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Basic Dawn-anomics
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown Television Taping, the Doctor of Thuganomics John
Cena, wearing a black pair of long jean shorts, is returning to the locker
room area after a hard fought match against Rene Dupree where he retained
his United States Championship. After stopping by the catering area to pick
up a bottle of water, John pours the water over his head to cool himself
off as he walks back to his locker room. "Damn... that French guy is getting
tougher every time I face him...." John says to himself as he tosses the now
empty bottle into a trashcan as he goes around the corner to enter the locker
room area.

The devious, manipulating and seductive WWE Diva, Dawn Marie, is standing
nearby in the hallway with her arms folded over her chest as she watches the
WWE United States Champion John Cena approach one of the doors in the locker
room area. Dawn presses her lips before she smirks mischievously "Mmm...
mmm... John Cena...what a hottie, what a man...what a stud.." Dawn licks her
lips slightly as she steps away from against the wall as she dressed in a
short black skirt and a white buttoned up blouse "I bet he fucks like
crazy..." Dawn says as she arches one of her eyebrows "And...I plan to find
out..." Dawn says to herself, slightly out loud before she begins to approach
the Doctor of Thuganomics. As John places his hand on the doorknob, the
seductive vixen, Dawn Marie, interrupts him Dawn leans against the wall next
to the locker room door and smirks "Why hello John..." Dawn says as she
glances and then locks her eyes with John, already manipulating the young
SmackDown stud.

John looks to his left and smiles, "Yo Dawn... what's up..." John says as he
turns the doorknob and pushes the door to the locker room open before turning
to look at devious diva completely and he checks her out noticeably as he
holds the door to the locker room open.

Dawn smirks a bit "Nothing much, look all tired and sweaty..."
Dawn says as she licks her lips and casually checks John out as well.

John laughs a bit, "Well you know how it is.... spent 20 minuets beating up
some French jerk takes a lot of work..." John says, "But speaking of looks,
you are looking pretty damn fine..." John says with a smile.

Dawn smirks and nods her head "Hmmm...good looks and brains, you must be the
total package..." Dawn licks her lips as she locks her seductive eyes with
John and tosses her soft brown hair back "Tell me something John...have you
ever been with a woman like me, before?"

John raises an eyebrow as he smirks, "Well I've with a few hotties here
and there... but I don't think I've shown a woman like you some of my
basic thuganomics..." John says as he licks his lips slightly as Dawn
looks seductively into his eyes.

Dawn presses her lips together and places her left hand on her hip "I'd love
a lesson in...basic...thuganomics..." Dawn says as she surprisingly passes
herself by John and enters the locker room he was about to enter.

"Damn! You're pretty direct..." John says with a smirk as he enters the
locker room after Dawn Marie does. He closes the locker room door and locks
it as Dawn turns around to face him. John starts to unbuckle the belt that's
holding his jeans shorts up, "Well first lesson... is to show me what you
got..." John says as he looks at Dawn Marie.

Dawn raises her eyebrow and smirks as she folds her arms "Show you...what I
got?" Dawn laughs and shrugs "Doesn't bother me, honey..." Dawn says as she
unfolds her arms and begins to unbuttoned her white blouse, before opening
the blouse up to reveal her smooth, tanned stomach and her black bra
underneath. Dawn slides the white blouse off and begins to push her black
skirt down from her rounded hips.

"Nice so far... damn... I'm know I'm going to rising at dawn..." John says
with a bit of laugh as he pulls his belt through the loops of his pants. He
tosses the belt onto the floor and starts to unbutton and unzip his jeans
shorts before pushing them down from his waist, revealing a pair of black
boxer briefs which are hiding a huge bulge. Dawn pushes her short black skirt
down her smooth, tanned legs and then steps out of her skirt revealing her
smoothly shaven, hot pussy. Dawn looks up at John and smirks as she reaches
over her shoulder and unclips her bra, before peeling the bra off of her
large, round and perky tits. "Whew... fuck... a hot pussy and big tits...
damn... you got some real hotness to ya...." John says as he locks his eyes
onto Dawn's large, beautiful tits before looking down at her smooth, hot
pussy. The Doctor of Thuganomics steps out of his jean shorts and lowers his
boxer briefs, freeing his incredibly fat, fourteen-inch cock. After stepping
out of his black boxer briefs, John looks at Dawn and smirks, "Whatcha think
of this?" John says as he motions to his huge meaty cock with both of his

Dawn licks her lips and smirks slyly "Mmmm...I love it..." Dawn gently grits
her teeth together as she motions for John to come closer the sly vixen "I
promise I won't bite...I may suck though.." Dawn says with a laugh.

John laughs as he walks toward the devious diva, "I sure hope you do suck...
and maybe blow...." John says with his charming boyish smile as he stops
right in front of Dawn Marie.

Dawn Marie lowers herself down onto her knees and wraps her hands around
John's shaft gently as she begins to stroke his meaty, fat cock. Dawn smiles
up at John "'ll be surprise with what I can do..."

John moans a bit as Dawn strokes his fat cock with both of her hands as it
becomes harder. "Hey... show my what you got... I want to see some Basic
DAWN-Anomics..." John says with a slightly chuckle as Dawn pumps his cock
roughly with her hands.

Dawn smirks and nods her head "Alright..." Dawn says before she lowers her
head down and opens her mouth, taking John's cock into her warm, moist mouth
almost immediately clamping her soft lips around his hard shaft. The vixen
Dawn Marie starts to smoothly bob her head on John's cock as she sucks off
the Doctor of Thuganomics.

"Mmmmm... damn..." John moans as the seductive Dawn Marie bobs her head back
and forth along the length of his shaft with ease. "Guess this ain't the
first big thing you had in your mouth..." John says as he pushes Dawn's
brown hair back with his right hand as he places his left hand on his waist.
Dawn closes her eyes as she starts to bob her head against his cock with
great ease and ability. Dawn laps her soft tongue around John's cock,
lathering his cock with her warm saliva, as she takes more of his meaty cock
into her warm and moist mouth. The seductive Dawn, slides her tongue against
the underbelly of John's shaft and begins to tap her tongue against the
smooth surface. "Ahhh fuck... you got some hot skills..." John moans as he
puts his right hand on Dawn's head as she devours his fat meaty cock. John
looks down and smirks as he sees Dawn's mouth stretched wide as she works
over his cock. John licks his lips as he begins to move his hips back and
forth, thrusting his cock a bit in and out of Dawn's wide-open mouth. Dawn
begins to gently moans against John's cock as she works her tongue around
his hard, throbbing cock as she takes more of his meaty cock into her moist
mouth. Dawn slowly opens her eyes and lifts her eyes up to lock them with
John as she sucks on his cock.

John looks down into Dawn's eyes as she sucks on his large, fat cock. "Ohhhh
yeah... take it down all the way... I know you can deep throat that big fat
dick of mine..." John says as he pushes his cock further into Dawn's mouth as
he holds her hair back with his right hand while her warm saliva spills out
of her mouth. The head of John's cock hits the back of Dawn's throat as the
United States Champion thrusts his cock deeply into her seductive vixen's
mouth. Dawn begins to twist her head against John's cock as she bobs her head
quickly and smoothly, causing her soft lips to rub against his shaft. "Ahhh
fuck... yeah... that's perfect... that's some real basic thuganomics right
there..." John groans as Dawn handles his fat, fourteen-inch cock. John
slowly starts to step backward, pulling his dick out of her mouth with every
small step he takes. Eventually his huge saliva covered dick falls out of
Dawn's hot, wet mouth and it smacks against her chin. Dawn smirks and licks
her lips as she tilts her head, looking at John Cena. Dawn smirks turns a bit
sly as she turns around on her knees, and bends over onto her hands as she
now on all fours.

John gets down on his knees behind the devious diva and looks at her hot,
firm ass. "Mmmmm... going to have to smack that ass..." John says as he
firmly smacks Dawn's left ass cheek with his left hand.

Dawn laughs and looks over her shoulder at John "Are you all talk and no
action?" Dawn asks with a sly smirk.

"Hey I said what I was going to do..." John laughs a bit as he puts his
left hand on her waist. John then pushes his huge fat cock into Dawn Marie's
extremely tight and hot pussy. "Shit..." John grits his teeth as he has to
force his cock into her cunt with a hard thrust that results in him deeply
impaling his fat shaft deep inside of her pussy.

Dawn grits her teeth as her hot body jolts forward slightly due to John's
sudden and quick thrust to her warm, tight pussy "Ohhhh yeah John..." Dawn
groans as she looks back over her shoulder and smirks as she pushes herself
back against his hard cock. John puts his right hand on Dawn's waist and
holds her still as he begins driving his cock in and out of her hot tight
pussy. John doesn't say anything and focuses on pounding Dawn's pussy with
hard, fast thrusts that results in his waist hitting against her ass. Dawn
tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she feels John's hard cock
slamming deeply into her pussy "Ohhhhh fuck yeah John...ohhh yess..." Dawn
moans as she bucks her hips and powerfully slams her body back against his

John grunts as bit as he rams his cock forward in her cunt, "Uhhh... yeah
fucking like... this lesson... in basic... thuganomics?" John asks as he
pulls the devious diva back towards him as he fucks her with hard deep
thrusts. His large ballsack swings with every one of his thrusts and it
hits against Dawn's smooth skin every time he drives his cock forward.

Dawn bites down on her bottom lip as her bottom rocks back and forth while
John Cena slams his cock repeatedly in and out of her tight pussy slamming
harder and faster, forcing his cock deeper into her vixen pussy "Ohhhhh I
love this lesson..." Dawn groans as suddenly herself back against John's
cock once again.

John clenches his teeth as he continues to relentlessly ravage her pussy
with his large fat cock. John pulls the devious seductive manipulative Dawn
Marie back towards him so roughly that his cock is impaled into her pussy.
John then slows down his thrusts and pulls his thick cock out of her pussy
and he smacks it against her ass cheeks, "How about you show me a little
Dawn-Anomics..." John says with a smirk as he gets up from the floor and
heads over to a large leather couch, where he sits down.

Dawn smirks and flips her soft dark brown back and starts to crawl on her
hands and knees towards the Doctor of Thuganomics "You want me to show you,
huh!?" Dawn asks with a sly smirk as she stands up in front of John.

"Yeah I do..." John says with a smirk, "Give me everything you got Dawn..."
John says as he licks his lips and puts his hands behind his head.

Dawn laughs as she places her hands on John's shoulder as she straddles
herself on his laps. Dawn tosses her hair back as she lowers herself on his
hard cock, letting out a groan "Mmmmm ohhhh shit..." Dawn grits her teeth
together as she starts to rock back and forth on John's cock before she
starts to ride his cock, bouncing smoothly.

"Ohhh... ahhh damn..." John moans as Dawn Marie rocks back and forth and
bounces up and down on his fat fourteen-inch cock. John places his hands on
Dawn's hips, but he doesn't alter the ways she's moving on his cock. "Shit...
you really got some bounce in ya..." John groans as he looks at Dawn's hot,
large tits bounce up and down as she rides on his dick.

Dawn grits her teeth as she starts to ride John's cock more aggressively,
as she slams herself down harder on his cock as she rocks quickly. "Ohhhh
John...mmm fuck..." Dawn moans as she begins to sweat.

John moves his hand behind the smoking hot manipulative diva and he squeezes
her hot ass cheeks as she impales her pussy on his dick. "Ohhh yeah... show
me what you got Dawn...." John moans as Dawn moves her whole body forward and
presses her chest against John's face every time she rocks forward on his

Dawn tilts her head as she slams her body and pussy down harder on his cock
forcing him deeper into her warm, tight pussy. "Ohhhh awwww fuck John!" Dawn
moans as she grinds her pussy against his cock.

John grits his teeth as he moves his hands back to Dawn's hips and he bounces
her hard on his cock. "Ahhh shit Dawn... I'm going fuck tap that hot ass of
yours..." John says as he lifts Dawn off of his cock and sits her next to him
on the leather couch. John moves himself and grabs Dawn's legs and bends them
back towards her head so her feet are hanging almost above her shoulders.
John then lowers himself onto top her and uses his right hand to guide his
cock into her tight asshole. He pushes his fat shaft into her ass and begins
thrusting in and out, pushing a little more of his cock into her ass as he
looks down into her sly, seductive eyes.

Dawn grits her teeth as John's cock thrusts in and out of her extremely tight
asshole "Ohhhh shit John..." Dawn moans softly as she sweats and breaths

John pumps his cock in and out of her ass as he starts to sweat heavily,
"Dawn... rub that hot pussy of yours..." John grunts as he drives his cock
harder into her asshole as he gets more and more of his fourteen-inch cock
into her asshole.

Dawn smiles and licks her lips as she places her left against her pussy and
begins to gently rub it causing her only moan more "Ohhhhh awwww John..."

John licks his lips as he watches the manipulative Dawn Marie rub her pussy
with her left hand as he pounds her ass with his cock. "Ahhhh... ahhh yeah...
like that..." John grits his teeth as he increases the momentum of his
thrusts, which makes feel as though he's through the fuck her through the
leather couch they are on.

Dawn tilts her head back against the couch and groans as she slides two of
her fingers into her warm, tight pussy and begins to finger-fuck herself as
John rams his cock deeply into her tight asshole "Ohhhhh fuck yess!"

John Cena, the Doctor of Thuganomics breathes heavily as he drives his cock
harder into Dawn's pussy. "Ahhhh... ohhhh fuck!" John groans as he starts to
shoot his cum deep inside of Dawn's tight asshole.

Dawn licks her lips and groans softly as she feels John's warm cum spray into
her tight asshole "Ohhhhhh baby..."

John keeps pumping his cock in and out of Dawn's ass until he's finished
cumming and then he pulls out of her hot tight asshole. John smirks at her
and licks his lips, "How's that for some basic Thuganomics..." John says
as he looks down at Dawn's hot pussy as she slides her fingers in and out
of her pussy a bit.

Dawn licks her lips " was thing's wrong, I didn't

John grins, "Oh I'm going to take care of that right now..." John says as he
helps Dawn sit up a bit. John holds Dawn's legs apart and leans his head down
and begins lapping his tongue against her hot, smooth pussy.

"Ohhh geeze John..." Dawn moans as she feels John's tongue against her wet,
warm pussy. John let's Dawn lower her legs down onto his shoulders as he
slowly dips his tongue into her pussy. As he rubs her thighs with his hands,
John Cena begins to move his tongue around in a circular motive as he thrusts
it in and out of her moist cunt. Dawn grits her teeth tightly together as she
places her hand on top of John's head as he flicks his tongue against her

John presses his face against closer against Dawn's pussy as he darts his
tongue in and out of her pussy. He pulls her towards him and makes Dawn grind
her pussy against his mouth. "Ohhh...yeah John...ohhh yesss..." Dawn moans
loudly as she begins to cum. John continues to lap his tongue against Dawn's
pussy as she cums, and the Doctor of Thuganomics slurps up every drop of her
cum as Dawn grinds her self against his face.

"Ohhhh John...mmm you are so fucking hot" Dawn moans as she closes eyes.

John slowly lifts his head up from Dawn Marie's hot, juicy pussy. "Mmmm...
how's that for basic Thuganomics?" John says as he licks his lips.

Dawn smirks and folds her arms as she breaths heavily "It...was...great..."

John grins, "I know it was great... seeing some Basic Dawn-anomics... just
gotta ask... is there ADVANCE Dawn-anomics?" John asks with a bit of a sly
smile on his sweat covered face.

Dawn presses her lips together and shrugs "You never know...I might come back
for another...wild fuck..."


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