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Beck's Pet Part 1
by ViraC

I don't really know how this could have happen. How it could have been that far. But, if I'm honest, I prefer my life as it is now.

My old life sucked. My job was boring, as was my girlfriend, before she left. Maybe I watched too much women wrestling, or too much porn.

Anyway, she left and I wasn't even sad.

So, on a night where I haven't slept enough, and probably drank too much, I take what could have been some courage and wrote a letter to my favourite diva, oh sorry, female superstar, Becky Lynch.

I liked Becky since the beginning, firstly because she's redhead and I have a thing for redheads. She is irish, I'm english, some european solidarity also.

But her in-ring ability, and her damning body, also seduced me.

In the letter, I wrote some banality, about how I like her, her work, her talent. And I use finally what would be the magic sentence : "I would do absolutely anything to meet you for more than a meet and greet". Or something like this.

I sent the letter quickly, before thinking of not doing it, go to sleep and forgot about it. Let's face it, she was probably receiving a ton of letter, why did she care about mine.

Some days later, I received a letter, from the USA. It was from Becky (or pretending to be from her, and now I know it really was from her).

She said my letter had touched her, especially the "absolutely anything" part. She said that if I could repeat those words to her during a meet and greet, she could arrange something after. She had added a VIP pass for the upcoming WWE Live event on the nearest venue to my address, and it was less than a month later ! She also had given the name of her hotel, so I can take a room on the same.

I hesitated a long moment. A part of me believed it was a prank, but another part of me was so excited, and the latter wins.

The next day, I asked for some days off around the date of the show, and planned my journey - it was an easy task, the venue was not that far, and I easily book a room on the hotel.

Fast forward to THE day. It was my first meet and greet, so I don't really know what to expect. A lot of people were there, patiently waiting in front of the tables where the superstars were signing the autographs and were taking pictures with the fans.

European superstars, like Finn Balor, Sheamus, Neville, Cesaro, Paige, and of course Becky, were the premier stars for this event.

I didn't hesitate much longer and took a place on the waiting line for Becky's table - she was sharing it with Finn Balor.

I was wearing a "Lass Kicker" shirt and have Becky's goggles on my forehead. I also have her letter in my pocket.

A too long time after, but less than an hour actually, my turn arrived. I stepped up on the podium and tried to smile, realising how I was nervous.

She smiled at me and spoke first, seeing my tension.

"Hi, I'm Becky," she said, extending her hand.

I shook it, and was at last able to introduce myself.

"You seems to be a fan," added Becky, looking at my stuff.

"A big fan of yours. As anyone is probably telling you, your number one fan."

That made her laugh.

"I have a lot of number one fan."

My hand touched the letter in my pocket.

"I don't know if I'm your number one fan, but I wrote you one day that I would do "absolutely everything" to meet you."

She stared at me with some intensity when I uttered the words. I showed her the letter.

"I would really be thankful if you sign me this letter. Again," I added, remembering she had already sign it on the first place.

She looked at the letter and nodded slowly.

"Oh, it's you," she simply said. "You should have put a picture on your letter, so I could have recognized you." She was smiling again.

"Maybe we could take one now ?'


As I leaned over the table to put my head near hers, a WWE employee took a picture with my phone. As our head were close, Becky whispered to my ear:

"You have fulfilled your pledge, saying loud those words. Have you a room on the hotel ?'

"Yes," I whispered back, "the hotel of the letter, room 241."

"Good. Mine is 307. Come tomorrow morning, around 9, we will share the breakfast.'

"I will," I managed to say before the employee gave me my phone back.

I took the letter and a sign poster of Becky, and quitted the table.

I don't remember a lot of the show of the evening, my mind occupied by Becky and our next day's date.

My sleep that night was troubled, and mostly haunted by Becky.

The next morning, I woke up early, took a shower and waited nervously for the clock to indicate 9.

I waited the whole final 4 minutes in front of her door. When my watch indicated 9 o'clock, I was ready to knock but suspended my hand at the last second. I didn't want her to see how nervous I am by knocking at the 9:00:00!

My second of hesitation became some seconds, then a minute. When it was about to hit the second minutes, the door opened, and an employee leave the room, Becky right behind him, wearing a "Performance Center" Tshirt and some black leggings.

She smiled to me.

"Just in time," she said, "the breakfast had just arrived. Please, come in."

I nodded and followed her inside the room.

During the breakfast, we chatted gently, she asked a lot of question about me and I answered honestly - way more than to anyone else.

Then, she asked the question :

"So, what do you mean by absolutely anything ?'

For a second, I said nothing.

"Well, just that, I think. Absolutely anything you would ask me to do."

"Even, sexual things ?'

"Sure," I answered quickly with a look on her body.

"Even, nasty and kinky sexual things." Her stare was becoming more intense.

"Anything to please you."

"It could become very kinky," she said. "I have some dirty fantasies."

"Like ?," I managed to ask.

"Like some things I'm sure you are eager to do for me. And some I'm not so sure."

I stayed silent and nodded.

"I'm sure you like strong and dominant women."

I nodded.

"And you will be eager to submit your body to me."

I nodded again.

"And let me peg you for good."

I shivered but nodded again.

"Yeah, I knew it," she said with a perverse smile. "So, that will happen, and very soon."

"You mean, now ?' I managed to ask, not totally hiding my nervousness.

"Don't be so eager, let's finish the tea before."

"I mean, today." I corrected, with a lot more ease. If I had been shocked at first, she had read right through me and I already had some pegging experience. I could only have dreamed of being pegged by Becky herself !

"And, we have another points to discuss before we can start."

I wondered for a second what more she could want.

"What if I handcuff you, gag you, facesit on you, make you suck my strapon, spank you, that kind of stuff ?'

"Anything for you, queen."

She smiled.

"Good to hear."

"You could even trash talked me," I added.

"Good, because I like to do it when I'm horny."

As she drank some tea, I started to realise what will happen next. A part of me was terrified, but a bigger part of me was terribly excited. And a little last part couldn't believe it was happening.

"One last thing," Becky added after finishing her tea. "You have said "absolutely anything", right?'

"Yes," I answered, wondering what more she would like to do to me.

"I have another fetish," she said, "maybe you would agree to let me do it to you."

"What is it ?' I was a little anxious now.

"I'd like to pee on you," she finally said.

At that moment, I realised I was holding my breath and released it with relief. That didn't seem so hard to endure and, I even felt that I could like it.

"I think I'd like to let you do it," I finally answered.

"Good, because I drank too much tea. Now, get up and get rid of these clothes!'

I did as ordered, awkwardly at first, because I was very nervous - and only at the idea to get naked in front of a clothed Becky Lynch. Her intense stare didn't help me either.

She saw it and smiled, which helped me relax.

"Don't worry, I'm gonna go naked too. Just wanna see you first."

I got rid of my shirt, then my pants and stood in trunks in front of her, unsure of the following.

"Just one last step," said Becky with another smile, "I want you wholly naked, boy."

I took a long breath and get rid of my trunks, standing fully naked in front of Becky Lynch. I felt my cock beginning to grow, but couldn't dare look at it.

Becky, on the other hand, still sitting on the bed, couldn't help but stare at it. By the look on her face, I realized she liked the view.

"I'm still clothed, and you're already horny, that's good!'

She stood up and reached for my cock with her hand, fondling it gently.

"Jerk off for me!' she ordered, withdrawing her hand.

I took my cock in hand, and started stroking it slowly. I didn't dare to look directly at Becky's face, but I could see that she like it.

"Good. I presume, you could do it better if you see more of my body."

"Oh yes!'

She took off her Tshirt, revealing a red lace bra.Her breasts were not big (but bigger enough) and looked firm. I unconsciously accelerated my stroking, and felt my cock growing.

She seemed to notice it as she said, smiling :

"Seems that you like what you saw."

She then took off her leggings, revealing assorted red lace panties. She didn't ask if I like it, as it was pretty clear, my cock being now pretty hard.

"Good," she said, running a finger on her crotch, "now that everyone is horny, let me see that ass."

Things were getting serious, but I realized I felt really excited.

Following Becky's guidance, I came close to the bed, and bended over, elbows on it. She made me spread a little my legs and put her hands on my ass cheeks.

Firstly, she fondled it, and I moaned softly. Then, she slapped it, one time on each ass cheek, making me cry.

"Nice," she commented.

She did again, three or four times, fondling my ass cheeks before slapping it, making me cry each time.

She then started to spread my ass cheeks, looking at my asshole.

"Looks tight in here. I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna hurt you a little bit."

"I'm sure I can support it," I said with way more confidence that I had at that moment.

"You would, you don't really have another choice now."

I shuddered at her words, but then she spat on my asshole, and the real party began.

Firstly, she licked my asshole, darting her tongue inside, while stretching my ass cheeks. I couldn't help but moan, and I felt my cock getting harder and my asshole opening and getting warmer.

Quickly, Becky added fingers to her tongue. First, the end of her thumbs, stretching my asshole a little more. She spat again inside, and worked it with her tongue some more.

Then, as one thumb was still stretching my ass, I felt a first finger wholly going into my asshole, making me moaning louder. Becky then slided it out, spat again on my asshole and brought back two fingers inside, making me moaning even louder.

She fucked my ass with two fingers for some times, spitting on my asshole once in a while, before adding two more fingers of the other hand.

My cock was as hard as it could be, and I felt my ass opening more and more and getting warmer and warmer - and even wet.

Becky fucked my asshole with her four fingers, and soon upgraded to six, as my ass opened easily, making me moaning louder and louder. She didn't have to spit anymore, as my ass was becoming as wet as a horny pussy.

Becky drew back a hand, still fingering my asshole with the other one, and bent over me. She put her hand on my mouth, making me sucking her fingers, wet from my own ass juices. It was the first time that I tasted my ass, and it was not as disgusting as I feared. It even turned me on some way.
Becky withdrew her hands from my mouth and ass, and moved around the bed.

"Don't move," she ordered me, so I remained in position.

From the corner of my eye, I saw her searching on a bag, but couldn't see what she took in. I didn't have to wait long to know however, as she came in front of me, and showed me a red plug of about five inches long.

"Before I fuck you as you deserve, i'm gonna put this in your tiny asshole for preparing it, and you gonna keep it inside while we play in the bathroom."

"Yes, miss Becky."

"Oh good, I like when you call me miss !'

I nodded.

"Well, first, you will lubricate the plug," she added before putting it in my mouth.

At first, she let me suck it, but she quickly grabbed the plug's base and moved it around, effectively fucking my mouth. Of course, I let her do it, playing with my tongue on the plug as I could.

After a few minutes, Becky drew back the plug from my mouth, letting me breath freely again. She looked at the plug, apparently satisfied, spat on it for good measure, and spat on my face for pleasure.

Then, she walked around the bed, and came back behind me. She spanked twice or thrice my ass cheeks, stretched it a little and put the plug in it, in one fluid move, making me squeal.

She spanked my ass one last time and said :
"Nice, now stand up and walk on the room!'

I obeyed, a little uneasy because of the object on my ass, but I quickly acclimated to it and walked almost naturally.

"Good," said Becky. "Now, let's go into the bathroom, all that tea wanna come out.'

I took a deep breath and followed her inside the bathroom, part scared, part excited by what would come.

Becky sat on the bathtub's rim, legs inside, and made come in.

"On your knees!'

I did as order quickly, without any question. My face was in front of her belly.

"Take off my panties. With your mouth," she added as I was about to use my hands.

She lifted her ass for a second, so I can proceed as ordered. It wasn't very easy, but I managed to bring her panties down her knees, and she let it fall. My nose was very close to her almost shaved pussy - her lips were just surrounded by a line of ginger hair, and I smelled it, and loved her scent.

"Get it out of the bathtub."

I complied, with my mouth, grabbing her panties between my teeths and letting it fall outside of the bathtub. During this time, she had managed to take off her bra and let it fall on the bathroom floor. Her tits were beautiful, almost round but not exactly, a little bigger than my hand, and her nipples were surrounded by tiny brown areolas.

I was surprised she took off her bra and couldn't help but look at her boobs. Becky played a little with them, making me drooling. She then put a hand on my head and pushed gently, redirecting my stare to her pussy.

The view down there made me even hornier, and I licked my lips.

"Yes," she said, "come lick it!'

She didn't have to tell me twice and I almost jumped on it, burying my face on her crotch, darting my tongue on her pussy lips.

She was already wet, and her salty taste seduced me right away. I could have eat that pussy for hours.

I put my hands on her thighs, and she let me do it, and ate her pussy with application and passion.

She began to moan, showing appreciation for my work.

After lick her lips and darting inside her pussy, my tongue found her clitoris, and I alternated between licking her lips, tickling her clit, sucking it and darting my tongue inside her pussy as deep as I could, hearing her moaning louder.

Becky didn't let me go for too long, taking my head between her hands and gently backed it away from her crotch.

I looked at her face, feeling some juices running on my lips, and she was smiling at me.

"Good job," she said, "but it's time for the shower."

I nodded and felt a touch of nervousness passed through me. I swallowed and prepared myself.

Becky tilted my head backward and approached her crotch just above my mouth.

"Be ready," she said.

And here it came. A stream of clear pee fell on me, hitting my inferior lip and my chin before running on my belly, thighs and legs. The taste on my lip was salty and a little spiced.

Without really thinking of it, I opened my mouth and moved a little my head so most of Becky's pee fell in my mouth. She saw it and drew her crotch closer.

Still without conscient thinking, I pushed on my knees and almost sticked my mouth to her pussy. As her pee filled my mouth, I naturally swallowed it.

When the last drop arrived, Becky caught my hand and maintained it stick on her pussy, assuring that the last drops were going inside my mouth.

She finally let me go, and sat again on the rim of the bathtub, as I rested on my knees, ending to swallow her pee, and catching my breath.

She let me do it without a word, waiting for me to swallow everything.

"Come clean me now," she said when it was clear all the pee was swallowed and I breathed normally again.

I leaned toward her crotch and licked her pussy conscientiously, until it was totally clean and almost dry.

"I wanted to shower you at first," finally said Becky, "but I really enjoyed filling up your mouth, like you were my personal toilet slave."

"I enjoyed it too," I admitted. That was totally true, even if I didn't understand why.

"But, we still have an ass to care about."

"Yes, miss!' I answered, bending over and slapping my own ass. For an unknown reason, the pee session had make me even hornier and eager to be ass fucked.

Becky smiled, slapped my ass too and get out of the bathtub.

"Come on," she said, "let's go back to the bedroom."

I followed her, and headed for the bed as she headed for her bag. Unsure, I knelt before the bed and looked at her. She had put her leggings back and was pulling a strapon on her waist. It was pink, relatively big on my eyes - slightly bigger than my own cock, so around 7 inches and she wore it like she was very accustomed to.

She saw my hesitation.

"Stay there," she said, "on your knees. You're gonna lubricate my cock before it slide on your A-hole."

Something in her tone when she had said "my cock" turned me on and my own cock, which was still hard despite having neglected in the bathroom, became very stiff.

On her way, she grabbed a water bottle and drank almost the half.

"This pee game had left me dry," she said with a smile. "Want some ?'

I nodded. Even if, technically, I have just drunk a fairly good amount of liquid, my throat was a little harsh.

She launched me the bottle and let me drink, stroking the strapon as it was a real cock. I took two or three sips and put the bottle on the floor.

Firstly, she sat on the edge of the bed, the strapon just in front of my face. I adjusted my position, opened my mouth and started to suck it.

I was not accustomed to sucking things, especially of that size, and I was hesitant at first, rolling my tongue around the shaft while advancing my mouth on it.

Becky was encouraging me, one hand on my head, guiding me further along the strapon.

Halfway, I realized that it was more about lubricate the strapon (and, in some way, pleasing Becky, who seemed to enjoy seeing me sucking it) than sucking it good as nobody was really feeling my tongue movements. So, I then focused more on putting saliva along all the shaft and taking it deeper and faster.

Becky accompanied the change, helping me swallowing the strapon deeper. For the last inches, she put her two hands on my head, slowly sliding the shaft on my throat, resisting my gag reflex, until the whole plastic cock was inside my mouth.

She stayed in that position for several seconds, while I was struggling to breathe, drooling a lot and tears were starting to run on my cheeks.

She finally drew the strapon back and I breathed heavily with relief, dropping a pack of drool on the floor.

Becky rose from the bed and, before I could speak, fully slided the strapon back on my throat. This time, she stayed longer and I almost puked when she drew the shaft back.

I tried to speak, but Becky didn't let me again, and deepthroated me one more time, again made me drooling and pulling more tears from my eyes.

She did it three more times, staying a little more longer each time. She finally let me catch my breath, and wondering how I managed not to puke, as she drank almost the rest of the water bottle.

She was now behind me and slapped relatively gently my ass.

"On the bed, it's time to get serious."

I did as ordered, lying on my belly, ass and cock at the edge of the bed. Becky moved just behind me and started to touch the plug on my ass, making me moan.

She played with the plug, rotating it on my asshole, pulling it and pushing it back, for nearly a minute, before drew it back in one strong move, making me shout.

For a full second, my asshole was free, and then the strapon's head was there.

Becky started gently, pushing only the cockhead in my asshole at first. It was bigger than the plug, so I was moaning pretty loud. She rotated slowly the cockhead inside my asshole, slowly putting more of the strapon inside, making me moan louder.

She picked up the pace while pushing the strapon deeper, still rotating it. My voice became high pinched and I started to squeal. I felt my cock becoming harder than ever without even touching it, and my ass becoming wet.

Becky grabbed my hips and, still picking up the pace, pushed the whole strapon down my ass. I felt the plastic balls hitting my ass cheeks and I shouted out loud. She stayed deep there for nearly a minute, reaching for my cock and slapping it with one hand and pinching my nipple with the other one.

I can't stop squealing, louder and louder.

Becky was clearly turned on. As she grabbed back my hips and resumed the fast pace ass fucking, she started calling me names.

"Yes, squeal like a little ass virgin girl! I feel you like it, you such a big whore!' and she went on and on, never stopping the trash talk. It turned me on harder and I felt my cock aching as it never had been that hard, and my ass so wet I'm starting to wonder if it wouldn't squirt.

Becky started to slap my ass as she continued to fuck my rear with pace, making me scream loud. She was still talking trash, but i was so turned on that I could barely understand her words.

I suddenly realise I was very close to cum and tell her, still screaming.

She stopped the fucking and grabbed the back of my head.

"Come here, bitch," she said, driving me back to the bathroom, slapping my ass all the way.

She made me stand in front of the toilet, legs spread, hands on my head. She put back the strapon in my ass, resuming the fast pace fucking, grabbed my cock and stroked it fast.

"Cum down there!'

I couldn't hold any more longer and cum a huge hard load, with a loud cry a pleasure. Most of the cum felt on the toilet but some hit the edge.

Becky drew back the strapon from my ass, slapped it one last time for good measure and made me kneeled.

"Clean your cum."

I did as order, cleaning the missed drop with my tongue, as quickly as I could. She slapped my ass for each drop I lick.

In the meantime, she had pull back the strapon and recovered only the dildo. I noticed the base had a suction cup. She put it at the bottom of the toilet, sticking the cup on the water, the dildo pointing upward.

"Clean my cock."

At my own surprise, I didn't hesitate and take the dildo in my mouth, sucking it deep, licking it with application, rediscovering the taste of my ass. When my nose hit the water, Becky put her hand on my head, keeping it down on it and flushed the toilet.

I tried to exit my head from the toilet but Becky was stronger than me and she kept me down. The water ran on my nose as I gagged on the cock and I thought I was going to drown. Then, the water left, Becky let my head raise out of the toilet and I catched my breathe noisily. My face was all wet and I wiped it with a hand - with little effect, before Becky wiped it with a towel.

I suddenly realise she had just finished drinking the rest of the water bottle. She made me sit near the toilet and put her legs on each sides of my head.

"Seems I had drink too much this morning, and I'm also close to cumming," she said, rubbing her pussy.

Knowing what was coming, I open wide my mouth and stick it to her pussy. First, she unloaded her tasty pee and I swallowed it easily.

Then, she came, moaning loud, and her cum was added to the flow. She was also shaking and I struggled to keep my mouth around her pussy, drops of pee and cum falling on my torso.

The flow went on for what seems to be an eternity, but she finally release me, still moaning. I unconsciously collect the drops on my torso with my fingers and lick it.

Becky took a moment to calm down, then gently grab my head.

"I need your tongue to do some cleaning work," she said, leading my head back to her pussy.

She didn't have to said it twice and I licked her clean quickly, with eagerness.

She let me clean myself with the towel as she went to recover her clothes. As I was about to get up and leave the bathroom, someone knocked at the door. Becky, who had just managed to pull back her leggings, quickly pull on her Tshirt and go for the door. Unsure of what to do, I stayed seated near the toilet.

I didn't hear the conversation at the door, just managed to hear Becky saying : "Wait a second," before storming on the bathroom.

"It's Charlotte," she said, "there's a problem with the toilets of her room."

I began to see where that would be leading. I was unsure of if I wanted it, but I felt my cock becoming hard again and knew the answer.

"Well, it was your fantasy at the beginning, so, even if I know I'd like to share you with Charlotte, you make the call."

I realized that she wanted me to be Charlotte's toilet after have been hers. And I also realized that I wanted it too.

"Let's do this," I said, "I think I enjoy being a personal toilet.

She nodded and went back on the room, calling for Charlotte to come in.

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