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Barnyard Fun
by Stratusfaction4ever

It was a lovely sunny day as the blonde bombshell also known as the Canadian
beauty Trish Stratus was driving with the top of her convertible down her
hair blowing back due to the speed she was driving and with her winning smile
spread across her face and a pair of very cool sun glasses shielding her eyes
from the glare of the sun. Trish wasn't heading to another city or in point
of fact she was but she wasn't doing it to do a house show or TV appearance
or anything to do with the WWE she was doing this for personal reasons Vince
McMahon had decided to give her two weeks off which surprised her considering
she was in the middle of a love triangle gone bad storyline which the fans
where loving but then she didn't get much time off so quite obviously she
took it whenever she can. An with the two weeks she had off she'd decided to
head down to Jacksonville in Florida to visit her Uncle Red one of her
favorite Uncle's who owned a farm down there.

While Trish was continuing her driving, she accidentally dropped her phone
and went down to pick it up, but as she was picking up her phone, she drove
by a stop sign and obviously she didn't stop. As Trish got up and continued
driving, ad she looked at her head mirror, she heard and saw police sirens.

Trish: Fuck, what did I do?

Trish then pulled over to the side of the street and she waited for the
police officer to come by. The police officer told Trish to open her window,
and as she did, the officer gasped and saw who it was. It was the amazing
Trish Stratus.

Trish: Is there a problem officer?

Police Officer: Umm, yes miss, you drove passed a stop sign and didn't stop,
that gets you a traffic violation.

Trish looks back and notices faintly the stop sign she then looks up at the
police officer.

Trish: I'm so sorry, I...I didn't see it.

Police Officer: Well I'll admit it isn't very clear however you did still
run the stop sign and as an officer of the law it is my duty to give you a
traffic violation ticket.

Trish: Can I just get like a warning please? I'm just so sorry I didn't see
it. I promise to be a good girl for now on.

Trish gives the police officer a sexy look and gives an evil devilish looks
as if, she's been a naughty girl.

Police Officer: Umm, I'm sorry miss; I can't let you get away with this.

Trish then lifts up her white skintight tank top and flashes the officer.

The Officer stops writing and just stares at Trish's breasts Trish sensing
this may not be enough to convince the cop to let her off, she opens the
front passenger door.

Trish: If you want more or want to see more then get in.

Part of the Officer wanted to but the other half of him didn't.

Police Officer: You know what Miss Stratus you didn't see the stop sign and
I believe you didn't see it no crime no foul.

An with that the Officer ripped up the ticket he had been writing.

Officer: You have a nice day and sorry for troubling you.

The officer said with a tip of his hat and then turned to leave.

Police Officer: Oh and er thanks for the convincing.

An with that the young officer smiled and then walked back to his car got in
and drove off leaving Trish alone.

Trish: Good enough of that shit. I gotta get back on the road.

Trish then starts up her engine and continues to drive to her Uncle's farm.
About an hour later, she then finally reaches her Uncle's farm. She gets out
of the car and sees her uncle working on the farm animals, she looks around
with a huge smile on her face. She then smells the air, but she quickly
comments on how bad it is.

Trish: Eww, what's that smell?

Red: Hahaha, that's the smell of manure, you'll get used to it.

Red then comes over to Trish and gives her a hug. They then broke free of the
hug and looked at each other it had been a long time since the two had seen
each other or spoken to each other and yet Trish's Uncle hadn't changed a bit
he'd gotten older and yet at the same time managed to maintain his good looks
and what he always called his "farm worker" body he didn't have a shirt on
which allowed Trish to see his 6 pack and muscles he could of easily been a
male wrestler all he had the physical look all he needed was the skills. As
for Red, Trish had grown up quite a lot she was now 28 the last time he'd
seen her was before she entered the WWE however Trish had always been
beautiful in her Uncle's eyes and he'd followed her career in the WWE like
any loyal fan would he'd also collected all sorts of Trish memorabilia which
he kept in his bedroom.

Red: It's good to see you again Angel.

Angel was Red's nickname for Trish she'd once asked him why he called her
that and he said it was because that was what she looked like a beautiful
attractive Angel.

Trish: It's good to see you too Uncle Red.

Red then gave her a look, which caused Trish to smile even more.

Trish: Sorry. I mean Red.

Red: That's better. How long are you here for?

Trish: The next too weeks if that's ok I'm set to meet up with the WWE again
when it come here to Jacksonville for a house show.

Red: Well, how about I give you a tour of the farm.

Trish: Sure, I'd love that.

As the two walked away from the animals her Uncle Red was working on, Trish
walked ahead and looked around. As her Uncle Red was behind her, he couldn't
help but notice Trish's ass jiggled up and down as she walked.

Uncle Red: (Whispering) Damn, I wanna hit that ass.

Trish and Red walked over to the horses stableand saw about 3 different
horses eating hay and just relaxing.

Trish: Horses! I love horses, remember when I was young and you let me ride
on Lighting when he was just a little pony.

Red: Haha, I remember it as if it was yesterday.

Trish: Great, can you teach me again how to ride him again?

Red, Sure, I'll help you ride him, in more ways then you can ever think of.

Red gives a light chuck as he smiles and gives Trish a devilish smile.

Trish: Which one is Lightning by the way?

Red pointed Lightning out.

Red: That one right there.

Trish's eyes bulged Lightning sure had changed he was now a lot bigger and
older he had a dark brown skin/coat and he had a medium brown main.

Trish: Wow he sure has changed since I last saw him.

Trish said looking back at Red.

Red: I'm sure he's thinking the same.

Trish looked again and Lightning was trotting up to her she walked up to the
gate and the two looked at each other

Trish: Can I touch him?

Red nodded with a smile.

Trish reached out with her dainty hand and went to touch Lightning's nose
Lightning moved his head back a little which frightened Trish.

Red: Don't worry Trish he doesn't recognize your sent try again I'm pretty
sure one sniff and he'll remember you.

Trish tried again and this time Lightning didn't move and Trish slowly
stroked up and down Lightning's head Lightning sniffed he then nuzzled her
hand out of the way and gave her an affectionate lick.

Trish: Oh gross Horse slaver.

Trish said wiping her face with her other hand.

Red just laughed.

Red: That's just his way of telling you he recognizes you and his way of
saying hello.

Trish just smiled.

Trish: I'm sure he could of made a sound or something.

Red laughed even more.

Red: Come on you I got a lot more animals and things to show you yet Angel.

The two approached the upstairs of the house and Red opened the door to
Trish's room where she will be sleeping for the next 2 weeks or so. Trish
looks around and sees the bed; it was a queen-sized bed and had many fluffy
pillows for the full comfort of a good night sleep.

Trish: Thanks Red, you settled up a nice big comfortable bed for me, since,
I've been bruised up so much and sore in a lot of places. I'm sure to have
great nights with this bed.

Red: Haha, I'm sure its gonna be nights you've never had before.

Trish: Huh, what do you mean?

Red: Nothing. (then chuckles)

Trish continues to look around and sees a picture of her and Red, a couple
of years back.

Trish: Awww, I remember this picture. This was when I was just starting out
as fitness model.

Red: Oh speaking of you being a fitness model, look what I have.

Red opens a drawer full of Trish's old magazine covers with her on Musclemag,
FHM, & other big time fitness magazines.

Red: I've collected many of them, I have two of each, and I have the doubles
in my room. I got them so you can look back at your years at a fitness model.
Might I also add, I love your pictures back in the day. You don't know how
many nights; I've had with those pictures. Hehe.

Trish: Huh? Many nights? What are you talking about?

Red: Well whenever I missed you or wondered what you where doing or thought
about you I'd just flip through a couple of these magazines and that would
help me get to sleep safe in the knowledge that you where ok and happy.

Red lied convincingly.

Just then a medium sized black Labrador walked into the room.

Red: Oh and I'm sure this old fellow needs no introduction.

Red said referring to the dog as it walked up to Trish who kneeled down to
greet it.

Trish played with the dog a couple of seconds and told the dog and Red to
leave the room so she could change into something more farm like. As Red
left, he closed the door, but not fully, he had a little part of the room
he could see Trish in. Trish then had a hard time taking off her sweaty
skintight tanktop. As she was taking it off, Red looked through and saw
the most loveliest figure he'd ever seen. Even though Trish had a white
lacy bra on, you could see her nipples popping right out. Red became
sweaty and breathing hard and gettng a fully erect cock. Trish then took
off her bra just showing off her huge, round, perfect, juicy, tanned
breasts. Trish then put on a regular white shirt and took off her blue
jeans, as she took them off, Red saw a white matching thong showing off
Trish's perfect ass. It was perfect and it had what a man can dream about.
Trish then put on a pair of overalls over her white shirt and went to a
mirror to let her hair down. Red saw Trish the whole time and loved every
minute of it. Red then headed downstairs to wait for Trish.

Red sat on the doorstep looking out as his farm praying his erection went
down before Trish came down he then heard foot-steps on the stairs turned
to see Trish starting to appear he quickly looked back his cock had become
flaccid again which Red was very relived to see he then stood up and
watched as Trish came down the final step dressed in the overalls he'd
watched her put on.

Trish: Ok boss I'm ready to work. Do I look ok?

Red just smirked.

Red: As beautiful as ever.

Trish: Your just saying that cause you're my uncle.

Red wanted to say no but he decided against it for fear it made Trish nervous
around him.

Red: True.

He said and with Trish and Red walked back out onto the farm.

Trish & Red walked over to a truck full of hay near the horses stable. Red
directed Trish what to do and where to go, Red stood on top of the trunk of
the truck and passed hay to Trish, Trish then carried the hay into the
horses stable. Each time Trish walked over to the horse stable, Red was just
memorized and staring at her ass, just seeing it jiggle and him remember he
saw her ass when she was changing. Also, her skin was fullof sweat, which
made her skin look all wet and made it look like she just had sex.

Trish: Well, that's all of it, what time is it?

Red: Just about 5:30, Angel.

Trish: Hmm, got another half an hour before supper. Oh, by the way do the
old rules still apply?

Red frowned.

Red: Old rules?

Trish: Yeah you know up with the sun down with the sun supper at 6 breakfasts
at 6.

Red then smiled.

Red: For me it does for you since your a guest here it doesn't you can stay
in bed until 7am and you can stay up until midnight.

Trish acted all excited.

Trish: Oh thank you so much Uncle.

They both then laughed.

Red: Listen I'm gonna go in and get supper ready you just wander or do
whatever you want I'll call when supper's ready ok.

Trish gave a mocking salute.

Trish: Yes sir!

She said stamping her feet together as she stood too attention.

Red then got off the hood of the truck and walked back to the house leaving
Trish alone.

Trish then enters the barn full of animals who were eating hay and she looked
around the barn. She sees the dog and the horse that wasn't in the horse
stable. The horse was just wandering around. Trish was looking around lonely
and she always had an idea back in her mind.

Trish: What if I let animals fuck me?

Trish continues to look around and sees the horse just walking around and
making noises. Trish calls the dog over to her and as she sees more animals,
she keeps thinking about sex animals. She was all alone with animals around
her and she had to take advantage of it. She brought the horse closer to her
and she brought hay along with her. Trish lied on a pile of hay and she
unbuckled her overalls, she peeled off her thong and took off her shirt.

Trish then called the dog over she spread her legs as far as she could and
the dog moved close to her pussy and gave it a few sniffs it then gave it a
tentative lick which sent a shiver down Trish's spine The dog started to
lick the pussy getting Trish all crazy. She was jumping up and dog as the
dog never stopped licking, it loved the taste of Trish's pussy. Trish then
got some hay and spread it around her huge sweaty breasts and then called
lightning over and Lightning came over and saw the hay on Trish's breasts
and began to lick it off Lightning was eating hay off her chest and it made
her feel so horny. She loved sex with animals. And it continued on, the dog
never stopped licking and Lightning kept on chewing around the breasts area.

Trish: Ahhhhhh! Fuck!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Yessssssssss! Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

Minutes later everything was going the same, Trish was still shocked of the
feeling the animals were doing to her. She spread more hay onto her chest
area and Lightning ate more off that area. Her nipples became harder with
each lick and bite. The dog's lick was getting faster and faster after each

Trish: Uhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Trish continued to jump up and down and she moved her fingers all over her
body. She was sweating like crazy. Her body was all moist and had horse
saliva all over her stomach and chest area. Trish sucked on her fingers and
she couldn't move, a horse and dog were surrounding her, giving her shocking
feelings in her spine

Trish noticed the dog's cock was long and hard and she also wanted to
experiment on newer things, so she instructed the dog to stick the cock in
her already licked pussy. The dog moved swiftly and never stopped it was
going at eye popping speed.

Trish: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

As this was continuing Red was looking around for Trish to tell her dinner
was ready. He looked around the farm and he heard a lot of moans in the barn.
So, he walked toward the barn and looked through the window. As he looked,
his jaw dropped and couldn't believe what he just saw. He saw his dog fucking
Trish and Lightning eating out her chest. Red couldn't help, but stare and
keep his eyes open. He noticed he had another erection and it was bigger than
the last time he saw Trish changing. Red couldn't hold back and rubbed his
cock getting it bigger and harder. He loved the sight, but he knew he wanted
Trish to himself; so, he called Trish to tell her it was dinner.

Red: Trish, dinners ready!

Trish got up and looked around for her clothes and quickly put them back on.

Trish: Shit! Did he see me?

Trish entered the house and saw her dinner was already on a plate and Red was
just waiting for her to come by, sit down and eat. Trish had a poised look on
her face and acted as if nothing was wrong.

Red: Trish, are you all right honey? You look all sweaty what happened?

Trish: Uhhhhh? I was just jogging around and stopped by the barn?

Red knew she was lying and just played along with Trish and believed her

As soon as Trish was done, she quickly ran up the stairs and told Red she
was gonna take a shower. Trish got in the shower as quickly as possible and
took a nice long, hot shower. As Trish took her shower, Red quietly undressed
himself, only in boxers and hid in the corner and waited for Trish to come
out. He still had the thought in mind of her with animals. Trish then got out
of the shower and looked her self in the mirror.

Trish: What did I just do? I feel so dirty and bad, man, I wish I just nev...

Red interrupted her and ask her.

Red: Just never what? I know what you mean; you had a little fun with my
animals. I can't believe how naughty you are. Imagining a crazy thing like

Trish: Wait, no I can explain!

Red: Shhh, as he put a finger on her lips, I know what you want, you want
some sex, huh? Well, baby, that's what I've wanted ever since you came here.

Trish: What?!? You're my uncle, and besides were family, we just can't do it.

Red: Not everyone has to know baby, it can be our little dirty secret.

Trish had a shocked look on her face and tried to run away, but Red grabbed
her arm and wouldn't let go.

Red: Your not going anywhere, your gonna enjoy every second of it.

Red whipped Trish with his belt around the back area to weaken Trish, and
she fell to the ground after each hit. After that Red, stripped Trish of
everything she was wearing and carried her to the bed.

Red: Don't worry; I'll take care of you.

Red then took off his boxers and was completely naked. His cock was already
erected to its fullest and was hard as a rock. Out of the drawers, Red pulled
out handcuffs and Trish had a shocked look on her face.

Trish: Handcuffs? No, I don't---

Red: Shut up! Your gonna like it no matter what.

Red took Trish's arms and handcuffed her to the bed and Trish was motionless.
Se couldn't move and just stayed there. Red then held his cock and penetrated
it through Trish's pussy slowly. Red held onto Trish's round, juicy tits as
he picked up the pace and fucked Trish faster and faster.

Red: You like that? Huh? I'm giving it to you hard bitch!

Trish let out a loud moan and felt dirty having sex with her uncle.

Trish: Uggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Red: I said shut up!

Red continued to fuck her harder and harder, the bed was squeaking and it
sounded like the bed was gonna break. Red went fast and he couldn't take it.
Red collapsed on Trish's body, but rested only for a short while and he took
out his cock out of her pussy and placed it right between her breasts.

Red squeezed it right between his cock and rocked back and forth.

Red: Shit, this is amazing. I fucking jack off to your magazine pics, but
with you here, its so fucking good, I think I'll keep you here forever.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Fuck!

Trish couldn't talk, but just let out moans and started to play along with
her uncle. She started to love the sex.

Trish: Yes, baby! Fuck me harder, bitch, is that all you got?

Red: Huh? You want more? Your tits are so fucking amazing, I'm gonna go
faster for you.

Red picked up the pace and his cock was long enough to be sucked on, so Trish
sucked on each time it was close to her chin.

Red: OHHHHHH FUCKING SHITTT! I'm gonna cum!!

Red let out a huge amount of cum all over her tits and mouth, Trish swallowed
the cum in her mouth, Red unhand cuffed her and she picked up both of her
tits and licked a huge amount of cum off her tits.

Trish didn't stop there, Red was lying on the bed, with his cock coming up
and fully erected again, Trish took advantage of it and started to suck on
it. Trish gave Red and unbelievable blowjob. Trish also played with his balls
and continued on. Red let out a moan and that made Trish go faster because
she loved the sound of the moan.

Red: Oh shit! I'm gonna cum again.

Trish never stopped and continued and Red cummed inside her mouth and Trish
stopped and licked her lips and swallowed most of the cum, she again sucked
on his cock to get all the last remaining cum, Red had left.

Trish collapsed on top of Red and she lied there tired and her and Red fell
asleep togther.

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