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Becoming The Champ
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Two days after the 2005 Royal Rumble and hours before the start of the
SmackDown tapings, Stephanie McMahon is in her office, talking with SmackDown
writers Michael Hayes and Bruce Prichard about the story lines to set up the
SmackDown side of WrestleMania. Bruce slides his hands into his pockets as he
explains one of his ideas to Stephanie, "What I'm think is that Rey and Eddie
win the tag belts at No Way Out and then we'll build some tension between so
they'll have a match at ‘Mania to open the show."

The beautiful daughter of Vince McMahon and the Director of Television
Writing, Stephanie McMahon nods her head in approval of the once Brother
Love, Bruce Prichard's idea. Stephanie smirks as she looks up from her
notepad "Bruce...I think that's an excellent idea, but we still have one
concern that needs to be dealt with when it comes to WrestleMania"
Stephanie says as she folds her arms over her chest looking at Bruce
Prichard and Michael Hayes as she dressed in a black business suit, with
a red buttoned blouse underneath her business jacket.

Michael Hayes strokes his chin as he thinks, "We still need to figure out
who's going to be number one contender to the WWE title..."

Bruce nods and snaps his fingers, "That's right... JBL's been great as
champion, but we need to make a change, the crowd is ready for it I think..."

Stephanie nods "Exactly! However the only question is who should we pencil in
to face JBL?" Stephanie says as she unfolds her arms and places her hands on
top of her desk.

"We've already got Kurt booked to face off against HBK... so he's out..."
Hayes says as he starts walk back and forth in front of Stephanie's desk,
"Not to mention that Taker is going to be going up against Orton to add on
to his Streak..."

Bruce rubs the back of his head as he thinks before suddenly asking, "How
about John Cena?"

Stephanie her eyebrow as she looks at Bruce Prichard "John Cena? John Cena?
You really think he could be Championship material?" Stephanie asks as she
looks at Bruce Prichard, then at Michael Hayes "Michael, what do you think?"
Stephanie asks, wanting to know his opinion.

The former Freebird, Michael Hayes scratches the right side of his neck,
"Well... Cena is a bit young and unpolished still... but he's got all the
tools to be another Rock or Stone Cold... plus he's got a huge fan base
already and his merchandise sells out at every arena... and he's done great
as the US champion... I think he could make a good champion or at least a
solid top contender."

Stephanie nods her head a bit as she looks at Michael Hayes "You're right,
he has charisma...amazing on his mic skills, a little weak with wrestling
skills...but hey he's still young, right?" Stephanie then shakes her head
"But…I don't know about having him win the belt at WrestleMania, though..."
Stephanie says.

Bruce Prichard nods his head, "We could test him... put him in a top
contenders match against say... Kurt at No Way Out, just to see if can carry
himself on a top level..."

"Now there's an idea, we can judge him based on that..." Just as Michael
Hayes is going into explain all the positives of Bruce's suggestion, there's
a knock on Stephanie's office door.

Stephanie raises her left hand up politely to silence both Michael Hayes and
Bruce Prichard. Stephanie clears her throat "Yes, come in.." Stephanie says
as she looks back toward Bruce Prichard and Michael Hayes.

The reigning WWE United States Champion and the subject of Bruce, Michael
and Stephanie's discussion, John Cena, opens the door and steps a bit into
Stephanie's office. Dressed in his white "World Life" t-shirt, black jean
shorts and a baseball cap with a retro version of the WWE logo on it, John
cringes a bit as he sees that Bruce Prichard and Michael Hayes are in
Stephanie's office, "Oh snap, damn I guess I'm interrupting something
big..." He says as he drapes the spinning version of the US title over his
right shoulder.

Stephanie smiles a bit as she cups her hands together on her desk, she laughs
a little "John...John come on in..." Stephanie says as she then motions with
her right hand for John to enter her office.

"Alright..." John says as s he walks into Stephanie's office. Bruce smiles
a bit, "John you have perfect timing, we were just talking about you...."

John raises his right eyebrow a bit as he takes off his WWE baseball cap, "I

Michael Hayes folds his arms, "That's right kid, but we'll let Stephanie tell
you the good news."

Stephanie smiles again as she casually stands up from her seat, then looks at
Bruce Prichard and Michael Hayes "Gentlemen...will you please excuse us?"

"Sure thing Stephanie..." Bruce Prichard replies as Michael Hayes nods his
head. The two SmackDown writers make their exit from Stephanie's office and
Michael closes the door behind them, leaving Stephanie alone with John.

John takes a moment to lay the US championship belt and his hat down on top
of a chair, "So what's the good news?" John asks with a curious look on his
handsome face.

Stephanie smiles a bit as she sits on the edge of her desk and faces John
"Well would you like a match at this years WrestleMania..."
Stephanie begins to say.

John smiles, "You know me, I'll more than happy to be on the card, even if
I'm the curtain jerker to open the show again..." John replies, referring to
his position on the previous year's WrestleMania where he won the US title
from the Big Show.

Stephanie laughs a little as she cups her hands together below her waist as
she sits on the edge of her desk " didn't let me finish..."

"Oh... sorry Steph...." John laughs a bit, "I thought that was your
question... my bad."

Stephanie smiles as she looks at John "Don't worry about it...but John, how
would you like to face JBL at WrestleMania for WWE Title?" Stephanie asks
with anticipation to hear John's response.

John's jaw drops open in pure surprise, "Aww man, I hope this ain't a rib or
anything, caused I'd love to take on JBL and 'Mania for the big belt..." John
has an excited look on his face as he tries to keep himself somewhat composed
and professional, but Stephanie can easily see how thrilled he is.

Stephanie nods her head with a smile as she folds her arms over her chest
"Now John...what brought you to my office?" Stephanie asks as she stands up
from her desk and walks around, behind John as he sits in front of her desk.

John rubs the back of his neck and laughs, "Oh... I came by to see who I was
going to be feuding with heading into No Way Out..." John says as he gets a
bit comfortable in the chair he sat on by shifting to the left and then the

Stephanie nods her head "Oh...I see, you just didn't drop by to say hello."
Stephanie shakes her head and sighs "That's how it always is." Stephanie says
as she looks at John with a playful smile.

"Aww Steph, you know all us guys like to say 'Hi' to ya..." John smiles, "But
you a really busy woman, so we all just stay outta your way..."

Stephanie smiles as she walks behind her desk and sits down on her chair as
she looks directly at John "Aww.. aren't you sweet John.." Stephanie laughs
a little, before clearing her throat "Now...John if we can get a bit more
serious, there is some concern about putting you in that type of match at

"Ummm, what kinda concerns?" John asks as he sits back in his chair before he
realizes what it could be, "It's about my style ain't it?"

Stephanie looks down a bit and presses her lips together as she nods "Yes...
actually... there is some feelings you might not be able to keep things
moving with JBL.." Stephanie admits "I don't mean to be a critic, but your
style is so much different and unique."

John laughs a little as he slides his left hand over his short brown hair,
"That's a nice way of saying I'm not quite ready to work in a match with

Stephanie shakes her head "John, no it's not that..." Stephanie says "We know
you have the intensity and the fan base…we just don't want to rush things to
quickly…like we did with Brock Lesnar." Stephanie smiles a bit as she looks
at John "Believe it or not...I'm a huge fan of your work…I think you're
great." Stephanie nods her head a bit "And.… believe it or husband
is a supporter of you..."

"Wow... he's one of my supports... damn... that's news to me..." John says
in amazement before he smiles, "But any way, I totally understand that whole
thing... you don't want me getting a big head like that meat head did..."
John's tone of voice clearly shows the disapproval of Brock Lesnar's choices
from a year ago.

Stephanie nods, but then smiles "However, I don't think you'll get a big head
or seem fairly well grounded and humble.." Stephanie says as she
looks at John "And…I think I'm ready to make my decision about WrestleMania."

John thinks for a moment, "Before you do... just in case... is there anyway
I can... improve my chances of getting the match with JBL?" John asks as he
thinks Stephanie is going to decide not to have him in the main event.

Stephanie raises her eyebrow a bit as she folds her arms, leaning back in her
chair "What did you say John?"

John leans forward on his chair and pats his hands together, "Well... you
know... I want to impress you to get in the match... I could tweak my style
a bit if that'll help... or what ever you think would be a good test for
me... cause if you go with someone else... at least I'd know I've tried to
show you everything I got."

Stephanie nods her head and then smirks a bit, pressing her lips together
"John...I think…there's a way you can prove to me that you deserve it."

John nods his head as he rubs his hands together, "All right... what is it...
cause anything you want me to do I'll do..."

Stephanie continues to smirk as she stands up from her chair, behind her
desk and steps out and walks around her desk to the front, where John Cena
is sitting at. Stephanie places her hands on her slender hips and looks down
at him "Stand up..."

"All right..." John stands up from the chair and he places his hands on his
waist, a bit confused of what Stephanie may have in mind for him, but John
knows there's no backing down from what he said.

Stephanie casually lowers her head and glances down at the crotch of John's
black jean shorts. Stephanie smirks, before she points to his jean shorts
with her left hand "And...take those off..."

John raises an eyebrow in surprise, "Take 'em off?" John shrugs and starts
to unbutton his jean shorts despite questioning Stephanie's request. As he
unzips his jean shorts, John pauses, "Steph I gotta warn ya... I don't wear
anything under these outside of the ring..."

Stephanie's face lightens up into a wider smirk, as she now raises an eyebrow
" that true?"

John nods his head, "Yeah... I like to be pretty loose..." He replies as he
starts to lower his jean shorts down his legs and he steps out of them. John
then stands straight, and Stephanie can see what he said is very true as his
fourteen inch cock hangs between his muscular legs, but it's half covered up
due to the length of John's t-shirt.

Stephanie licks her lips and then motions her head to John's t-shirt "Now
that...take it off..." Stephanie says as she steps a bit closer to John.
John smiles a little as he see Stephanie lick her lips before he starts to
lift off his t-shirt, As he lifts his shirt up, Stephanie can see every inch
of his muscular upper body become exposed and within moments, John has his
t-shirt off and stands before Stephanie completely naked.

Stephanie slowly raises her head up and looking from down to up of John's
muscular and hot body "Very nice, Mr. Cena..." Stephanie smirks "But...I have
a question for you..."

"Fire away..." John smiles as he places his hands on his waist, completely
comfortable being in front of the beautiful heiress to the WWE while his cock
starts to rise a bit, but not a lot.

"You have the intensity in the ring..." Stephanie licks her lips as she locks
her eyes on John's large, hardening cock " you have the intensity...
out of the ring."

John slightly licks his lips, " Steph... a while back... I asked you why
don't you let me tap that ass...and I got intensity for everything... in the
ring... out of the ring... in the gym... in the bedroom..."

Stephanie smirks and nods her head "Ohh...John, I remember how you wanted
to tap this ass.." Stephanie says slightly gritting her teeth "Lets put your
money where your mouth is now...and let me just.. Suck.. That...Dick..."

"Hey... you're the boss..." John smirks a bit as he spreads his legs apart to
get a good firm base. "But... if I can make a little request... how about you
let those puppies out to play..."

Stephanie smirks as she looks at John "Why don't…you did it yourself."
Stephanie says back as she bends her body over and remains standing in front
of John as she flips her dark hair back as she grips John's shaft with her
right hand. Stephanie slowly guides her hand up and then back down John's
shaft as she begins to stroke his cock.

"Damn girl... don't have to tell me twice..." John moans a bit as Stephanie
strokes his shaft. John leans down a bit and pulls up on Stephanie's black
business suit jacket and her left arm slips out of it easily, and he causes
Stephanie to let go of his cock so that her right arm can slip out of the
suit jacket sleeve. : Stephanie smiles up and John as she places her right
hand back around John's cock and begins to stroke her hand up against his
shaft. Stephanie guides her soft hand down John's shaft, towards his
ballsack. The beautiful McMahon daughter, cups John's ballsack in her right
hand and begins to rub his ballsack with her hand. "Mmmmm... damn... you're
really are hands on..." John laughs a little as he leans down a bit so he
can reach underneath Stephanie so he can unbutton her expensive red blouse.

Stephanie leans her head a bit above John's cock and spits her warm saliva
onto the head of John's cock. Stephanie's warm saliva rolls off the head of
John's cock and begins to trickle down John's hard shaft. Stephanie slowly
raises her right hand back up John's shaft, rubbing the palm of her hand
against her saliva, which rubs against John's shaft.

"Ohhh damn..." John moans as he feels Stephanie spread her saliva over his
cock with her right hand just as he finishes unbuttoning her red blouse. Just
like he did with her suit jacket, he pulls up on Stephanie's blouse, with her
left arm sliding out of its sleeve first before Stephanie let's go of his
shaft so he can pull her blouse off her right arm. Stephanie licks her lips
as she looks up at John as he removes the red blouse from Stephanie's upper
body. Stephanie smirks at John before she lowers her head to John's cock and
presses her lips together against the head of his cock, giving him a softly
kiss before she sticks her tongue out of her mouth and gently pats her tongue
against the tip of John's large cock.

"Mmmmm damn..." John lets out a soft moan as he flips Stephanie's lovely
brown hair back and he holds her hair above her head. "I see you like to hang
loose too..." John notes as he sees that Stephanie is not wearing a bra of
any kind. Stephanie slowly circles her tongue around the head of John's cock,
before she opens her warm mouth and pushes his cock into her wet mouth.
Stephanie wraps her lips around John's cock as she starts to slowly bob her
head against his cock at first, giving him a slow and gentle blowjob.

John lets out a low long groan of pleasure, as the warmth of Stephanie's
mouth on his cock makes the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, "Shit...
that's fucking great..." John places his left hand on Stephanie's left
shoulder as he closes his eyes. Gradually, Stephanie begins to bob her head
quicker on John's cock as she swirls her tongue around John's shaft, as she
lips slide up and down, rubbing against the sides of his cock, as she bobs
her head up and down. Stephanie moans softly against John's cock, sending
vibrations against his shaft as she sucks steadily on his cock.

"Man... this... is one... hell of a blowjob..." John moans as he slightly
thrust his hips forward to push a bit more of his shaft past Stephanie's
sexy lips. John lightly squeezes her left shoulder as he starts to let go
of her brown hair and it falls down gradually to the sides of her face.
Stephanie gently rotates her head around on John's cock as she tightens
her lips against his shaft, as she slows down her head bobs, and lowers
her head completely down on John's cock, deep throating his massive tool.
"Ahhh fuck..." John groans and licks his lips as he tilts his head back,
completely enjoying the way Stephanie is devouring his cock. "Damn...
Steph... you sure... know how to handle... big... decisions..." Stephanie
opens her mouth wider as her head is completely down on John's long, stiff
cock to the point of which his ballsack is pressing against Stephanie's

John bites his bottom lip fairly hard, leaving a slight impression of his
teeth on his lip and he grabs a firm hold of Stephanie's brown hair, "Mother
fucker.... damn.... ohhh shit... and... I thought... I had... to impress
you..." John says in between several moans and groans.

Stephanie slowly lifts her head up from John's cock as her warm saliva drips
off of John's hard, erected cock and her saliva falls onto the floor of her
office. Stephanie smirks as she stands up straight and leans back against her
wooden desk with a sly smirk "Oh...I'm just warming you up John.." Stephanie
says as she starts to push her black suit pants down from her round hips.

John smirks back at Stephanie as he watches her push down her black pants
and he sees the black thong-underwear she has on. "Trust me Steph... I'm all
warmed up...." John then licks his lips, "Maybe I should warm you up a bit...
or... just rock your world..."

Stephanie smirks as she steps out of her black suit pants and flips her brown
hair back over her shoulder as she sits up on her desk, leaving her black
thong on "Why don't you impress me John.... go down on me...thuganomics
style" Stephanie smirks.

John smirks, "All right Steph... you're the boss..." John steps towards her
and spreads Stephanie's legs apart before he kneels down in front her and the
desk. John grabs hold of her black thong and quickly pulls it down her smooth
lightly tanned legs to expose her perfectly shaved billion-dollar pussy. John
looks up at her and licks his lips, as he brings his left hand to her pussy
and uses his thumb and forefinger to spread her soft pussy lips open. John
then leans his head forward and teasingly flicks the tip of his tongue
against her clit while also blowing his warm breath onto it.

Stephanie smirks as she looks down at John as he blows warm air into her
fabulous billion-dollar pussy "Mmmmm John..." Stephanie moans as she tilts
her head back, once she feels John's tongue work its way into her tight
McMahon cunt. John slowly slides his tongue in and out of Stephanie's pussy
as he raises his right hand to lay it on her thigh. When John pulls his
tongue back from inside her pussy, he blows warm air back onto her pussy
before pushing it back into her cunt. Very deliberately, John thrusts his
tongue in and out of her pussy while moving it around in a circular motion
inside of her. Stephanie closes her eyes as her head remains tilted back
"Ohhhh…mmm John...ohhh…yeah..." Stephanie moans as she places her left hand
on top of John's shorthaired head as she starts to push her pussy against
John's tongue. With now Stephanie pushing her pussy against his tongue and
face, John starts moving his tongue quicker, darting it in and out of her
hot dripping pussy. The Doctor of Thuganomics moves his right hand from
Stephanie's thigh towards her pussy and he slides two fingers into her, and
is now finger-banging the Billon-Dollar Princess's pussy in addition to
tongue-fucking her.

Stephanie her teeth as she slides her left hand through her soft, brown hair
"Ohhhh John…fuck yesss..." Stephanie groans.

John then slowly slides his tongue out of Stephanie's pussy and looks up at
her. While continuing to pump his fingers in and out of her pussy, John licks
his lips, "You like that Steph?" He asks with a bit of coy smirk.

"Mmmm ohhhh fuck yess..." Stephanie groans "Ohhh…John…fuck me..." John
smirks and takes his fingers out of Stephanie's pussy before he pushes her
to lay back on her desk. John holds her legs apart and pushes his thick
fourteen-inch cock into Stephanie's waiting pussy. Placing his hands flat
on the desk, John thrusts his cock all the way into Stephanie until his
balls are pressing up against her. Stephanie closes her eyes as her head
hangs off of the desk as John gradually thrusts his cock deeper and quicker
into Stephanie's warm, wet pussy "Ohhhh ahhhh John, fuck yess!" Stephanie
moans as she pushes herself against John's large cock.

"Mmmmm... you like... that... don't ya...ahhhh." John grunts a bit as he
keeps his thrusts quick and even, making sure that Stephanie feels every
inch of his shaft moving in and out of her pussy. John's large balls slap
against Stephanie's skin repeatedly and the US champ leans down far enough
so he can flick his tongue around Stephanie's left breast to give her a
little extra stimulation.

Stephanie grits her teeth as she reaches with her hands and tightly grips
John's strong arms, digging her nails into his skin "Ohhhh fuck yesss!"
Stephanie moans as she leverages a bit and starts to slam her body against
John's powerful cock.

John grits his teeth together for a moment as he pumps his cock in and out
of Stephanie's pussy with more fierce thrusts, making Stephanie move a bit
on her desk. "Shit... Steph... you have.... a hot... tight.... pussy...."
John says as he moves his head from Stephanie's left breast to her right,
where he lightly bites her right nipple and pulls on it a bit with his

Stephanie throws all of her weight against John's cock as she comes slamming
hard against his stiff cock, making his cock ram deep into her pussy "Ahhhh
fuck!" Stephanie moans loudly as she starts to sweat.

"Fuck Steph.... I wanna tap your ass.... now!" John groans as he roughly
pulls his cock out of Stephanie's pussy. He grabs her arms and pulls
Stephanie up so she's sitting on desk, then much to Stephanie's surprise
John kisses her and slips his tongue into her mouth to wrestle her own
tongue a bit. Stephanie moans into John's mouth as she laps her tongue
around inside of his mouth as she tastes drops of sweat from both herself
and John. She wraps her tongue around John's cock and begins to slide
tongue on his tongue, as she continues to kiss him.

John moves his hands over Stephanie's waist, thighs and belly as breathes
into her mouth as his tongue taps against Stephanie's before he breaks it.
Taking a moment to wipe some sweat from his brow, he smirks at Stephanie,
"Ready for that juicy ass of yours to get tapped thuganomic style?"

Stephanie smirks "Put your money…where your mouth is...thug.." Stephanie
says with a slight attitude in her voice.

John smirks, "I rather put my cock in you...." John takes a step back and
lifts Stephanie off the desk. He turns her around and pushes her forward a
bit so she can place her hands down on the desk to support herself. Behind
her, John playfully but firmly smacks Stephanie's right ass cheek with his
right hand.

Stephanie smirks as she looks back over her shoulder "What are you waiting
for John? Why don't you...Fuck...My...Ass!" Stephanie says as she places her
hands firmly on top of her hands.

"Hey... had to see how good it was first..." John smirks as he smacks her
ass one more time. John then grips his throbbing cock with his left hand and
presses it up against her asshole. After releasing his dick, John clutches
Stephanie's ass cheeks with his hands as he rams his cock all the way into
asshole with a hard thrust.

Stephanie grits her teeth "Ohhhhhh fuck me!" Stephanie moans as she feels his
hard, large cock buried deep inside of her asshole.

"You... got... it..." John grinds his teeth together as he moves his hands
from Stephanie's ass cheeks to her waist before he begins to thrust in and
out of her. Starting off with a moderately slow pace to make sure Stephanie
can feel every change in his thrust, John begins alternating between drilling
her asshole with a hard and soft thrusts while holding her still to prevent
the Billion-Dollar beauty from pushing back.

Stephanie tilts her head back as she feels John's cock furiously ramming
inside of her tight asshole "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh goddddd yessssss!" Stephanie
moans as she roughly slams herself back against his cock. John smirks and
grunts at way Stephanie forced herself back against him. The muscular
Doctor of Thuganomics begins pulling Stephanie back towards him as he
savagely fucks her ass. Because of Stephanie slamming herself back against
him, John is able to move one hand around her waist in order to slide two
fingers back into her pussy.

Stephanie bites down on her bottom lip as John rubs his two fingers quickly
against Stephanie warm, wet pussy "Ohhhhh awwww...John!" Stephanie moans as
sweat drips off of her body.

"Damn... Steph.... you're... a high... class... girl... with... a perfect...
ass..." John grunts as sweat flies off his body with every thrust. John
changes up his thrusts once more to where they are nothing more than him
quickly pulling out and ramming his cock full speed deep into her asshole,
which makes Stephanie push her pussy against his fingers.

"Ohhhh John...mmmm fuck yess..." Stephanie groans as she starts to cum on
John's two fingers.

John clenches his eyes shut for a moment, "Fuck Steph... I'm gonna... paint
your ass... in a sec..." John pulls his fingers out of Stephanie's pussy
before pulls out of asshole. Quickly grabbing his cock, John strokes his
cock a bit before he starts to launch streams of cum across Stephanie's
sweaty backside.

Stephanie licks her lips as sweat drips down her beautiful face "Ohhh...
John..." Stephanie moans with a slight smirk.

John groans softly as he smiles, "How was it?" He asks as he starts to rub
his cum over Stephanie's ass with both of his hands.

Stephanie looks over her shoulder with her face covered in sweat. Stephanie
smirks and nods her head "Well John..."

With beads of sweat dripping down his face, John swallows a bit, "Yes Steph?"
he replies as he continues to rub her ass.

Stephanie licks her lips, keeping her dominating smirk "At WrestleMania...The
Champ Is YOU!"


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