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Behind The Photoshoot
by Arcanine878

Click! Click!

Light-bulbs flashed all around the beautiful former WWE Divas Champion, Celeste Bonin. I took my eye off the camera, checking to see the quality photos I took. "How's it look?" She asked, as she hopped over in her tight outfit, her breasts bouncing up elegantly as she moved. She looked like she enjoyed herself, having a blast taking photos of her and and her friends in her company's merchandise.

"Oh damn, these photos are gold." She said with a huge smile. "Ladies, come check these photos out!" The other three girls came from the front of the room to the camera, admiring at how the images captured their beauty.

"Ugh, that's such a horrible angle for me!" Brittany Fried complained.

"Oh come on Brit, we all look amazing!" Laila responded with a laugh.

We scrolled through the photos for a good five minutes, but we still had plenty more to take. It was time for the ladies to change into the next set of outfits for the online shop. As they took out their bags with the clothing, I started to tune my camera a bit. I shortened the shutter speed to get more variations for a photo. I fixed the lightning to capture not only details about the material they wear, but also their toned body. I confirmed the settings, and looked into the camera eye. Everything looked good. I began taking test photos, capturing different areas. I took a pic of the set, then at the ground below me. Everything looked good. I looked behind me, and through the camera, I saw the four ladies changing. They weren't shy at all, letting their tits hand free. None of them were wearing bras, or even panties for that matter, as they slipped on the clothes onto their muscular bodies. I pressed the snapshot button, capturing multiple shots of them changing.

"Oh, lookie here ladies. We got a little peeker." Celeste said, giggling as she pretended she didn't want me to see, covering her tits. She gave me a wink, as the other ladies laughed. I smirked for a bit. This is about to get fun.

The ladies came back with a new, tighter outfit. "Alright ladies, this is the last set of photos, correct?"

Celeste, looking me in my eyes with a lick of her soft lips, replied "Correct.", as she stared right at me. Her nipples were hard, and from that point-on, I could tell that the photoshoot wasn't the last thing she was going to do with me.

"Alright ladies, 3...2...1!" Click! I started taking multiple photos, capturing all the girls in one photo. Their asses looked incredible in their tights.

God damn. It was like icing-on-the-cake as Celeste rubbed Brittany's ass. She slapped it, as it jiggled and bounced back and forth between each cheek.

"Ow Kaitlyn, you little kinky-fucker." Brittany said with a smile, as she gave a slap back twice as harder to Celeste. Celeste bounced up, placing her palms on her cheeks with a gasp. All I could think of at the time was, "Damn, these are gonna be amazing photos to keep later.".

"I think this is a wrap." Celeste said with a big glee. She walked over to me and gave me a big hug. All though her arms were more muscular than mine, they felt good around me. Her tits pressed up against my chest, and boy I was definitely aware of her hard nipples.

"Hey Celeste, you mind if I edit my photos here? I want to make sure you get the photos you want to see."

"Ooh, that's a good idea. There's a guest room in the back you can work in. The wifi pass is in that room too, so go crazy." She said.

The other ladies all interrupted and came in to thank me, as they began to pack their bags and head out.

I sat down on a desk in the room, opened up photoshop and plugged my camera into my Mac book. Hundreds of photos popped up. I began picking out photos to work on, and scrolled down to where took the shot of Celestes bare tit's. I was already horny, and haven't masturbated in days. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock. I couldn't resist stroking to her enormous breasts. I wrapped my fingers around my base and slid them up to my head and smoothly back down. The feeling felt amazing, as I began quickening the pace, letting out a few hard breaths. I gazed into her tits, almost mindlessly. My only intention at this point was to cum. I leaned back in my chair and spread my legs out farther, jacking off to this treasure of a photo.

My pace was quick. As my pants slid down slowly, I stared more and more into the photo. I heard Celeste's voice in the background, asking "How's the photos coming along." I let out a quick, hasty reply, saying "Good!" I was still focused on cumming, as the gorgeous gal walked into the room, staring at my hand gripped around my cock.

"Heh, I knew you were a horny one, but I didn't think you'd have the balls to start masturbating in my house. You didn't think I'd catch you? I could hear you fapping right out this door. I mean, it is cracked open after all." Celeste said, as she closed the door and locked it behind her. I let my hand off my cock and sat deeper in my seat.

"Celeste, c'mon. You change naked right in front of me, you're nipples are already solid like a rock, how can you not expect me to masturbate over you?"

"By letting me take control." She said, as she took off her Celestial Bodies tank top. "You like my boobs?" She said, massaging them in the palm of her hands. "Well how'd you like them around that hard cock of yours?" She said, licking her lips as she locks her target. She squatted down and griped my cock with her tits and began pulsing up and down.

I leaned back, letting the busty diva take over. "Mmmm..." I let out. Celeste bounced her thighs up and down, gliding her tits across my cock.

" like that huh?" She asked. I let out a sigh of relief, letting her know the answer.

She spat on my dick to add some more lube around my penis. She squeezed her tits tighter around my cock and pushed it through her jugs.

"Mmm you're cock is so hard." She moaned, as she grabbed my cock with one hand and started rubbing the head of my penis against her nipple.

Celeste lowered her head down and wrapped her tongue around my head, teasing me before the show actually started. She started sucking on the head, as she looked up at me with her round, brown eyes. She then inched down, wrapping one hand around my base and using the other hand for support. She weaved her head up and down, salivating all over my cock as her warm tongue presses against my shaft. Her velvet-like lips glided smoothly down the skin of my cock, filling her mouth. She took my penis out of her mouth, and guided the tip of her tongue down the middle of my penis to my balls, and started tugging at them a bit. She looked at my cock in admiration, and went back at it, managing to go all the way down on me.

She paused blowing me, as I helped her up to her feet. She led me to her soft, king sized bed with red blankets and pillows. I laid down with my cock straight in the air, lubed up from her saliva. She slid off her underwear and hopped on top of me, her toned legs spread around me. She leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips for awhile, than began to slide her pink pussy back around my rock-hard cock.

"Mmmm, yes.." She sighed, as she arched her ass up and slid down my cock. She placed her arms on my chest, leaning against me, as she moved her ass up and down my cock.

"Mmm Celeste, you sure know how to work that ass don't you?"

"When you got an ass like I do, you gotta learn how to use it." She said with a wink, as she began pressing her ass down on my cock. I placed my hands on her ass, helping her lift herself up and go down. I squeezed it as I felt the pressure in my cock slowly go up. I gave her a quick spank on her left cheek, letting her now that I can be the dominant one at any time.

"Oh fuck!" She said, as I gave her a slap on the other cheek this time. She loved it, as she let her head hang loose and her ass do the work.

It was time for me to take charge. I picked her up and pinned her against the bed with my cock still trapped in her tight pussy hole. She wrapped her legs around me as I bucked my hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out.

"Fuck yes, fuck me good." She moaned, as I grind my cock against her. She wrapped her arms around me, and began passionately making out with me, pressing tongues together. I still managed to keep a good rhythm going with my cock as we made out. I inched my way deeper down her wet pussy, taping her with my balls.

I lifted my body up as I fucked her pussy quicker. My cock was drowning in her honey pot. Her moans were getting louder as I rammed her more and more. She grabbed her plump titties to try to hold them down from moving so much, but it was no use. Her head was too filled with ecstasy to have any power to control herself. She was mine now.

I slid my cock out and helped Celeste to get to all fours. I grabbed her waist and moved her pussy down on my cock. "Oh yes!" She moaned, as I squeezed her ass and rammed her pussy. Doggystyle sure as hell felt good, especially fucking a goddess like Kaitlyn. I rammed her good as she moved her ass down to the skin on my waist and bounced back up. As I fucked her, her ass jiggled with each slap I made on her. I got a nice view of her tight clean asshole, as I penetrated her tight pussy.

"Oh fuck yes Celeste. Your pussy feels so good. Oh fuuuuck yesss!" I moaned, as I came inside her pussy. I left my cock in her, waiting for it to cool down as my load of cum dripped down onto the sheets below us. I slowly slid it out, letting any last cum escape. I let out a sigh of relief, as I leaned against the wall. Celeste laid herself next to me, as she massaged my cock 'till it became limp and sore.

"Next time you come over, we should shoot something other than photos." She said with a soft tone, as we leaned in for another kiss.

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