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Battle Of The Bands
by Kristi ( and
Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the July 25, 2005 edition of Monday Night Raw, Chris Jericho and his band
Fozzy was scheduled to face off against John Cena and his side kicks The
Trade-Marc and Bumpy Knuckles in a battle of the band completion, but after
Cena and his crew brought the house down at the Gund Arena in Cleveland,
Ohio, Chris Jericho refused to allow his own band play and stormed off. Later
in the week at a Live WWE Event, John and Jericho are near the catering area,
arguing over who has the better music act.

"Face it Cena, Rap is a fad... you and your hip hop clowns don't have any
talent..." Jericho yells.

"Whoa Kimosabe, Rap isn't a fad, if it were, it wouldn't made like that hair
metal junk you play and faded out at the end of the 80s," John replies, while
keeping his cool.

"I don't play Hair Metal you Vanilla Ice Wannabe!"

"Hey, Vanilla Ice? Oh them are fight words." John says as he prepares to
throw down with Jericho. As the two men appear to square off, Christy Hemme
walks by and caught part of their last exchange and moves quickly to step
between them.

"Whoa...whoa guys...guys!" Christy says as she places a hand on Jericho and
a hand on Cena trying to pushes them further apart while standing between
them. Christy laughs a little "What's the problem here?"

Jericho thrusts his hand in John's direction, "This ass clown thinks Rap is
better than Rock."

"Hey I didn't say that... I said Rap was better than what you played,
Junior." John smirks as he steals one of Jericho's lines to turn it around
on him.

"Get your own material, you hack!" Jericho yells in frustration.

Christy laughs again shaking her head " guys need to calm down."
She smiles "There's no reason to's childish!"

"Childish, I'm not acting Childish, he is!" Jericho folds his arms.

John shakes his head and laughs, "Chris, take a chill pill, Christy's
right... music's music..."

"What you do is not music!"

"The chicks seem to think so..." John shrugs.

Jericho balls his fists, "No woman in their right mind would fuck a rap
schmuck like you, when they can have a Sexy Beast Rock Superstar like me!"

"Yeah... sure..." John rolls his eyes.

Christy folds her arms and smiles again "You know what this seems
two want to have a little competition" Christy says as she exchanges glances
from Jericho to Cena.

"Sure... I'm game..." John smiles with a cool confident look on his face.

Jericho's face is extremely red, "Whatever he can do, I can do ten times

John shakes his head and looks at Christy, "What do ya got in mind Christy?"

"Well...seeing as I know how to win a competition…" Christy smiles, referring
to her 2004 Raw Diva Search win "And you two both think you're the better

"Oh without a doubt! I'm the sexy beast! I'm the highlight of the night!"
Jericho proclaims excitedly.

"Chris, chill, your veins are popping out like Vinny Mac's..." John chuckles,
and nods his head to answer Christy, "I got a quite a few chicks on the chain
gang... always looking for more."

Christy licks her lips slightly and smiles as she looks at Jericho and Cena
"Well...since you both think you're the better...why don't we have a...Battle
of the Bands.... Fuck-off?" Christy raises her eyebrow a bit to see if
Jericho and Cena will accept the idea "And...I, of course, could judge it"

Jericho licks his teeth in an almost wolf like manner, "I'm all in... I'll
rock your world."

John smirks and raises his eyebrows a few times, "Heck with him, you'll find
out why I'm a Bad... Bad... Bad Man...."

Christy laughs " both better bring it.." She nods her head "I have
feeling this competition... is going to be one wild ride.." Christy smiles
and flips her fiery red hair back "Ready to hit the locker room, boys?"

"As I always say, The Time is now!" John smiles and pulls off his white shirt
right there on the spot.

"Let's do it, I'll show you the Balls of Jericho," Jericho adds before he and
John glare at each other.

Christy shakes her head "Boys..." Christy says as she begins to walk away in
the direction of the locker room. Jericho and Cena continue to glare at each
other before they notice that Christy is already on her way to the locker
rooms, dressed in her one-pieced red skirt and top.

"Now that's an ass...." John says as he watches the way Christy's backside
moves when she walks and how her skirt rises a bit.

"Takes one to know one..." Jericho responds, but there's no really intensity
behind his as he too is staring at Christy's ass.

Christy looks over her shoulder and smirks "You coming, boys?" Christy asks
as she places her hands on one of the locker room doors on the left side of
the hallway, and pushes the door open.

"Baby, I'm already there..." Jericho says as he lengthens his stride to beat
John into the locker room. Once he's inside, Jericho quickly removes his own
shirt and jeans, standing in his boxers. John shakes his head and takes his
time walking into the room locker room. He places a hand on Christy's waist
and enters the locker room with her.

John surprises her by patting her on the ass, and smirks, "I'm going to enjoy
tapping that."

Christy laughs as she slides her hand through her long red hair "Alright..."
Christy folds her arms "We'll start off round one...with blowing?" Christy
laughs "Sound good?"

Jericho smirks, "Sounds great to me... and you can start on me first too...
I'm practically ready."

John chuckles again, "Man you're going to pop something first... a blood
vessel or your load." John undoes his belt and takes off his jeans, then his
sneakers. He sees Christy looking at him and Chris as they both take off
their boxers. Both men have very large cocks, but John's is noticeably both
a little bigger and a little thicker than Jericho's slab of man-meat.

Christy licks her lips and gets down onto her knees as Jericho approaches,
rubbing his shaft with his hand. Christy smiles up at Jericho "No....allow

"It's all yours..." Jericho grins as he moves his hand away from his cock.
He licks his lips as he watches Christy wraps her hand around his shaft.
Christy begins to pump her hands up and down Jericho's shaft, gradually
making his cock harder. She leans her head down and twirls her tongue gently
across the head of Jericho's cock. She then moves her tongue down Jericho's
shaft and back out. Christy glances at Cena out of the corner of her eye.

John isn't stroking his cock but inside his watching intently as Christy
slurps on Jericho's shaft. Jericho glances over and Cena and smirks,
"Junior... you couldn't last with the way she's sucking my dick..."

John chuckles, "Chris... even I could see she's not even warmed up yet...
don't flatter yourself..."

Christy laughs and lifts her head up from Jericho's cock "Boys..." Christy
says in a jokingly stern voice. Christy then lowers her head once again,
this time opening her mouth and taking Jericho's cock into her warm mouth.
She wraps her lips tightly around Jericho's stiff shaft and begins to slowly
bob her head on his cock, sucking with a hard grip on his cock

"Mmmm fuck yea..." Jericho threads his fingers through Christy's fiery red
hair as Cena moves closes to get a better look at Christy's technique. John
smirks as he sees Jericho breathing a bit hard already as a result of how
Christy is blowing him. Christy laps her tongue around Jericho's cock as she
starts to loosen her grip and begins to bob her head more freely, sucking a
increasing rate.

Jericho moans and lets Christy bob her head on his shaft for a few more
moments before he presses his hands against the sides of her head and pulls
his cock out, "Whoa hottie... the Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla ain't going to
fall for that... it's the white rapper's turn..." Jericho smirks as he
directs Christy towards Cena.

Cena shakes his head, "And I thought Triple H was full of himself..." Cena
grips the base of his own cock and moves it a bit like a wand, "Ready to
sample the ole great white trouser snake?" He asks her as Jericho moves to
sit on a chair to relax.

Christy smirks and nods her head "Oh...fuck yeah!" Christy says with a laugh
as she takes Cena's cock into her soft hands. She presses her tongue against
the tip of his cock and slowly works the head of his cock into her moist
mouth. Christy gently sucks on the head of Cena's cock, while she rubs both
of her hands against Cena's tight ballsack.

"Mmmm damn girl... you got some skills... no wonder Chris was breathing
hard..." John says as he slides a hand through his own hair.

"I was not breathing hard!" Jericho yells in his own defense.

"Sure..." John laughs as he starts to focus his entire attention onto
Christy. Christy opens her mouth wider as she moves down more on Cena's
thick cock. Christy moans softly as she slowly bobs her head on Cena's
cock, patting her tongue against the front side of his shaft.

"That's pretty fly..." Cena places a hand on the back of Christy's head as
he moves his hips a bit to start pumping his dick in and out of her out

Jericho folds his arms and scoffs a bit. "Oh come on, she's not even blowing
you the way she did me..." Christy tightens her grip as she slowly goes
completely down on Cena's cock, taking his larger cock into her mouth.
Christy lifts her head up from Cena's cock after just deep throating him and
smiles at him, before she lowers her head again on his cock and starts to
quickly bob her head on his cock, making his cock hit the back of her throat
at times.

John moans, "Damn, I got to get you one on one after this..."

Jericho gets frustrated just watching and stands up, "All right... we both
can take you giving head... what's next for us..." Jericho's face shows he's
not happy with how John is showing him up as the Doctor of Thuganomics lets
Christy do to him what she wants.

Christy slowly picks her head up from Cena’s cock, she flicks her tongue a
few times against the tip of his cock before completely pulling away. She
stands up and begins to remove her red top and skirt as she talks "What's
next?" Christy laughs "Good!"

Cena grins, "I'm all for that... you're going to get it good from the Doctor
of Fuck-anomics..."

Jericho sighs, "Oh please, drop the street act junior..."

"Oh you want to fuck her first Mongoose?" John asks as he refers to Jericho
by the terrible stage name he used when he formed Fozzy years ago.

Jericho balls his fists, but then gets an idea, "Why don't you fuck her
first... I wouldn't want her to pass out before you had a shot."

John rolls his eyes and then grins at Christy, "How about it, ready to take
on the champ?"

Christy steps out of her skirt that has fallen to her feet. To both Cena and
Jericho's amazement, she's completely nude underneath her skirt and top.
Christy smiles and nods "You bet...and I'll let you pick the position? How's
that Champ?"

"That's all right with me... since this is a contest, you better lay on
your back and let me on top, so you can better judge me..." John says as
he glances at Jericho who has his hands behind his head. Christy smirks
and slides her hand through her fiery red hair before she lays down on
the leather couch inside the locker room. Cena moves over to her, spreads
her legs and eases his cock into her pussy extremely slowly, making her
feel every inch of his dick as it enters her. He places his hands on her
hips to lift her a bit and he begins thrusting his cock in and out of her
pussy at a mild pace.

Christy lays her head back on the arm of the couch as Cena's thrust quicken,
slightly. Christy wraps her smooth legs around Cena's strong waist "Ohhhhh...
shit..." Christy moans.

"Yeah.... you like what you're getting..." John says as moves his hands so
he can sit Christy up a bit. John kneels one leg onto the couch, and with
each following thrust, John presses her back against the armrest of the
couch. Christy grits her teeth as Cena thrusts into her and Christy replies
by thrust back against his cock.

Jericho tires of watching the action and gets up, "Hey that's not how you
fuck a woman!"

John looks as him as he tries to keep his pace up, "What's... your...

"I can't sit by and let you not satisfy her... it's my turn..." Jericho licks
his lips.

"Whatever..." John pulls out of Christy's pussy and steps aside. Jericho
rushes over to the couch, flips Christy over so she's on all fours, and then
without hesitation, slams his cock into her pussy with a mighty thrust.

Christy jolts forward as Jericho powerfully thrusts into her immediately,
catching her by surprise "Whoa...shit.." Christy says with a laugh.

"Enjoy the ride baby!" Jericho exclaims in his exaggerated tone of voice as
he starts fucking her as hard and as fast as he can. He reaches forward and
pulls a bit on Christy's fiery red hair as he shoves his dick deep inside
of her pussy. John sees the look on Christy's face and gets an idea to mess
with Jericho's head.

"Chris... hate to tell you... she looks bored..." John says, lying a bit
since Christy is enjoying what Jericho is doing. Christy slams her perfectly
round ass back against Jericho, pushing his cock deeper into her warm and
loose pussy. Cena stands in front of Christy as she takes his cock into her
soft hands and begins to stroke his cock as Jericho drives his massive cock
into her wet pussy.

"Mmmmm fuck, she can take my dick like a pro..." Jericho moans as he slows he
thrusts down, so he can give her some long hard thrusts.

"Man, you're not as big as me... get over yourself..." John moans as he
feels Christy's hands move along his shaft as he moves closer to the couch
so she can get a better hold on his shaft. Cena sits down on the couch and
Christy moves slightly, with Jericho still in her pussy from the doggy-style
position. Christy lowers her warm mouth around Jericho's cock and begins to
bob her head on Cena's cock lapping her tongue around his cock as she bobs.

John moans and places his hands on Christy's head, moving them through her
hair as he watches her head move up and down on his cock. Jericho has sweat
dripping down his face and he pulls out of Christy suddenly. "Fuck..."
Jericho says as he picks up his shirt off the floor and uses it to wipe his
face clean of sweat.

John chuckles. "What's a matter Chris... can't handle the Rawest Diva of the
2004 search?"

"Fuck no!" Jericho yells as he reinserts his cock into Christy’s snatch.
Christy tightens her grip on Cena's cock as she slowly moves her mouth
down on Cena's entire cock and begins to deep throat his thick, meaty
cock. Christy pats her tongue against his shaft as she holds his cock
deep in her mouth for a few seconds before coming up for air. Christy
looks over her shoulder at and begins to push back against his cock
faster as she begins to sweat. Christy turns her head back to Cena and
smiles at him before she circles her tongue around the head of his cock.
Christy moans as Jericho's thrusts quicker into her warm pussy "Mmmm....

"Fuck... Cena... you couldn't handle her ass... like I can..." Jericho
grunts as he thrusts in and out of her pussy with steady precision. John
pulls Christ's head up from his cock.

"Buddy I'd make her scream..." He then smiles at Christy, "Ready for me to
that tap that hot ass of yours?"

Christy nods her head with a smile "Oh fuck yeah!"

"You heard the lady Chris... it's my turn..." Cena says as he stands up.

"Listen up junior, I call the shots..." Jericho snaps as he pulls out of her
for a moment, turns her over so she's face up and slips his cock back into
her pussy. He pulls her up as he stands up and begins bouncing her on his
huge prick. John just shrugs and moves so he's behind Christy and he pushes
his cock into her asshole first chance he gets. John thrusts his cock in and
out of her ass as best he can while Jericho bounces her on both his own and
Cena's shafts.

Christy grits her teeth as she simultaneously slams down on both Cena's cock
in her asshole and Jericho's cock in her pussy "Mother....fucker....ohhhh..."
Christy moans as she feels both cocks pumping in and out of her.

"Yeah... you like that don't you... you love getting a dose of Vitamin C..."
Jericho grunts as he steps back a bit and ends up sitting on the couch with
Christy on top of him and John still fucking her ass.

"She's got the best ass in the business..." John says before he pulls his
cock out of her ass. He spreads her ass cheeks apart, spits down into her
ass crack and then shoves his cock back into her ass with extra lubrication.
Christy grits her teeth again as Cena enters her tight asshole again, Christy
places her hands onto Jericho's sweaty chest as she slams down on his cock,
inside her pussy.

Jericho has his eyes closed tightly as he tries to deal with the surprising
intensity Christy is using to come down sharply on his cock. He tilts his
head back and starts to relax until Cena pulls out of Christy's asshole and
rams his cock into Christy's pussy with out any warning. "Brace yourself
babe, the Doctor of Thuganomics is in..." John says after he's already inside
her pussy with Jericho.

Christy pushes forward, accidentally yanking on Jericho's cock and John
quickly thrusts in and out of her pussy. Christy tilts her head back and
groans "Ohhhhhh fuck!" Sweat drips down her body as she rocks back and
forth on Jericho's cock, occasionally pushing back on Cena's cock, although
Cena is doing most of the work.

"Hey... hey junior... you've fucked her more than me... it's my turn to
get her one on one again..." Jericho says as feels like he's losing the

Cena laughs, "Fine... give her all you got... if you got anything left..."
Cena pulls out of her pussy slowly then Jericho moves himself and Christy to
the floor. Jericho has Christy lay on her side and he lays behind her. He
lifts one of her legs a bit and pushes his cock into her asshole. Jericho
pumps his stick in and out of her ass repeatedly while placing a hand on her
pussy to rub it as he fucks her ass.

Christy licks her lips as she leans her head back against Jericho's cock
"Ohhhhh yesss...ahhhh shit.." Christy moan breathing heavy as she places a
hand on top of Jericho's hand and guides two of his fingers into her wet

"Mmmm yeah... god you... a fucking tight ass... and hot wet pussy..."
Jericho moans as he moves his fingers in and out of her pussy rapidly,
causing the palm of his hand to slap the area above her sweet spot
repeatedly. He slows his thrusts down for a moment before speeding back
up to fucking her with every bit of strength he's got. Cena is sitting
on the couch, lightly stroking his own shaft, but not over doing it so
he won't cum.

"Ohhhhh shit!" Christy yells as she begins to cum on Jericho's fingers.

Jericho withdraws his fingers and pulls out of her ass before he jumps up
to his feet. "There... see I'm the better man I made her cum! HA!" Jericho
struts around the locker room as John gets to his feet.

"Pal, quit it, she only came because we were both doing her before you got
her one on one... and second... the true test of who's a better fuck for
guys is proving who can last longer..." John looks at Christy to see if
she'll agree with him, "Am I right?"

Christy smiles and nods as she sits up on her knees whipping the sweat off
of her forehead "That's's who could last the longest..."

"Fine... how are we going to settled this?" Jericho says in frustration, as
his moment of victory has been snatched away. Cena thinks for a moment and

"Simple... Christy will jerk us off until one of us cums... this way it's

Christy smiles and shrugs "Sounds fair to me." She then laughs.

"Right... I call her left hand!" Jericho says as he moves to Christy's left
side, assuming she can't stroke his dick as well with her left as a opposed
to her right hand.

"Whatever man..." John stands on Christy's right side, holding his shaft
steady for her to grasp. Christy smiles as she takes both cocks into her
hands. She wraps her hands tightly around both shaft and begins to move
her hands up and down their shaft at a similar slow and gentle pace to
start with. Christy turns to Cena's cock and flicks her tongue against
John's cock, she then turns and flicks her tongue against Jericho's cock.

Jericho breathes slowly as he tries to control himself, but when he feels
Christy's soft tongue dance against the head of his dick, he explodes,
cumming hard, sending stream after stream of his spunk into her mouth.
"Ohhh fuck me...." Jericho yells as Cena tries hard not to laugh.

"Mmmmmm..." Christy moans as she swallows his cum down her throat. Christy
presses her tongue against the head of his cock and licks the tip clean of
his warm cum.

"Fuck!" Jericho balls his fists and pulls away from Christy in a pissed off
manner. He kicks the sofa, picks up a chair and throws it across the locker
room, before he points at Cena, "This isn't over you son of a bitch!" Jericho
yells, then he grabs his clothes, pulls on his pants and storms out of the
locker room.

Cena looks down at Christy, and with a smile, shrugs his shoulders, "Damn
he's a whiney little bitch ain't he?"

Christy raises her eyebrow "What's his problem?"

Cena shrugs, "I don't know... he's got a huge ego... and no staying power...
now me..." Cena smirks as he places his hand on top of hers as she continues
pumping his shaft. "I got a big problem... and I hope you'll take care of

Christy smiles "Oh...I think I can..." Christy licks her lips as she opens
her mouth and takes Cena's cock into her mouth; she twirls her tongue against
his cock as she starts bobbing her head.

"Mmmmm fuck yea..." Cena moans as he pulls lightly on her red hair as he
fells his climax approaching. Without warning, Cena cums inside of Christy's
warm mouth. "Ohhh yea...." Cena groans in pleasure as he looks down to see
some of his spunk spill out of her mouth as she continues to bob her head
along his cock. Christy tightens her grip as she bobbing her head on his cock
slowly, milking out the remaining drops of cum.

Cena slowly withdraws his cock from her mouth when he starts to go soft and
he sets on the sofa. "God damn..." he says as he slides a hand through his
own hair. He looks at Christy who is moving to join him on the couch. "So...
did I win..." Cena smiles

Christy smiles and nods "Yeah...I think so..." Christy laughs and picks up
John's baseball cap from the floor and hands it to him.

He puts the cap on his head, and he laughs a bit, "Cool... but somehow I
think you came out the big winner out of all this..."

Christy licks her teeth "You think so?"

"Yeah... you handled two drumsticks like a pro..." Cena replies.

Christy laughs "Well...I do what it know John, I wonder."

"What do you wonder?" John asks as puts an arm around her.

"If...there are other arguments that I can settle, you know?" Christy asks
with laugh.


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