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Becoming A Star
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the Elks Lodge in Queen, New York and in the middle of the makeshift
locker room, the new ECW World Tag Team Champions, Tommy Dreamer and Raven
are arguing among themselves. Dreamer, dressed in black pants and a black
'EC F'N W' t-shirt throws his title belt down to the ground, "All right
Raven, what the fuck is up with you showing up and helping keep these belts
in ECW?" Dreamer shouts, demanding an answer to his question.

Raven smirks, and he's dressed in tattered jean shorts, a faded black
sleeveless shirt and a battered leather jacket. He takes off the jacket and
replies, "It's quite simple… the Dudleys are at last gone… leaving this Mad
house... and I return... in time... to help you... my old... dear...

Dreamer sneers, "If Francine didn't remind me of the fact the belts are
still here and not being taken by the Dudleys to Stamford to be given to
Vince McMahon, I would smash you're head in...

Raven laughs, "Any time, any...." Before Raven can finish his sentence, the
door to the locker room is opened and the Impact Players, Justin Credible
and Lance Strom walk into room, with Dawn Marie standing at the door way.
Justin, dressed in long jean shorts and a black ‘Hardcore Icon' t-shirt,
cockily walks towards Raven and Dreamer.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here... a broken down has been and a
brooding reject..." Justin says with a laugh as Lance stands next to him,
looking at Raven and Dreamer.

"If I can be two are not in the same league as someone
from Calgary," Lance pauses for dramatic effect before resuming, "Alberta,
Canada..." Lance finishes his sentence. The Canadian superstar, is dressed
in long blue jeans and a white tank-top with the words "The Gym" printed on

Dreamer turns his attention from Raven to the younger wrestlers, "You two
had some nerve interfering in RVD and Jerry's match..."

Justin smirks, "Hey... we're going to be on TNN in a few weeks...and we're
going to be making an impact every step of the way there and afterward...
it's time for the new generation of extreme to take over..."

Raven raises an eyebrow, taking some offense to that, "I may have been gone
for some time... but you two aren't as good as you think you are..."

Storm steps up forward and goes nose to nose with Raven, "How about we find
out... give us a title shot..."

Raven smirks "Earn it first..."

"What are you afraid?" Justin asks as he and Lance Storm completely forget
about Dawn Marie who's standing in the doorway, getting bored and annoyed
that she's not the center of attention.

Dawn Marie sighs and unfolds her arms as she steps out of the door. The
self-centered Queen of Extreme begins to enter the makeshift locker room as
she dressed in a short light blue skirt and a light blue, matching top. Dawn
Marie rolls her eyes "Boys...boys...if anyone is going be a star on TNN...
it's going to be ME!" Dawn says as she presses her lips together "Dawn Marie
on...TNN..." Dawn pauses getting a slightly confused look on her face before
turning to Lance Storm " do you spell 'TNN' again?" Dawn
asks him as she stands in between Lance Storm and Justin Credible, slightly
facing Raven and Tommy Dreamer.

Lance cracks a rare smile after he hears Dawn's question, "Dawn, you just
spelled it..."

Raven looks at Dreamer with a raised eyebrow, "She's a smart one isn't
she..." Dreamer tries not to laugh after hearing Raven's remark, but Justin
folds his arms and glares at Raven.

"Hey, she's just as smart as anyone..." Justin says.

Raven smirk a bit, "Coming from you everyone must seem like a genius..."

Dreamer shakes his head, "Guys, chill it..." Dreamer then looks at Dawn and
puts his hands on his hips, "All right Dawn... why are you going to be a

Dawn looks at Dreamer unbelievably as she shakes her head. Dawn throws her
hands down "Hello! Were you not paying attention!?" Dawn asks as she rolls
her eyes "I'm going to be star...because...ME!" Dawn places her hands on her
slender hips "I'm going be the star of TNN...because of who I AM!" Dawn says
as she looks over her shoulders at Lance and Justin "Isn't that right,

Justin nods his head, "That's right Dawn... you hang with us, and you're
going to be a star because of it," Justin says with a smirk.

Raven chuckles a bit, "Well that's going to be tough... since me and Dreamer
are the Tag Team Champions of ECW..." Raven says.

Lance gets a serious look on his normally seriously looking face, "For now...
but for now... Dawn wants to become a star..."

"Hey there's only one way a woman becomes a star here in ECW..." Dreamer
says, "And Dawn doesn't seem the type to do what it takes to do it."

Dawn raises her eyes as she presses her lips "What would that be!? I'm a I am THE STAR!" Dawn says as she nods her head.

Dreamer looks back at Raven, "Well... Beulah... Francine... Kimona.... they
all... earned their spots, right?"

Raven nods his head, "Yeah, Beulah especially earned... remember Tommy?"
Raven replies.

Justin sneers a bit, "Hey, whatever those skanks did, Dawn can do it better!"

"Really? Shall we see how extreme Dawn can really be then?" Dreamer asks as
he licks his lips.

Lance smirks, "If Dawn wants to get extreme, she'll do it right here with the
four of us..." Lance looks at Dawn, "Right Dawn?"

Dawn shakes her head after momentarily spacing off. Dawn scratches the back
of her head as she raises her eyebrow "Huh? What was that honey?" Dawn asks
as she flips her wavy brown hair back.

Lance smirks, "Dawn... Raven and Dreamer don't think you can be extreme
enough to be a star... and I think you should... prove them wrong."

Dawn folds her arms over her large chest, concealed by her tight, light blue
top "Oh...I am the star! I'm extreme..." Dawn says as she nods her head.

Tommy Dreamer shrugs his shoulders slightly as he looks at Dawn, "Well
Dawn... about you show us how extreme you are..."

Raven nods, "Yeah... take off your clothes... and let's see if you're going
to be a star."

Dawn scrunches her nose up before she smirks "Ok...I'll show you I'm the
STAR!" Dawn says proudly as she tilts her head back slightly, stepping away
from Justin and Lance. Dawn presses her lips together as she looks directly
at Raven and Tommy Dreamer. She grabs her light blue top from the waist and
lifts her top off of her stunning, tanned body as she raises her arms up to
reveal her large, perky chest.

Raven smirks and licks his lips slightly, "She certainly has the tits to be
some kind of star..." Raven says.

Lance folds his arms over his chest and nods, "Of course she does...." Lance
says as he looks at his girlfriend's large round tits. Dawn blushes a bit as
she lowers her head, placing her hands on her smooth, toned waist. The ditzy,
self-center, ECW Queen of Extreme begins to slowly push her short light blue
skirt off of her smooth hips and down her smoothly shaven legs, reveal her
hot and wet pussy. Once the light blue skirt falls to her feet, she steps out
of her skirt and gently kicks it away from her.

"Mmmmm mmm... she's not just the hottest... she's not just the best...
she's just incredible to look at..." Justin says as he licks his lips. "All
right... now that she's ready... it's about time we got ready..." Dreamer
says as he starts to take off his t-shirt. Justin, Lance and Raven all nod
their heads in agreement, and all four men begin stripping out of their
clothes. Lance pulls off his white tank top first, revealing his incredible
muscular upper body, which is the best out of all four men when everyone
removes their shirts. All four extreme wrestlers remove their pants, shorts
and jeans, and within a few moments, Dawn sees what she has to work with.
Justin has a eight inch shaft, Dreamer packs a nine inch cock, and Raven and
Lance both have ten inch dicks.

Dawn licks her lips as she threads her fingers through her wavy brown hair
"Mmmm... four hot studs for a REAL STAR!" Dawn says with a smile as she
lowers herself down onto her knees in the center of the makeshift locker
room as Justin, Raven, Tommy and Lance surrounded the self-center, ditzy
Dawn Marie. Dawn presses her lips together as she looks up at the four
extreme wrestlers. Dawn reaches forward and wraps her hands around Justin
and Raven cock. Dawn begins to lift and lower both of her hands on their
shafts as she strokes their cocks to hardness.

Raven licks his lips as Dawn strokes his and Justin's cock at the same
time, "Mmmmm.... she's a hand on girl I'll give her that..." Raven says as
he pushes his long hair out of his face so he can look down at Dawn with
nothing blocking his eyes.

"Damn fucking straight she is..." Justin replies as he thrusts his pelvis
forward, pushing his cock against Dawn's soft hand.

Dreamer smirks, "I'm not interesting in getting a hand job..." The Innovator
of Violence says as he leans down behind Dawn, and pulls her up a bit so her
ass is sticking into the air. As Dawn slightly bends over as she's standing
up, she lowers her head and places her wet tongue against the head of Raven's
cock and begins to teasingly circle her tongue around the surface of the head
of Raven's cock as she moves her hand swiftly up and down Justin's cock.
Dreamer licks his lips as he grips his own cock with his right hand, "Let's
get extreme..." Dreamer says as he puts his left hand on Dawn's ass before he
guides his cock towards and into the ditzy woman's hot tight pussy. Dreamer
forces his cock into her and begins thrusting in and out at a decent pace.

Dawn lets out a soft moan as she flips her wavy brown hair back as she lifts
her head away from Raven's cock and parts her soft lips as she lowers her
head down on Justin's cock. Wrapping her lips tightly around his cock, Dawn
begins to bob her ditzy head up and down his cock swiftly as she places her
right hand back around Raven's cock and begins to stroke his cock again as
she reaches forward with her left hand and takes Lance's cock into her soft,
delicately skilled hand.

"Oh shit yeah Dawn... you suck that incredible dick..." Justin says with a
moan he pushes his left hand through Dawn's brown hair, and holds it above
her head. Raven licks his lips as Dawn strokes his cock, and Lance puts his
right hand on top of Dawn left hand so he can make her stroke his cock
exactly how he wants her too. Behind her, Dreamer pumps his cock in and out
of Dawn's tight warm pussy in a way that makes Dawn move back and forth, but
doesn't cause her to lose her balance.

Dawn closes her eyes and moans against Justin's cock as she starts to work
her tongue around his cock as she splashes her warm saliva against his cock
as she bobs her head repeatedly as she gradually pushes herself back against
Tommy's hard cock in her tight, extremely wet cunt. "Ohhhhhhh..." Dawn moans
as she slowly her head up from Justin's cock causing her warm saliva to drip
down his long shaft. Dawn Marie turns her head to Lance's cock and takes his
cock immediately into her warm, wet mouth.

Justin steps back away from Dawn just as Dreamer pulls his cock out Dawn's
tight pussy after fucking her for a few minutes. Lance licks his lips as he
watches Dawn take his meaty cock inch by inch past her sweet lips. "That's
it Dawn... show them how serious you take sucking my cock..." Lance says
with a groan.

Raven smirks, "Looks like she's saving the best for last..." Raven says as
Dawn continues to stroke his cock.

Dawn starts to tap her tongue against the underbelly of Lance's shaft as
she moves her head swiftly of his cock. Dawn lifts her eyes up and locks her
soft, sultry eyes with Lance's serious, dark eyes. While Dawn focuses on
Lance's cock, orally pleasuring him, she works her right hand along Raven's
stiff, long shaft as she rubs the palm of her hand against his shaft.

Lance grabs a handful of Dawn's hair with his left hand as she continues
to bob her head up and down on his cock, "Ahhh yeah... Dawn... that's why
you're the best..." Lance groans as looks into Dawn's beautiful eyes.

Justin licks his lips, "Shit's time I gave her a real tombstone..." Justin
says as he moves around behind the sultry brunette, where he sticks his
saliva-covered cock right into Dawn's ass, making her up a bit as well as
jolt forward. The moment Justin thrusts his cock into her tight asshole,
Dawn lowers her head completely down on Lance's shaft as she deep throats
him. Lance places his hands on her head and begins thrusting his cock in
and out Dawn's mouth as the Impact Players have their way with their sexy
manager, Dawn Marie.

Raven frees his cock from Dawn's hand and takes a step back to watch The
Impact Players thrust their cocks in and out of Dawn's asshole and mouth.
Justin reaches underneath the sexy brown-haired woman and starts to
furiously rub her pussy as he pumps her round ass with his dick. Lance
tilts his head back and groans, "Oh yeah Dawn... that's it... keep it
up..." Lance says.

Meanwhile Raven walks over to a wooden bench and lays down on it. Dreamer
sees what Raven has down and smirks, "Hey Dawn, why don't you leave your
two boys... and go ride a former World Champion..." Dreamer says, somewhat
mocking Dawn Marie and the Impact Players.

Dawn slowly lifts her head up from Lance's cock and flips her hair back,
allowing a moan to escape her mouth "Ohhhhhhh Justin!" Dawn groans before
she looks over at Raven and licks her lips "Mmmm...another hard cock for a

Justin drills Dawn's ass with his stiff cock as he stops rubbing Dawn's
pussy with his hand, "Dawn... go fuck that brooding son of a bitch..."
Justin says as he pulls his somewhat thick shaft out of Dawn's ass hole
and smacks her butt cheeks with his dick.

Dawn licks her lips "Mmmm gladly..." Dawn says with a moan as she steps
away from Justin and flips her wavy, slightly sweat-moist hair and begins
to approach former ECW World Champion, Raven. Dawn presses her lips together
"Are you ready for wild ride?" Dawn asks as she stands next to the wooden
bench that Raven is laying on.

Raven smirks a bit, "Of course... what's stopping you from starting the
ride..." Raven says as he puts his hands behind his head, while Dreamer moves
to the end of the bench and waits to see which way Dawn is going to mount his
unwanted Tag Team Championship partner.

Dawn licks her lips "Prepare to be star-struck..." Dawn says before she
straddles herself on top of Raven, mounting herself on top of his cock. Dawn
grits her teeth as she lowers herself completely down, taking him deep into
her tight, warm pussy "Mmmmm...fuck..." Dawn groans as she places her hands
down Raven's slightly muscular chest and begins to bounce on his cock as she
rides Raven.

Raven groans as he keeps his hands behind his head, "Like... that big...
dick?" Raven asks her as Dawn as she bounces with good momentum up and on
his thick prick.

Behind Dawn, Tommy Dreamer kneels on the bench and he catches the hot
personal manager of Lance Storm off guard by slamming his cock into her
tight asshole. "Uhhh shit... you're tight..." Dreamer grunts as he feels
Dawn's butt clamp down on his cock before he begins fucking her.

"Ohhhhh I'm a STAR!" Dawn groans, tilting her head back as she closes her
eyes and starts to bounce quicker on Raven's cock as Tommy begins ramming
his cock deep into her tight asshole. Lance and Justin both smirk as they
watch Raven and Dreamer pump their cocks in and out of both of Dawn's pussy
and asshole. Dreamer holds onto Dawn's slender waist and pulls her back
towards him so her ass cheeks smash against his waist. Raven moves his hands
from behind his head and grabs hold of Dawn's large tits. The former two-time
ECW World Champion squeezes her tits as he thrusts his shaft sharply up into
her pussy.

Dawn bites down on her bottom lip as she slams down roughly on Raven's cock
"Mmmm...I' extreme....STAR!" Dawn groans as she pushes herself back
against Tommy's cock inside on her asshole, before jerking forward on Raven's
cock in her pussy.

"Yes you fucking are..." Dreamer grunts as he stops fucking the Dawn's ass
and pulls his throbbing cock out of her. He moves off the bench and leans
against the wall, while Justin and Lance approach Dawn and Raven.

"Time for some deep impact..." Lance says as he and Justin lift the hot and
sweaty woman off of Raven's cock. The Impact Players lift Dawn up completely
into the air, and Justin holds her up so that Lance can push his cock into
her hot, soaking wet, extreme pussy. Lance wraps his arms around his
girlfriend's sexy body so that Justin is able to ram his cock into Dawn's
ass for the second time.

Dawn grits her teeth "Ohhhh fuck....boys...treat me like a STAR!" Dawn moans.

"You... got it Dawn..." Justin groans as he and Lance begin lifting Dawn up
and down on their cock. Lance and Justin also thrust their dicks in and out
of Dawn's pussy and ass, making the hot brunette squeal with delight. Dawn
closes her eyes as she bounces quickly on Justin and Lance's throbbing, hard
cocks. Each time Dawn drops down on their cocks, their cocks become deeply
impacted into her pussy and asshole. "Uhhh fuck... you're such a hot
bitch..." Justin says as he drives his cock in and out of Dawn's tight
asshole with simply just incredible force. Lance licks his lips as he fucks
Dawn's tight pussy as he wraps kisses his girlfriend as she bounces on his
and Justin's dicks.

Lance breaks the kiss and smirks, "You're going to be... such a big star...
Dawn..." Lance says as he grinds his teeth together.

Dawn licks her lips "Ohhhh Lancey...I already am a big STAR!" Dawn groans as
she grinds her pussy down against Lance's cock, causing her boyfriend to cum
into her wet, tight pussy as Justin rams his cock deeper into her tight

"Ahhhh shit... Dawn...." Lance groans as he fills Dawn's hot wet pussy with
his cum. He kisses the sultry ditzy extreme starlet deeply, as he pulls his
cock out of her cum filled pussy.

While he does, Lance still holds Dawn up so that Justin continues to fuck her
round ass. "Ahhh shit... totally... just incredible..." Justin moans as he
starts to blow his load inside of her hot tight ass.

Dawn licks her lips as she groans "Ohhhhh Justin!" Dawn shrieks slightly as
sweat drips off her toned, tanned and stunning body.

"Oh shit..." Justin bites his tongue as he finish dumping his load inside of
Dawn's tight asshole. He soon pulls out of her round ass, and he and Lance
stand her on the floor.

"She's not done yet... she's got two more cocks to deal with..." Dreamer says
as he and Raven step towards the Dawn Marie.

Dawn licks her lips as she slides her left hand through her dampened her hair
"Mmmm...I want to suck that one..." Dawn says as she points at Raven's hard,
throbbing cock.

Raven licks his lips, "Then get down... and suck it..." Raven says as he puts
his hands on his hips as he prepares for Dawn Marie to blow him.

Dreamer smirks, "And I get to fuck you one more time..." Dreamer says as he
starts to step walk to stand behind Dawn Marie. Dawn licks her lips again as
she kneels down in front of Raven, taking his cock into her soft hands before
she shoves his entire cock into her warm, wet mouth. Dawn wraps her lips
around his cock and begins to bob her head along his shaft.

"Ohhh fuck... best head I've gotten in a long time..." Raven moans as he
places both of his hands on Dawn Marie's head.

Dreamer kneels behind Dawn Marie and lifts her up slightly so he can push his
cock into her tight cum filled pussy. The Innovator of Violence then wraps
his arms around her sweaty body as he begins humping her from behind, giving
her sharp thrusts. "Ohhh shit..." Dreamer grunts as he fucks Dawn Marie's
tight soaking wet pussy. Dawn bobs her head along Raven's cock quicker as she
works her tongue around his cock while her moans vibrate against his cock.
Dawn lifts her eyes and locks her sultry eyes with Raven's eyes.

Raven smirks as Dawn looks lustfully up into his eyes, "Ahhh... fuck...."
Raven tilts his head back and begins to cum inside of Dawn's hot moist mouth.
Dawn closes her eyes as she feels Raven's warm cum spray into her wet mouth.
Dawn moans against his cock as she swallows up his cum.

"Ohhh fuck... that was great..." Raven says as he slowly pulls his cock out
past her lips. With his dick is covered with a mix of cum and saliva, Raven
slides his shaft all over Dawn's face, coating her cheeks with a light layer
of the cum and saliva that was on his cock. Dreamer continues to fuck Dawn's
tight pussy as he jerks her back towards him.

Dawn bites down on her bottom lips as Tommy rams her pussy with his cock
"Ohhhh ahhhh...ohhhh yesss.." Dawn moans as she begins to slam her ass back
against his waist, forcing his hard cock deeper into her wet, warm pussy.

Dreamer grits his teeth as he rams his cock in and out of her pussy,
"Ohhhh... shit... gonna fucking blow..." Dreamer groans as gives Dawn one
more hard thrusts and he begins to cum inside of Dawn Marie's hot tight
pussy, filling her with more hot spunk.

Dawn tightly grinds her teeth "Ohhhhhhhh" Dawn groans as she feels Tommy's
cock drain with cum.

Dreamer slowly pulls his cock out of Dawn's tight pussy, "But... you're a
real extreme bitch..." Dreamer says with a groan.

Lance gets a very serious look on his face, "You better have meant that as
her being a bitch spelt B-Y-T-C-H..." Lance pauses after he spells bitch the
way Dawn does when someone calls her one.

Dawn looks over her shoulder and raises her eyebrow as she's confused "What?"

"Forget it..." Lance says as he sounds as confused as she does.

"Who cares.... Dawn here proved she's got what it takes to be a star by being
really extreme..." Justin says with a grin.

Dawn shakes her head with a smirk "No Justin, honey...I am THE STAR!"

"That you are Dawn..." Lance says, "And you're going to be the biggest star
on TNN..."

Dawn smiles and nods her head "That's right...Dawn on TNN." Dawn then pauses
and scratches the back of her head, getting a confused look on her face
" do you spell 'TNN', again?"


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