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Behind Closed, But Not Locked Doors
by WOWButtLover

Stephanie and Vince walked into the small office. Stephanie was clearly
displeased and to show it she slammed her luggage on the desk.

"What kinda fuckin morons work here?" Stephanie said to Vince, it was not
really a question.

"I don't know Steph." Vince said.

"All I we asked for was two office rooms for me and you." Stephanie said as
she shuffled through her bag. The beautiful princess was dressed in a tight
short skirt and a equally tight black top. She looked sexy as always.

"God, it's so fuckin hot!" Stephanie said as she wiped her forehead.

"Well at least there's a fuckin bathroom." Stephanie said, Vince gazed over
towards the door across the room, it led to the bathroom.

"I'm gonna change dad, these clothes are sweaty." Stephanie said as she
grabbed her bag began to walk into the bathroom. Vince caught himself looking
at his own daughter's ass, wondering to himself how she squeezed that thing
in that skirt. Stephanie walked into the bathroom and closed the door, it was
a small bathroom. The sink was directly on the left and the toilet beside
that. A small shower was opposite of the toilet. Stephanie didn't usually see
offices with a full-fledged bathroom attached. She dropped her bag between
the toilet and the sink and began to remove her clothes, she started with her
shirt. She lifted it over her head and then dropped it ontop of her bag. She
took this chance to admire her enhanced tits, she held them and squashed them
together. God, she loved how they looked. She stopped fondling herself and
began to remove her skirt. She grabbed the waistband and started lowering the
skirt while swaying her hips side to side so that it could get over her large
ass. It took her awhile but she finally got the damn skirt off and once again
Stephanie looked in the mirror at her body. This time she admired her
beautiful backside. She loved her body, her ass was sexy and she knew it.
She had been told by thousands that it was. Stephanie then removed her black
thong as well, she dropped it ontop of her gym bag and then removed a black
skirt and a black top, identical to the ones she just took off. Stephanie put
her clothes on and then once again admired herself.

Meanwhile Vince sat in the chair behind the only desk in the room, he layed
his head back. Stephanie soon came out of the bathroom and walked over to
Vince, he smiled at her. Stephanie then sat on her dad's lap, this wasn't
unusual as she had frequently done this, after all she was daddy's little
girl. She sat directly ontop of his cock, her wide ass pressed heavily on
his dick. Vince was too embarrassed to tell her that she was ontop of his

"So what's gonna happen tonight?" Stephanie asked as she threw her legs
across her dad's lap.

"Um...I'm not sure honey. I gotta look at everything." Vince said as he tried
to somehow shift his dick. Stephanie shifted forward and grabbed some papers
that lay on the desk. When she shifted her weight back it actually made
Vince's case worse as his cock began to grow because of the attention it was
getting. 'Oh god' Vince thought to himself. He was getting nervous, his cock
was getting ready to poke his daughter on the ass.

"Let me get up baby, I think I'm gonna take a quick shower. Vince said as he
began to guide Stephanie off of his lap. Stephanie stood up and watched as
her dad walked towards the bathroom, he was slightly bent, trying to hide
his erection. Vince got into the bathroom and headed right to the toilet, he
dropped his pants and boxers and sat on the toilet. He had to take care of
Big daddy. Vince's cock was currently only 6 inches long but that soon
changed as he grabbed his cock and began to quickly jerk off. He closed his
eyes and began to imagine Torrie Wilson bent over infront of him. He smiled
as he let his imagination go wild. 3 minutes later Vince was still at it,
his hand was getting tired. Finally he stopped at opened his eyes.

Vince sat for a moment and rested his hand. And as he waited for his hand to
regenerate something caught his eye. A black gym bag sat beside him and ontop
of the bag was a black thong...his daughter's thong. Vince sat there for a
moment staring at Stephanie's thong, so many thoughts were going thru his
mind. And he kept telling himself, 'It's would just help me cum, I can fuckin
cum for some reason'. And then Vince grabbed the thong and held it infront of
him. It was alittle damp, from Stephanie's sweat was his guess. Vince bent
over and turned the water on in the shower so that Stephanie would think he
was taking a shower like he had told her he was. Vince then slowly brought
the thong to his nose and sniffed his own daughter's scent. Chills went thru
his body, the thong carried the scent of her cunt and the smell sent his mind
into a horny frenzy. He grabbed his cock again and began to jerkoff while he
buried his nose in the pussy spot of his daughter's thong.

Stephanie sat in the office chair and swayed side to side thinking about what
she had to do tonight. Stephanie then sat up and was getting ready to write
something down when she felt a cold chill on her pussy. She immediately knew
what it was, she had forget to put some panties on.

"Fuck." Stephanie said to herself. She sat for a moment and began to think.
Stephanie had a bad memory(which is why she was currently commando) so she
knew she couldn't wait to get some panties because she would end up
forgetting and next thing you know someone photographs her billion dollar
cunt. Stephanie turned her head to the bathroom door. She then remembered
that her bag was right beside the sink which was right next to the door. She
could just reach in there and grab her stuff. It would be so eas - Stephanie
dropped her head. The door was locked, why hadn't she thought about that in
the first place? Stephanie sat there and started trying to remind herself
about her panties. And then a thought came into her head, maybe the door
wasn't locked...

Stephanie slowly walked up to the door and grabbed ahold of the handle, she
slowly started to turn it. Vince was jerking his cock as fast as he could,
his face was turning red and his cock aswell. He continued to take deep
sniffs of his daughter's thong, there was a streak of white on her thong
from he had guessed she had gotten wet for some reason. Without even thinking
he stuck his tongue out and tasted it. He groaned as chills went thru his
body again, god she tasted good. Vince could feel it building up, this was
the reason why he had decided to pick up her panties. He needed some
encouragement to cum.

Stephanie smiled when the doorknob turned fully, she then slowly began to
open the door and bend down at the same time. She stuck her arm past the door
and began to wave it around, trying to find her bag. After about 10 second of
doing that she just said 'fuck it' and opened the door some more and looked
inside of the bathroom. And directly infront of her eyes was her father with
his cock in his hand and... and her thong to his nose and mouth. Stephanie
froze, she just froze completely.

If Vince didn't have the water on and his eyes open then he would of seen and
heard his daughter opening the door but he didn't. And he continued to jerk
off without notice that his daughter was watching him. Stephanie was still
frozen as she watched her dad jerk his large 8 almost 9 inch cock up and
down, his balls flopped in the air. Vince took one more big whiff of his
daughter scent and then...

"Do I smell good dad?" Stephanie asked her father. At that moment Vince's
eyes shot open and cum shot out of his dick. Some cum went on his chin, the
rest shot across the bathroom and spilled all over around the shower. Vince
just froze and looked at his daughter. Stephanie stood in the doorway, her
hand on her hip. If Vince had been in his right mind at that moment then he
would of sensed his daughter's current mood. Stephanie entered the bathroom,
closed the door behind her and locked it this time. Stephanie then walked
over to her father and stood right infront of him.

"I..." Vince attempt to speak but he did even know what to say. Stephanie
looked down at her father, more precisely at her fathers cock. She then look
at his face, Vince stared at her. She noticed some cum on his chin. And then
something happened that Vince would never forget. Stephanie bent over and
licked his cum off of his chin and then swallowed it. If Stephanie would of
been asked what she was about to do, she wouldn't be able to answer. For
Stephanie didn't even know the answer herself. It was like she couldn't
resist, it just felt like the right thing to do.

"Does my pussy smell good?" Stephanie asked her own dad. Vince just nodded.
Stephanie then smiled and dropped to her knees, her dad's cock was then only
6 inch form her face, she looked at it. And then she grabbed it and without
any warning she put it in her beautiful mouth. Vince's heart was beating as
fast as it go possibly go. Stephanie began to bob up and down on her father's
cock. Steph glided her thick, pouty lips up and down her dads shaft, her
tongue slithering around and filling her mouth with the taste of Vince's
manhood. She loved the way her father tasted. Stephanie looked up at him as
he brushed her hair out of her face, allowing him to get a good view of her
lips sliding up and down his shaft, something no man could ever fully imagine
without it actually happening. His babygirl was on her knees in front of him
with her lips firmly wrapped around his cock. Stephanie then pulled off of
his cock.

"Keep it hard for me daddy." Stephanie said before resuming her duties.
She pushed her head down on her father's cock, it travel into her mouth and
started to touch the back of her throat. She then pushed even deeper and as
his cock touched her tonsils she held back the urge to gag. Vince looked on
in amazement, this was the greatest day of his life. He had never dreamed of
fucking his daughter but no man could pass this up. Stephanie gave his cock
one last long lick before standing up. Vince did stay hard for her, as a
matter of fact this was the hardest he had ever been in his life. Stephanie
unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt, she didn't want to bother with taking
it off, she just hiked it up. That's when Vince first layed eyes on his
babygirl's pussy since he had changed her diapers when she was a baby. But
this time he looked at it in a different way. In the 'dear god I'm getting
ready to fuck that' way. Stephanie walked forward and over Vince's legs. She
stood above his cock, her snatch inches from his face.

"Smell my wet pussy daddy." Stephanie told Vince. And she wasn't lying, her
pussy was almost dripping wet. Vince did as his daughter told him to and bent
forward and took a deep whiff of his daughter's soaking wet cunt. Ironically
enough Vince lost his breath when he breathed in her scent. It was
unbelievable how much Vince loved how she smelled, Vince's body loved it even
more, his body wouldn't stopped tingling.

"Fuck Steph you smell so good." Vince said to her. Stephanie smiled.

"Tell me how I feel." Stephanie told him before she lowered her cunt onto her
own father's large dick, the very same dick that went in her mother's pussy
and made her. Stephanie groaned as daddy's cock slid up her smooth pussy.
Vince watched as his daughter lowered herself down on him. God, it was such a
unbelievable sight, his daughter, the billion dollar princess was sitting on
his dick. Stephanie stared into her father's eyes as she rested on his lap,
his cock completely inside of her.

"Do you like having your cock inside of your daughters pussy?" Stephanie
asked as she began to slowly ride her father. Vince just nodded. "Huh daddy?
I bet you've always wanted to fuck me. Am I right daddy?" Stephanie loved to
talk dirty. And what a better situation to be talking dirty.

"God yeah baby!" Vince said as he groaned. Stephanie started riding harder.
Her dad's big cock felt so good in between her legs. Stephanie wasn't at
all sure why she had decided to hop on her own father's cock but she wasn't
regretting it. They both breathed heavily as Stephanie hopped up and down on
daddy's dick. Vince held onto Stephanie's wide hips to keep her steady.

"God baby!" Vince moaned, Stephanie loved seeing him in ecstasy because of
her tight cunt.

Stephanie slowed to a halt.

"Hey daddy."

"Yeah baby." Vince answered.

"What do you think of my ass?" Stephanie asked her dad. Vince smiled.

"I think it's the greatest ass I've ever fuckin seen." Vince replied and he
was honest.

"Well what do you think about putting your big cock up it?" Stephanie asked,
obviously knowing his answer. Vince lost his breathe for a moment.

Stephanie didn't wait for an answer, she lifted her cunt off of her dads
soaking wet cock and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand. She spread her ass
wide and without hesitation, lowered her beautiful ass down ontop of her
father's throbbing dick. Stephanie grunted as her dad's cock began to travel
up her behind. Stephanie enjoyed anal very much and she knew she would enjoy
it more than ever. Vince's dick began to disappear inside of his babygirl's
asshole and Vince wasn't sure how long he could last inside of her ass.
Stephanie finally fit all of his dick in her and rested on his lap for a
moment. Vince stared at her chest, Stephanie noticed.

She then grabbed her top and pulled it up and off of her body. She then
unclasped her bra and dropped it to the ground. That's when Vince finally
layed eyes on his daughter's bare chest, he reached up and squeezed her
massive chest. Stephanie braced herself as she started to lift her ass up
and then lowered it back down. She was so wet, her juices leaked all over
Vince's cock and balls. She wasted no time and started to rapidly hop on
his dick, her ass making a loud smacking sound every time it made contact
with her dad's thighs.

"Ugh...fuck daddy! Is my ass tight daddy?" Stephanie said in a out of breath,
sexy voice.

"Fuck yeah honey!" Vince replied. Vince still held onto her tits as she
hopped up and down on him. He had never seen a more beautiful site,
Stephanie's hair stuck to her face, her body glistened with sweat. He was
living millions of mens dream right now, he was fucking Stephanie McMahon.
Plus he was fucking his own daughter. He didn't feel sick at all for it,
they could do what the fuck ever they wanted. Stephanie was now rubbing
her clit as she got ass fucked by her dad, Vince was close to blowing his
load and he knew it.

"I'm gonna cum!" Vince yelled.

"Cum in my ass daddy!" Stephanie told him, Vince couldn't believe how fuckin
lucky he was at this moment.His daughter just asked him to cum up her ass.
Stephanie was getting ready to cum too and what sent her over the limit was
the feeling of her dads hot sperm shooting up her ass. Vince thrusted his
dick one good time up against her ass and let go of his seed. He blew a huge
load in her ass, he came for a good 15 seconds and Stephanie groaned and
moaned as she orgasmed as well.Cum leaked out of her asshole as she sat on
his lap. She fell against his chest, he wrapped his arms around her. And they
just sat there for a good while, neither really knowing what was going to
happen next...
_ _ _

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