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Battle Of The Booty Part 2
by MrFirebug

It's been a couple of days since Alexa was left covered in cum in the showers by Naomi. She was still livid at thought and has been contemplating of how to exact revenge on her. But what she didn't anticipate was Naomi boasting about her "conquest" to the other women in the locker room.

As Alexa was helping create the ring, she heard numerous whispers behind her back and got lustful stares from the technicians. She knew people looked at her like that, but not right to her face. Alexa storms backstage to confront Naomi once and for all but is halted by another beauty. Nikki Bella.

Alexa: *Scoffs* "Get outta my way!"

Nikki doesn't move, she just stands there with her arms crossed, pouting slightly, sweaty from the match she just had.

Nikki: "Best change your tone there short-stuff, everyone knows how easy you are."

Alexa stares up at Nikki, her piercing eyes yelling 'I'm not in the mood for this.'

Alexa: "Naomi may have screwed my career... if this gets out to the higher-ups, I'm done... Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a bitch to talk to."

Nikki moves in front of Alexa, not allowing her to pass and giggles, arms still crossed pushing her tits up more.

Nikki: *Sultry tone* "No... you've got an ass to eat, I heard from a reliable source that you're really... really good."

As Alexa stands there thinking about what to do, she gets an idea that may win her back some dignity and maybe even respect among the women of the locker room.

Alexa: *fake submission* "Ok ok... l-let's go Nikki..."

Nikki falls for it and laughs, taking Alexa's hand and walking her to the Nikki's personal tour bus. Nikki opens the doors and hops on, her tits and ass jiggling with every movement. Alexa follows slowly, acting sheepish and shy like she had with Naomi in the beginning. They sit on the couch inside. Nikki starts to slowly stroke Alexa's inner thigh with a seductive stare.

Nikki: *Dominative* Mmm now you're going to do everything I tell you to, ok baby?"

Alexa: *Fake Submission* "Yes ma'am..."

Nikki: *Giddy* "Mmm good girl, now open your mouth and show me that slutty tongue"

Alexa obeys by opening her mouth wide and slowly sticking her tongue out, allowing dribble to fall onto her thighs.

Nikki: *Horny* "Ohhh yeah baby, you're ring attire always makes me moist!"

Nikki leans back, staring at Alexa, she slips her hand into her short-shorts and rubs slowly. Closing her eyes in a moment of euphoria. Alexa takes this moment to peel her ring shorts down, stands up on the couch and squats over Nikki's face.

Nikki: *Confused* "What the fu-"

Alexa cuts Nikki off by sitting down on her face and wiggling her ass around.

Alexa: *Proud of herself* "Mmm yeah Nikki lemme feel your whore mouth!"

Nikki goes from struggling to moaning as her hands rubs Alexa's side and obeys by licking, suckling Alexa's sweaty asshole. Alexa moans and sits on Nikki's face allowing her to get deeper.

Alexa: *Moaning* "FUCK, now I know how good that fucking feels!"

Nikki: *Muffled* "Yes ma'am"

Alexa starts to bounce on Nikki's face. After a few seconds she hops off and strips entirely revealing her 34c cup tits and her trimmed cunt. Seductively staring at Nikki's tits she licks her lips and pulls it over her head. Alexa then begins to motorboat Nikki's giant tits.

Nikki: *Surprised* "Oh my fuuuuuuck!"

Nikki continues to rub her own shaven smooth pussy underneath her ring shorts. She stops and reaches forward to rub Alexa's jiggly asscheeks. Alexa starts to kiss down Nikki's chest, then stomach before reaching her sweaty mound covered by shorts. Alexa places a small kiss on the front of the shorts. She looks up and smirks as she starts to peel them down Nikki's thighs. Nikki moans at the air then moans even louder when Alexa traces her tongue down the busty Bella's slit. Nikki naturally bucks her hips forward causing Alexa to giggle and licks harder.

Alexa: "Mmm we're gonna have some fun!"

Alexa places herself between Nikki's legs so they're in the tribbing position. Nikki starts them off my humping Alexa's cunt with her own, and she responds by pushing back against Nikki. As they start to find they're rhythm, staring into each others eyes. Alexa gets touchy with Nikki's tits, groping them, molesting them as they grind their pussies together. Their moans echoing throughout the bus.


Alexa: "Mmm you like that slut? You like our cunts together?"

Nikki can only bite her bottom lip and moan through gritted teeth as she's sent over the edge. Alexa's moans get louder and louder with each passing second. Alexa stops then straddles Nikki's face, humping her lips.


Alexa bucks her pussy against Nikki's mouth making her part her lips slightly. Alexa then begins squirting cum down Nikki's throat. Her knee's shaking, her voice trembling.

Alexa: "Now you tell the girls that!"

Alexa passionately kisses Nikki on the lips, tasting her own juices before getting dressed smacking her own ass then strutting off, leaving Nikki in the same position she was left in mere days ago.

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