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Bayey's Revolution
by Magglemore

It was Friday, 7th August in Orlando, Florida. Another good NXT live event was in the books, the main event of which saw Tyler Breeze defeat Solomon Crowe. As the ring crew was taking down the ring, Bayley was sitting backstage on a equipment box, in her purple and yellow ring-gear and a black NXT jacket over her shoulders, her was head down as she wasn't her usual self. She hadn't been for a while, Not since the Divas Revolution happened on Raw. Sure, she was happy for her friends Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte, but she'd by lying if she said she wasn't disappointed she wasn't chosen to be a part of it.

"Bayley, what's up?" she heard a voice come from behind her. It was one of her tag team partners that evening in Aiden English. Her match that night was a six-person mixed tag team match involving Bayley and The Vaudevillains taking on Blake, Murphy and Alexa Bliss.

"Oh... um, hi Aiden... it's nothing." she said, trying to hide her sadness. She gave him a fake smile, and looked into his eyes. Once she did that, she could tell he wasn't buying her lie.

Aiden shook his head. "Bayley, I know you're not telling me the truth - you've not tried to hug me once tonight, so I know there's something bugging you. I'm a gentleman. I'll be sworn to secrecy." he said, sitting down next to her.

Bayley looked to the floor. "Okay... okay... I'm just a little upset that I'm not a part of The Divas Revolution. I'm mean... um, it's just a huge thing and I... er, I wanted to make a difference too" she admitted.

Aiden understood. "Well, maybe you could ask Ms. McMahon if she could let join one of the teams. I'm sure PCB, Team B.A.D. or even The Bellas would be honored to have you on their side"

Bayley nodded. "I guess..." she said, considering it.

"Well, NXT's in Brooklyn for the big Takeover show. I know you've got a huge match against Sasha Banks on that show, but all the WWE higher-ups will be in the same city for Summerslam, maybe that'd be a good opportunity to speak to her and explain why you should be a part of it" Aiden suggested, before standing.

Bayley smiled, and gave Aiden a big hug. "Oh, thank you! I'll do that. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she excitedly said, before releasing the hug and walking back to the Women's locker room.

Two weeks later, and it was the day of the Network Special. NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. Bayley arrived five hours before the show was set to begin, with her ring gear for the night in a wheeled suitcase she pulled behind her, wearing a smart blue dress with her hair tied up in its usual way. She looked around, and she saw Stephanie was there, just like Aiden had predicted.

Stephanie was wearing a red dress with high heels. Bayley would have went to speak to Stephanie right then and there, but she was talking to a young tech guy and Bayley didn't want to be rude and interrupt a conversation. Instead she'd wait for a while and see if she could speak to Stephanie later - but she was happy Stephanie was there.

Bayley walked to the locker room, and saw her opponent for the night, Sasha Banks. She wore a Team B.A.D. shirt and it brought Bayley down a little more. That was almost taunting her that she wasn't part of it all. Sasha smiled cockily.

"Don't be too upset, sweetheart. You won't be taking this belt off of me tonight, I'll be the NXT Womens Champion for as long as I want." Sasha taunted, before laughing and walking away.

This upset Bayley even more, and she stormed away, leaving her suitcase in the locker room as she went looking for Stephanie. Luckily for Bayley, Stephanie had finished her conversation with the tech and was free.

Bayley was upset, but she took a deep breath. She knew talking to Stephanie angrily would do her no favors. Once she had calmed herself down, she approached Stephanie, feeling butterflies in her stomach, nervous in case it all went wrong.

"Excuse me... uh, Ms. McMahon, could I speak to you for a moment, please?" Bayley asked, giving Stephanie puppy-dog eyes.

"Uh, yes, Bayley, but I'm afraid I might not have a lot of time. What is it you wanted?" Stephanie asked.

"Thanks... uh, I just wanted to know why you didn't select me to be a part of The Divas Revolution? I mean, I'd love to be part of something so big" Bayley smiled, looking up to the taller woman in front of her.

"Oh, there just wasn't a spot for you. I needed three girls to make it even and Becky, Sasha and Charlotte fit what I wanted the best" the principal owner of the WWE replied. "If there was one more spot I would have picked you."

Bayley frowned, and sighed. "I-it's just I'd do anything for that spot. I want to inspire young girls and let them know anything is possible"

Stephanie gave a sadistic smile. Her mind was racing, she hadn't had an opportunity like this for a while. "Anything?" she asked. Bayley nodded. "Well, then Bayley, meet me in my office in about thirty minutes, a spot may have opened up for you. It's a makeshift one they made just for out time here in the Barclays Centre. Down the hall and to the left"

Bayley smiled, and resisted the urge to give her boss a hug. Smiling she returned to the locker room, preparing what she was going to say and giddy about finally getting promoted on the main roster.

Thirty minutes finally passed, and Bayley excited walked to the room Stephanie had pointed out. Bayley knocked on the door, and entered when Stephanie told her to "come in".

Bayley entered a smiled. Stephanie was sitting on an office chair behind a wooden desk. On it, there was a contract, which read "main roster contract" in big, bold letters with a load of other fine print which couldn't be read unless you were close up.

Stephanie looked to the contract and then to Bayley. "This is your new contract. It's includes a main roster spot and a pay-rise but first you have to prove to me that you deserve it" she said, as she stood up. The dress she wore was pulled up to her hips, and Bayley could see Stephanie was wearing a 10'' strap-on dildo which was a shade of red which matched her dress. Bayley's eyes widened.

"I... uh..." Bayley stuttered, not knowing where to begin, as her boss smirked. "You do want to be on the main roster, don't you?" Stephanie asked.

"Yes... but..."

"But what?"

"I've just never seen one that big..." Bayley said, sheepishly approaching Stephanie. Bayley grabbed the dildo with her right hand, jerking it up and down to get a feel of it. Stephanie placed her hand on Bayley's shoulder, pushing downwards until Bayley got on her knees.

Stephanie looked down, her blue eyes staring into Bayley's brown ones. Her left hand grabbed Bayley by the ponytail. "Just worship this fucking cock, and I promise your future will be brighter than its ever been!"

Bayley looked up to Stephanie, a little intimidated by her but decided this was for the best. She leaned her head forward, wrapping her lips around the fake cock, moving them down the red dildo slowly, her right hand on the base of it to keep it steady for her.

Whilst she didn't get any sexual pleasure from Bayley sucking on her strap-on, the power and control she got when she saw Bayley obeying her was pleasurable in itself. For the moment, she was Bayley's goddess. She was in complete control, as Bayley took a little more, her left hand moving to Stephanie's thigh to steady her own body.

Bayley looked up as she sucked, wanting to make sure her boss was pleased with what she was doing. Stephanie smiled to tell Bayley she was doing great, before Stephanie suddenly tugged on her ponytail, forcing the dildo down the NXT Diva's throat.

Stephanie smiled, before thrusting her hips, throatfucking the young upstart right there in her office. She had Bayley let go of the fake cock so she could really go to town on her mouth, Bayley making more choking sounds as the dildo entered and exited her throat repeatedly. After Stephanie was satisfied with this, she took one last thrust, this time keeping it down inside Bayley's throat. Bayley's nose was pushed against Stephanie's shaved pubic area, as she made a wondrous 'glurk' sound.

She was held there for a few seconds, before the older woman released her grip on Bayley's hair, and withdrew the dildo from Bayley's mouth and throat. "Gah!" was the sound Bayley made as drool escaped from her lips. Bayley looked to the red sex toy, seeing it covered in her saliva, as Stephanie slipped off her own clothes. She was braless, firm, enhanced tits on full display as she stood there naked apart from the strap-on and her heels.

"Stand." Stephanie ordered. Bayley obliged, before Stephanie swiftly stood behind her. Her hands went straight to Bayley's dress, unzipping it and letting it fall to the floor. Bayley wore a modest set of matching black bra and panties, the former of which Stephanue quickly unclipped and removed, throwing it in the corner of the room to let Bayley's natural breasts spill out.

Stephanie couldn't help but love them. She reached around and cupped them, one in each palm. She bounced them up and down, staying silent as Bayley looked down to see Stephanie's hands in action. Suddenly, Stephanie pinched both of her nipple causing Bayley to jump slightly, before moving her hands away.

Bayley bit her lip nervously, as her boss then squatted down to remove the panties, throwing them in the same place as the bra, before coming back up, and pushing Bayley down by the shoulders to bend her over the wooden desk, her breasts pressing against the surface. Bayley looked to her right, and saw the contract next to her, the very reason she was letting this happen.

As Bayley was thinking about the contract, without warning Stephanie positioned her dildo at Bayley's pussy, before thrusting forward, penetrating the younger Diva from behind. Bayley squealed a bit, from a combination of pain and pleasure due to her never having anything that big inside of her before. Bayley reached forward and gripped the far edge of the table through pleasure.

Stephanie, meanwhile, had both of her hands on Bayley's hips, her own hops thrusting into her as, with every thrust, her breasts shook. "Mmm, you're deifnitely earning your place here" Stephanie admitted, her hips colliding with Bayley large ass with every thrust, the cheeks rippling with every collision.

"Ahh... mmm! T-thank you..." Bayley replied, closing her eyes, as her thick-yet-sexy body moved every time Stephanie went deep inside of her. She panted, as she was drilled into by her own boss, waves of pleasure rushing through her body as she took it, yelping a little as Stephanie gave her sexy ass a firm spank.

"Yes! Take it! Take it you horny bitch!" Stephanie yelled, as she aggressively thrusted into Bayley shaven pussy. "Tell me you love it. Tell me how good this cock feels inside of you!"

Bayley hesitated, but murmured "I-I love this cock, Ms. Mcmahon. It feels so good inside of me" she moaned, as he felt her knees go weak. Suddenly her orgasm hit, her juices squirting out of her and hitting the floor of the makeshift office. "Oh my GOD!" Bayley moaned out, as she couldn't take any more. Her whole body went numb, as she laid on the table exhausted.

Stephanie smiled, pulling out of Bayley. "You're not finished here yet, clean this cock up" she ordered, it slick with girl-cum.

Bayley sighed, slowly going down and sucking the fake cock again, making sure she got all she could off of it, tasting her own juices on her tongue before she swallowed. "Good girl" Stephanie said, before grabbing the contract and handing it to her.

"This is yours, sign it and leave it on my desk before you leave tonight. And good luck against Sasha tonight" Stephanie said, letting Bayley redress before giving her ass a spank and letting her go on her way.

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