"I see that you're finally awake, bitch."

Chyna turns her head to the left where she sees Stephanie McMahon-Hemlmsley
and Tori, both of them dressed in matching black tank-tops and what looks
like to be bikini bottoms, but she can't tell because of the low lighting in
the room. Stephanie has her arms crossed and has a cocky smirk on her face.
Chyna starts gets a furious look on her face and tries to breack the
restraints on her arms by pulling on them.

"Don't bother trying..." Stephanie says as she appraches the bed, "Those
straps are pratically un-breakable... Hunter couldn't even get free." Tori
quietly follows behind Stephanie, and now Chyna sees that that neither woman
is wearing bikini bottoms, instead they are wearing strap-on dildos. Chyna's
eyes go wide and quickly resumes trying to free herself.

"Let me go you crazy bitch!"

Stephanie laughs a little, "Chyna, Chyna, Chyna... you should've known this
was coming, I mean, come on, I did make my intentions clear to you... I told
you to stay away from Hunter... and now look at you."

As Stephanie says this, Tori has gone to the dresse and has picked up a small
knife. Tori then approaches the bed and cuts down the middle of Chyna's
shirt, she then removes it from her body. Tori does the same to Chyna's skin
tight pants, leaving the former Intercontiental Champion laying on the bed in
her bra and patnies.

"When I get free I'm going to fuck you up!" Chyna then spits at Stephanie who
smirks at her. Stephanie bends down a little and slaps Chyna across the face.

"The only person that's going to get fucked up, is you," Stephanie licks
her lips and traces her fingers across Chyna's muscular arm. She moves her
fingers up to her face, and across Chyna's lips. Chyna tries to bite her
digits, but Stephanie pulls them away and slaps her again, followed by Tori
dropping an elbow on Chyna's stomach. Chyna let's out a gasp for the sudden

"Do it again," Stephanie orders and Tori cups her hands and pounds away on
Chyna's mid-section. The blows are having a double effect, one causing Chyna
immense pain, and the other is turning Stephanie on. Chyna can't do anything
to protect herself as tears start to form in her eyes

"Please... stop it..." Chyna begs. Stephanie holds up her hand and Tori stops
beating on Chyna. Stephanie gets up on the bed and sits on Chyna's chest, the
head of her dildo comes in contact with Chyna's face.

"Now... it's time for you to learn your place... so make like the bitch you
are and suck it." Stephanie grabs the base of her strap on and slaps it end
of it against Chyna's face hard. Chyna glares at Stephanie with such anger
that if she was free, Stephanie would be scared. But since she's restrained
and helpsless, Chyna sighs, opens her mouth and takes the head of the dildo
into her mouth. She sucks it slowly, lifting her head as best she can.

Stephanie smirks down at her and looks at Tori, "Eat the bitch."

Tori smiles and moves the the foot end of the bed and takes off Chyna's
panties. She kneels on the bed and spreads Chyna's powerful legs apart. Tori
then spits on Chyna's pussy, followed by spanking her cunt. Chyna groans a
bit around Stephanie's dildo as Tori starts to eat her out. Tori has learned
a lot about doing this sorta thing by practicing on Stephanie. Stephanie
reaches behind her and pats Tori's head and looks down at Chyna giving her

"That's right Chyna... suck it... suck it like the whore you are."

All Chyna can do is moan in response, mostly because of Tori's talented
tongue moving around inside her pussy. Stephanie pulls her dildo out of
Chyna's mouth. Chyna gasps a bit for air as she lets out soft moans. Tori
has now added her fingers to Chyna's cunt, fignering her at a wild pace
as she sucks on her fat clitoris. Stephanie pulls on Chyna's bra and after
some time, the bra comes off, snapping under the strain of being pulled on.

Stephanie twist the remains of the bra around and starts using it as a whip
on Chyna's tits. Chyna lurches a bit, mostly out of annoyence, but Tori's
continue use of her tongue calms to large woman down. Stephanie sit on the
edge of the bed and strokes Chyna's raven black hair, then looks back at

"Fuck her."

Tori stops eating Chyna out and kneels on the bed. She places one hand on
Chyna's hip, while using the other to work her dildo into her pussy. Chyna
thinks it's a normal sized one, but her eyes go wide as she now finds out
that it's much larger. Stephanie sees the look on Chyna's face and smiles.

"Don't you like it? I would've thought an post-op trans-testicle like
yourself would've appriciated a big hard cock, but since I like my men to be
disease free, you have to settle for the biggest fake-dicks I could find."

Stephanie laughs as Chyna closes her eyes tightly. Tori has started to fuck
her, and is doing a pretty good job of it, using her hips to drive her dildo
in and out of Chyna's twat.

"Ohhhh..." Chyna lets out a sigh of pleasure. Stephanie again smiles and
leans down to kiss Chyna's lips. Chyna eyes fly open as Stephanie forces her
tongue into her mouth. Chyna's first instinct is to bite down, but common
sense stops her. Chyna realizes that Stephanie could make this a lot worse
for her, so she responds to the kiss by sucking on Stephanie's invading

Stephanie breaks the kiss and strokes her own hair. Stephanie looks down at
Tori to see how she's doing. Tori's thrusts have gotten faster and harder,
much to Chyna's delight. Stephanie stands up and walks to Tori and tapes off
her shirt, exposing her breasts followed by removing her oen top. Stephanie
kneels behind her bodyguard and kisses her ass.

Tori lets out a quiet moan of pleasure as Stephanie begins to lick up and
down her ass crack. Tori gives Chyna some shar thrusts and Chyna lifts her
hips a bit in response, wanting more. Stephanie sticks her tongue up Tori's
asshole. Tori again moans as she leans forward to suck on Chyna's large
breasts while she fucks her. Chyna whimpers a little.

Chyna starts to pull again against the straps holding her arms, but not to
get free. Chyna wants to return the pleasure being given to her. Stephanie
has stopped licking Tori's asshole and is now standing behind her. Stephanie
takes hold of her own dildo and slides it into Tori's behind. Tori pushes
back instantly as Stephanie starts to fuck her. Tori leans back up and turns
her head a bit to kiss Stephanie. Neither woman is totally paying attention
to Chyna now, even though Tori is fucking her steadily. The straps holding
start to give way and with a loud snap Chyna's arms are free.

Chyna regains her senses and hits Tori with a right cross. Stephanie pulls
out of Tori and runs to the door as Chyna pushes Tori out of her pussy. In
an instant Chyna jumps from the bed and onto Stephanie like a panther.
Stephanie can't support the added weight and falls to the ground. Stephanie
tries to crawl away frantically but Chyna is too strong. Chyna turns her over
so that the strap-on around is sticking straight up.

"Chyan.. I'm..." Stephanie starts to say but Chyna stops her by mounting
the dildo and slaming her cunt down onto it hard. Somewhere along the line
something in Chyna's head snap. Chyna starts to rise and fall on Stephanie's
dildo at an unbelivable rate. Stephanie holds onto her arms trying to slow
her down but it's usless. Tori recovers from Chyna's attack and tries to pull
her off of Stephanie, but Chyna pushes her away.

"T-t-t-Tori... get... help..." Stephanie manages to say and a moment later,
Tori runs out of the hotel room. Once Tori is gone, Chyna gets off of
Stephanie and locks the door. She then takes off Stephanie's strap on and
puts it on. Chyna picks Stephanie up and bends her over the the dresser.

"I told you I would do this!" Chyna says. Stephane is about to protest, but
Chyna shoves the dildo into her asshole. Stephanie criews out in pain,
pleading for Chyna to stop. However Chyna's fun is sooned ruined as the door
is kicked opened by Billy Gunn, who runs in and pulls Chyna off of Stephanie,
X-Pac, Road Dogg and Tori enter the room. Tori tends to Stephanie's ass as
the three men force Chyna to the bed.

Billy and Road Dogg hold Chyna down as X-Pac strips down. He jumps on the
bed, and inserts himself into Chyna's pussy, fucking her as fast as he can.
Stephanie then motions for Tori to go help the Outlaws strip down. Tori goes
over and takes down both their pants down. Tori then climbs on the bed and
sits on Chyna's face, and lean forward to lick her pussy and X-Pac's cock as
it flies in and out of Chyna's cunt.

Billy then twists Chyna's wrist, "Eat her out or we'll break your fucking

Chyna has no choice and starts to eat Tori out. Road Dogg releases her arm
and climbs on the bed. Since Chyna and Tori are in the middle of the mattress
there is plenet of room for him to get behind Tori. He strokes his cock and
pushes it into Tori's pussy, so now Chyna is licking both Tori's juice pussy
and Road Dogg's prick.

Stephanie has finally composed her self and has walked around the bed to
Billy Gunn. She kisses him on the cheek and whipsers "Thank You" into his
ear. She then kneels down and starts to suck on Billy's cock at a soft pace.
Billy lets go of Chyna's arm and places his hands on her head. On the bed,
X-Pac has pulled out of Chyna to let Tori slobber over his dick for a few
moments, then sticks his saliva covered cock back into Chyna's pussy. Tori
starts grinding donw on Chyna's face so much that Road Dogg has to pull out
of her pussy and starts to fucking her ass.

Stephanie now has Billy lay on the bed. She climbs onto his cock and starts
ride him. She places her hands on his chest and looks down over at the others
and smirks as Chyna starts to cum. Chyna's orgasmic scream are muffled by
Tori's pussy.

"Get off of her," Stephanie orders, and Road Dogg, Tori and X-Pac get off of
Chyna. Stephane get's off of Billy and sits on Chyna's face. She pulls on her
hair, "EAT ME!"

Chyna holds onto Stephanie's legs and starts to eat the billion dollar
princess's pussy, sliding her tongue in and out her pussy, causing Stephanie
to pull harder on her hair.

"Oh yea... that's it, eat my pussy you bitch...".

Meanwhile, Tori is on her knees sucking Road Dogg while jerking off Billy and
X-Pac. Stephanie looks over and sees them, "Don't cum yet! Save it for this

Tori stop what she's doing as Stephanie starts to release her juices over
Chyna's face. Stephanie moves off her face and looks at the men, "Blast her
face, I want her face covered!"

Billy, X-Pac and Road Dogg drag Chyna off the bed and she hits the floor
with a thud. The guys start jerking off, but soon Stephanie and Tori join
it, jerking off the Outlaws while they both play with X-Pac's balls. Soon
the men start to cum, dropping all of their loads on Chyna's face, completely
covering it. After they are done, Stephanie motions for the men to leave.

Once they are gone, she nods to Tori and both she and Tori start to lick
the cum off of Chyna's face. Stephanie and Tori then kiss, swapping the cum
between their mouths before they swallow. Stephanie then strokes Chyna's face
and smiles.

"I really hope I catch you talking to Hunter again..."

The screen cuts back to the static again and after a few moments, the tape
stops, signally that it's the tape.

Next in the Series: A Little T&A

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