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Beauty & Brooke
by Arcanine878

I threw my bag down on the bed, quickly unzipping it as I flung my hands inside to search for my camera. As my fingers traced onto the leather straps, I carefully yanked it out, putting it over my head and onto my neck. I checked my watch. "7:40 P.M", it read.

"Fuck me, I'm already late." I grumbled at myself. "I take a vacation on the most beautiful land on Earth, the city of Mykonos in beautiful Greece, and I'm late to get a damn sunset photo to capture this.". I quickly rushed out the back door of my timeshare, leading me into the back yard of my timeshare. The sun already disappeared, traveling to shine the other side of the globe, but at least the sky's colors were still vibrant, good enough to take a couple snaps.

I turned on my camera, adjusted a couple settings, and got the perfect frame to capture the sky. Reviewing the pictures, I knew they weren't going to get much better than that. I began pacing around my backyard, messing with some of the colors of the pictures on the camera screen, testing some slight filters that appeared on the screen. I lifted my camera back up, and looked through the small lens.

"Wait a minute...what is that..?" I asked myself. I took another shot, making sure I completely didn't screw up my camera by pressing the wrong button. The same figure popped up again. I zoomed in this time, getting a much clearer view of the figure.

"Don't blame her for being nude. It's too damn hot out here for this weather." I thought to myself. I couldn't help but stare at her through the zoomed in lens. I almost began to believe the Greek Culture, thinking she was the goddess Aphrodite. Her body was perfect from every angle she gave me, making me wish for more as her silky brown hair barely covered her nipples as if they needed to rest on her breasts. I couldn't blink, lusting for more, not wanting to miss a second.

She turned her head, opening her eyes slowly as she saw the colors in the sky began to darken even more. She slowly began bending her legs up, still not letting me take a peek at her slice of heaven, but hell, with a body like that, she's giving me a sight I couldn't believe. She turned her head again, this time in my direction. I started to panic, but found myself stuck to the ground, stoned, as if Medusa looked at me. But she was no Medusa, not by a longshot. I may not physically be turned into stone, but my cock surely was rock hard, poking against the edge of my shorts.

She began to notice me, and notice my camera. She began having a confused, crazed look on her face. Now, I'm no lip expert, but I could tell she just muttered out the words, "What the fuck?!" to herself. Covering her voluptuous breast, she quickly got down from her ledge, running into the inside of her house.

"Well then...I guess I'm going back inside now.." I thought, confused at what the hell just happened. "Whatever... I'm already horny. I might as well finish the job by myself."

I went back inside the timeshare, leaving my camera on the kitchen table. I took off my shirt and turned on the faucet on the sink. Cupping my hands together, collecting the cold water, I splashed my face, trying to get the image of the beautiful women out of my head. But it was no use. It's not everyday I get to see a bomb-ass chick laying nude while the sun sets. Surely just a coincidence, right?

I turned the sink off, patting my face with a dry towel. I took a deep breath. "Control yourself." I reminded myself. "Just take a quick wank, and get back to vacation mode.".

As I sat the towel down over the counter, my door-bell began firing away. Second after second, the sounds of "Ding!" would echo throughout the timeshare. Rushing over to the door to stop the noise, I quickly flung the door open.

"Could you calm the fuc- Oh, it's you." My tone changed, as I saw the same busty girl laying down nude infant of my door way. This time though, she was covering herself with a white robe.

"Listen, I don't know what sort of job you have with your camera, but I'm not here to see some peeping tom staring at me and taking some creeper photos. Do you work for TMZ or something?! How low can they get!" Brooke voiced, wailing her arm furiously.

"Listen, no offense, but when you're out nude in front of people in their backyards, they're gonna stare. I mean hell, you did have a great body after all. Even the people on the other side of the house was glued onto you! If I had a girl with that body, hell, I'd be staring all damn day. Look, if it makes you feel better, I'll delete the pics, and we can go on with our lives. Deal?"

"Deal. But don't expect anything in return." She added, making her way inside my timeshare.

I led her to the table my camera was placed on. "Here, you can turn it on and look at them for yourselves, that way you know I'm not pulling any strings.".

She lifted up the black camera, messing around with it until she figured out where the ON/OFF button was located. From pressing it, the camera instantly lit up, and brought up the couple of snapshots of her. There was an eerie silence, as it appeared she just kept scrolling back and forth on the pictures, and nothing else.

"You know, these...these actually aren't that bad."

"Really? You just came in here, screaming at me in front of the whole place, and tell me they're not bad?!"

"Oh it could be worst. I could have put you in a leg lock with a snap of my fingers." Brooke laughed, as she sat the camera back down on the glass table.

"Do you mind if send these photos to me? I actually really like them." She asked. Confused, I replied, "Um, sure...I guess...", not knowing what to make out of this situation.

"Hold up for just one moment. I'm gonna grab my laptop, upload them, then I'll email them to you.". I suggested, as I quickly made my way to my room. I grabbed my laptop off my bed, and came back to the kitchen table.

Pulling up a seat for myself and quickly began firing up the laptop. I flipped the camera upside down, took out the memory card, and plugged it into the computer. Brooke began pacing throughout the house, comparing both of ours.

"Wow, how do you get a timeshare like this? Mine isn't even this fancy." She shouted down the hall, peering into the bed rooms and the bath rooms before coming back to the table. She stood behind me, staring at the computer screen as I scrolled past a collection of photos to get to hers.

"Hey, you're not a bad photographer. Do you do this as a job?" She asked, peering various different art work I've done with the camera.

"Nah, I just do this on the side." I told her, as I began moving her pictures into a new email.

"Alright, just type your email in, and we'll be set." I asked. She leaned over, typing away on the keyboard.

"You know, maybe I could get a shoot or two from you. I haven't done a good photography session in a good while."

"If you really want to, I don't mind. Just give me a time and place you want."

"But first, I gotta see if you really want to. Judging by how many pictures you took of me, it seems like you want more of me, do you?" She smirked, beginning to undo the straps on her robe. I was confused, but I wasn't about to let this opportunity slip out my hands.

"Well, I guess I could get to know my client a bit better." I affirmed, as the robe completely collapsed off her body, showing off her tanned and toned body. Scooting my chair farther away, she softly planted her ass on me, leaning over as she kissed me from the neck up. Trailing up, she met my lips, as we slowly began to kiss. Her juicy peach lips twisted, as she began curving her body closer to me. Getting harder and harder, my bulge began poking at her thigh.

"Seems like you're little friend wants some action too." She winked, as she hovered herself above. Helping her, we both slid off my shorts, revealing my rock-hard triton. Massaging it with her palm, she went in for another kiss on my lips, and elegantly began to make her way down. With a kiss every two seconds she went down, she met the head of my cock, and began to station her lips around the tip of my dick. She nimbly sucked around the head, not going any farther, teasing me as she looked up with her big brown eyes. I held myself on my chair, letting the goddess in front of me take over. She slobbered on my head until it was slippery, beginning to inch and inch her way down my cock, easily, yet impressively fitting all of my cock inside her mouth. She stayed there, slightly moving back and forth near my base for a few moments before swiftly taking my saliva-coated cock out of her mouth. A smile came across her face, as she jerked my cock around a few times before getting another taste of my cock-sicle. She started bobbing her head, both going down and back up the shaft at the same pace, as if she was trying to even my cock out. She closed her eyes, seducing herself with only the taste of what I call, my little "olympian". With one hand on my leg as she sucked me off, the other was placed on her pussy lips, rubbing them together, making herself wetter and wetter. She popped my cock back out of her mouth, and began licking the excess saliva that coated my cock, and began sucking me off again, covering my cock with her spit even more this time.

After awhile of what seemed like the best blowjob ever, she started to hover over my body again, wanting my cock inside her. I stopped her though, placing my hand on her pussy as a shield. She looked at me puzzled.

"If we're gonna do this babe, we're gonna do it in the bedroom." I uttered, as I lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me as I held and squeezed her ass on the way over to my bedroom.

Carefully dropping her on the soft bed, she giggled at the turn of events, turned on from my dominance. I forced her legs wide apart, as if I was Poseidon spreading the sea, aiming straight into her vagina island. I brushed my dick up and down her lips, taunting her. Her tight pussy lips were already drenched, as you could see from under my cock. As I went for a brush down, I eased up, sliding my cock inside her. She was tighter than I expected, but I would prove to her like Perseus that I can overcome this odd. I slid deeper inside her, her walls clamping down all around my cock, before inching some of my cock out. I started to get the hang of her, getting a more steadily route inside her, as she groped her own large tits to keep them from swinging up and down.

"Ah fuck my cunt..." She moaned, as sensations started building up higher inside her. She arched her back, as ecstasy filled her mind. She could help but flail her arms to the sides of her, releasing her tits from her grasps as she scrunched up the sheets in her palms. Letting her tits go only made me hornier though. If there's one thing I love, it's seeing a girls breasts go flying as I pound her.

I leaned down onto the bed, still pumping my cock inside her canal, as I began sucking on her neck, painting her neck with my tongue as if I were painting the tale of the Trojan war. She moaned louder, scrunching her toes as my cock fucked her love-slip. Still smashing her, I moved my head down, sucking on her perky nipples, tugging on them a bit as I swirled them around my tongue, getting all the edges of her hard nipples.

I slid my cock out, which was eager to just let it all blast away. I grabbed her body and helped her get on her knees, as she slid her ass down for doggy style. I held onto her waist, smashing my cock inside her pussy as her ass collided with my skin, causing it to slowly turn red.

"Oh yes! Fuck me baby!" She yelled, as she dug her back deeper into the bed. I brushed her hair and held onto it with one hand, causing her to arch her back up more. The moans just kept getting louder and louder, as she began to work her ass on me more. She quickened the pace. slamming her ass down and twerking it on my cock. Her ass cheeks spread as she popped her ass up, giving a flash of her tight ass hole. She looked back at me, biting her lips as she curved and twerked on my dick at the same time. With an ass like her's, she can surely do wonders on your cock.

I slid my cock out one last time, as Brooke got onto her side. I slid my cock back in, fucking her sideways, as it was all or nothing at this point. Holding onto her waist, I thrusted my pumping cock inside her, pressing hard inside her. Her pussy lips spread tightly around my cock as I could feel my cock boiling up inside her kettle. I continued fucking her, but I knew my time would come. I was getting weak in the knees, and adrenaline began taking over my brain. Brooke got up from her side again, going back into doggy, looking to finish the job. She rapidly moved her warm pussy up and down my shaft. Both out moans were sporadic and loud.

"Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Ohh fuck!!" She groaned. It was finally time to let loose. I began cumming, getting a nice cream pie in her wet pussy. She seemed to have a tighter grip on my cock as I came, but like Thor, I was able to pull out my hammer and finish the job, blasting cum away like a lightning bolt out of a cloud. The extra shots hit her on her ass, coating it in lines near her sweet small hole, almost coating it and dripping on the inside.

I leaned against the edge of my dresser, taking a breather to regain myself. Brooke layed down on the bed, smiling at the great sex she just took part in. As she finally gained enough energy to speak, she commented, "Round two? What, you think a goddess like me only lasts this long? I got much more in the tank.". Taking another breather, I took her on in the challenge, kneeling down and licking up her pussy until the morning rose.


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