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Be Like You
by Punisher924

"I always wanted to be like you." Two sets of eyes met, and a tongue
slithered along a jaw line. "The famous Angelina Love. Talented, beautiful,
legendary." That same tongue trailed downwards, latching onto the neck, and
biting down firmly. "My hero."

Angelina remained silent, almost dumbfounded. She'd never had a girl come on
to her so strongly before. It was a total aphrodisiac - to have someone want
you so badly, they'll go to any lengths to get you. The snaking tongue of the
brunette reached her breasts, and feasted. Her mouth latched onto a nipple,
teasing the nub with her teeth roughly. The moans of the older woman pleased
her, and Winter felt Angelina shake beneath her.

The Gothic Goddess of TNA continued to feed on the other woman's full breasts
until she felt her head being urged lower, past her flat stomach and abdomen
until she reached her luscious pussy. Winter inhaled, and let out a low purr,
before running a manicured finger between the lips, revealing gorgeous coral
pink flesh. Winter gave Angelina a few long, lollipop strokes, from clit to
asshole. The taste was pure nectar to her.

She continued to sample the former knockouts champion, feeling her slick
juices coat her lips and chin. Winter drove her tongue into Angelina Love's
pussy, delighted at the sounds of ecstasy coming from her conquest. One hand
blindly found Angelina's clit, and rubbed it eagerly, continuing to
vigorously tongue-fuck the Canadian blonde.

Angelina gasped as her sensitive clit was manipulated beneath Winter's
fingers, feeling her orgasm build up inside her. She should tell Winter to
slow down, to allow her to reciprocate, but it felt so good that she didn't
care anymore. She wanted to get off, and she wanted to get off now. Winter
switched tactics, moving to tongue her clit while fingering her dripping

Her orgasm hit, and she buckled immediately. It tore through her in waves,
rocking her all over. Winter continued to lick and stroke, coaxing out a
second, smaller climax from the other woman. Finally, she withdrew her
fingers, tonguing them clean of juices. Angelina Love lay still, catching her
breath quickly.

"C'mere." Angelina murmured, sitting up, resting herself against the bed's
headboard. Winter slithered against the glistening body of the blonde, until
they were eye level. They kissed, forcefully and passionately, tongues
twirling, sharing the older woman's juices. Eventually they parted; Winter's
lips beestung and red. "Mmm." The beautiful person smiled, pleased. "Let me
fuck you."

Winter shook her head, sitting up. "Not yet." She smirked, driving a closed
fist into Angelina's temple. "I always wanted to be like you..." The brunette
purred, watching with satisfaction as the former knockouts champion slumped
against the backboard of the bed. "But I'm better than you'll ever be..."

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