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Batista's Physical Therapy
by Angela (

At a hotel in Alabama, Dave Batista, the reigning WWE Champion is slowly
entering his hotel room. He's moving slowly because earlier in the week, he
suffered a back injury that could place him on the injury list for at least
three months. As he takes off his jacket, he makes his way to the bed, but
stops when he sees Christy Hemme, dressed in a sexy nurses uniform, laying
there. Batista grabs the back of a chair to support himself.

"Christy... what are you doing here?"

"I saw the match and well… I figured you could use a little TLC... and I
don't mean table ladders and chairs" she replies getting up from the bed and
walking up to him "Now let's get you undressed so we can start your therapy."

"Therapy?" Dave asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, it's going to start with a nice slow... soft massage" Christy smiles.

Dave looks at her and smiles a bit, "Listen Christy... I appreciate the offer

"But nothing mister," Christy pokes his chest playfully, "Nurse Christy is
here to make you feel better... and I know you want to feel better."

Dave tries not to laugh, "Ok, you're right so I'm not going to argue..."

"Good... not let's get that shirt off..."

Christy smiles as she starts to unbutton his shirt. When she's done, she
helps Batista ease it off before he undoes his belt and she starts undoing
his pants. Batista lifts one leg at a time so Christy can get his shoes,
socks and pants off, leaving his boxers on for now. Batista then gingerly
walks over to the bed and lays down on it on his stomach, He looks back at
her and smiles, "Be gentle... my back is killing me..."

"Oh I plan on it" she replies reaching for the spicy smelling lotion she left
on the night stand squirting some in her hand before gently placing both her
hands on his back starting to rub slowly sliding her hands all over his back.

"Mmmm.... that's what I'm talking about..." Batista says as he lays his head
on his hands as Christy massages his back. She rubs his shoulders then works
over his upper back. Batista lifts his head a bit, "Be careful... some areas
are really sensitive..."

"You just lay there and relax.... I know how to take care of you" Christy
replies as she slowly slides her hands down his spine, which caused him to
moan softly. "Are you okay?" she asked suddenly and he had to laugh

"Yes, that actually felt kind of good" he replies softly.

"That's good to know..." Christy smiles as she lowers her head and places
some soft kisses on his back while presses her hands down on his back.

Batista smiles a little, "What are you doing?"

"Making you feel good..." Christy replies in between kisses.

"I can see that..." Batista chuckles softly as he enjoys the feeling of
Christy's lips on his back.

"Do you want me to stop?" she asks softly

"No.... I don't,” he says immediately and she smiles moving to kiss up by his
shoulder while her hands start to massage lower. "You have great hands..."
Batista says softly as he closes his eyes.

"Thanks... I use them a lot... for various reasons... not just to give
massages..." Christy laughs lightly.

"Am I putting you to sleep?" she asks and Dave smiles.

"Actually no I was just enjoying the feeling of your hands."

"Oh" Christy says softly.

"Christy?" he asks trying to turn to look at her.

"I'm okay i was just thinking something" she replies blushing.

"What would that be...that's got you so red?"

"I like...touching you too."

Batista can't help but smile and now that his back is feeling better he looks
at Christy in her nurse costume. "I liked you touching me too..." Batista
moves a hand and gently pats the side of Christy's face before moving it
behind her head to gently bring her down, pulling her into a deep kiss.

Christy immediately responds to the kiss slipping her tongue inside his mouth
as his hand moves to play with her hair as he deepens the kiss. Slowly she
pulls away for a minute "What's wrong?" he asked softly as she places a
finger against his lips

"I just had to catch my breath... you took it away from me."

He smiles at her, "Why don't you... get out of that outfit... it could help
you breath a little..."

"Good thinking..." Christy smiles and she slides off the bed. She slowly
unbuttons the nurse's top and then takes it off, revealing no bra underneath
it. Batista sits up a little to see more of her as Christy lowers her white
skirt, leaving her heels and white stockings on.

"Wow... now I up close why you were in Playboy..." Batista smiles.

"Yeah sure..." Christy laughs a bit as she moves back to the bed and gets
back on. She sits on his body and places her hands on his powerful chest.

Batista smiles up at her, "I'm at your mercy Nurse Christy."

"Well first I think you need a very thorough examination." Christy then leans
down to kiss him softly and this time Dave slips his tongue inside her mouth
while trying to slide his hands down to cup her breasts tugging on both of
her nipples.

Christy places her hands on his wrists and removes his hands from her
breasts. She breaks the kiss and smiles, "Not yet... I have to see something
first..." Christy slowly slides down the bed and takes down Batista's boxers
at the same time. She then looks at Batista's crotch and licks her lips.
"Wow... that's... one... hell of a thermometer..."

"Go ahead Nurse Christy.... take my temperature" Slowly she lowers her head
licking just the tip but it's enough to make him gasp softly grabbing onto
the bed sheets.

"You do feel a little...warm" she says before she gently eases him down her

"I do got a fever..." Batista moans as Christy slowly bobs her head on his
shaft while sliding her hands all over his abs then up to his chest. Christy
taps the bottom side of his cock with her soft tongue before she slowly lifts
her head off of his cock.

She smiles as him as she wraps a hand around it, "You're burning up..."

"What do you suggest?" he asks as she moves her hand up and down him.

"Some very intense attention and well ...."

Dave cuts her off, "Actually nurse Christy what your doing right now is

"Are you sure... because it feels like it's getting hotter..." Christy smiles
before she looks down at his dick and spits on it quite a few times. She
continues to move her hand up and down his shaft, as it becomes slicker in
her hands.

"Maybe you can do something else... to bring it down some..." Batista smiles
at her as she tugs on his cock.

"How about this?" she asks easing him back in her mouth swirling her tongue
around him moving it up and down while her hand moves to rub his stomach.

"That's good..." he moans as he lies back on the bed and closes his eyes.
Christy can't help but smiles around his dick as she sees the effect she's
having on him. "Mmm... Damn... I think my fever is coming down..." Batista

"I aim to please Mr. Batista" she replies starting to lightly suck on him
moving her hand down to play with his balls.

"Christy" he says.

" you need something Mr. Batista?" she asks smiling at him.

"Now I think it's time for me to examine you" he says sliding his hand to cup
her breast rubbing his thumb over the nipple until she moans his name softly.
"Very good Nurse Christy...I think you maybe getting a fever as well?"

"Oh, I do... I think I caught it from you..." Christy smiles as she wiggles
underneath him as he moves his hips a bit to thrusts his cock a bit in her.

"Well, I can't have that no can I?" he asks moving to lower his head taking a
nipple into his mouth sucking on it as he continues to thrust inside of her.

"Oh...yes baby.... that 's it" Christy moans. Batista grits his teeth a
bit as he tries to thrust into her harder, but his back is bothering him to
much to do so. He keeps his slow pace as he sucks and nibbles on Christy's
breasts. Christy starts to move with him and arches her back a little.

"Dave maybe we better stop?" Christy asks noticing the look on his face "I
don't want you to really hurt your back anymore..."she says moving to slowly
rub his back.

"Maybe you... can be on top for a while..." Batista grits his teeth as he
rolls over so Christy is on top of him. She lowers her head kissing his neck
moving to his chest starting to lick and suck on his nipple while her hands
move on either side of him supporting her while she moves kissing her way
down his chest. Batista moves his hand to Christy's hips and starts to move
her up and down on his shaft as he sits up a bit to nuzzle her neck a bit.

"So good Dave...I love this… it feels so good." Christy moans softly trying
to keep things easy on him but he was driving her crazy.

Batista closes his yes, "Ahhh this feels much better..." Batista starts
moving her faster and Christy moves her hands to his arms to hold on as he
moves her petite body.

"I.... I'm going to cum" Christy says whimpering as she moves up and down.

"Come on, Christy, I want to watch how you cum....your so beautiful baby..."

Christy leans back a bit and places one hand on his leg for support. She
moves a hand to her pussy and rubs it sum as she closes her eyes tightly,
"Ohhhhh ohhh Dave... I'm cumming... ahhhh baby..."

"That was so intense" he replied moving to rub the outside of her pussy.

"That was past intense" she replies while moving off his cock to lay next to
his legs. Christy leans over him and gently takes his cock into her mouth and
begins sucking it.

Batista runs a hand through Christy's fiery red hair as she bobs her head up
and down along his cock. She moves on hand to his balls and squeezes them
gently as she licks up and down his shaft. Christy smiles cutely up at him,
"Come on Big Dave... give me a huge load..."

Dave does exactly that almost filling her mouth with his cum and he smiles as
he watches her take it and swallowing before moving up to kiss him "You make
a very good patient Mr. Batista."

Batista smiles at her, "That's because you're a good nurse..."

"Should I set you up for a return appointment?"

"Why? You're not going anywhere... at least not now..."

"Is that so.... do you need more therapy?"

"What do you think?" Batista pulls her into a soft kiss.

"I think I feel your fever coming back" Christy moves to straddle him once
again and she returns the kiss.

"I think I'm going to love being in your care..."


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