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The events in this story never occurred and never will they are purely of the
imagination. If your not 18 or easily offended by sexual material please stop
reading. This is my story and shouldnt be used without my permission.

Bark Like A Bitch
by Tommy Filth

It was now official, Stephanie McMahon's new maid would be none other then
Torrie Wilson. She was sick and tired of putting up with her crap and
recently caught her in the act with another superstar in the locker room.
In order for the young blonde bombshell to keep her job Steph had made her
sign a contract saying that over the weekend period Torrie would be forced
to become Steph's personal maid, doing the duties of which her boss told

The weekend had just begun, well for everyone else expect for Torrie Wilson.
Due to her new contract Stephanie had Torrie work for over the weekend as a
degrading punishment for her not so perfect attitude in the work place. When
Torrie arrived she was amazed by Steph's large house, unlike her brother
Steph preferred not to live on the family estate so decided to have her own
place. For most of the day Steph had her new maid clean and wash for her,
however she wanted more out of the young superstar and told Torrie to meet
her in the master bedroom at eight for "further duties".

It ten past eight when Steph heard a knock at her door. "Come in" she yelled.
Her new maid, Torrie Wilson appeared from behind the door, dressed in a
skimpy maid outfit which suited a cheap porn star more then anyone else. "Ah
yes Torrie, your ten minutes late. We can't have that now can we?" Steph

"No Misses McMahon, I'm sorry," replied Torrie. She new that Steph would fire
her like that if she mistreated or disobeyed her so she had no choice to play
along otherwise it was out of the WWE and into XPW. Torrie couldn't help but
get turned on seeing her boss in her bra and silk panties with a seducing
look on her face.

"Now then Maid, I want you to bend down in front of me and pull up your
skirt, so l can punish you for being late."

It had been a while since the recent Playboy star had been with a woman,
especially one who was willing to get kinky with her, so she decided to play
along and do as she was told.

Steph's eyes shot up when she saw Torrie reveal her well, rounded and almost
perfect ass. "I knew your ass was good Torrie, but never this good."

She could hear her mistress picking something up from behind her and then the
sharp burning sensation of her ass being struck by an object. Torrie turned
round to see Steph holding a slippers with a sadistic grin on her face.

"Now its my turn," the dominating owner of Smackdown said whilst slapping her
ass hard with the slipper.

"Ouch, Steph!" Torrie cried.

"You're going to pay for your poor attitude and laziness at work," replied
her boss. Another smack of the slipper struck Torries ass, "Bark like the
bitch you are Torrie."

She did as she was told, smack after smack she let out a barking sound for
her mistress. Her ass was turning from red to purple as Steph became more and
more violent. "Ouch Mistress, please stop! My ass feels like its on fire."

Steph landed one more crashing slap and pulled Torrie by her hair, "Right,
Wilson. I want you to lick my pussy you hungry dog."

Obeying her master, the blonde bombshell did just that. She used her tongue
to stroke up and and down Stephs clit and after a matter of minutes Torrie
knew her boss was about to climax.

"OHHHHHH GOD!" she screamed on the verge of a mind blowing orgasm. "Stop you
bitch, I dont wan't you to have the pleasure of knowing you've satisfied me."
Torrie pulled her tongue away from her master's juice ridden pussy. "Instead
tomorrow you will entertain my guests," Steph ordered, "be prompt they arrive
at ten in the morning."

Just as she ordered Torrie arrived in the main lounge of Ms. Mcmahon's large
house at ten to entertain her mistress's guests. She looked around to see a
half a dozen well suited males who looked to be aged between early twenties
to late fifties. Stephanie walked into the room wearing a tight black outfit
which made her slightly large butt look like the centre of attention as

"Ah, everyone it has appeared that my maid is here to entertain you, I'll
just be a minute informing her of her duties." She pulled her maid aside for
a second to explain the situation. "Right, these gentleman are from the stock
exchange board of my father's business. They've been promised a good time for
their hard effort." Torrie nodded at Steph's commands. "I've got to run a few
errands, I'm taping this incident for my own use, just satisfy my guests."

She looked up at her boss and gave her a sexy wink. "Don't worry I'll be sure
to get the job done."

By the time the horny vixen turned around to do her job she found all the
men naked and willing. She started by getting down on her knees to suck what
looked like the largest cock of the lot. The nine inches of meat slid into
Torries mouth, thrusting back and forth slowly filling the blondes throat
full of his precum juices. She could hear the man moaning as his dick was
being sucked.

One by one the other five men had approached Torrie and as they did she
stopped sucking for her current man and made her way to her five other
friends. The five gentlemen began jacking off hoping to cream her pretty
face. In turn Torrie would help them out by sucking each of them off and
whilst handling anothers meat with her hands.

Just as things were getting hot one of the guys let ripe with his juices
shooting the pure girl in her eye. The sperm dribbled down to her lips where
she proceeded to lick it up, savouring the taste. Feeling left out, the
previous guy, who Torrie was dealing with, began forcing his large dick into
her ass. She felt a sharp stabbing sensation being forced into her ass, "OUCH
MY ASS!" Torrie screamed as another dick shot come over her over sized tits.
She could feel the goo drip down her as her ass was being penetrated.

"Now Torrie," the large man said, "your our little play thing for the

Torrie stopped jacking off her new masters and closed her eyes and bit her
lip as the pain shoot through her once virgin ass. Inch after inch produced
more pain for the vixen as a whole seven inches were forced in.

"Mmmmmmm nice ass, slut," said her violator.

"SSSSSSHHHHIIIIIITTTTTT!!!" Torrie screamed as her ass was being torn apart.

More cum hit her face as she could feel the warmness of her brown hole being
filled up. It seemed like forever for Torrie as her ass was being shot into.
The agony finally ended as he pulled out, as he did she could feel his juices
leaking from her hole and run down her leg.

All the men went into the next room for drinks after they all finished
shooting there load, leaving Torrie lying on the floor with the humiliating
pain she had just suffered.

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