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Becky Gets Bliss'd Off
by ElToritoLover6969

Alexa Bliss walked into the locker room, infuriated after losing her match to Becky Lynch only minutes earlier. She had hurried to the locker room, being so embarrassed that she wanted to leave as early as possible. To her surprise, Becky was already in the locker room, exhausted after the match. Everyone else had already left. She was just opening her locker when Bliss entered and the sound of her own panting prevented her from hearing Alexa walk in. Alexa froze for a minute and rolled her eyes, not wanting to talk to or even look at her foe.

She watched as Becky bent over and pulled down her black shorts, the ones with silver back pockets. Slowly, the Lass Kicker revealed a block thong underneath her shorts, which she dropped to the ground. She stretched her back to accentuate the roundness of her small butt, seemingly aching from the match. Alexa still stood still, her jaw dropping and her eyebrows raising upon seeing Lynch in her thong, bent over. This wasn't the first time she had seen her rival in underwear, but she always admired the body of the SmackDown Women's Champion. It turned her on in a way no body of a woman had before. The worst part about liking Becky above all of the other girls on the SmackDown roster was the fact that Becky never got naked in front of the girls, not even in the showers. Despite her fiery personality, she was still shy about her body. There was once a time that Alexa spied on Becky when she was in the locker room alone after an NXT event, only to see her in the same bra and thong that she had always worn in the shower.

Alexa started rubbing her own pussy over her ring gear, feeling the wetness expanding between her thighs. Becky stood up straight for the first time in minutes, but it all seemed to be going so fast to Alexa. Becky pulled off her black top, the one which showed a fair amount of cleavage, which was always Alexa's favorite when they wrestled together. Beneath her top there was a red bra. To Alexa's surprise, the champ reached back and unhooked her bra. This had been the first time Alexa had seen Becky's bare back and it was enough to get her to slip her hand underneath her gear and start rubbing her clit with no restraint. Becky bent over again, giving Alexa another great view of her small butt. Lynch spread her legs far this time and started slowly pulling down her thong, revealing her butt crack. The sight of the Irish ass in its full glory was too much for Bliss, who came immediately upon seeing the slightest peak of Becky's crack.

"Oh, fuck," Alexa moaned, soaked with her own cum as Becky pulled her thong half-way down her ass.

Becky shrieked and pulled up her thong in a millisecond. She couldn't believe that someone had been watching her. She covered her tits with her arm and turned around to see her rival, with her right hand deep in her bottom gear and her left clutching her left breast. "Alexa," Becky said, shocked, "how long have you been here?"

"Long enough to finally get a glimpse of you naked," Alexa said confidently, remembering upon hearing her foe's voice that she had just lost the biggest match of her life. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this moment. Now, I'm in control and I'm going to tell everyone what I saw here today."

"You didn't see anything. I was just-"

"You and I both know what you were about to do. You were about to finger yourself right in the open. Why else would you be getting naked for the first time in a locker room?" Alexa said, in a snappy tone.

"I'm sweaty and exhausted after the match." Becky's face was getting redder by the second, her arms still covering her tits.

"One would think that you would get in the shower right away instead of acting sexy, with your legs spread apart, slowly stripping yourself."

"You were the one with your hand down your pants when you saw me!" Becky shouted.

"Who cares? Nikki has let every girl in this locker room fuck her at some point, other than you, of course. You're practically a Catholic."

Alexa could feel that she had Becky in the palm of her hand and could do anything she wanted with her. She reached behind Becky and fully grabbed Becky's right ass cheek, Becky breathing heavily. Becky immediately shrieked again and jumped, dropping her hands down beneath her butt, revealing her small A-cups.

"Fuck - your tits are so nice and small," Alexa said, putting her face close to Becky's pink nipples, kissing around her left boob, before sucking on her nipple.

Becky moaned in shock, not knowing what to do. What nobody ever knew was that she was a lesbian. She always got so turned on during matches and when Nikki would flaunt her body in the locker room. However, she always froze when given opportunities to advance on Nikki, who would often give the other girls lap dances or let the girls motorboat her. Alexa was Becky's favorite and she secretly kept loads of nude photos of her on her phone. Every night, Becky would masturbate in her hotel room to a video of Nikki Bella and Alexa fucking with a strap-on dildo, taking turns putting it in each other's asses. Having Alexa finally make a move on her was liberating and Becky felt soaked beneath her thong. She'd had dreams of this moment ever since the two met each other in NXT. Bliss' petite frame, but big and fuck-able ass, was perfect in her eyes.

Alexa was pleasantly surprised to hear Becky's moaning, because, no matter how many times other girls in the locker room would offer to 69 or finger her, it was never as good as giving the slightest pleasure to the shy and reserved Lynch would be. As Becky moved her left hand up to Alexa's head and her right down to Alexa's plump ass, Alexa pulled down the champ's thong, revealing her horny pussy and tight ass. Alexa's jaw dropped, before nibbling slightly on Becky's nipple and then moving her head up, kissing Becky's neck, and finally getting to her lips. The two kissed with passion, now knowing that the reason their matches were so good was because of the pent-up sexual tension between them.

Alexa put two of her fingers on her right in Becky's pussy, while sliding her left hand down to Becky's asshole, putting one finger in her tight butt. This shocked Becky, who had never tried this even on herself, causing her to clench her butt, although it also made her feel even sexier.

Becky, for the first time, felt like she could express her sexual desires, so she pulled her hands to Alexa's top, sliding it off to reveal her small brown nipples, which she had become very familiar with in the locker room. Still, she couldn't get enough of them, nibbling on the nipples immediately upon seeing them that close for the first time. Still fingering her Irish crush, Alexa took her shoes off, before rubbing her right legs on Becky's left, thrusting to slightly stimulate her own pussy.

With only occasional moaning, Becky still hadn't completely come out of her shell, and Alexa was in much shock as to how much Becky was enjoying the sex, so very little noise came out of her. However, once Becky started sliding her hands down slowly from Alexa's tits to her butt, she started moaning more and more. She dropped her head down to her legs to look at her butt close-up, pulling Alexa's fingers out of her. Becky kissed the thick thighs of Alexa, before grabbing her bottom and pulling it down, to reveal the big perfect ass that Becky had always loved.

"Fuck! That's so fucking big!" Becky shouted, finally letting loose and standing up, throwing the blonde bombshell in all her beauty around, putting her plump ass right up against Becky's clean-shaven pussy, curves fitting perfectly into each other. Alexa pouted, as if begging for a dildo in her pussy. Becky thrust her pussy into Bliss' clit three times, each time harder, with Alexa's ass jiggling more and more for each thrust. Becky dropped down and ate Alexa's asshole, her thick ass completely covering Becky's face, while Becky's own juices dripped to the floor as she moaned into the big ass in front of her. Alexa leaned over a little bit to get Becky's tongue even deeper in her asshole, wanting Becky more than she had ever wanted Becky's championship. All of the times that she had fucked Nikki with the rest of the girl's locker room watching was simply her living out this fantasy of fucking who she saw as the hottest person on Earth, Becky Lynch.

Becky's mouth moved down to Alexa's clit, now dripping with cum, as Alexa now fully bent over. Alexa, with her hands touching the floor, shook her ass Becky's face to encourage her.

"How did you get so fucking good at this?" Alexa asked. "You've never done this before, have you?"

Becky let out a slight laugh in between her moaning, not wanting to take her tongue out of her rival's pussy to answer the question, instead just putting her tongue deeper in the pussy before her, causing Alexa to let out a cry like she never had before, as her cum filled Lynch's mouth.

"You taste so fucking good," the Irish Lass Kicker whispered in Alexa's ear, as she bent over Alexa's arched body to match her position.

"I've never had anyone get that deep in me before. Not Nikki, Sasha, Carmella - nobody," Alexa panted, her dream of fucking her years-long crush now having come true. "I'll go get the dildo."

"Uh-uh-uh," Becky demanded, now being in charge, "You know the rule: winner goes first."

The fact that Becky, who had never taken part of these locker room antics before, knew this rule shocked Bliss, but she didn't mind cumming again. Alexa was the one blushing now and Becky made her feel better than any guy ever had.

Becky stood up, giving Alexa's thick ass a hard slap, causing it to jiggle.

"Ugh!" Alexa screamed, as a red mark appeared on her butt.

Becky laughed, before walking to her own locker and grabbing a strap-on dildo out of her bag.

"You have your own?" Alexa asked shocked.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do this."

Alexa dropped her head down to the floor, spreading her ass cheeks to show off her perfectly pink and clean butthole, smiling at her new fuck-buddy.

"I think the showers will be better suited for this," Becky insisted, "thanks for the view, though."

"Oh," Alexa laughed and smiled, before standing up and walking into the showers. Becky watched as Alexa's butt shook with every light step, amazed at how little effort it was taking her to put on a show. Becky breathed for a second, feeling like a completely new person who can finally express herself. Becky walked up to the mirror and looked at herself, now confident in her body, grabbing her small butt and shaking it with her hands, observing it in the mirror, before bending over, looking at her own pussy and asshole in the mirror and rubbing her clitoris.

"Why are you playing with yourself when you could be playing with me?" Alexa asked, standing by the shower handle, waiting to turn it on.

"Fuck. You look as hot as ever," Becky said, having almost forgotten her task at hand.

"I know. Now come stretch me out with that big dildo of yours." Alexa leaned back on the wall, biting her lip and rubbing her clit.

Becky walked over, with her ten-inch strap-on dildo in hand, while Alexa turned around and turned the shower on, lifting up one leg behind her flirtatiously. Becky walked through the water and pulled Alexa Bliss back into it, bending her over and placing her head on the floor tiles for the best penetration.

Alexa spread her ass cheeks apart as she did before, saying "Fuck me, babe."

Becky couldn't resist any longer. She put the strap-on on and grabbed Alexa's hands that were placed on her ass and thrust the ten-inch in as hard as she could. She struggled to get it completely inside of the recipient, but Alexa's satisfactory moaning made the difficult task worth it. Alexa's hands now fell to the ground in front of her, as the wetness of her pussy and the water gave the dildo the best feeling ever. Becky couldn't believe how beautiful Alexa looked with the water flowing down her short legs, causing her to reach back and finger herself in her own asshole, while still grasping Alexa's ass with her left hand. Still unfamiliar with the idea of fingering herself in the butt, Becky learned quickly, thrusting it in and out to the rhythm of Alexa's moaning. The jiggling of Alexa's round ass inspired her to put her left hand's middle finger in Alexa's butthole, causing Alexa to immediately clench her butt and reach back her hands to spread her ass cheeks for her crush.

It wasn't long before Alexa couldn't take it any longer. "I'm gonna cum!" Alexa screamed, causing Becky to take her right hand away from her own asshole and put it in her own pussy, cumming and moaning simultaneously with Alexa as she ferociously battered Alexa's clit.

Alexa shook her butt as she had done before and then stood up. With her butt facing Becky, she put her index finger beneath the creases of each of her cheeks and bounced them freely, feeling sexier than she ever had felt before. This caused Becky to put the dildo in Alexa's sexy butt as she stood in front of her. Becky fingered Bliss' clit as she put all of her force into fucking Alexa in the ass, giving Alexa a certain pain that she loved. Alexa came yet again, pulling herself away from the dildo, taking it from Becky and strapping it around herself.

"I've never had a dildo that big in me before," the blonde revealed, "I could barely take it. Are you sure you can take it, baby?"

"I know I can," Becky assured, before bending over, confidently showing off her tight pussy and clean butthole.

Alexa was still amazed by how Becky didn't show off her perfect body more often. With the water gleaming on her skin, Becky's legs looked incredible and complimented her petite body perfectly. "Arch your back more," Alexa instructed, recognizing Becky's inexperience.

"Okay," Becky giggled, knowing that Alexa was in control now. She dropped to her knees and put her face on the ground.

"That's better. You've got such a perfect pussy. It's gonna be hard to get this whole thing in there." Alexa started moving the dildo around Becky's pussy, taking time to breathe and realize that her dream has been coming true.

Becky reached back with her left hand to grab her ass, preparing for the ten inches of dildo about to enter her. With that signal, Alexa put it in slowly, thrusting slowly to ease it along into her pussy.

"That's really good. That feels really fucking good," Becky said with only five of the ten inches in.

"It gets even better," Alexa insisted, before thrusting the rest of the dildo into Becky's tight pussy with all her might, this being the tightest pussy she's ever fucked.

Becky screamed at the top of her lungs, but got used to it more with every thrust. Alexa was right. This was the best feeling she'd ever had in her life. She looked back to see Alexa's wet hair draped down to her brown tits. This sexy sight caused her to force herself back into the dildo even more. She shivered as she came, letting out a scream as her legs shook and her ass rubbed against Alexa's belly. Alexa pulled out the dildo from Becky, slid her fingers up Becky's pussy and put her fingers in her mouth to taste Becky's cum.

"You taste really fucking good," Alexa whispered in Becky's ear as she bent over Becky to match her shape.

The two stepped out of the shower to get dressed and leave, both dripping with water and cum. Before getting dressed, Becky and Alexa made out, kissing each other with much passion. With Alexa's ass on Becky's pussy, Becky grabbed Alexa's wet tits and squeezed them, as Alexa reached back and grabbed Becky's little ass. They watched each other get dressed, with Becky admiring the way Alexa's thick ass fits into her shorts and Alexa standing in awe of Becky's petite frame.

"So, come to my room?" Becky asked hopefully.

"Only if you tell me one thing."

"What do you want to know?"

"Was I your first?" Alexa asked.

Becky leaned in and kissed her. "Yes."

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