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Beach Please
by Rolodex

"So being the star that I am, I'm bombarded with generous offers from the big wigs from all over Hollywood. All the executives call me with their personal numbers, wanting me to be the star of their big budget films. I know, not surprising for an A-Lister like myself, but for the most part I have to tell them no. I mean, a star like myself can't just take on any role. The big wigs at NBC were tenacious though, and like Corleone, made me an offer I couldn't refuse. They handed me a blank check and said to promote both the current season of 'Total Divas' and the upcoming revival of 'Baywatch'. So I grabbed my beautiful wife, and made a few phone calls, because I'm The Miz... and I'm AWESOME!"

"Oui! You are awesome, and oh so, sexy might I add!" states his beautiful wife Maryse as the shot zooms out to show the Intercontinental Champion's lovely wife. The former Chick Magnet shows that he can still attract the opposite sex, as he is wearing only a pair of red swim trunks, allowing his muscular upper body to go completely exposed. The Ohioan's choice in attire makes more sense as the shot pans up and down his beautiful wife's body. Maryse is decked out in a tight one-piece red swimsuit that contrasts well against her luscious, tan skin and platinum blonde locks. With her hard nipples pointing through, the radiant Canadian shows that she doesn't need a lifejacket with the pair of floaters she has attached to her chest. The duo face each other with a smile before initiating a kiss that reminds the Sexiest of the Sexy of her French background. The two turn up the heat with their tongue-beating endeavor as another party is heard.

"Miz, you certainly know how to pick them. Your wife is sexy as fuck, and well, I'm All Red Everything, motherfuckers!" exclaims a lively female, which is soon revealed as the scene zooms out more. The busty redhead known as Eva Marie lowers her aviator glasses a bit, glancing down at her amazing body that is stuffed into a matching Baywatch-like one-piece swimsuit. Maryse and Eva Marie greet each other with a nice, tight hug, as another voice is heard.

"See Alex, I told you other than that asshole Miz, that they'd be a fun bunch. Now the millions... and millions of The Rock's fans are going to see what you and I do best, and that's lay the horizontal smackdown on some candy asses!" The Rock raises the 'people's eyebrow' as the camera pans to show him and his magnificent partner, actress Alexandra Daddario. Matching the rest of the party, the two hundred and sixty-pound Rock's monstrous physique of muscle in clad in a pair of red swim trunks based off the popular nineties show.

His partner, like the two Total Divas involved, fills out her swimsuit quite well as her perfectly round breasts test the fibers of the sleek, red outfit. Unlike the femme fatales of the ring, the actress' swimsuit has the modernized addition of a zipper, allowing for easier arithmetic when it comes time to subtract her clothes. Daddario, as she does with any role, quickly makes her presence known as she glares at the four other individuals, all who come from society's modern hybrid of gladiators and traveling circus. The New Yorker lets out a smirk as she comments, "Are you wrestlers all talk? Because I came to play..." The Miz sends a cold glare Alex's way in response.

With the waves washing onto the private beach in the background, the starlet of the Percy Jackson series soon realizes that her peers are more than gab as The Rock grabs hold of her and reels the young lady in toward him. The two draw their faces together and lock lips before they begin to intensely wrestle each other's tongue. Slobber oozes from the American Horror Story actress as the Baywatch duo continue their passionate make-out session. Alexandra breaks away from the kiss and intensely stares at her partner as she nibbles on her bottom lip. The lead of Texas Chainsaw 3D certainly wouldn't mind getting split in half by her Samoan co-star as she runs her hands along his massive upper body. The Ballers actor reciprocates his affection by grabbing hold of the starlet's shoulder straps and using his unworldly strength to shred the zipper past its seam and send it flying! Though she is playing Summer Quinn in Baywatch, the immediate liberation of Alexandra's massive breasts show she has a body to compete with Lani or CJ. Unfortunately for Percy Jackson, the former Annabeth has another man on her mind as she giggles at her co-star's otherworldly power, finishing the job of removing her attire while doing so.

The former Royal Rumble winner clutches the magnificent melons with his large palms, shocked that he is unable to completely grasp the large globes, which is a testament to Alex's chest. The People's Champion lowers his face into Daddario's quality assets, licking up as much of the round real estate as he can. With the popular swimwear now resting against her ankles, the New Yorker steps back to give Dwayne a full rundown of what he's working with. Wanting to have the same sort of insight, Alexandra shows her excitement before dropping her knees upon the picture-perfect setting.

Kneeling against the soft, white sand, Allie impatiently bites on her bottom lip as she undoes the strings tying together Rocky's red trunks. With the knot undone, a simple tug at the former Scorpion King's waistline causes the former wrestler's shorts to descend to the hot sand. Alexandria lets out a noticeable gasp as she pulls her head back to make way for what The Rock is cooking between his legs. Daddario can't help but grin as she wraps her hand around the twelve-inch behemoth of the Mr. Olympia ICON award winner. Alex slaps the rock-hard, no pun intended, cock against her face, in complete bewilderment of the rod's size. "Mmmm! I just want to smack it all over my fucking face!" exclaims the enthusiastic actress. The Baywatch starlet realizes she has a heavy floatation device in the palm of her hands as she vigorously tugs on manhood before seductively licking the complete length from base to tip. The Percy Jackson actress fends the monster by drowning it in a sea of her saliva, as she wraps her luscious lips around the cock's head. Daddario bobs her head forward, trying her best to swallow the cock whole. The True Detective starlet barely makes past the head of the private dick before she begins to gag, releasing a heavy pool of saliva along the massive member. The big-breasted New Yorker yanks on spit soaked schlong of the former Scorpion King, working in her natural lubricant along the length, all the while admiring it. "Uhhhhh! Oh my god it's so FUCKING big! Mmmmm, you know how I love big cocks, Rock!" The former WWE champion can only grin as Alexandria greedily shoves the head of the ten-time world champion's large tool in her mouth. The voice of The Wasp enjoys slurping on the giant pole, as her tongue rides back and forth along the bell-end of the Brahma Bull. "Mmmmph! Mmmmm! I just want to suck on this fucking thing forever! Mmmmm! Ahhhh! GLACKKKK! GLAAACK! GLLLACK! MMMPH!"

Not one to be outdone, especially by The Rock, the star of the latest installment of The Marine, has his busty troops ready for combat as they collectively drop down to the hot sand, the shoulder straps to their swimsuits already at peeled off and hanging by their thighs. With their enormous breasts now taking in the ultraviolet rays of the sun, the starlets of Total Divas lean into each other and get fanciful with their tongues as they appreciate the other's curves with their soft palms. Saliva drips down the face of each model as their kissing becomes more passionate. Becoming a bit too concerned that he is no longer the focal point, the Most Must-See WWE Superstar of All Time not so subtlety steps toward the busty couple before adjusting himself to garner their attention. The international models break off their kissing and tilt their focus to the lead actor of the party. The ladies are all sultry smiles as Maryse watches her husband being groped by one of her best friends.

"Fuck! This feels heavy as shit!" exclaims the sinful redhead as she lowers her aviators and attempts to capture the Ohioan's colossal cock in her clutches. "Bien sur" replies Maryse with a wink and without further hesitation, fully aware of the struggle since it is one she faces every single day. Impatient with simply scaling the sheerness with her hands, Eva Marie hungrily rips at the cords holding Mike's trunks up, frantically shedding them off his waist. The massive cock of Miz springs forward with velocity as it points straight at the red-haired bombshell's heavy chest. All Red Everything's jaw drops in astonishment of the behemoth before her. Maryse quickly interjects before the San Francisco Giants fan can work the giant before her.

"Wait, are you sure your husband is okay with this?" asks the sultry French-Canadian. The husband of the beautiful blonde cringes his head back in shock that Maryse would ask such a question. Eva Marie passes forth an evil glare at her beau before breaking the tension with a smile. The two giggle cheerfully as Miz gets in on what seemed to be a joke. "Jonathan definitely ain't got shit on this right here, so he can go fuck himself!" exclaims a joyous Eva as she vigorously tugs on The Miz's monstrosity. Frantically tugging at thick cock before her, the Red Queen taps the mighty scepter against her bountiful chest and creating a loud slapping sound. Passing whatever quality control examination, the Californian had in mind, Eva guides the head of the fat mastodon into her warm mouth. The Total Divas starlet struggles to slide the wide serpent past her lips, as she settles on slurping on the head while stroking away at the vast remainder.

"MMMMPH! MMMMM! GGGLLLACK! GLACCCKKK! This tastes so fuckin' good, Ryse!" blurts out the busty redhead as slobber runs past her chin, dropping onto her enormous breasts. The City of Angels resident looks heavenly as she continues to noisily run her mouth up and down the stiff rod, pausing briefly only to allow her excess saliva to drip past her lips and to catch her breath.

The momentary pause is all the dazzling French Canadian needs to intervene on the action. Though Eva is her friend, the multiple-time Divas Champion feels the need to prove her dominance, especially when it comes to sucking off her husband. The Sultry Diva rubs her cast mate's slobber along the schlong before giving the bell-end of the beast, a sexy French kiss. The Sexiest of the Sexy quickly transitions from the kiss as she wraps her lips around the head of the cock and makes way for a loud slurp. The manager and wife pumps her head along the cock, taking more and more of the thick goliath with every tilt. The sounds of the waves crashing behind the party have nothing on the French-Canadian Phenom whose cocksucking talent needs no speakers, translations, or even closed captions, "SHHHLLOP! SHHHHEEELOPPP! SHHHHLLLOP! MMMMM!" Showing off her extraordinary talent for mounting dick with her mouth, Maryse showcases a radiant smile as she takes a breather from the rod that has a greater girth than the average man's length.

Maryse holds in place the rock-hard monster that extends to almost eleven inches as Eva Marie takes her turn at churning her tongue against the beast. The chemistry that the duo has built on the show and on the road, seems to have translated to the work on their knees, as the pair flawlessly tag in and out of their blowjob, much to the enjoyment of The Miz, who takes in the view from above. "Mmmm, fuck! You're the fucking best, Mike!" shouts Eva Marie, as she spits and strokes before passing the cock to her tag partner. A bridge of saliva connects All Red Everything's lips to Miz's cock, but the French beauty doesn't seem to mind, focused instead on Eva's comments. "Oui!" states Maryse, as she releases a deviant grin before going back to work on her husband.

Speaking of going to work, one of the busiest men in Hollywood, is right back into doing what he does best. No, not acting... Fucking. The stunning Alexandra is spread out against the warm sand as she slightly inclines herself to give the perfect view of her fantastic breasts to her co-star. The Rock slaps his Johnson against the clean-shaven clit of his San Andreas colleague before pressing it against the slippery lips of Alex's tight slit. The actress grabs hold of her majestic mounds, before seductively staring at her fellow silver screen sensation. Despite the overabundance of wet fluids distributed along the starlet's opening, The Great One has a difficult time squeezing much of the People's strudel inside of the Baywatch babe. The charismatic former world champion does not give in easily though. Instead, he continues to work within the marginal amount of space offered to him by Alex. Working in and out of Daddario's tight pussy, Rock begins to feel a shift in the momentum. Allie spreads her legs further as Rock clasps onto his partner's waist, seeking greater leverage. The ten-time world champion begins to thrust more of his foot-long cock inside of the Always Sunny guest. Scooping deeper and deeper into Daddario's pink flesh, Rocky finds himself pummeling the walls of Alex's slick shack. With every thrust digging closer toward her ribs, the thirty-one-year-old can't help but verbally release her abundance of pleasure, "Uuuuh! Mmmmm! Oh, my God! OOOHHH FUCK! UUUUHHMMMM!"

The former WWE superstar is only further motivated by the strident, sinful sounds of his partner. Dwayne focuses on the magnanimous chest of Alex and the hypnotizing jiggle it wavers with every pump of her pussy. With the sounds and fuck fluids abound, the future WWE Hall of Famer begins to fuck as if it were an ultra-competitive race, as he pummels Alexandra's cunt in only one fashion, fast and furious. Alex wraps her legs around The Rock's lower back, hoping to offer more real estate for Agent Luke Hobbs' long arm of the law. With his cock now layered in Allie's arousal fluid, the muscular actor has an easier time gliding in and out of the soaking slit. Pumping away as if he were a machine, Alex has no choice but to verbally and physically surrender her fuck juices to the Brahma Bull. The stunning body of Daddario begins to quake uncontrollably. Her thighs quiver intensely as she thrusts out her orgasm's fluids, ejecting them towards the Baywatch stud. "UHHHH! SHIT! UUHHH FUCK! OH, MY GOD! OOOHHHHH! MMMM FAAAUUUCK!" yells the famous actress with great veracity. Alex giggles to signify the conclusion of her orgasm. The first she hopes of many this afternoon. The movie co-stars make out once again.

Staying on topic, the femme fatales of the setting are also seeking orgasms. It isn't difficult to make out how they are attempting to do so, as the pair find themselves on both ends of the A-Lister. The buxom blonde straddles her Canadian clit against her man's mouth, as her thick thighs work as ear muffs for the former Intercontinental Champion. As Mike's head rests against the soft sand, the movie star wraps his hands around the perfect legs of his partner. With a stable base against the beautiful beach background, Miz puts his tongue to the test as lashes against the impeccably bald opening of the former Divas Champion. "Oui! Ahhhh! Oh, mon Dieu! Ahhhhhhh!" moans Maryse as she begins to breathe heavily in between her verbosity. The Sultry Diva leans forward, pressing her soft hands against the muscular chest of her man, giving a nice view of her spectacular chest to her Total Divas co-star. Eva Marie salaciously watches as the carnal Canadian jolts her wet slit against the thunderous mouth of The Miz. While the Hollywood star is usually utilizing his tongue to lay the verbal smackdown on foes such as Daniel Bryan, today it is putting in work against Maryse's soaked pussy. The tongue lashing causes great response from the Sexiest of the Sexy, who can't help but loudly quiver, "Oooooh! Mmmmmm! Yessssss! YEEEESSSSSS! OOOOUUUUIIII! FUCK!"

The sexual enthusiasm that Maryse is displaying as she rides her husband's tongue, inspires Eva Marie to turn her attention to the A-list cock of The Miz, which is rock hard while it is upright. The redhead stunner can't help but be impressed as she strokes away at it, leaning in to tap it against her voluptuous breasts. "Damn Mike, you have a fucking massive cock! I can't even wrap my hand around it!" cries All Red Everything in awe. If the superstar weren't so busy eating away his wife's cunt, he'd probably take advantage of the opportunity to vaunt. Instead, the extravagant diva boasts herself onto the dick with a destructive diameter. Grabbing the rod by its base, Ms. Marie hovers over the behemoth before gradually pressing the cock against the tight lips of her clean-shaven slit. "Uuuhhhh! Mmmmm!" purrs the former model as she feels The Miz's member smother the walls of her opening pushing them past their brink. While her wet slit doesn't accommodate the entirety of Mizanin's monster, it does get past the head, allowing Eva some room to rock up and down the meaty kickstand. Some of the Los Angeles native's Mexican roots come out as she begins to form a rhythm along the schlong, "Aye! Fffuccckkkk! Mmmm! God damn Maryse! You found yourself a keeper!"

The dynamic diva duo both lean forward, as they continue to enjoy their respective regions of The Miz. As they overlap the Ohioan's riches, the representatives of the other portions of North America, meet halfway, as they lean in for a smooch. The enormous sets of breasts smush against each other as the pair click their teeth and invade the other's mouth with each of their respective tongues. The swirl of blonde and red hair make a great visual as they also twirl their tongues and slurp up saliva. The loud kissing grows more intimate as each Total Diva star cups and massages the wonderful set of sits before them. While a sexy triangle has been formed. There isn't a single soul that would ruin the moment by calling out for recognition of the Illuminati. Instead, they'd enjoy seeing the foreheads of All Red Everything and the Sexiest of the Sexy push against each other as they continue their makeout session. The twosome caress body parts and continue their liplock, until the work of the Miz takes center stage. Pistoning against The Miz's shaft has begun to send jolts throughout the body of the Red Queen, as she is forced to break away from the kissing session to plead out her body's sensations, "Awwww! Ohhhh! Oh, fuck yes! OH, FUCK YES! OH, MY GODDDDDD! FUCK! THAT'S IT! FUCKING PERFECT! MHHHHMMMM!"

Having a front row seat to her buddy fucking her husband, the Sultry Diva grabs hold of her friend by her tight waist before helping her pull off the pole before pressing her right back against the shaft. Seeing her friend getting overwhelmed with sausage only further turns on the French-Canadian Beauty. The visual is not her only device though, as she is still riding her husband's tongue. The Chick Magnet's taste buds are getting stroke after stroke of his wife's savory flavors, causing the extraordinary model's inner thighs to palpitate. Maryse releases her grip on her best friend, choosing to be selfish and focus on her own body's desires as struggles to catch her breath while moaning, "Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! Mmmmm! Oui! Uhhhh! MMMMM!"

Simultaneously, the duo begins to find the peak of their body's responses. The twosome lean in toward the other once more, staring into the other's eyes while squeezing their heavy chests. The deep glares produce a 'Mexican Standoff' like situation, where the pair of gunslingers are waiting for the first to give in. Neither chest of the west has a gun against their waist, but both are extremely trigger-happy. They are not firing off bullets, but rather, shooting off the product of their orgasms. Unfortunately for the California native, the cock she has been riding has finally done its damage as Ms. Marie's lower body begins twitch. Eva bites her lips to maintain her poise, but as her clit ejects her cum onto the cock, she can hold in her moans no longer. "Yes! YES! YES! OH MY GOD! FUCK! OOOOH FUCK! AH-UH! AH-UH! SHIIIT! OHHHHH!" hollers the red-haired hottie as she reaches in for a hug from Maryse to maintain her upright posture.

"AW FUCK! OH, MON DIEU! CETTE LANGUE! FUUUCK! MMMMMM!" Maryse yells as she was not far behind Eva in the race to orgasm. The buxom blonde's body bucks against the tongue as if she were riding a bronco. The Canadian gyrates her lower body to make certain that every drop of her juices has squirted into her husband's mouth. The ladies enjoy clutching each other's bodies as they continue their make-out session once more.

The kissing conference isn't lengthy as the party soon sees new relationships build. After seeing her best friend get smashed by her husband, Maryse now finds himself in the large arms of another man. Not just any man either, a former rival of her husband. While The Miz sees himself as a box office draw in the squared circle and on the silver screen, the gorgeous Canadian finds herself with a man that has proven to be both. The couple are laying on their sides, with the French-Canadian star's back to The Great One and her outer leg lifted into the air but bent at the knee. The former Miami Hurricane grabs hold of the people's pole before tapping against the soaked slit of the sinful seductress. Coating his cock in her pussy's cream, the former leader of The Nation has no trouble sliding his shaft into the tender opening of the blonde. As he slowly begins to pump toward Maryse's g-spot, The Rock hooks his outer arm around the sultry sensation's thigh before using the hand attached to that arm to play with the Canadian's big tits. Mrs. Mizanin gives a deep glare to Rocky as she spreads her legs further apart in order accommodate the actor's great length as best she can. As great ones typically do, Rock takes advantage of the opportunity as he thrusts past the Playboy Playmate's pink lips and electrifies her lower region with pump after pump. The sound of the Rock's ballsack slapping Maryse's slit forms a beat, but that soundtrack is outdone by the moans of the Miztress that soon follow, "Mmmhmmmm! Plus fort! Uhhhhh! Oui! Oui! Uuuuuuhhhh!"

As the Sexiest of the Sexy and the Sexiest Man Alive continue their lovemaking, Miz finds himself occupied with a Hollywood cohort. The host of Miz TV has the Baywatch starlet laid out on top of a white and red life buoy, with Alex having a bit more red right on top of her. Seeing how well it worked for Maryse, Eva Marie has planted her pussy onto the lips of the attractive actress. Alex embraces the opportunity to eat away at Eva as she wraps her hands around the outer thighs of the fitness model. As she strokes her tongue at All Red Everything's clit, Daddario has The Miz stroking his swollen shaft against her slit before digging into Allie's wet cunt. The Percy Jackson starlet is shocked upon feeling Miz wreck her walls, the surprise pushing her tongue that much deeper into Eva. Seeing Daddario's physical response to his schlong, Miz ups the intensity by grabbing hold of both of Alexandra's legs and using them as leverage to scoop even deeper into the busty broad from Broadway's pink opening. Lunging in and out at a rapid pace, Miz smirks as he feels Alex's tight pussy wrap around his cock, clenching onto it as if it didn't want to let it go. Daddario focuses her efforts onto painting her tongue against Eva's shaven slit. Brushing the clit and opening with her saliva, Alex munches away at All Red Everything with excellent effort. Eva Marie exhales sharply before lurching forward to connect her plump lips with those that belong to her buddy's husband. The A-Lister sucks up the bottom lip of the redhead before the two swirl their tongues together. Ever the method actor, the man who plays Jake Carter maintains his Marine like focus as he continues to pound at Alexandra's pussy. The fiery thrusts from the heavy cock of The Miz, cause the enormous breasts of the New Yorker to bounce rapidly against her chest. While she has made a valiant effort in emphasizing Eva Marie's slit, Alex can contain her moans no longer. Alex pushes her new female friend slightly forward before announcing her carnal pleasure to the world, "Oooohhhh! Mmmmppph! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Oh fuck!"

"Oh yeah! Take that dick, Alex! Mmmmm, uh! Ohhh fuck yeah!" cheers on Eva Marie, as she muffs Alex's moans with her own muff. Miz wraps Daddario's legs around his waist, so that he can use his hands to grab hold of Eva Marie's luscious set of tits. Squeezing on All Red Everything's chest, Miz has a new set of anchors to push off as he pistons his prick in and out of the Baywatch lifeguard. The Total Divas starlet uses a hand of hers to rub Alex's clit, taking a moment to lick her fingers to garner a taste of the New Yorker while doing so. The WWE employees continue to tag team on the Texas Chainsaw actress's slit, causing Daddario's body to tingle and eyes to rattle. The actress is anything but acting as she lets out more sinful sounds, "Hmmmm! OH, FUCK! OH, YEAH! OHHHHHHH! UHHHHMMM! MMMMMM! UHHH!" Alex's toes can be seen curling as she releases wave after wave of her cum. The busty New Yorker needs a few moments to mentally gather herself after such a hard orgasm, allowing All Red Everything to take over briefly. Eva Marie pulls out the awesomely fat cock of The Miz and cleans off all of the tasty cream that Alex produced. She then gives the thick head of Miz's dick extra attention before glancing over to the party right next to them. Making eye contact with The Rock, she delivers a not-so-subtle wink before giggling.

The glance was foreshadowing to the next arrangement for the beach party. For the first time probably ever, Rock and Miz are on the same side, just a few feet away from each other as they face off with the trio of cum hungry ladies. The odds and asses are stacked against them as Eva Marie is bent over in front of The Great One, while the Sexiest of the Sexy is on all fours in front of her husband. Near the faces of the Total Divas co-stars is the busty Daddario, who is rubbing her clit which is bordering on being numbed out at this point. The divas reconvene their makeout session as they are hovering over Alexandra's clit. The star of Ballers is impressed at the action, as is The Miz who mouths 'AWE-SOME!' to himself. Seeing his rival slack off at the sight, Miz takes the early lead by sliding in his rotund rod into his wife's juicy cunt before clutching her by her thick ass cheeks. Although she experiences the unrealistically thick cock of The Miz daily, the experience still flabbergasts her. Mike peels his cock in and out of his wife's pussy, causing her to stir up some sexy sounds, "Oui! Fuck me, my love! Fuck me harder! HARDER! MMMMM! OUI! LIKE THAT!"

The star of the Fast and the Furious series realizes the head start he has given up and follows suit by pressing his ruler-sized cock into the stunning redhead's slit. Rock's large hands are no match for Eva's delicious bottom that is shaped like a crisp, red apple. He clutches the booty anyway, a precursor to his pumps, which are well-received by the Flame-Haired Femme Fatale, as she digs her claws into the sand to brace for each impact. As Maryse dedicates her tongue to swirling around Alex's slit, a teeming Eva focuses on her deep exhales and animalistic vernacular, "Uhhhh! AAAAAAH! OHHHH! AWWEEEE FUCKKKK! UH! UHHHH! OH, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK YEAH! FUCK! MMMMM!"

The explicit sounds of her best bud getting pounded, cause Maryse to turn and glance over at her husband, nonverbally communicating to him to take it to the next gear. He nods to notify that received the message before clutching harder onto his wife's perfect backside. The Miz thrusts the full length of his almost eleven-inch cock into his wife, who feels the jolt behind every inch of force. The big breasts of Maryse jiggle with every prod into the French-Canadian's tight cunt. Although she is far from the waves as she pushes off against the white sand, she is still drowning in pleasure with her unadulterated howls, "MMMMMM! AAAHHHHHH! OUI! FUCK! FUCK ME MIKE! MMMMMHHHMMMM! OUI! OH MON DIEU! FUCK!"

The stereo sets of doggystyle arrangements match the pair of tongue scrimmaging across Alexandra's slit. The New Yorker grabs her wonderful breasts as the Total Divas slobber all over her already soaked cunt with their wet mouth utensils. As the intensity coming from behind the divas picks up, so does the rhythm of their licks, causing Daddario to rumble as she her pussy tingles in pleasure. The pressure within all three ladies continues to build. With every lick from a salacious tongue. With every thrust from a rock hard cock. The pace continues to hasten, as the breathes become heavier. The tits jiggle at a greater radius. The sacks of nuts slap against thighs with greater force. It is all building up to an insurmountable burden. Tongues keep going up and down. Big dicks keep going in and out. Something has to give.

"FUUUUUCK! OH, MY GOD!" yells Daddario as her toes curls and her heels dig into the sand. Her entire body shakes endlessly as her bottom lip quivers. "MMMMMM! FUCK YEAH!" she adds on as her cum leaks out of her cunt and is quickly licked up by both Eva and Maryse. The divas were hungry for cum, and are soon in luck as they begin to produce some of their own. "OOOH FUCK! OH MY GOD IT'S SO DEEP! SHIT! AWWWWEEEE! OHH FUCCCCKK! MOTHER FUCKERRRR!" moans Eva Marie as she reaches her climax and succumbs to the grains of sand. "MMMMMM! OUI! OUI! AAHHHHH FUCK! HHHMMMM! GOD! I FUCKING LOVE IT, MIKE! AHHHHHHH!" Maryse pleads as her pussy rids of all its creamy creations. The trio of babes are on the verge of passing out from such a sensational fuck. They stir across the beautiful sand, soaking in sun beams as they attempt to recollect themselves.

After a few deep inhales and exhales, the ladies gather themselves to a kneeling arrangement and they've found the energy to put on their matching aviator shades as well. The gentlemen stand between the three, allowing the buxom bitches to stroke and suck on their cocks. Maryse is working over her husband, while The Rock is getting sucked on by his San Andreas cast-mate. All Red Everything is helping both ladies with their efforts, motivating the party with her inspirational words, "MMMMM! GIVE US THAT FUCKING CUM! THOSE BALLS LOOK LIKE THEY'RE FUCKING OVERLOADED WITH CUM! GIVE US EVERY FUCKING DROP, MOTHER FUCKERS!"

Alexandra strokes out the first rope of cum, as The Rock's knees buckle. The thick wad streaks down from her eyebrow to her lips, with one of the lenses of her shades being covered as collateral damage. A second large rope of seed slaps her between the eyes stretching down to her lips. A third covers the opposite side of her face, leaving her with three large puddles of cum plastered to her face thus far. The Great One continues to deliver a great sized load as more blasts contact Daddario's face, some of the contents even dripping down to her tits. She looks on at the seemingly endless geyser of cum making a mess of her beautiful face. She is in a euphoric state as she watches Rocky turn his aim towards Eva Marie, who soon after becomes overwhelmed with The Rock's fluids. The fitness model's eyes widen as the trajectory and radius of Rock's ammo is superhero like. The mess continues to be made.

Maryse is anything but left out as The Miz pumps out the contents of his awesomely fat cock. The Sultry Diva has her mouth wide open as the A-Lister blasts her with substantial spray after spray of thick, pearly white cum. Like her peers, her glasses become covered in cum, as does the rest of her face. Not to be outdone by The Rock, Miz sends some cum toward Eva Marie, making her regret her request for every drop. As the load dropping reach its conclusion, the three ladies turn toward one another and begin to lick the cum off each other's faces before making out amongst themselves. There's only one word left to describe the visual left for the males before them, but I won't spell it out for you...

"Awe... some!" says an exhausted Miz.

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