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Bean Me Up
by kkatlionn

Paige was enjoying her day off spending it in her couch, watching random movies and eating junk food. Of course she loved wrestling, but she trained almost every single day so, sometimes, she really needed her break from it. She was almost giving up TV for videogames, when her phone started buzzing, only one name showing on the caller ID: Nikki.

"Sup' Nikks?" She said, blowing her bubblegum.

"Oh, thank god you picked up!" Nikki sounded worried and, automatically, Paige felt it too.

"What's wrong?" Nikki started talking fast, words tripping over words, leaving Paige confused. "Hey, slow down! I can't understand a single word you've said."

"Brie, damn it! Daniel and her had a huge fight, I don't know where she went, and she won't pick up my calls." Paige stood up, already looking for her keys. "She was completely out of herself, P. I'm actually worried."

"Alright, I'm leaving right now." She held her phone between her shoulder and head, while dressing her jacket. "I'll look for her, okay? Don't worry."

"Please, tell me something as soon as you find her."

"I will."

Nikki was really worried about her sister. She witnessed the fight between Brie and Daniel, and it was totally different from any fight they've ever had. It was definitely the breaking point of their relationship. Or what was left of it.

Paige kept looking for her keys that, stupidly, were nowhere to be found. Great, just fucking great! She thought to herself, but then gave up looking for the keys and decided to leave. She wouldn't find them soon, the doorman had a replacing one, and right now, Brie was way more important. She opened her front door and rushed to stairs. Her mind was racing thinking about a million of places that Brie could've gone. She dialed her number, but she didn't pick up. Awesome, rain. What more? Paige took a deep breath and rush into the streets, ignoring the rain. She got into her car, without getting too wet and tried to call Brie's number again. Waste of time. She punched the steering wheel, frustrated with the fact that Brie could possibly be anywhere. She looked around her street and puckered her eyes as she saw a well-known silhouette.

"Damn it!" She got off the car, locking it and rushing her way to the side walk. "Brie." The brunette stopped at the sight of Paige in front of her. Paige's heart broke into millions of pieces when she saw the visible pain on the brunette's eyes.

She opened her arms and Brie eliminated the space between them, colliding her body with Paige's, immediately, feeling the warm embrace of the younger girl.

"Oh, Brie." She stroked her back, feeling her sniffing on her neck. "You're completely soaked. Let's get inside, you're freezing."

Paige held her hand, pulling her inside the building. She asked for the extra key and in a minute they were inside the elevator. None of them said a word, still their hands were intertwined, and Paige's thumb was softly caressing her hand. The lift finally arrived to the 6th floor. Paige let go of Brie's hand to open the door, and, instantly, Brie wanted to reach for it again, lacking the warm feeling that it gave her.

"You need to change those clothes and take a hot shower." Paige was in a rush, picking clothes and towels so she could change.

Brie was static, she hadn't moved a single muscle since she stepped into the apartment, even though the tears were still rolling down her eyes. Paige stopped picking up the things and walked towards the beautiful woman that looked so broken and devastated. It was messing with Paige seeing her like this. She got closer to her and gently took her hand in hers. Brie lift her gaze and their eyes finally locked for the first time that day and Paige swore she never felt a bigger urge to punch something as much as she felt at that moment. Brie was so full of light, she had such a positive aura around her, seeing her like this was killing her. She wanted to held her in her arms and take all of her pain away. But she knew, the moment she'd do that, Brie would break, and first she needed to take a hot bath to calm down.

"Come." Paige tenderly pulled her hand, guiding her to the bathroom. She left the clothes and towels she had separated and left, taking the time Brie was taking a shower, so she could change her clothes too.

Brie removed her wet clothes and left them in the sink. She took a long shower, the hot water falling on her skin and taking what it felt like a weight of a thousand bricks. She cried and cried, till she felt like here was no more tears left to shed. She got out of the box and picked up the clothes Paige had left for her. She smiled a little seeing the gothic illustrations on the white hoodie. She put it on, alongside with the gray sweatpants. Really Paige-ish.

In the kitchen, a Paige covered in a blanket, was preparing hot cocoa. Though she wasn't a big of a cooker, she had learnt how to make some things with the girls on Total Divas. She poured the drink in two mugs and headed back to the living room, sitting on the couch. The bathroom door opened and she watched as Brie walked towards her, she tapped the free place next to her by the couch and the brunette sat there.

"Hey, I made you some hot cocoa. To heat you up a little." Brie smiled thankful and accepted the mug, holding it between both of her hands, warming them up.

"Thank you." Paige shook her shoulders, like it wasn't a big deal. And actually it wasn't. She'd do anything to cheer her up.

"Your sister was almost having a seizure, I had to promise her that I was going to look for you. Why would you wander around the town in the middle of this storm?"

"I had to think." Paige held her gaze on the older girl face, who was focused on her mug. "I was just walking around and I thought about the last place I felt good and ... safe." She lifted her eyes to Paige. "You were the first thing that popped up in my mind."

Paige stared at her just admiring the true beauty that was Brianna, without any kinds of makeup covering her face. So real. So pure. So perfect. Paige had to let out a small sigh, trying to compose herself after Brie's revelations. So, she was Brie's safe harbor? She felt safe with her? Those words were bouncing against the walls of her brain. She offered her a sweet smile. One that she'd only give to a few people, but one she could not contain when Brie was around.

"I could've picked you up." Paige said sincerely. "I was dammed worried, Brianna." Her tone now was serious, but still tender." Brie smiled with the use of her first name. She was really worried, and she felt bad for concerning both her sister and Paige.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." She was being as honest as she could possibly be. It wasn't like it could be other way when it came to Paige.

"I'm glad you're here." They both turn their attentions to their mugs. Paige wasn't going to pressure Brie to talk. She would if she felt like it. And Brie actually was planning on doing it, she just didn't know how to start. "I just want you to know, I'm all ears for you if you do want to talk. I'll understand if you don't."

That was a side of Paige that little people knew. She was selfless and conscious. She really cared about the people around her, even though people would automatically think that she's a party and pranker girl from UK, Brie knew how kind and caring the younger girl was. And she loved that about Paige. The fact that she had this badass, careless and ruthless side that most people knew her and loved her for, but still she was the realest human being on the inside. She really loved that.

"Things weren't going well, not just now. It's actually been a few months." She started, letting a heavy sight escape from her lips. "It was great in the beginning, you know? But that was like what? Two months? It sucks. It really does. Holding onto something that wasn't meant to be hold." Paige kept her eyes locked on Brie's face.

"Yeah, I know what that feels like. We're just scared of being alone that we settled for so little." Brie lifted her gaze to find Paige's eyes stuck on the mug on her hands. She knew how much Paige suffered in past relationships. She knew she was fragile to that topic. "But that's what makes us grow, right?" She lifted her head, offering the brunette a warm smile.

"What if it's like that?" Paige stared at her. "What if that's the only type of love that I'll ever receive? Incomplete? What if, by don't accepting it, I'll end up on my own?"

"No, Brie. Don't." Paige put down their mugs on the table and pushed her body so she could sit closer to her. "That's not an option, okay?" She said, grabbing her hands between hers. "You don't deserve half hearts, half souls, half whatever. You deserve a full person, that gives you a completely fully heart full of all kinds of love." Brie's eyes filled with water, having a hard time holding back the tears. Paige wiped away all the tears that insisted rolling down her cheeks.

How could someone like Brie think that she deserves less than the whole world? Doesn't she sees how beautiful she is in every way? How many breaths she takes and heads she turns when she steps in a room? Doesn't she sees how fantastic of a human being she is and how lucky the people around her are for being able to just see one of her smiles?

That's what Paige hated about relationships. Not all relationships, the wrong relationships. Not like she had one right to be able to compare, but the point is that wrong relationships with wrong people leave a bad taste on your mouth, it makes you think that you won't be able to love again, makes you think you don't WANT to love again because you're afraid of being, once again, hurt.
I felt that, and I swear to my life I wouldn't let it happen again. But then she came. From the very beginning I just felt this huge connection with her, but I always ignored. Ignored the fact that she could be the right one.

"It's not the breaking up with him that bugs me. It's the fact that it didn't. I'm like this because I'm frustrated, I could care less about him. But I can't take the thought that things won't turn right for me out of my mind." Her lips started trembling and low sobs left her mouth.

"Please, don't cry." Paige begged, her heart clenching by the sight of Brie falling apart in front of her. It was breaking her heart like nothing has ever done before.

"It's not fair. It's not fair." The younger, firmly grabbed Brie's face and pulled her the closest to her that she could possibly do. Their foreheads rested on each other's, and their noses softly touched.

"You're killing me right now, love." Brie shivered as the tender nickname left Paige's lips and her breath touched Brie's due to their proximity. "Things we'll get better, I promise you." They both opened their eyes, looking them on each other's. "I promise you." Those words sounded so certain that even Brie herself believed it.

Brie placed her hands on top of Paige's, that were still on her face, and slid them down to her wrists, rubbing them gently as a silent thank you. She was calmer. The younger had that effect on her, fortunately. It was a real fortune.

"Hey, why don't you sleep bit? It'll make you feel better." Brie nodded, Paige planted a soft kiss on her nose that, instantly, made her lips open in a smile. "There you go, my beautiful smile." Brie held her gaze while Paige was finishing wiping her cheeks. "Want to sleep here or my bedroom?" She felt something inside of her turn around and all that she wanted was to be next to Paige.

"It doesn't matter, just don't leave me alone. Please." Brie's cheeks gained a red tone and Paige smiled, holding her hand and helping her up.

"Didn't intended to." Paige smiled, both making their away to her bedroom.

Brie had already been at Paige's house, since they used to have parties between their Total Divas group. But right now, her bed seem way more comfy than the other times Paige used to let her crash there after too much alcohol, or also known as Brie Mode. The brunette threw herself on the bed, laying on her stomach. Paige crashed next to her, also laid on her stomach, and they both stared at each other for a while until Brie broke the silence.

"Thank you." She whispered. Paige smiled, getting closer to the older woman, her noses almost touching again, sending shivers down Brie's spine.

"There's nothing to thank me for. Just to see you smile, even if it's just a bit, it's already the best rewarding I could get." Brie sighed. She was having crazy thoughts thanks to Paige's words and how close her breath was to her. Like that wasn't enough, Paige raised her head just enough to plant a long and delicate kiss on her cheek and then one on her temple. "Now, rest, pumpkin." Brie turned her back to Paige and took advantage of the fact that the girl couldn't see her face to bring her arm around her waist. Paige snuggled behind Brie, pulling her even closer and resting her chin on Brie's shoulder. The oldest intertwined her hands and began gently running her fingers up and down the youngest arms. She felt Paige's breath getting slower on her neck. She wasn't the only one who was tired.

Brie slept for about two hours before waking up. It was already dark outside, for what she could see through the curtains. Gently, she loose the grip of Paige's arms, so she could go to the kitchen. She checked her phone: 8:54pm. She grabbed a glass of water, leaning against the balcony and allowing her feelings to invade her mind.

I'm just being delusional, right? It's just because I'm lacking affection and I'm in a fragile situation. Yeah, I'm just being crazy.
But this is not new. I'm not just feeling these things now.
She's just being a good friend. Like she always is.
But she was never this loveable with anyone else.
I thought I was over it. Why am I feeling like this? I'm a mess.

Brie couldn't handle her thoughts. Her mind was racing, her feelings were blurry and confused. Like she needed a little piece to ignite the engine so she could finally understand what was going on with her mind. And especially with her heart.

Paige woke up, groping the space where Brie's body should be, but finding just an empty space. She rubbed her eyes, yawning and stretching her arms, before getting up. A loud thunder was heard from the outside, at the same moment she crossed the leaving room and saw Brie standing in the kitchen, staring into the void.

"Hey, sweet cheeks. Did you sleep well?" Brie seemed to only now acknowledge her presence there.

"Hi, yeah. Actually, yes." Paige smiled. If only Brie knew that it was probably the best sleep that she have ever had. Knowing she had Brie right there in her arms, and nothing bad would happen to her, made her think that she wouldn't mind if things were like this. She wouldn't mind at all. At least she knew that she wouldn't have to care about Brie getting hurt again, because with her that was not an option.

What the bloody hell are you thinking? Have you lost your mind? She just broke up with her boyfriend how could you even ... how could you even at all? Like she would ever see you like that, you idiot!

"Are you okay, P.?" Paige shook her head and looked at the woman in front of her. Brianna was definitely messing with her feelings without even knowing it. Once again. Once again she's making me question everything. Why, me, God? Why?

"Yeah, I'm cool." A thunder, louder than the last one, echoed and the lights started to fail. "Oh, shit. This is just great!" Brie held a laugh. She knew how scared of the dark Paige was.

"Don't you have some flashlights or some candles?"

"Yeah, it was expected for me to have all of those and much more, but I actually don't. Oh, God." Now the light had totally gone. "Oh, damn." Brie laughed a bit before she made her way towards Paige. She couldn't see her very clearly, but she knew where to go.

"Hey, you good?" She touched both of Paige's arms, rubbing them.

"Yeah, yeah. Fine." Brie smiled wrapping her arms around the girl's waist into a tight hug. She rested her head on her chest and she could've sworn Paige's heart started beating faster.

Damn, Brianna. Why are you doing this? Do you have any idea what are you doing to me? A heavy sigh left her mouth when she felt Brie's hands caressing her lower back in a space where her shirt didn't covered her skin. Still she wrapped her arms around Brie and rested her head on top of hers.

They stayed in that position for a couple of minutes. Brie rubbing Paige's lower back and Paige caressing her hair and back. Their thoughts were running through their minds, both of them thinking how much they loved being in each other's embrace. Paige was a safe haven for Brie since the moment they met. And Paige knew since then that Brie would be her weak spot.

Brie needed to talk, she had to make the first move. She knew that even if Page wanted to do anything she wouldn't do it with Brie being in the fragile situation she was. Paige was conscious, in her mind taking the first step would feel like she was taking advantage of Brie. Even if she wanted to, she would never be the one making the first move. Not now. So Brie knew that if she wanted to understand what all these feelings were about, she had to take the first step.

"Paige." She raised her head, so they could be face to face. "I'm feeling something that I can't quite explain, because I don't even know it myself."

"Right." Paige said simply, her hands leaving Brie's back and falling on the sides of her body. "Could I help you?" She held her breath when she felt how close Brie got to her, her body touching hers and her breath hitting her face. Brie noticed and that encouraged her.

"Maybe you could." The whisper was so low that if they weren't basically glued to each other Paige wouldn't have heard it. She released the breath that she was holding when Brie's nose touched hers.

"Brianna." Paige whispered her name with some difficulty due to their proximity. Brie made a low sound of encouragement. "I won't be capable to stop if you continue." Brie smiled widely. Paige wanted it too and that made her shiver. She gently brushed their upper lips, her heart completely on fire.

"Then don't."

Their lips fully collided in a soft and sweet kiss. That was all it took for both of them to understand all the things they couldn't before. Brie pulled away first, resting their foreheads together, and for the first time she wished the lights were on so she could see Paige's face. Before she could think about anything else, she felt Paige's lips kissing her again. She smiled, feeling Paige's hands holding her face and neck, while she pulled her waist closer to her. Brie lightly bit Paige's lower lip, making her released a small groan. Paige moved her hands to Brie's thighs, lifting her until she was sat on the balcony. She pulled her waist closer, continuing the kiss. Paige's tongue slid over Brie's lower lip, asking for permission. Brie promptly opened her mouth, feeling Paige's tongue slipping inside it and starting a warm caress with hers. She left a small groan escape her mouth, while her hands grabbed Paige's hair, changing between pulling it and gently caressing her nape. Paige moved her hands inside Brie's hoodie, slightly clawing her waist. Her lips slid on Brie's until she reached her neck, leaving either bites or soft kisses. Paige pulled away, taking small breaths.

"Maybe I went too far." She said, her voice coming out slightly embarrassed. "Sorry." Brie wanted to kiss her whole face for being so damn cute. She wrapped her legs around Paige's waist and circled her arms around her neck.

"You didn't." Brie assured her, planting a kiss on her lips. "And you're a really nice kisser, Ms. Bevis." Paige left out a laugh, circling invisible patterns on Brie's thighs.

"You too, love." Paige said kissing her chin. "Really, really good." Brie smiled caressing her face.

"So, can we go to the bedroom or you can't find the way?" Brie simply asked and Paige raised her eyebrows surprised and kind of anxious. Going to the bedroom could mean a bunch of things. Not exactly that one thing she was thinking.

"Of course I can find the way." Paige lifted Brie by her thighs, making her laugh in her neck. "It's like I'm about to Rampaige you." She laughed, making her way through the living room. "Oh, shit". Brie left out a loud laugh when Paige hit something that ended up falling.

"We are breaking the house and we're not even in Brie Mode." Paige laughed and tapped her butt playfully.

Brie sighed as she felt Paige gently laying her on the bed and standing on top of her. Now she could see her clearer, thanks to the lights and the moon coming through the window. She wanted Paige. She felt so much with just one kiss. Things were becoming less blurry. She need it more. And Paige wanted that if she was down for it. She really di. She always did and now she had the opportunity.

"Why aren't your lips on mine yet?" Brie said with a playful smile and Paige couldn't help but crash their lips together once again.

It was a completely different feeling. Paige had kissed girls before, she even dated one, but this was nothing compared to it. She did cared about Brie, she was one of her best friends, so there were feelings involved and not just "friendly" ones. As Brie, the only girl she kissed was AJ and that was part of the script, so she didn't have much comparison to do. But she could compare it to her former boyfriends. And well, none of them were close to Paige's kissing skills. But probably that's also because she never felt any type of sentimental connection with them like she felt with Paige. Maybe that's why she never felt something like this before. Paige ran her hands down Brie's body, stopping at her waist and playing with the hoodie's bar. Brie pulled her by the collar at the same time she pulled her lip between her teeth. Paige smiled, feeling Brie's hands slowly lifting her shirt.

"Take it off." Brie asked as soon as she let go of Paige's lips. The younger girl raised her body so she could take off her own shirt, pulling it over her head and throwing it somewhere on the floor. She felt her heart bouncing with the view of Paige sitting on top of her, shirtless and wearing only a lacy black bra. Brie pulled her by the neck and kissed her once more. Paige's tongue was sensually caressing hers, and when the tip of her tongue touched Brie's palate, she almost fainted. Paige slid her lips to Brie's ear, biting her lobe, then moving down to kiss her jaw and chin. She pulled away a little, looking at her eyes while playing with the bottom of her shirt, in a silent request. Brie understood it and arched her back enough allow Paige to take of her hoodie. The fact that she wasn't wearing a bra, left her a bit nervous. But Paige's eyes didn't left Brie's, and when they did, they ran every piece of bare skin on Brie's body. And the look on Paige's eyes, filled with so much desire and devotion, raised her confidence.

"So beautiful." The words flew of Paige's mouth before she could even notice. Brie blushed, making Paige smile while she placed her lips next to Brie's ear. "So, so beautiful, love." She knew that those words would have an impact of Brie. The British way the word love would come of her mouth always made her shiver. And now was making her shiver even more.

Paige took her lips into a passionate kiss, sucking Brie's tongue, making her moan. She bit her lower lip, pulling between her teeth and then kissing her one last time before sliding her lips to Brie's neck, kissing it and biting it harder than the last time. Paige knew that sucking her neck the way she was doing, would leave huge marks. But she didn't care at all. And neither did Brie. She planted wet kisses starting from her chest, moving down to her cleavage and ending on her toned stomach, where she spent more time, kissing the skin where Brie's tattoos were. Paige played with the bar of her sweatpants, locking her eyes with Brie, slowly pulling them down. Brie helped kicking them out of her feet and Paige smiled, laying again on top of her, brushing her nose on Brie's cleavage, before planting a wet kiss on the side of her right breast. Brie let out a small growl, and that was enough to Paige to continue kissing and sucking. The brunette clawed Paige's back, while arching her own. Paige grabbed her hips firmly and placed her lips around Brie's nipple, biting it. Brie rolled her eyes, letting a loud moan fly from her mouth, while running her fingers down Paige's back, something that would definitely leave marks.

"God." Brie sighed, completely gasping for air. Paige smiled, moving her hands to her butt and squeezing it. Brie grabbed her neck and pulled her again into a kiss, before moving her lips to Paige's ear. "I don't think we're balanced." Brie said moving her hands to Paige's jeans and pulling down her zipper.

"I can definitely help you out with that, love." Brie raised her body until she was sat with Paige on her lap, and helped her undressing her jeans. Paige kicked them somewhere on the floor and grabbed Brie's face into a new kiss.

"I'm still in disadvantage." Brie said, moving her hands to Paige's back, running her fingers until she found the zip of her bra. She looked up to Paige, locking their eyes, as she untied the zip. Brie pulled down the right strap, kissing her shoulder and then doing the same to the left one. After that she locked their gaze again before totally removing Paige's bra. "Now we're good." She said before their lips crashed into a desperate kiss.

Paige laid her down again, both of them moaning against each other's lips when they felt their bare breasts pressed together. Brie wrapped her legs around Paige, feeling her grinding on her. Paige moved her head down, plating kisses around Brie's waistline tattoos, locking her eyes with her while her hands pulled the side of Brie's panties. The brunette's eyes were flaming and Paige gave her a malicious smirk, while her hands were focused on taking the last piece Brie was wearing. Like the rest of the clothes, the piece ended up somewhere around the bedroom floor.

Paige grabbed her hips firmly, running her hands down Brie's thighs. Brie held Paige's biceps tight, her fingers surely leaving marks, when she felt Paige warm breath hitting the inside of her right thigh. Paige kissed all the skin on her left tight and did the same with the left one. She kept kissing it until she stopped at Brie's appealing sex. She felt Brie tremble in her hands, her back slightly arching. Paige softly brushed her nose in her entrance, before climbing until she was again facing Brie's eyes. She placed a gentle kiss in her forehead and brushed her noses, tenderly kissing her lips.

Brie's heart had never beat this fast. Paige was being so ridiculously patient, tender and soft. She was really taking the time to discover every single part of Brie's body, giving attention to every piece of skin her hands and lips could touch. Brie almost felt like crying. It was more than being pleased, she was being taken care of. Every time Paige's lips touched her skin, it was like she was mending every broken piece. And that was nothing like she had experienced before.

Paige made her way to her stomach again, her lips touching the top of her entrance. Brie let out a small groan, reaching her hands to Paige's hair, who smirked before sinking her mouth fully on her flaps. Brie moaned louder, pulling Paige's hair closer, following her moves. She arched her back, feeling Paige's tongue sliding inside her entrance, touching her clit.

"Shit." She mumbled, Paige holding her hips with both hands, changing between kissing and biting her flaps.

Her tongue kept playing with Brie's clit, feeling her completely overwhelmed underneath her. She gave a long lick, from the very end till the top of her sex, pulling it between her teeth, before completely snapped up. Brie yelled, feeling Paige's tongue going in circles inside of her. Paige felt her trembling, so she moved her lips away from her sex, receiving a disapproval grow from Brie. Paige climbed on her body and kissed her, moving on of her hands to her entry, separating her flaps. Brie moaned and Paige kissed her, before sliding two fingers inside her. Brie arched her back towards Paige's fingers, searching for more contact. Paige held her waist with her free hand, placing kisses from her neck to her chest, while her other hand worked inside Brie, starting a back-and-forth move. Brie arched her back even more, pulling Paige's neck and kissing her passionately, both moaning in each other's mouths.

Paige felt like she was about to lose it. Never in her life had she thought she could cum just by looking at someone being pleased. She was being the dominant one, but just by looking to the image of Brianna, completely exposed and surrendered, shaking underneath her, she felt like it was enough for her to lose it. With that thought she took her own underpants, feeling Brie's fingernails running her back. Paige moaned on her ear, sinking her fingers deeper on Brie. She ended up removing her fingers, moving her body so their sexes could touch, and when they did, both of them let out loud moans. Paige held Brie's hips, pulling her to her, and Brie followed her moves, both of them slowly, but firmly grinding on each other. Brie felt like she couldn't take any longer. Her hands tightened around Paige's neck, their foreheads touching and bodies completely glued together.

"Look at me, love." Paige's words came out a bit trembled, and Brie opened her eyes, connecting them with Paige's, feeling she was about to cum. "Keep your eyes on mine." She asked, touching their noses and eyes still connect.

Paige grabbed her waist, pulling her body to the closest she could, both rubbing it harder on each other, almost reaching their peak. Brie started feeling a wave of comfort on her stomach, as she let out a loud groan, being followed by Paige, both hitting the peak. Their bodies were shaking uncontrollably, yet their muscles relaxed. Paige fell on Brie, who happily wrapped her hands around her back, running her fingers up and down her spine. Paige placed her lips on Brie's shoulder, lovingly kissing it. Brie sighed, and let out a small sob, that if it wasn't for their proximity, Paige wouldn't have been able to hear it. She reached out for her lamp, and fortunately the power was back. She looked over to Brie, only to see her eyes teary. A worried expression grown on her face as she wiped the single tear than fell of her eyes.

"Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?" Brie wanted to laugh. How could she possibly think that? She did nothing wrong.

"No, you just did everything right." Paige smiled and kissed her lips before pulling up the sheets over them, snuggling next to Brie, both facing each other.
Paige held her elbow on the bed, sustaining her head on her hand, while staring at Brie, who took her free hand to intertwine it with hers. Paige smiled, completely fascinated with the woman in front of her. Not even in her dreams she could've had imagine this. She always had this huge crush on Brie, but this was something that was way far from her reality.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Paige laughed, pulling Brie's hand to her and plating a soft kiss. She stared at their hands intertwined and couldn't help but smile.

"Just thinking, you know? How this was completely unexpected." Brie bit her lip and Paige smiled. "Not in the bad away. In the 'this-was-way-more-than-my-dreams-allowed-I'm-completely-thrilled' way." Brie laughed, and Paige couldn't help but blush over her confession.

"So you dreamed about me?" Paige buried her face in her pillow, making Brie laugh even harder. "Hey, c'mon. Look at me." She asked with a tender tone.

"No, I'm embarrassed." Brie smiled, feeling even more in love with her. In love.

Brie turned Paige around slowly, until she was again facing her. So beautiful. It was all she could think about, looking at Page. And now she was sure of everything she had doubts before. She was irrevocably in love with Paige.

"What are you thinking about, miss?" Paige asked with a playfully smile hanging on her lips. "C'mon I can't be embarrassed by myself." She pouted and Brie reached her lips, kissing her out of the blue, making her smile.

"About how pretty you are." Paige jokingly rolled her eyes. "And how our next match will be like."

"Well, definitely I will do that sexy cover on you again." Paige turned to face the ceiling, her arm pulling Brie to move closer.

"Yeah, that cover. That's hot." Brie said, resting her chin on Paige's chest, while she laughed like there was more to know about it. "What is it, Saraya?"

"About that cover, well, I kind of had to make it, like, it was my thing and use it on other people, but ..." Brie furrow her eyes, paying attention to her. "That was actually something that I did to you, and after I watched it I saw how sexual it was and I wanted to stab myself in the eye." Brie smiled.

"So, you're saying that the first time you did it was to me?" Paige nodded. "Why?"

"Because I had this huge crush on you, okay? And you looked really sexy in that match and I just felt like it. Oh my god." Paige covered her face with her arms and Brie stared at her.

So she had a crush on me? Paige. Paige had a crush on me. And proposedly did a super sexual cover because she actually had feelings for me.

Brie placed half of her body on top of Paige's and took her arms off of her face, their eyes immediately connecting.

"It really surprises me the fact that you had a crush on me."

"Why? Have you looked at yourself?" Brie smiled. "I really mean it, Brianna. You're stunning. Your beauty is outer space. And you're even prettier on the inside. How could people not fall in love with you?" Brie knew how scared of relationship's topics Paige was, so for to be here being so open about her feelings was definitely messing Brie's heart. In the good way.

"You should know that that's how I feel about you." Brie smiled, reaching her hand to caress Paige's face, making her instantly smile widely. "I always felt this strong bond between us, I don't know. You always made me feel nice about myself when I was around you." Paige smiled, nodding her head like she felt the same.

"If somehow I'm dreaming, please, lord, don't wake me up." Brie smiled, laying her head on Paige's neck.

"I like it when you say love. It sounds, I don't know, it sounds good." Paige turned her body a little so she could be face-to-face with Brie again. She touched Brie's cheek, placing a strand of hair behind her ear.

"It's nice because I mean it." She brushed their lips together in a sweet caress, before whispering against her mouth. "Love."

They both smiled before pulling each other's bodies into a passionate kiss, full of love. Something they were lacking and spent so much time hoping for, only to find that it was right in front of them all along. And now they wouldn't let it slip away from their hands. Not anymore.

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