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Becky Lynch Discovers Charlotte Flair's Uniqueness
by Dr. Demented 666

Charlotte Flair and her best friend, Becky Lynch, were back at their hotel room that they got and shared together after their latest wrestling event. Both showered and Becky was in the room totally naked as Charlotte stepped out of the bathroom naked as well. They mesmerized in each others bodies and Becky marveled at how toned Charlotte's was and how her body resembled that of a toned Amazon.

But what really caught Becky's eyes as they glanced over every part of Charlotte was Charlotte's immense clit.

"What are you staring at, Becky?' Charlotte asked of her friend.

"That!" Becky stated as she pointed down to Charlotte's bare shaven snatch.

"What? My pussy? C'mon...You have one too." Charlotte stated with that wonderful smile of hers.

"Not that...THAT! That huge fucking clit! I never seen one that big before" Becky stated in that foreign accent of hers.

"What, this thing? Please...You haven't seen the half of it yet." Charlotte exclaimed as she slid her index and middle fingers around the outside of her clit that hung from its sheathe nearly an inch already.

"What are you talking about?" Becky asked with a curious look on her face.

"Here, play with it..." Charlotte told Becky as she took Becky's hand and placed it over her clit.

"No way! I'm not doing that, are you nuts? You know I'm not gay!" Becky stated to Charlotte.

"C'mon...I think you'll be surprised." Charlotte convincingly told Becky.

Becky pulled her naked body close to Charlotte's and their warm bodies slid against each others as Becky slid her hand down and grasped Charlotte's clit, playing with it and soon stroking it as it grew.

"Holy fucking shit! What the hell, Charlotte?! It's getting bigger! What the fuck is happening!" Becky said with an astonished giggle as Charlotte's clit grew to an immense 6" into Becky's hand.

Becky marveled in the bone-like rigidness of the white nub in her hand as it glistened from Charlotte's horniness lubing it. Soon, Charlotte began to rub it against Becky's smooth leg as their breasts pressed against each others and Charloote leaned in and gave her friend her first ever lesbian kiss.

Becky's eyes squinted shut in an unsure and 'what's happening' manner as Charlotte seduced her by grinding her hard clit against Becky's leg while fingering Becky's smooth shaven snatch into its own wetness. Becky cooed with horny delight as Charlotte pushed Becky down to her knees and had her put the large clit into her mouth and suck it just as she would a dick.

Charlotte flung her head back over her shoulders as Becky gave her oral, feeling Becky's suction apply to Charlotte's clit and her wet tongue gliding over and around it was all too much. Charlotte's body began to convulse and hard gushing squirts shot from her pussy and onto Becky's chin, neck and upper chest as Charlotte's clit remained in Becky's mouth.

Charlotte finally pulled from Becky's mouth and stared down at her orgasm soaked friend, pushing her down to the floor and going down on her. Becky cooed with excitement as she felt Charlotte's wet tongue slip up between her smooth snatch and then plunge into her, swiping across her own clit and making her pussy drip pre-orgasm juices.

"Mmmmmmm...Not yet, baby...I'm gonna fuck you into an orgasm." Charlotte stated as she slithered up her lovers body and sunk her hard clit into Becky's pussy, making her feel the hard girth fill her womb and take her better than any man could.

Becky lifted her legs and molded them around Charlotte who fucked her friend with rhythmic fucks and playful French kisses that made Becky quiver and her body shake as she orgasmed liked never before. Hard gushes of vaginal fluids flooded Charlotte's clit and nether region as each thrust into Becky's pussy made her expel large amounts of vaginal fluids.

Charlotte tenderly kissed Becky while pulling from Becky's tender pussy and playing with her pulsing vulva, Charlotte stood and pulled Becky up off of the floor and pushed her forward against the dresser so she was bent forward over it and her legs spread. Becky looked back over her shoulders with a bewildered look on her face...

"What are you gonna do?" Becky asked of Charlotte.

"Shhhhh...You'll see...Just relax..." Charlotte softly stated to her friend who bit her lower lip as she felt Charlotte firmly push the tip of her hard clit into Becky's ass.

Becky felt a sharp pain as the clit pierced her anally for the first time and then sink into her fully. Charlotte reached around and cupped Becky's breasts, pulling her up so her back was against Charlotte's breasts as she fucked Becky Anally.

Becky screamed as the hard clit fucked her hard in the ass while she reached down and fingered her own pussy while staring into the dresser mirror at what they were doing to each other. Another orgasm began with both Charlotte and Becky, Charlotte squirting all over Becky's backside as Becky squirted hard onto the mirror in front of them with loud drawn out howls.

Becky's hot squirt droplets slid down the mirror and the phone rang in the room. Becky answered it after Charlotte let go of her and she flopped off of Charlotte's cock, leaving her ass gaping and burning in the cool room air. Becky breathed heavily into the phone and gasped for air as she said: "Hello..."

"This is the front desk. We have reports of loud disturbances coming from your room, is everything ok?" The hotel management asked.

"Of course...I was just getting a deep massage on some crucial sore areas after a wrestling match, that's all." Becky quickly settled the matter over the phone.

Becky hung up and Charlotte went straight back to fucking Becky in her ass missionary style with Becky wrapping her legs around Charlotte and the two cumming several more times before they were both spent enough that they couldn't go on anymore. Becky's ass was sore and Charlotte's clit was sore and throbbing from so much unorthodox use of it.

But now the two best friends had something more in common and would utilize that new found pleasure in their lives to the best of their abilities.

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