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Behind The Scenes Of Stephanie McMahon's Photo Shoot
by Steph's Legs Are So Sexy!

Steph got her bag of clothes ready and headed for the studio where the
WWF asked her to do a photo shoot for a WWF Magazine. Steph would stay at
the studio for 2 days because it had a hotel built in it for her.

When Steph arrived the director greeted her and told her to rest for a
quick shoot at 4:00 pm.

A man walked Steph to her room.

Steph put the bags down and rested for an hour.

Then the door knocked. When she opened it, this man gave her some clothes
she will wear to the photo shoot. Steph said thanks and started to get ready.

She slipped off her tanktop and her new breasts were fully visible. She
pushed down her skirt to reveal her sexy tanned legs and pussy.

She put on a black skirt and a white tanktop and fixed her hair.

She was later told to be at the stage area.

As she walked in her short skirt, the director noticed how nice her legs
looked and how big her boobs were.

He wanted to fuck her before and she is walking in front of him making him

The director told her to do some STEPH poses and as she did, flashes of
light were taken at different angles.

The man had a good plan that would work good and wanted to do it.

He told her to bend over a little to show she is the best diva.

Steph bent over revealing her sexy ass in the air.

He took pics of her and her ass for his secret album.

After an hour of pictures, the director (his name is Tim) told Steph to
rest for the rest of the day.


He told Steph to meet him at 10:00 tonight for a few more photos. He would
be the only one there.

Steph went to her room and nodded like she did a good job. She called
Shane and asked how the wcw/ecw team went at the meeting.

Shane told her it was fine and told her to take her time.

Steph took off her shirt and short skirt and went to the bathroom.

She turned on the warm water and rinsed her self off from any sweat she
might have.

She got the soap and washed her breasts one by one and thought they were
amazing in size. She washed around her hard nipples and down her stomach to
her tight and tanned pussy. Then down her sexy legs and around her ass.

She got out of the shower and put on a robe but no panties or bra. She
went to her bed and layed down for a few hours.

Tim came back at 9:58 pm and knocked on her door. No one answered because
she was alsleep.

He got his keys and opened the door and was shocked at what he saw.

Steph was alsleep with her robe nearly yanked off.

Her boobs were so big and round and her pussy was warm and pink.

Tim got so hard his zipper went half way down.

He thought Stephanie McMahon nude showing her boobs, pussy and legs while
sleeping. He had to do something.

He got his dick out and jammed it in her pussy fast. Steph was still

Tim took a pick of her boobs and he touched them and made them jiggle.

His dick was about to pour out cum and he hadnt even fucked her yet.

He started to fuck her fast up the pussy till she poured juice all over.

She awoke fast and began to scream but it was a sound proof studio.

Tim fucked her so hard and fast picking her up and down.

Her new implants bouncing all around and hitting her.

Steph said, "Stop, PLEASE, stop! I don't diserve this treatment."

She cried and cried.

The man continued to fuck her all around.

He thought if steph looked this hot, wouldn't you fuck her?

Her ass is big, her boobs are huge, her pussy is warm and she has got
sexy legs.

He grabbed one nipple and sucked it dry and shook her boobs around.

Steph wrapped her legs on his head but the man just picked her up and
slammed her on the bed still with his hard dick in her tight pussy.

Tim said, "Steph if you want to wrestle...I'll beat you."

He pushed her off the bed and she fell on the cold floor on her big ass.

The man got his bag out and said, "Put this on NOW!!"

This match is easy Steph. Whoever has their clothes ripped off first
loses. He told Steph that if she lost, the pics of her nude will be on the
internet by morning...

Steph cried and grabbed the clothes. She went to the bathroom.

Tim was fixing his cock. It was red and full of cum all over it. He didn't
believe he fucked a Billon Dollar Princess... alone.

He waited for her to get out. When she did she had on a pair of short
short shorts. They were so short, her panties were half way seen and she had
a tanktop made for exercise.

He got hard again as her sexy tanned legs were revealed and her boobs were
so big.

He said, "If I win, I get you for 1 whole night."

Steph tried to make an agreement but the man grabbed her and tried to
powerbomb her. He grabbed her sexy legs and rubbed them fast for a grip and
powerbombed her on the bed.

Steph kicked him in the nuts and he fell to the ground. She grabbed his
shirt and yanked it off showing his muscles. Steph was mad and she unzipped
his pants pullng them half way to his knees.

The man grabbed her nipple and she screamed in pain. It hurt so much and
her nipple was turning red.

He then heard a snap and knew her bra snapped in half.

She cried and screamed but he didn't let go. He took hs pants off and was
down to his boxers. He ripped her shirt off and her bra and saw her nipple
was hard and red.

He pulled it and threw her down wtching it jiggle as she fell.

Steph got her hands and covered her nipples together.

She quickly pulled his boxers down and his dick flew out.

Steph won but the man didn't!!

He grabbed her and tied her to the bed ass up in the air.

Steph screamed we had a deal!!

Tim spanked her ass hard quickly and stuck his finger up her wet clit.

She yelled for help as hard as she could but he just hit her hard till
her ass was red.

She had her shorts still on. So the man forced her. He got scissors and
cut a hole out of the shorts right on her pretty ass. He stuck his dick in
and fucked her hard up her tight ass.

It was fuckable but Steph yelled for her dad and mom.

He fucked her up and down and down and up till white stuff poured in her
shorts and onto her pussy.

He kept his dick in and slapped her ass which made her move back and forth
up his dick.

He was yelling in shock and her ass backed in his dick and fucked him.

He grabbed her boobs and tried to put them in his hands but they bounced
out of it.

He tried to fuck her 4 more times but he was in to much pain and was about
to cum all over.

He got up and told steph that she is the finest diva in the wwf/wcw/ecw
and said that her ass was so fine.

He told her to shake her ass but steph said no so he kissed her on her
lips and said, "NOW!"

Steph shook her ass around fast like J. Lo and she was so hot.

He rubbed her legs and felt them all the way down and soon he cummed all

He untied her and told her to put her skirt back on but no panties.

She did as she was told but was sore everywhere.she put on a shirt but no

Tim called for a cab (a friend he knew).

Steph was scared when she saw the clothes he would force her to wear. Some
just strings for her bras.

Tim grabbed Steph's arm and pushed her in the cab. He told him to leave to
Club X, his house, and rubbed her pussy all the way up there.

Tim said if you cum all over the seat, you better lick it.

Steph was scared and worried.

Tim said, "Triple H can't just fuck you. I'm going to see just how good
you are because I'm going to fuck you all night."

Steph said, "Listen bitch, my dad will come for me and you will be
punished. No one fucks me without permission and even though I'm in the ECW,
he loves me!"

Tim got mad and said, "We will see about that. You WILL BE SCARED OF ME

He got Steph and yanked her shirt off and pushed her to the window.

When they stopped at a light he let her boobs dangle outside the window
and 2 little kids saw it and just stared at it saying, "Hey, look! They are
bigger than mom's!" while the other said, "Hey, her nipple is red!"

The big kid reaced out and sqeezed her breasts hard and his dick stuck
out so far his mom just stared.

He pushed Steph back in the window and said, "That her breasts are his,
her pussy is his and her legs are his." He told her, "Steph your so hot I'm
going to fuck you hard."

He said, "Your legs will be exposed in this photo shoot."

He smiled and sucked on her implants till milk type liqid came out as the
car turned the corner.

Steph had a worried face and cried when his fingers went in her.

To Be Continued???

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