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Featuring: The Alpha Female (TNA, Pro Wrestling: EVE), Chris Sabin (TNA).

Be Alpha... Little Man
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage during the TNA's tour of Great Britain, following her violent and aggressive debut on Impact Wrestling where she destroyed long time TNA Knockout Velvet Sky, the imposing German known simply as The Alpha Female is now leaving the arena alongside the cocky and egotistical Chris Sabin, who had set up a "match" against his former girlfriend Sky that was a set up for the beating Velvet took.

"Oh yeah! That's exactly what I'm taking about!" Sabin gloats as he walks alongside her, clad in jeans and a shirt, that both hug nicely to his athletic and muscular body. "We stuck it to that dumb little bitch! That will teach her to ever mess with me!" He adds, giving his new "associate" a pat on the arm as he grins.

Feeling the touch, she comes to a complete stop, the muscular and tall blonde turning to face him with a slightly narrow eyed glare. "Little man... My job with her is far from done." She coldly states in her thick, German accent as she folds her arms across her large chest, her breasts contained in a cleavage showing top while also clad in tight, black pants that show off her thick juicy ass and powerful thighs. "Next time, I annihilate her and show all American tramps that only I can Be Alpha..."

"Hey, honey, you'll get her! I can get you a match against her no problem!" Chris says with a cocky laugh. "But hold up... Little man? Babe, there's nothing little about me! You could ask that ungrateful ex of mine... If she's able to talk right now!"

Unimpressed, she just stares down at him. "You are little man... Just like other men, no matter the country... All talk tough, but none can handle me..."

"Woah, woah, woah, there! You wanting a piece of me, babe?" Sabin asks, laughing at the suggestion. "Figures... Chicks have been all over me since I kicked Sky to the curb... Hey, I'm in such a good mood after what you did to her? I'm gonna give you a first class ticket to the best night you'll ever have!"

Raising an eyebrow a little, a slightly amused smirk appears on the face of The Alpha Female. "You think you can Be Alpha little man?" She asks, unfazed by his attitude.

"Think it?" He laughs again, pulling out a hotel room keycard from his pocket and boldly pushing it into the front cut of her top, making her glare at him. "Meet me back at my hotel room and you'll find out exactly what all the TNA Knockouts have been getting for years!"

* * *

About ten minutes later in his hotel room, the handsome but arrogant Chris Sabin is moaning as the beautiful and imposing Alpha Female lowers her neatly trimmed pussy all the way down onto his rock hard cock, which is such an impressive length it's hardly surprising why his ex Velvet Sky put up with his attitude for so long. With a smirk, The Alpha Female grinds her snatch down against the crotch of the similarly naked wrestler underneath her, the size difference clear as this leaves him pinned down underneath on the bed underneath her, but his big grin shows he doesn't mind it at all, especially since it means his dick is all the way up inside her nice and tight pussy.

"Lets see how you last... Little man..." Alpha Female says, casting a narrow eyed glare at him before she starts to firmly raise and lower herself on his cock, working her strong and curvaceous body up to the half way point on his shaft before dropping back down all the way to the base, causing him to groan as her frame smacks into his nicely muscular body. "Mmmm... Ja... I can tell you like this..." She moans slightly as she uses her powerful thighs to lift herself up and down in a smooth and steady motion, taking his thick rod all the way up into her snatch when she drops down, her movement causing her large, rounded tits to bounce as she all too easily controls the pace on her very willing Impact Wrestling "associate".

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm! Hey... I can let the chick take the lead... Ahhhh! Once in a while..." The cocky stud says with a smile, hissing from time to time when she roughly drives her muscular, powerful frame right down onto his, but feeling plenty of pleasure from the way her snug, slightly wet snatch is squeezing his member as she rides him. "Mmmmm... As long as I get what I want... Mmmm! You go knock yourself out sugar..." he groans again, letting his hands slide up to her toned waist as she bounces steadily up and down on his length. The slap of skin connecting with skin already sounding out as he more than willingly let her dominate his cock, not that he's in a position to try and switch things up with the bigger and more powerful grappler.

"Hands off!" The Alpha Female snaps, easily pulling his hands away as she leans forward, making his arms criss-cross over his head and then pinning them down with just one of her own hands. She smirks down at his surprised look as she uses the other hand to grip her own breast, making herself moan as she continues to forcefully ride his shaft with a swift movement, her wet pussy taking every inch of him each time she drops down and takes him balls deep. "Mmmm... Just because I hate that little doll ex of yours... Ahhhh... Doesn't mean we're suddenly lovers..." She states as she comes to a stop on his rod, making them both groan as she grinds her pussy down onto his crotch with vice-like force to make him squirm slightly underneath her, even with the pleasure he's getting as the stunning German completely controls his long and thick to match American cock.

"Mmmmm! Awwwwww shit!! Baby, I'm down with... Ahhhh! Being friends with benefits!" The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion says with a slightly forced moan, unable to sit up now from how she's holding him back down with just the one arm, but even if he could he wouldn't stop her from riding his dick, loving how her tight love tunnel glides steadily up and down on him.

"And can we not... Uhhhh! Mmmmm... Talk about that dumb bitch bimbo I used to fuck?" Sabin grunts, watching her gorgeous body bounce away on his tool as her big tits jiggle in time with the motion of her body and she intensely glares down at him, that alone making him moan along with his member being deep up in her pussy as she quickly and forcefully slides herself upward and then straight back down onto his pole.

"Mmmm... I quite agree..." She says, suddenly letting go of him and sitting back on his shaft, grinding down onto him for a moment. "Less talk of that little American slut... And more of your claim to be able to handle... "All"... Of me..." Alpha Female adds, smirking again as she lifts herself up and off from his dick.

Finally able to sit up, he smiles as he moves off the bed. "Oh, I know what you need, and trust me babe... I can handle that fine ass of yours all night long..." Chris claims, moving over to his travel bag as he quickly searches through it.

"No man can handle me... American, German, or anywhere else..." The Alpha Female confidently states as she moves back onto the bed, getting onto her hands and knees. "But you... At least I will give you the chance to impress me..."

"Honey, I've been banging babes across the world since day one..." Sabin arrogantly claims as he moves back over, holding a bottle of sexual lubricant in his hand. "Impressed won't be the world when I'm done tapping this ass..."

The former Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion raises an eyebrow at the claim, watching over her shoulder as the hunky high flyer pours some lube out into the crack of her ass, using a finger to then scoop some up and he pushes it into her asshole, a look of surprise on his face when he finds how resistant her entrance is to his touch, and that in turn makes her smirk like she knew that would happen. With a grunt, he pushes his digit into her asshole, starting to finger fuck her thick and gorgeous backside with a slow rhythm, showing how tight her back passage is as he has to force his way to move the lubricant as far into her as he can. Pouring a little more down onto his finger, he steadily pumps it in and out of her backside, making her groan for a moment as the lubricant works its way further into her ass, as despite her tightness its obvious the multi-time former X-Division Champion in TNA has plenty of experience in dishing out some anal sex.

"Hope you're ready for this babe... Some fine all-American meat coming your way..." The stud from "Hell", Michigan claims as he pours lube onto his own cock, using a hand to rub it all over his rock hard and lengthy inches. Placing the bottle down on the bed, he moves up behind her and slaps the head of his tool against her asshole, smirking as he pushes the bulbous head into her entrance and firmly thrusts forward, his eyes then widening as he groans and experiences just how tight she is back there, clearly far more than anything he's experienced before. "Ahhhhh! Mmmmm fuck!! Shit... This... This is nothing..." He tries to claim, his hands gripping her butt cheeks as he starts to ease his dick in and out of her booty, grunting as he feels her tightness all around the top couple of inches of his manhood, already having to work just to build a motion to bang her from behind as he grits his teeth and stares down at her stunning, powerful ass.

"Mmmm... What's the matter little man?" The almost-Amazon like female wrestler taunts as she looks back, her body barely moving at all as the long time TNA wrestler thrusts into her ass, making her moan slightly as she feels his shaft moving into her back passage but it appears she's more getting off on how she's controlling this whole sexual encounter, especially in this traditionally male-dominateds doggy style position. "The experience of a real woman... Ahhhh... Too much for you to take?" She states again, slightly tilting back her blonde haired head as she remains steady on the bed, her large tits hanging down and barely swaying as she stays on her hands and knees, watching as the talented American behind her groans and pumps his cock into her juicy ass.

"Mmmmm! Ahhhhh... Oh please... This... This is just me getting... Awwww fuck! Getting started!" One half of the former Motor City Machine Guns tag team says as he shifts himself up to almost be mounting her backside, primal-like as he pumps his dick in and out of her asshole, his hands shifting to up to her shoulders to hold onto her as he firmly rocks his hips back and forth to pick up the pace of banging her stunning rump.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm... Don't lie to me babe... Ahhhh! You've never had a stud like me in your life!" He cockily claims although the scene tells a different story as even with him almost all the way on top of her and his cock going deeper into her ass as he thrusts away into her, she's hardly rocking against his motion at all, his forward pumps between her stunning, plump ass cheeks barely making her move forward at all even if she is noticeably moaning from the way he's fucking her up the ass.

Her response is a mocking laugh as she reaches back, gripping his long hair with a powerful grip to make him gasp, pulling him towards her as she turns her head to side, which all has the effect of making him plunge his rod deeper into her still super tight asshole as he steadily and firmly thrusts back and forth into her juicy ass. "Achtung, little man!! It is you... Mmmmm... Who has never experienced a woman like me before..." Alpha Female states almost coldly, before shocking him again as she forces him into a lustful, open-mouthed kiss as she easily pushes her tongue into his mouth to slap around, keeping him close so he has no choice but to continue pumping away into her ass, the slopping slapping sound of his manhood driving in and out of her asshole sounding out around the hotel room as this intense anal banging continues.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmphh!! Ahhhh..." The egotistical but handsome grappler moans into her mouth as even his tongue is getting dominated and smacked around inside his own mouth by the stunning German powerhouse who all too easily controls the pace, making him drive his fat and long American cock into her juicy, full ass time and time again before she releases her grip on his hair. "Awwwww fuck... Mmmmm... But shit... It's nice to have an ass that isn't all loose... Mmmmm! Like I left that whore ex girlfriend of mine's ass..." It's apparent he's never had control taken away from him in a sexual situation before but to his credit he's managing to handle it to an extent, continuing to ram his dick in and out of her back passage with his length sliding in impressively deep into her rump, and it's managed to make her audible moan from his deep pumping into her ass. What's just as stunning is the fact that even with all of his weight on top of her in this position, The Alpha Female is neither fazed or buckling at all, staying up firmly on all fours and only slightly shifting forward when he thrusts into her backside from behind, groaning just a little as she feels his thick rod steadily sliding back and forth into her asshole.

"Mmmmm... I bet that pathetic, American tramp is already acting the whore for groups of men by now..." The Alpha Female says with a hint of anger, before again shocking the hunk involved in this by reaching back, easily pulling him off from her and out of her ass at the same time to once again force him down onto the bed.

"Owww! Hey babe... Forget all about that cheap skank... She was only worth a damn when she was on my arm..." Sabin says, smarting slightly from the throw but when he attempts to sit up, yet again he finds himself shoved back down with just a single hand.

"You... You have at least managed to last..." Alpha Female says, sounding more surprised then actually impressed as she first pours some lube down onto his cock before tossing the bottle away over her shoulder, with enough force that a lamp in the corner of the room gets smashed, making his eyes widen as she moves back up onto the bed. "Now... Now you get properly tested by a real woman from Germany..."

"Bring it on honey!" He says with a grin, watching as she faces away from him and reaches down, squeezing his cock to make him groan as she lines him up with her asshole as she lowers herself down in a squatting position. "I'm... Mmmmm... All the man you'll ever need..." He claims even as he hisses through his teeth.

Smirking back over her shoulder at him, the gorgeous and talented female wrestler goes to work as soon as the head of his dick is back between her ass cheeks, using those powerful thighs once again as she lifts and drops herself onto his rock hard rod, making herself groan as she fucks herself on his manhood, wasting no time in taking him deep into her still extremely tight back passage.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm... Little man... At least you have a big cock.... Ahhhh... To match the big mouth..." She grunts, sliding a hand down onto her damp pussy as she starts to rub herself as she bounces her booty onto his cock, for the first time really making her moan out loudly as she gets fully into the motion, her large breasts shaking once again as she builds a strong and swift rhythm that leaves the hunk she's riding moaning deeply underneath her.

"Awwwww fuck!! MMMM!! Fuck yeah, that's the stuff..." The multi-time former TNA X-Division Champion groans out, watching in awe as the juicy ass of the German powerhouse on top off him effortlessly raises and lowers all the way down onto his tool, her cheeks starting to firmly smack off his thighs and crotch to leave a string to go along with the intense pleasure of his cock being so deep into such a tight and thick backside.

"Ahhhh! MMMM!! Yeah... I'm big in the UK, back in the US... AHHHH... Fucking big all over... And where it matters babe..." He's able to cockily groan out even as he's dominated yet again in this position, just having to watch as the former multi-time champion of the Japanese Stardom promotion bounces quickly up and down on his fat dick, making it look all too easy as she controls this anal sex and eases his rod into her back passage without skipping a beat or seemingly feeling any discomfort from it, even with a pace as steady and hard as this.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhh! Ja... Little man... This is quite... Adequate... " She continues to groan, her hand briskly rubbing across her pussy and her clit as she focuses on driving herself all the way down onto his rod until she bottoms out and feels his balls touching her skin, before lifting back up to then repeat the motion with more than enough force to make a loud slapping sound echo around the hotel room they're in.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm! Be Alpha... This is the only way... Be Alpha!!" The gorgeous and strong blonde moans out as she repeatedly bounces away on the cock of the athletic and muscular hunk underneath her, dominating him as she has done all the way through this sexual encounter as she takes his cock into her juicy ass balls deep every time she drops down hard onto him. At the same time, her fingers are getting now sticky with her own juices from the way she's been pleasuring her own snatch, getting off on both the feeling of this hard and fast anal banging and the way she's been controlling the much smaller and weaker compared to her wrestler she's on top off.

"MMMM!! Awwww fuck!! Ahhhh... Fuck!! What a fucking ass..." He groans, sweat forming on his body from the way she's been owning him, completely in control of both him and his long and thick to match cock which feels a perfect fit into her still very tight back passage, even after the repeated fucking she's taken back there and all the lube that's been used as well.

"Ahhhh... MMMM!! Awwww yeah babe, you can't resist my big, Knockout-destroying dick, can you?" He's somehow still able to be as arrogant as ever, despite how obviously he's been willingly dominated this whole time, his cock throbbing slightly deep inside her thick and powerful ass as the gorgeous and curvacious German continues to stiffly and quickly ride his American dick with the same speed and force as she started off with from the very start.

All the claims made by the groaning former X-Division Champion underneath her just make her laugh again as she bounces away on his cock like it's all too easy for her, hardly breaking a sweat as she raises and lowers herself over and over again on his tool, taking him balls deep up into her ass that seems built to keep on taking it like this for hours and hours to come.

"Little man... You amuse me... Even if you do not impress me..." The former champion of the Pro Wrestling: EVE promotion in the UK states with a smirk as she harshly drops down onto him with a loud slapping sound, making him grunt as she starts to firmly grind her backside down against his crotch to further make him groan, at the same time making herself moan as she slides her fingers back and forth up her wet snatch. She's making it difficult to tell which is turning her on more - controlling the man underneath her, or stimulating her own snatch as she holds every inch of his length up inside her very snug back passage but either way she's in full control and loving every minute of it, and he is too from the way he's being forced to groan and sweat from her actions.

"Mmmm... Little man... Still not cum yet? I am... Ahhhh... Surprised..." The Alpha Female states, making it sound like she's just slightly impressed with him. "Now it is time for you to... Mmmm... Do your job..." She adds with a smirk, easily lifting herself up and off from him with one, flowing motion.

"Ahhhh... No, no problem babe..." Chris is able to gasp out now that's he's free from her grasp for a moment. "Just let me... MMMMPHH!!"

Yet again, he isn't being aloud to have his way as she's right back on top of him, how sitting on his face, smothering him with her juicy, thick ass, and easily using her powerful thighs to pin his head and shoulders down against the bed.

"Ja... This is perfect position for you... Mmmm! For all men who thick they can be a match... Ahhhh! For The Alpha Female!" She groans, leaning forward so she can grip his still rock hard cock with a strong grip, smirking again as she glances down between her legs, just seeing his chin sticking out from underneath her crotch. "Mmmm!! Be Alpha... Now be a good little man... And impress me now..."

"Mmmmph!! Mmmm!! MMMMPH!!" Now really trapped under her strong grip of her legs and thighs, the long time X-Division star of TNA can do nothing but barely move his face around, arms flailing slightly to the sides as this dominating, face sitting position leave his face just pressed against her ass as her thick, lucious ass cheeks cover and smother his face, almost completely robbing him of air.

"Mmmmm! Mmm mmmm mmmm!! MMMM!!" He grunts and tries to yell out, his squirming only causing his mouth to brush against the bottom of her slick pussy, the rest of his handsome facial features being made to rub into her backside as she presses her thick rump forcefully down into him, completely pinning him into the hotel room bed with absolutely no escape unless she allows it.

"Mmmmm! Ahhhh... Yes... I think you like this, don't you..." The imposing and beautiful female wrestler moans with a laugh as she begins to deliver a rather rough and still very much controlling handjob to the hunk she's got trapped under her strong thighs, her other hand once again down onto her pussy as she briskly rubs her own clit with her fingers. There's no issue with handling the cock that's just been balls deep in her ass, her palm steadily pumping up and down on his throbbing inches as she tightly drips his man meat in a fashion that's a perfectly blend of both pleasure and pain, a sign that she's given this out many times before this particular sexual encounter.

"Mmmm! Ahhhh! Ja! You know your place, you know what a real woman is now..." She groans as she shifts her hips back, grinding her butt down into his face as she works herself back and forth over him, the sensations helping her to moan and feel pleasure herself along with the work her other hand is doing across both her wet snatch and her sensitive clit.

"MMMM!! Mmmph!! Mmmmphh!! MMMMPH!!" Left with little other choice, and gasping for breath as he is, one of the few men in TNA history to have been a tag team, X-Division, and World Heavyweight Champion shows how truly dominated he's been here as he flicks his tongue up and out at her ass crack, licking as much of her juicy backside and her cheeks as he can as she grinds herself all the way down onto him.

"MMMMPH!! Mmmm!! MMMMMM!!" His moans are muffled by her thick booty that's pressing down so much his head and shoulders are pushed into the bed itself, but even so the effect her wicked handjob is doing is clear as he's being made to frantically lap up at her booty as much as he can, able to brush against and over her asshole that's not even gaping at all, despite the repeated fucking she's taken.

"Mmmm! Ja! JA! Like that little man!!" The imposing and beautiful grapper from Germany moans, shifting herself back until she feels his tongue right onto her asshole again, causing her to groan loudly as she stays in that position, leaning forward so she can continue to rapidly pump his dick with her hand, feeling his inches throb within her powerful grasp and at the same time teasing her own pussy with the fingers of her other hand.

"Mmmm... Yes... A real woman's ass... That's how you treat a real woman, The Alpha Female's ass..." She groans again as she jerks off his thick and long American cock with a totally dominating pace, the gorgeous German making it look both all too easily and completely natural for her as she pumps away at his pulsating rod and keeps on grinding her juicy, stunning ass down into the face of the sweating stud underneath her as she makes him eat out her asshole.

"Mmmmm!! MMMMPH!! MMMMMMM!!" Almost whining underneath her as he grunts and taps his tongue against her asshole that his dick had been balls deep into minutes ago, the intensity of her hand stroking his dick along with the entire domination he's experienced all becomes too much for him to take. As Chris Sabin starts to cum hard, it makes The Alpha Female laugh and moan again as she grins, watching as his twitching cock starts to fire up thick streams of spunk that splash down onto her hand and fingers, as well as onto his own shaft, balls, and crotch, and even onto the sheets of the bed as well. The stroking doesn't stop as she moans, forcing his dick to shoot out every last drop of a sizable load until the final drops ooze out of the piss slit of his member while underneath her and between her powerful thighs, the sweating and spent hunk can only flick his tongue against the entrance to her back passage.

"Mmmm!! Ja... Little man... You amuse me..." The controlling, Amazon-like beauty smirks and moans as she grinds her juicy German ass back and down against the handsome facial features of the American under her, only now does The Alpha Female allow herself to cum as well after she's made it perfectly clear how dominating she is sexually as well as in the ring. Using her free hand to flick her clit and rub her snatch, she orgasms as she feels Chris Sabin's tongue weakly slapping against her asshole, her juices slightly trickling out and down onto his chin as she works herself back and forth onto him, still keeping him pinned with his forceful face sitting. "Mmmm... I may keep you around little man... Now that you know how to Be Alpha..." At the same time, she wipes his own jizz from off her fingers onto his own muscular, sweat soaked body as she stains his abs and chest with his cum, cleaning her digits off onto him like it's no big deal, especially as she makes herself finish off her orgasm with the other hand s she does so.

Finally, and mercifully, she lifts her ass up and off from him, leaving him to gasp for much needed air as he's been left a cum and sweat-stained mess, his body almost dug a couple of inches down into the hotel room bed he's laying on. In fact, he can only lay back and stare up at the ceiling while she easily stands up from the bed, already moving over to her clothing to get dressed. In fact, by the time a few minutes later that the German beauty, who isn't even sweating at all despite how intense she's made this sex session, has gotten completely dressed, he's still laid out and spent on the similarly ruined with bodily fluids sheets.

"Little man... You can get me a match against that bimbo tramp, ja? The former girlfriend of yours?" Alpha Female almost demands rather than asks as she leans over him, standing at the side of the bed.

"Ye... Yeah, I can..." Chris manages to gasp out with a nod of the head, even if he's just gazing ahead with glazed over eyes, still not completely with it.

"Good... Then I will see you at next TNA show... Little man..." She states with a smirk, and with that, simply turns and leaves without giving him even a second look as she exits the hotel room. Even after the door slams shut, Sabin is still unmoving as he glares up at the roof, his sweat and cum-covered chest heaving for much needed air with just a slight, little smile creeping across his face.

* * *

Just a short distance down the hall, The Alpha Female is waiting for the elevator of the hotel so she can go to her hotel room. She stands imposingly, arms folded across her large chest as she watches the numbers change to show which floor the lift is at before looking ahead as it arrives at the level she's on. The doors open, and her eyes lock with those of a just as menacing female who is currently on the TNA Knockouts roster - the intimidating beauty known as Lai'd Tapa clad in tight, leather like bodysuit attire with a long coat to match. Stepping out, the two women face off with a stare off, tenson in the air as they stand facing one another.

The first to make a move is the German who makes a motion down the hallway in the direction she came. "Room a couple doors down... A little man there who knows his place... Just make sure there's something left of him for the next time I destroy that tramp Velvet Sky..." Alpha Female states with a slight smirk, raising a hand to show off a keycard into Chris Sabin's room.

Eying her up, Tapa snatches the card from her hand, looking it over before returning the smirk, heading off down the hallway to leave Alpha Female to enter the lift, who turns to see Lai'd Tapa entering the hotel room.

Just as the lift doors close, The Alpha Female hears a loud, stunned male groan from Sabin's hotel room which leaves her smirking again, confirming what she knew already - she was going to have plenty of fun with the "little man" during the remainder of this TNA UK tour.

* * *

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