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Bayley's Desperation
by BayStephLover

Another loss, another night where she could only watch as the crowd continued to turn on her and her career.

To say Bayley was sick of it would be an understatement. She was tired of trying her hardest and getting booed by the crowd, the lack of support backstage certainly didn't help much either.

I need to do something to get them back on my side Bayley thought resolutely, She had just walked through the curtain following her match as an idea struck her That's it! I'll just talk to Stephanie McMahon tomorrow and see if she can do anything about it. with that in mind Bayley continued to the locker room and prepared what she would say.

* * *

Stephanie McMahon was having an awful day. It all started when she got the news that both Dean Ambrose and the Miz would be out of action until further notice, and got worse when she was told that another storyline was being put in jeopardy by an uncooperative performer.

She was not happy, so when Bayley came barging into her office with her sickening smile and tried to hug her, she snapped. "I don't have time for you right now." Stephanie growled as Bayley took a couple alarmed steps away from her.

"Sorry." Bayley said meekly as Stephanie continued to glare at her.

"What do you want?" Stephanie asked in exasperation "And make it quick." She added angrily.

Bayley hastily nodded before responding, "I don't like how I'm being booked." She came right out and said it, she was tired of being overlooked in favour of Alexa and Sasha.

"What do you want ***me*** to do about it?" The older woman asked coldly, clearly angry at Bayley's statement.

"I don't know! Just do something different, so the crowd will stop booing me." Bayley said already regretting going to Stephanie about her problem.

"And what gives you the right to demand anything from me?" Stephanie snarled as she took a step towards Bayley, her finger outstretched in a pointing gesture. "I should have you fired for demanding ANYTHING from me!" Stephanie yelled.

Bayley quickly began to really rethink her decision. "Please don't!" Bayley yelled suddenly in fear at the thought of being fired from her dream job. "I'm sorry I brought it up!" She added walking to the office door.

"Get back here." Stephanie almost growled before a sick smile made it's way onto her face. "Give me one reason I shouldn't fire you on the spot?" She asked almost too calm as Bayley looked towards her desperately.

"I'll do anything!" Bayley nearly screamed, her voice breaking as her eyes blurred with tears.

"Anything?" Stephanie asked with a seductive lilt to her words.

"Anything!" Bayley reaffirmed the desperation in her voice growing.

"How about we make a deal? You do absolutely anything I ask you to and you stay employed, but if you disobey me at any point you'll be out the door before you can say the word 'hug'." Stephanie said a sadistic twinkle in her eye as she stared the crying hugger down.

"Deal!" Bayley cried not even thinking as she dropped to her knees, her body shaking with sobs as tears dripped down her cheeks.

"I'm glad we could come to an agreement." Stephanie says before breaking out into almost maniacal laughter. Bayley could only sit on the floor and try and calm herself down as relief finally washed over her followed quickly by anger then fear what did I just agree to? she thought as she looked up at Stephanie McMahon. "With that out of the way, meet me in my office tomorrow." Stephanie said as she brushed by Bayley and exited the office.

"What just happened?" Bayley asked herself, questions and doubts flowing through her head as she sat in the darkness of Stephanie's now empty office.

* * *

What have I gotten myself into? Bayley asks herself silently. She's currently pacing back and forth just outside Stephanie's office, quietly going through what Stephanie could possibly want from her "let's just get it over with." Bayley suddenly says to herself as she carefully opens Stephanie's office door.

"H-hey Stephanie." She stutters as she takes a shy step into the room Stephanie completely ignores her and continues to work diligently on her laptop. Stephanie looks up and smiles at the almost cowering form of Bayley.

"Hello Bayley." She says closing her laptop to stare directly into Bayley's eyes. Bayley's cheeks quickly heat up but she keeps herself from diverting her gaze.

"Why don't you take a seat?" Stephanie asks gesturing toward the chair in front of her desk. Bayley quickly moves to sit in the chair but is interrupted suddenly by Stephanie making a clicking noise with her mouth. "I didn't say you could take the seat." Stephanie says with a small growl in her voice.

"S-sorry, but where else would I-i sit?" Bayley squeaks nervously. Stephanie stands and walks around the table to sit on it, facing Bayley.

"Hmm... I don't know, how about on... your knees." Stephanie commands with a leering smile. Bayley blushes and opens her mouth to protest before she realizes Stephanie would fire her.

"O-okay." She stutters as she lowers herself to her knees in front of Stephanie. "Good girl." Stephanie says, patting Bayley's head mockingly.

Stephanie sits in silence for a couple minutes as Bayley intensely atares at the floor.

"W-what now?" Bayley asks her hand fidgeting at her side nervously. \

"You sit there and don't move no matter what." Stephanie says standing and moving back around to her office chair.

"That's it?" Bayley asks almost angry that she's being forced to sit and do nothing.

"Yep. I'll tell you when I want something from you." Stephanie says opening her laptop back up. Bayley groans in exasperation and lets her mind run over how she got in this position.

* * *

Bayley had been kneeling on the floor for just under an hour when Stephanie finally got up and moved to stand in front of her.

"Look at me." Stephanie commanded as Bayley looked up into her eyes, clearly startled by her sudden words.

"Sorry." Bayley apologized and sat there obediently.

Stephanie made a sound of approval before moving her hand to tilt Bayley's chin up towards her, Bayley looked her straight in the eye with a questioning look obviously wondering what Stephanie wanted. "Stand up." She commands as Bayley obediently follows her orders. Stephanie smiles and grabs her by the wrist dragging her forward to lean against the office desk. "Bend over it." Stephanie growled dominantly in her ear.

"W-what!" Bayley said confusion creeping into her voice.

"I told you to bend over that table, so do it." Stephanie says pushing Bayley's shoulders down almost forcing her onto her stomach, her pert ass sticking up as Stephanie stared admiring the view. "Now, pull those pants down." Stephanie growles lightly groping at Bayley's ass.

"W-wait, I-i-I've n-never don-" Bayley started before being interrupted by a harsh smack to her ass, she gasped as her knees buckled nearly sending her sprawling to the floor.

"Strip them off or I will do it myself." Stephanie growled angrily as she smacked Bayley's tight ass again.

"Ahh!" Bayley yelped, quickly pulling her jeans down to her knees "t-there!" She nearly screamed as her nerves caused her legs to quake, every nerve in her body was alight.

"Good girl." Stephanie repeats her words from earlier before following with yet another brutal strike to Bayley's behind, this time her hand meets just flesh instead of fabric, the blow feels much harder without the light padding of her jeans, Bayley thinks. "Oh! Has the spanking turned you on a little?" Stephanie asks with a mocking innocent lilt to her voice "Who knew sweet little Bayley was such a sexual deviant?" She mocks more as she lightly rubs Bayley's wet pussy through her black panties.

"I-im not a deviant!" Bayley says her sentence trailing off into a moan.

"Don't talk back!" Stephanie sneeres as she gives Bayley another solid slap to the ass "Do you wanna cum?" Stephanie asks with an evil lilt to her voice. Bayley nods desperately as best she can with her head pressed to the desk. "Too bad, you're not allowed to cum until I say you can." Stephanie says speeding her rubbing of Bayley's clothed pussy.

Bayley's eyes shoot open wide as she feels the orgasm coming her legs begin to shake and her toes curl, her back arches and a keening moan over takes her "Ahhhh!" Bayley screams so close to her orgasm, and right as she approached the peak, Stephanie stopped. She removed her hand from Bayley's crotch entirely, Bayley's eyes somehow got even wider and her legs clamped shut in an attempt to bring herself to orgasm, but it was to no avail she could feal it slip away from her, leaving her painfully aroused and unsatisfied as Stephanie wiped her hand on Bayley's pulled down jeans and got back to work on her laptop. "P-please Stephanie! Let me cum! Please!" Bayley begged as Stephanie entirely ignores her.

"Sit back where you were." Stephanie says a borderline satanic look in her eye. "Don't pull your jeans up. And you aren't allowed to touch yourself here or when you're alone. Your body belongs to me now." Stephanie says with a smirk "now be a good girl and be quiet." Stephanie says.

Bayley just whimpers and sits down, her body still trembling with pleasure. "Y-yes ma'am." Bayley replies quietly almost surprised at the obedient tone in her voice. She didn't know whether to be scared or really, really scared at how much she liked being treated like a slave. Bayley glances at the clock on the office wall, it reads 8:36 am. Bayley has a feeling It's gonna be a long day.

* * *

Bayley's body was on fire, she doesn't know how many times Stephanie must have brought her to the edge of orgasm only to leave her unsatisfied and quivering but it must have been at least twenty times Bayley thinks, sitting on her knees, her jeans down at ankles as a light sheet of sweat covers her body, and a large amount of arousal drips down her thighs leaving a puddle of liquid on the floor beneath her.

Bayley glances at the clock in a haze of frustration and pleasure, according to it it's only 12:30 pm, she gulps realizing that the day isn't even halfway done yet 'how much more does Stephanie plan on doing to me today?' She wonders to herself as a blush lights up her face 'and why do I want her to do more to me?' She asks herself in her head completely unsure of the answer to her own question.

Bayley could hear the soft typing noise as Stephanie continued to work at the desk in front of her. Bayley squirms lightly as she remembers what Stephanie's deft fingers had been doing to her all day. "Alright, I'm gonna go get lunch, care to join?" Stephanie asks suddenly, standing up to walk towards the office door.

"I-i'd love t-to." Bayley stammers nervously as she stands, her legs refusing to cooperate for a second before she finally manages to get up, albeit on wobbly legs.

Blushing and with shaking hands she pulls her soaking panties and jeans up, she blushes even harder as she notices the damp spot on the crotch of the jeans. She makes a noise of embarrassment that causes Stephanie to turn and look at her curiously. "How cute." Stephanie says noncommittaly and turns to walk out the door before pausing, "You coming or not?" Stephanie asks Bayley with a teasing tone.

"Yeah." Bayley says trying to keep the nervousness she's feeling from messing with her speech. Stephanie makes a noise of affirment and continues out the door, Bayley follows eagerly behind her, her face heating up as they pass a couple other women backstage as they head towards catering.

"It's always nice to have company." Stephanie says to break the silence as she slides into a chair at a table setting her food down in front of her.

"Yeah." Bayley says as she sits across from her.

"So Bayley, I think I like having you in my office, you're a great stress reliever." Stephanie says with a small smirk. "That's why I'm making you a permanent fixture, from now on you're gonna be my 'personal assistant'." Stephanie says in a way that suggests Bayley won't be doing much to assist Stephanie at her job. "How's that sound?" She ask Bayley not really caring about her answer.

"T-that's great Stephanie!" Bayley says in hidden excitement at the thought of being used daily 'there's something seriously wrong with me.' She thinks confused over her own excitement. "Thanks you." She says a little blush appearing on her cheeks.

"You're welcome, but it's 'Thank you, mistress' to you." Stephanie says staring down Bayley.

Bayley makes a borderline sinful moan as a delicious shiver runs down her spine "Y-yes mistress!" She squeaks squeezing her thighs together in hopes to relieve her dripping pussy of the building pressure.

"How would you like to be addressed?" Stephanie asks with at smile at Bayley's obvious struggle.

"A-anything you want to c-call me m-mistress." Bayley says struggling to get the words out.

"How about slave? Or just little slut?" Stephanie asks leaning over the table and giving Bayley a fantastic view of her cleavage.

"S-slave please!" Bayley squeaks as she drinks in the sight of Stephanie's fantastic cleavage.

"Good that's settled then. Now, follow me." Stephanie says hooking a finger in the collar of Bayley's shirt and tugging gently. "I need a little stress relief." Stephanie says with a lustful look in her eyes. Bayley can only nod and follow eagerly, her mind racing with all the possibilities.

* * *

The walk back to Stephanie's office was short and relatively uneventful, save for Stephanie flashing Bayley a few looks at her cleavage and once even pressing her face first against a wall to pull her hips back, grinding Bayley's ass into her own crotch.

But now they stand in Stephanie's office Stephanie looking Bayley up and down, almost as if she's deciding what she wants to do to her. "Help me out of my clothes?" Stephanie asks gesturing towards her beige dress.

Bayley wastes no time in moving forward and lifting the dress over Stephanie's head and onto the floor. Stephanie stands in nothing but her black lace bra and panties. She gives Bayley a little show, twirling seductively a couple times working her hips and showing off her magnificent ass. Stephanie says nothing as she walks to her office chair and sits down, her hand sliding down her body and pushing her panties down her legs to reveal her wet pussy her pubes shaved in a tight triangle just over it.

"Give me a show." Stephanie says simply as she moves her hands to unclasp her bra, the peice of cloth falls off her shoulders and onto the floor. One hand trails back down and begins playing lightly with her dripping pussy.

"W-what d-do you mean?" Bayley asks innocently all her attention focused on starting at Stephanie's massive tits and her beautiful pussy.

"Strip, and give me something to cum to." Stephanie says simply continuing the motions with her hand.

Bayley blushes and begins to push her jeans and panties down her legs before kicking them off, her shirt follows much in the same way as her hand moves back up to fiddle with the clasp of her bra, she quickly unlatches it and lets it join her othe clothes on the floor, Bayley is startled as Stephanie makes a low moan, her eyes looking all over Bayley's body.

"N-nice tits." Stephanie says between panting breaths.

Bayley blushes, her confidence growing as she begins to slide her hands up and down her body.

Stephanie growls lowly and begins to speed her motions up slightly. "Come here." Stephanie says simply. Bayley follows her order eagerly and moves to stand in front of Stephanie.

"Make m-me cum." Stephanie says removing her hand from herself and spreads out to allow Bayley to do what she sees fit to make her cum.

Bayley nods a little self conscious as she drops to her knees, she moves her hand to begin rubbing at Stephanie's dripping pussy.

"Ughh! Good girl." Stephanie growles as she suddenly sits up and grabs Bayley by the hair, Bayley glances up in confusion only for her head to be dragged forward as Stephanie shoves her face first into her hot pussy, "Lick!" Stephanie growls bucking her hips slightly.

Bayley quickly recovers from the shock and, after a little trial and error, begins eagerly lapping at Stephanie's dripping cunt.

"Ngggghhh. G-good slave." Stephanie says as more of a keening moan than anything. Stephanie whines as her orgasm approaches. "Faster! Faster!" Stephanie growls bucking harshly into Bayley's mouth before she suddenly locks up, her legs suddenly lock closed around Bayley's head and her toes curl as her orgasm overtakes her, she quivers and shakes and squirts as her legs keep Bayley's face locked against her squirting pussy. "Yyyyyyyeeeeeeessssss!" She screams as her eyes roll back into her skull.

Bayley's eyes become impossibly wide as Stephanie's gushing pussy juice fills her mouth, she tries to pull Stephanie's legs apart as the vast amount of liquid makes it increasingly hard to breath. Stephanie is in heaven as her orgasm finally comes to an end, her legs loosening and falling away from Bayley's head. Bayley pulls back as fast as possible as she coughed Stephanie's vast juice rushing out of Bayley's mouth in a waterfall, running down her chest and thighs as she takes gasping breaths, her teary eyes focusing up at Stephanie's sated face.

"Good girl." Stephanie finally says with a lazy smile as she sits up and opens her laptop.

"I-i couldn't breath!" Bayley says gasping for air in between words.

"Comes with the job." Is all Stephanie says as she begins typing away once again.

Bayley is suddenly very aware of her own arousal as she looks down at Stephanie's juice dripping down her chest. "C-can I cum?" Bayley asks hopefully staring up at Stephanie.

"Not yet." Stephanie says simply leaving Bayley to sit and struggle with her arousal.

'I really need to cum.' Bayley thinks to herself.

The two sit in silence for a few moments before Stephanie breaks it "You're dismissed for today." She says staring directly at Bayley's kneeling form.

"Yes mistress." Bayley says standing and moving around the room looking for her clothes. "Stephanie, where are my panties?" She asks as she finds every piece of clothing but them.

Stephanie says nothing but lifts them up in front of herself "I'm keeping them." Stephanie says and continues to work.

Bayley blushes and dresses herself before moving to leave the room.

"Bayley wait." Stephanie suddenly calls and Bayley looks back at her hopefully. "Remember, no matter what, you aren't allowed to cum." Stephanie repeats her message from earlier in the day and gestures for Bayley to leave.

Once Bayley is out the door she figures she could do with a shower, so with that she set off back to her hotel room. 'Why do I have a feeling this is only gonna get crazier?' Bayley asks herself as she leaves the building.

* * *

Showering was much harder than Bayley expected, she kept having to keep herself from masturbating 'Stephanie's rules are gonna be the death of me.' She thinks as she steps out of the shower and begins to ponder the recent events with Stephanie 'I wonder what Stephanie has planned for me next.' Bayley asks herself as she prepares for bed 'Whatever she is planning I hope she'll finally let me cum' Bayley thinks excitedly as she slides under the covers of the bed in her hotel room. Bayley suddenly feels another wave of arousal as her mind subconsciously wanders over all the things Stephanie could be planning, Bayley blushes fiercely and turns onto her stomach as she attempts to fall asleep.

* * *

Bayley wakes with a jolt and sits up suddenly, red faced and sweating in more than one way as she replays the fantastic dream she'd just had in her mind. Bayley desperately attempts to recall the steamy dream, but it was no use, the memory of the dream was already fading as was the blush on her face as she tried to make sense of everything in her morning stupor.

'Guess I need to get ready to go meet Stephanie.' With that Bayley slides out of bed and quickly begins picking out the cutest outfit she could come up with, she decided on a cute pink t-shirt that accentuated her fantastic tits, cute jeans that made her ass look fantastic, and her favorite pair of plain gray tennis shoes. She also went out of her way to put some sexy underwear on, so she had grabbed a lacy bright green pair of panties and a matching bra, she looked herself over in the mirror and decided to add one more touch, placing her I'm a hugger' headband onto her head "I hope Stephanie likes it." She says to herself nervously as she makes her way to her hotel room door 'Maybe she'll be so impressed she'll finally let me cum!' Bayley thinks hopefully.

* * *

Stephanie was just finishing up the final touches of Bayley's surprise when she heard a knock on her office door "Come in!" She called as she sat herself down on her office chair.

Stephanie's office door opened and in walked Bayley 'She looks cute today.' Stephanie notes subconsciously, "What's all this?" Bayley asks a flush creeping up her neck as she takes a look at the items splayed out across Stephanie's desk.

"Just a little surprise for you." Stephanie says nonchalantly as she watches Bayley's eyes flicker back and forth between the items on the table and her.

Bayley walks closer to the table and examines the objects placed upon it. One object in particular catches her eye and she reaches down to grab it, almost cautiously as Stephanie continues to watch her. "I-is this what I think it is?" Bayley squeaks nervously as she examines it closer.

"That depends, what do you think it is?" Stephanie asks with a devilish smirk.

"A-a dog collar?" Bayley says suddenly uncertain about what she was holding she continues to examine it before looking up at Stephanie only to find her chuckling silently. "What are you laughing at?" Bayley asks with a half-hearted glare trying unsuccessfully to inject some malice into her words.

"Nothing, but that's not a dog collar." Bayley's eyes widen suddenly as she realizes just what she's holding. "That's your collar." Stephanie says as she quickly stands and moves around the table to grab the collar from Bayley.

"I-it's for me?" Bayley asks her hands fidgeting at her sides as she stares down at the ground.

"Yep. Hey, look at me." Stephanie says as she hooks a finger under Bayley's chin.

Bayley follows Stephanie's command and looks directly at Stephanie. Bayley blushes under the weight of Stephanie's lustful stare, Stephanie moves suddenly catching Bayley off guard as she brings the collar around Bayley's throat and snaps it closed with a satisfying click.

"There, now everyone will know who you belong to." Stephanie says as she tugs lightly at Bayley's new collar. "It even says 'property of Stephanie McMahon' on the tag." Stephanie says smiling at Bayley's gaping mouth and blushing cheeks.

Bayley struggles to say anything as she thinks about her new collar 'property of Stephanie McMahon doesn't sound half bad.' she thinks to herself.

"Now let me tell you about everything else on the table." Stephanie says gesturing towards the items as Bayley looks on in a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. "Not only did I get you some essential 'toys' like a vibrator and a couple different sized dildos, I also got some more kinky items." Stephanie says pointing at the items in question. "Like a few different sized butt plugs, as well as some handcuffs, and a remote controlled vibrator." Stephanie says finishing off the list of items she'd bought for them to enjoy.

"W-wow." Was all Bayley could mutter as she stared in shock at how many things Stephanie had bought.

"Oh! One more thing!" Stephanie suddenly suddenly says as she grabs an object from her back pocket and holds it towards Bayley.

"What are those?" Bayley asks in confusion as she stares at what appears to be a set of keys Stephanie is holding.

"Key's to your new room." Stephanie says cryptically.

"What new room?" Bayley asks as thousands of different possibilities run through her mind.

"Your new room in my house." Stephanie says with a sinfully seductive lilt to her words.

Bayley doesn't do anything but gape as she stares at the keys "I-in your h-house?" Bayley stutters as she takes the keys gingerly. "You want me to move in?" She asks staring down at the keys in her hand.

"Oh also those aren't the keys to just any room, they're the keys to my bedroom." Stephanie says with a beaming smile as she watches Bayley gape at her.

"Thank you Stephanie." Bayley says meekly as she continues to stare at the keys.

Stephanie says nothing as she lifts Bayley's chin and leans in to press her lips soundly against Bayley's, Bayley makes the cutest noise as she feels Stephanie's soft lips press against hers 'Stephanie's kissing me!' Bayley squeals in her mind as Stephanie continued to kiss her.

The kiss lasted just a few seconds more before Stephanie pulled away "I'll give you the tour of your new home this evening." Stephanie says as she takes a step back and looks at Bayley "Take the rest of the day and gather anything you need and I'll make sure you're moved in by tonight Stephanie says as she smiles kindly at Bayley. "You are moving in aren't you?" Stephanie asks her smile fading as she remembers Bayley never confirmed if she was moving in or not.

"Of course I'm moving in." Bayley says wholeheartedly as she begins to think of all the things she needs to grab.

Stephanie lets out a sigh of relief, "Good that's settled. Meet me back here this evening and I'll show you around." Stephanie smiles and kisses Bayley one more time before she allows Bayley to leave the office.

'She just keeps on surprising me.' Bayley thinks as she makes her way to her car excitement buzzing in her veins as she made a mental list of things to grab, ignoring the looks of people as they stared at her new collar. 'I wish they'd stop staring, I'm proud of my collar!' She thinks to herself indignantly as she finally reaches her car.

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