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Disclaimer: This is a work of pure 100% fiction based on a recurring
fantasy. If you are offended by the material and/or under the age of 18,
don't read this.

Knockouts: Christy Hemme, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Lacey Von Erich

Beautiful Bloodlust
by Number One (

The hottest scoop in the world of the TNA Knockouts was the reuniting of the
original Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Christy Hemme, being
the intrepid interviewer that she is, figured that the pair would be back
together and wanted some words from the two Knockouts. But getting an
interview was quite difficult. Christy tried on three occasions to get time
with Angelina and Velvet, but to no avail.

The following week, Christy was in the Impact Zone determined to get an
interview with Angelina and Velvet. As she walked to the back, she ran into
another Knockout, third-generation beauty Lacey Von Erich. "Lacey," said
Christy, "have you seen Angelina and Velvet?"

"The last time I saw them," answered Lacey, "they were in the locker room.
But that was hours ago."

"Thanks," Christy said right before she started walking toward the locker
room. Once there, she actually found Angelina and Velvet--making out with
each other. Christy quickly backed herself out of sight, but couldn't help
but watch the sexy pair as they were passionately and ferociously all over
each other. Angelina and Velvet weren't the only ones who were in heat.
Christy found herself turned on by the action as well, to the point to where
she was touching herself all over.

" sexy," Christy thought to herself as she watched intensely. But
what she saw next would change her mood quickly. As Christy gazed at the
Beautiful People, she couldn't help but notice what seemed to be a pair of
fangs emerging from Angelina's lips. At first she thought that her eyes were
playing tricks on her--until she saw that Velvet had a pair of fangs of her
own. The shocked red-haired Knockout slowly backed away, but not before she
saw Angelina sink her fangs into Velvet. The Canadian vixen turned towards
Christy--brandishing an inhuman shade of light blue pupils and a cool, evil
smile on her pretty face.

Christy walked in a huge rush away from the scene that she just witnessed,
all the while still trying to process the reality that Angelina and Velvet
were vampires. On her way out of the arena, she saw Lacey and pulled her
outside with her. "Christy," the young blonde began, "what's wrong?"

"We need to get out of here," said Christy, as she pulled Lacey to the
parking lot--towards her car. "Why?" asked Lacey. "What's going on?"

"I'll explain later," Christy replied as both ladies got in her car and drove
off. Both Knockouts arrived at Christy's home a half an hour later, and they
got out of the car and rushed to the front door. "Now will you tell me what
the hell is going on?" Lacey asked as both ladies entered the house.

"OK," Christy replied as she tried to calm herself down.

"Is this about Angelina and Velvet?" asked Lacey.

"Yes," said Christy. "I found them in the locker room, like you said, and
they were making out with each other."

"That's what you're so worked up about?" interrupted Lacey.

"Let me finish," said Christy. "As I said, they were making out. All of a
sudden, I saw Angelina growing fangs! So was Velvet. I'm telling you, they're
vampires!" As soon as Lacey heard those words, a quizzical expression
appeared on her face. All the young blonde could utter in response was, "OK."

"That's all you have to say?" asked Christy. "You've associated yourself with
them for a while now. How could you not know?" At that moment, Lacey's
expression changed from seemingly innocent to deliberately devious.

"Who says I didn't?" the third-generation beauty asked coyly. Lacey moved her
blonde locks back, revealing not one, but TWO sets of bite marks on each side
of her neck. "You know, Christy," she went on, "you really need to be careful
who you invite in your house." As Lacey flashed her wicked, fang-filled
smile, both Knockouts heard loud banging noises from outside the house.

"What's that?" a panicked Christy asked.

"They're here!" Lacey exclaimed in Poltergeist-like fashion. Both the front
door and the back door busted open, and in walked the Beautiful People, in
their vampiric glory. "Make way for the Queen 'V'!" Angelina shouted as she
walked in the front door.

"Excuse me?!" Velvet exclaimed as she entered through the back door. "Who
died and made you queen?!"

"You did," said Angelina. "And I had so much fun sucking the life out of
you." The two evil beauties kissed each other passionately before turning
their attention to Christy. "Why, hello again, gorgeous," the Canadian beauty
greeted. Christy said nothing. She was too busy processing the fact that she
had three vampiresses standing across from her.

"Don't act so shy now, Christy," said Velvet. "We caught you watching us
sharing a tender, romantic moment with ourselves. I can tell just by looking
at you, that you were as turned on as much as we were. Don't deny it." The
triumverate of sexy bloodsuckers started circling Christy, each one baring
their fangs at the lovely redhead.

"Come on, Christy," said Angelina. "Join us."

"You know you want to," said Lacey.

"You want us, Christy," commented Velvet. "Just admit it."

"I don't know, Velvet," said Christy. "It seems more like that you all want
me. Especially you, Velvet." Christy walked over to the wicked Knockout and
started seducing her--much to the dismay of Angelina. "I think," she
continued, "that out of the three of you hot, vampire bitches, you're the one
who loves red the most." Christy started locking lips with Velvet right in
front of an aroused Lacey and a pissed off Angelina, who interrupted their
make out session by grabbing Christy by her hair and knocking her down to the

"How dare you?!" snarled Angelina. "Who do you think you are, putting your
hands all over my Vel-Vel?!"

"Hold on, Angelina!" snapped Velvet. "You do not own me, sweetheart. I can
kiss whoever I want to, and you can't stop me."

"Can't I?" Angelina said as both ladies snarled and hissed at each other,
much to the dismay of Lacey, who didn't want to see her two girlfriends
fighting. "Girls! Girls!" she screamed. "Stop fighting! We shouldn't be at
each other's throats like this."

"Lacey's right," said Angelina. "There's only one throat we should be going
after." The trio stared longingly at Christy right before Angelina gave the
order: "Hold her." Velvet and Lacey picked Christy up off the floor and held
her up for their evil leader. "Now, Christy," said Angelina, "prepare for the
most erotic experience of your life." Velvet and Lacey took off Christy's red
dress and Angelina removed her lingerie. As both of Angelina's wicked
henchwomen watched and undressed, the evil "Queen V" started making out with
the sexy redhead.

While Angelina and Christy were embracing each other, Velvet and Lacey
started a session of their own. While both pairs were equally passionate and
romantic, it was clear that Angelina and Velvet were the dominant women in
their trysts. Both women winked at each other, and then each one started
pleasuring their lovers orally--intensely licking and French kissing each of
their wet pussies.

"AHHHHH...Oh God!" Christy moaned wildly. "Oh yes! OH YES!"

"Oh yeah, that's it!" Lacey squealed as Velvet's tongue was working her
luscious pussy. "More! MORE!" Angelina stopped her act on Christy and
interrupted the tryst between Velvet and Lacey by placing her fingers in the
former's snatch and toyed with it. "OHHHH! Velvet screamed. "Ohhhh...just
what the fuck...AAAHHH! you think you're doing?!"

"Doing what I do best, sweetie," responded Angelina, "and that's making you
scream! Because I do own you, my little Vel-Vel, and I can do whatever I want
to you." Angelina displayed her authority by inserting her fangs into
Velvet's throat--while she was still fingerbanging her. Being fingerfucked by
her wicked lover was wild enough, but having Angelina's fangs in her neck,
feeding off of her, was putting Velvet in an ecstatic tail spin.

However, their enticing encounter was interrupted by Christy, who engaged in
some finger play of her own. The sexy Knockout turned things up by toying
with Angelina's wet pussy, turning the five-time Knockouts Champion into an
orgasmic, shrieking siren.


"You like that, Angelina?" asked Christy.

"YES!!!" Angelina screamed loudly. While she was busy being Christy's
personal plaything, Angelina regained control of Velvet by clutching her
snatch--just as she was crawling closer to Lacey. "Where do you think you're
going?!" she snarled. "I am not done with you yet!" The gorgeous blonde
resumed toying with Velvet, doing so while Christy was pleasuring her.

It was a beautiful, erotic, and sensual act between three of TNA's hottest
babes, and while Lacey was enjoying being a spectator, she was feeling left
out and wanted to join in. She crawled towards Christy, who was still busy
with Angelina. The 3rd-generation beauty and the red-haired vixen started
making out with each other. While Lacey locked lips with Christy. she--like
the rest before her--engaged in some finger play and started fingerfucking
the vivacious beauty.

"OOOHHH! AHHHHH!!" Christy moaned loudly at Lacey's hedonistic act. Now all
four Knockouts were taking part in what appeared to be a fingerfucking chain
reaction. Lacey continued pleasuring Christy...


...who in turn was toying with Angelina...


...who was enjoying having some fun with Velvet...

"Ohhh...Please don't stop!"

The quartet of Knockouts were all just enjoying themselves in their erotic
group tryst. Lacey was the first of the three to show her vampire features as
her fangs elongated and the color of her pupils changed to a cat-like shade
of blue. The same features showed on Velvet as she was being pleasured. But
Angelina not only vamped out, she let out an evil laugh and started lunging
after Christy.

"Enough of this pussy play!" roared Angelina. "I...want...blood!" With that
loud declaration, Velvet and Lacey pinned Christy down on the floor as
Angelina crawled over her. "So, Christy," the fiendish beauty said, "are you

"Bring it, bitch," replied Christy. Angelina gave the young beauty one more
kiss before she sank her fangs right into her jugular. Christy could feel her
humanity slipping away and she was enjoying every second of it. Her
complexion was turning pale and her eyes changed to that same light blue
color. Angelina suddenly stopped feeding, but she gave a sly look to both of
her undead cohorts. With one wink, Velvet and Lacey both took their turn at
Christy--biting both sides of her neck at the same time.

"AAAAHHHH!" Christy screamed while being slowly drained by the vampiric
Knockouts. All the while, Angelina simply stood and watched--cackling
malevolently at the very sight. "Well, Christy?" she asked coyly, "was is as
good for you as it was for us?" She stared closer and closer at Christy, who
was out cold. When they were eye to eye, the red-haired vixen opened her eyes
and finally responded:

"I don't know. You tell me."

Christy leapt up and pounced on the lead vampiress. She later sank her newly
grown fangs into Angelina, and tried her damnedest to sample as much blood
from the evil vixen--all while Velvet and Lacey watched in ecstasy. Angelina
finally separated herself from Christy, who was later licking her lips in
wicked glee. "Who the fuck do you think you are?!" the Canadian blonde

"Oh, shut up, Angie," retorted Velvet. "Don't act all pissed off. You know
you enjoyed it as much as she did. Maybe even more." Velvet softly kissed
Angelina in an attempt to calm her down, which worked as always. "I'm sorry,
Christy," said Angelina. "I can get a's the word?"

"Psycho?" Lacey giddily chimed in.

"Thank you, Lacey," Angelina said in annoyed tone. "I have a lot of
responsibilities on my plate. After all, I am the Queen 'V'!" She gave a
stern look to Lacey, who quickly buckled.

"That's right, you are," said Lacey. Angelina then turned to Velvet--with
that same expression. "Whatever gets you through the night," she said.
Angelina walked towards Christy, now wearing a look of confidence. "And among
the list of my duties as Queen," said Angelina, "is to make sure that all of
my sexy sirens know their true role...which is catering to my whims." Velvet
and Lacey stood and surrounded Christy while Angelina walked up to her. The
two Knockouts again kissed each other in romantic fashion. Christy delivered
the same embrace to Lacey and once more to Velvet.

"Welcome to the group, Christy," said Lacey.

"We are so happy to have you with us," said Velvet.
"I am so glad to be part of this," said Christy. "And I promise, Angelina, I
will do my best to be at your beck and call."

"You bet your cute little ass you will," Angelina retorted.

The End

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