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Bayley Has A Foxy Night
by Justin (>)

It was the night of a NXT show and Alicia Fox decided to go check it out. It was a great show and Alicia had a great time watching and talking with NXT Superstars and Divas. The show was over and Alicia was about to leave to meet up with some of the WWE Divas when she noticed NXT Diva Bayley crying in a stairwell. Alicia couldn't ignore it and decided to approach her.

Alicia: Hey what's wrong girl?

Bayley: it's nothing I'm fine.

Alicia: You sure? Cause u don't seem fine.

Bayley: Ok, no, I'm not!

Alicia: What's going on?

Bayley: I was dating this guy for a few months now and yesterday he dumped me for some sorority girl.

Alicia: What a jerk. Look I'm about to meet up with some of the girls. Would you want to come?

Bayley: I don't know if I should.

Alicia: Your coming with me so go take a shower and put something nice on.

Bayley: ok be right back.

Alicia: I'll be right here sweetie.

About 10 minutes later Bayley came out and the 2 divas left.

30 mins later Alicia and Bayley met up with WWE Divas Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Natalya, Eva Marie and Rosa Mendes at a Florida Nightclub. Bayley kinda felt out of place being among the divas from the main roster but Alicia took her by the hand and told her if anybody has a problem they gotta deal with me but all the divas were nice to Bayley.

At one point Brie took Bayley onto the dance floor. The 2 danced for 20 minutes while Alicia was telling the rest of the divas how bad she felt when she saw Bayley crying all by herself.

After 2 hours at the club most the divas have already left. The only 3 still there was Alicia, Bayley and Rosa. Before Leaving Alicia asked if Rosa wanted a ride but Rosa was meeting a guy at the club.

Alicia: So u want me to drop you at home or would you like to come back to my place and hang some more?

Bayley: Sure I'd like to hang out

About 10 mins later they arrived at Alicia's home.

Alicia: Make yourself at home.

Bayley sat on the couch amazed by Alicia's house.

Bayley: Thanks for taking me out and being so nice to me.

Alicia: No problem sweet cheeks. It was fun and u really needed it.

Bayley: Sweet Cheeks?

Alicia: Yeah, you got a nice ass so your nickname will be sweet cheeks.

Bayley blushed after Alicia's comments about her bottom. Alicia sat next to Bayley on the couch. Bayley asked Alicia if she could have a hug. Alicia said yeah and hugged Bayley. It's been a few weeks since foxy got some and she was really horny, All she could think of was Bayley's nice rookie ass. After the hug Alicia told Bayley she should stay the night. Bayley quickly said yes and couldn't believe she was becoming friends with Alicia Fox.

Bayley: So what do you wanna do?

Alicia: Looks like nothing is on TV but I got an idea.

Alicia leans over and kisses Bayley. At first Bayley was stunned and couldn't believe Alicia kissed her. She thought Alicia was pretty but never thought of being with another woman before but she did like it so she kissed Alicia back. The two sat there making out until Alicia suggested they go upstairs and Bayley nodded. Alicia and Bayley took off there clothes. Bayley couldn't stop staring at Alicia's boobs. Alicia laid Bayley on the bed and started kissing her neck while grabbing her boobs.

Bayley was so turned on she grabbed Alicia's face and kissed her with an aggression that surprised Alicia. Alicia then flipped Bayley over to show her Dominance over the NXT diva. Alicia firmly planted her hands on Bayley's ass which she had been looking at all night. Bayley moaned at the touch of Alicia and begged her to fuck her.

Alicia: that's right beg me I wanna hear you beg.

Bayley: Please Fuck me please fuck me

"All in good time sweet cheeks" Alicia said as she started to lick Bayley's fresh young pussy.

Bayley: OH OH MY!

Alicia started to finger Bayley's pussy as well as Bayley started rubbing her nipples and moaning very loud at the touch of Alicia's tongue. Alicia got up and got in a 69 position.

Alicia: Yeah, lick my pussy, rookie. You like the way I taste?

Bayley: Yes.... Ohhhhhhh.

After both divas got warmed up Alicia got up and walked to her closet. She took out a duffel bag then reached in and pulled out a 10 inch strap on.
Bayley's eyes widened when seeing the size of the strap on.

Alicia: You're not a virgin are you?

Bayley: No, but I've never seen one that big.

Alicia: How many guys have u been with?

Bayley: Only 2.

Alicia: Any women?

Bayley: Not until tonight.

Alicia: Ok, I'll be gentle babe.

Bayley: Promise?

Alicia: I promise

Alicia got Bayley on all fours and started to stick her strap on in very slowly.

Bayley: Oh...that feels good.

Alicia started to speed up and pound Bayley's pussy while watching her pretty ass crash into her waist.

Alicia then pulled Bayley's ponytail and started hammering her pussy.

Bayley: Oh my goodness.

Bayley was loving it she instantly couldn't get enough as she started yelling
"Oh, fuck me, foxy! Fuck me!" Alicia Started spanking Bayley's ass while driving her strap on deeper and deeper into Bayley's pussy.

Alicia: You like this, bitch?

Bayley: Ohhhh.... Yes.

Alicia pulled out and ordered Bayley to suck her juices off it.

Bayley quickly turned around and started sucking, taking it pretty deep as well.

Alicia: Damn, if this is how you suck dick. I don't know how any guy would dump you.

Alicia was very Impressed with Bayley's cock sucking skills.

Alicia: Have you ever done anal sweet cheeks?

Bayley: No, but I always wanted to try it.

Alicia was shocked that Bayley was so eager to try it. Bayley got off the bed and Alicia bent Bayley over the bed with her face down.

Alicia: It's going in, baby.

Bayley squeezed her eyes as the 10 inch dildo entered her ass. Alicia was in pure ecstasy just by fucking Bayley's ass.

Bayley: Oh... Damn... It hurts.

Alicia: It will feel better. Trust me.

Alicia started to pick up the pace ramming Bayley in the ass.

Bayley: Ohhhhhh...Fuck me.

Alicia kept thrusting that dildo into Bayley's ass.

Bayley: I'm gonna cum foxy.

After Bayley came Alicia laid on the bed and Bayley jumped on top of her sucking on her tits and rubbing Foxy's pussy.

Alicia: I want you to fuck me now babe!

Bayley put on the strap on and licked Alicia's pussy although Alicia was very wet already. Bayley started to hump Alicia, it was the first time ever using a strap on.


Bayley leaned down to suck on Alicia's boobs but Alicia grabbed her and kissed her then put her finger in Bayley's mouth. Bayley was sucking on Alicia's fingers while fucking her pussy so good it made Alicia squirt.

Alicia: That was amazing Bayley. Your a little freak!

The two laid naked together in Alicia's bed.

Alicia: Did you have fun tonight, Bayley?

Bayley: This was one of the best nights ever.

Alicia: I hope we can do this again, sweet cheeks!

Bayley: Hey, just give me a ring when you want me again!

The two divas fell asleep together.


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