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Battle Of The Booty
by MrFirebug

It's September 11th, mere hours away from the launch of Smackdown Live's first PPV, Backlash and the women's 6-pack challenge to determine the first ever Smackdown Women's Champion. Alexa is in the female locker room, in some tight black yoga pants, black converse trainers and a pink training bra covered by a WWE black hoodie. She looks around to see Carmella doing some push-ups on the floor.

Alexa: *Scoffs* Don't know why you put so much effort in, you're just gonna end up losing!

Carmella doesn't respond, the only sound coming from her lips are the excess of short, sudden breaths with each ascension of her push-ups. Alexa's face scrunches up with anger as she gets ignored, she walks in front her so Carmella's face is inches away from her shoes.

Alexa: *Angrily* Keep ignoring me bitch and just see what happens...

Carmella halts mid push-up, smacks her lips together and slowly rises to her feet. Carmella now looking down at Alexa with a smirk, slightly nods her head and turns, walking away from Alexa. As she goes to exit, she sees Naomi standing there cross-armed with a confused face looking at Alexa. Carmella just giggles and leaves, raising her hand as she walks out of the locker room.

Naomi: *Snarky* Daaammnn girl you got some huge ego on you... It's funny because you're so small...

Alexa: *Annoyed* You best back off Naomi...

Alexa squares up to Naomi, staring into her eyes with a somewhat cute angry face on and her hand on her hips.

Naomi: Mmmm mm mmm! You're so adorable like that *Looks over Alexa* I take that back, you're not ALL small

Alexa gasps as she knows what Naomi is talking about, she cups her own ass and blushes. Backing off slightly as Naomi starts to laugh.

Naomi: Now... how about some pre-match warm ups? And I'm not taking no for an answer... You're not leaving this room till you munch on my cookie

Alexa's faces turns beetroot at the request, unable to respond she just stands still, looking at Naomi with a blank expression. Not knowing what to do, hands still on her own ass. Naomi - still giggling - slowly approaches her and rests a hand on her shoulder.

Naomi: Don't worry, do a good enough job I MIGHT return the favor... only because I love me some juicy white ass

As Naomi says that her hand drifts down Alexa's arm, through her hip and glides down her thick behind and gives it a gentle squeeze. Alexa is taken back as she's never been with a woman before, scared to say no but also scared to admit she's turned on by Naomi's bluntness. Alexa closes her eyes and composes herself, trying not to seem like a blubbering idiot.

Alexa: *Fake confidence* What makes you think I want to do that?

Naomi simply grins and closes the gap between them, their hips touching. Naomi's hand still on her ass begins to stroke it.

Naomi: *Gleeful with an evil grin* Because you haven't moved my hand... Seems I've found your weakness...

Alexa's pussy quivers at the touch. She gulps and stands still, letting Naomi's hands explore her small petite body. Naomi edges in closer, leaning down their lips getting closer. Alexa makes a cute noise that elicits a smile from Naomi as they start to kiss. Alexa's eyes remain open and goosen in surprise as the big-booty beauty thrusts her tongue into her mouth. Naomi's hand gropes harder making Alexa squeals in surprise as they start to walk in unison to the showers. Alexa starts to gain confidence and starts to kiss deeper back, making it a battle in their mouths, she spanks Naomi hard and feels it jiggle in her hand, Naomi moans hard knowing it's her weakness as well. They enter one of the shower cubicles and Alexa is immediatley pinned up against the wall.

Alexa: *Pleasurable* FUCK... *Grins evilly* I've never been with a woman before

Naomi grins and slips her hand into Alexa's yoga pants and instantly runs her finger up and down Alexa's ass crack, rubbing over you asshole.

Naomi: *Happy* Mmmm you're in for a treat

Naomi nods down and motions towards her crotch, Alexa starts to slowly kneel, maintaining eye contact with her. Her massive eyes looking cute as she slowly and with inexperience edges her head foward towards Naomi's leggins covered pussy.

Naomi: You'd be happy to know that I went without panties today *Wiggles hips*

Alexa looks up once more before planting a little kiss right where the clit is, Naomi flinches and whines at the touch before impatiently grabbing the back of Alexa's head and pushing her face in deeper. Naomi starts to hump and grind on Alexa's face while moaning loudly

Naomi: *Ecstasy* Mmm oo baby fuck yeah... stick your tongue out!

Alexa obliges and sticks her tongue out, eventually lapping her crotch like a cat with milk. Naomi throws her head back moaning.

Alexa starts to get more and more enthusiastic, holding Naomi's hips and actively pushing her own face in to get deeper. She finally realizes that she's in love with the taste of cunt, or at least Naomi's. Her mind races, she starts to think what her tits taste like, and her ass, by god did Alexa want to taste her first asshole.

Alexa pulls her face away and smirks up at Naomi, she reaches out and tugs on her leggings, pulling them down, revealing Naomi's landing strip. Alexa smiles and turns Naomi around, face-to-face with her GIGANTIC ass.

Naomi: *Surprised* Mmm didn't know you were this dirty Alexa *Slowly twerks ass*

Alexa: *Seductive* Ooohhh you know nothing if you think this is dirty

That sends a shiver down Naomi's spine, knowing that Alexa is super freaky in the bedroom, but her train is thought is cut of as she feels Alexa's thick tongue wipe over her asshole, sending her into euphoria. Her knees almost buckle but she sits back onto Alexa's face allowing her to get deeper. Alexa starts to lick more furiously, she reaches around and starts to rapidly rub Naomi's cunt causing it to get soaked.

Naomi: FUCK BABY DON'T STOP *Panting*

Alexa doesn't plan to, she's sent over the moon by how she loves the taste of ass. With one hand rubbing Naomi she sends her other into her own yoga pants and teases her own smooth pussy. Naomi holds Alexa's hand in place and starts to hump her hand, while grinding her ass over Alexa's tongue. Her eyes go to the back of her hand as she's reaching climax. Humping faster and faster, Alexa panting like a dog.


Naomi squirts all over Alexa's hand as her asshole constricts around Alexa's tongue. Her knees trembling as she finally collapses to the floor next to the kneeling Alexa.

Alexa: How was that for a first time? *Triumphant*

Naomi: *Giggles* Holy shit yes!

Alexa ducks her head down between Naomi's legs and laps up her juices covering her face in cum

Alexa: My turn now *Smirks*

Naomi: *Laughs* Yeah... ok then

Naomi stands and pulls her leggings back up and starts to walk off

Alexa: Where the fuck you going?

Naomi doesn't respond, she just heads towards the door, leaving Alexa sweaty and covered in cum in the shower cubicle.

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