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Behind The Scenes Of The World Of Wrestling
by Doomtrain (

I'm a WWF worker, I help set up the ring, the stage and genrally anything
inside arena when a WWF event is being held there. I've worked with the WWF
for a few years and I started working at House Shows but for the last 6
months, I have been promoted and now do Raw's and Smackdown's and I am about
to do my first every pay per view, but at one event I couldn't believe what
had happened. I'm about 27 years old, about 6 foot tall with slick black

It was a Saturday and I was in the arena that would host Raw this coming
Monday, I was left in charge for the very first time so I was really busy
that day, making sure everything was right and all the workers did their
jobs. I had just walked into the arena, into the seating part to see if
everything was ok and it seemed to be. I walked down the isle and got to
ringside to check the barriers that were around the ring. I checked them
all and they were all set up just fine.

I jumped over the barriers and got into the ring, where I checked the ring
ropes, to see if they were sercure and they were. I left the ring and went
to check the backstage area. I walked down a corridor and I bumbed into one
of my bosses, Stephanie McMahon. We talked about a few things and I told her
that everything in the arena was ok and should be ready for Monday. She told
me that she wanted me to check out here locker room as a scene would be shot
there on Monday night so I said I would later, after I had seen to something
else I needed to see to. We said bye to each other and we walked away in
different directions. I turned around so I could see her firm ass in her
tight lether mini skirt, she doesn't normally wear the clothes she would
wear on a Monday on a Saturday but I just thought that she was going to
practice a scene or someting.

I turned around and continued on walking down the corridor, by this time
I could fell a bulge in my pants as I walked past Trish this time, I didn't
take any notice of her as I was still thinking about Stephanie until Trish
got my attention.

"Hey." Trish said to get my attention.

I turned around while I was looking at the floor, thinking about how
good Stephanie was in bed but knew that I would never know how good she was
because I couldn't get her into bed without it being rape or something.

I looked at Trish's knee high black boots and I thought of sleeping with
Stephanie slowing went away as my eyes came up Trish's boots and to her
knees and up her legs and past her mini skirt and onto her black tank top
and onto her cleveage and then onto her nice smile.

"I was wondering if the room where I argue with Stephanie is ready?" Trish

"It should be ready soon, I talked to Stephanie a minute ago and said that
I would be right there when I finished setting up another backstage area."
I answered.

Trish nodded and she walked away as I also left and went to where I needed
to go and did all I need to do and when I was about to leave, I was contacted
on a radio by a fellow worker and he said that he was going to set up the
room where Stephanie and Trish would fight but they said that they wanted me
to sort the room out personnally, I assummed that they saidthis because I
said I would be the one to sort out the room, so I told the worker on the
radio that I'll be right over to sort it out.

I gave the radio over to another worker and left and headed striaght to
where I said I would be. I had to travel from one side of the arena to
another and once I got there I was told that I would be the only one sorting
out the room and I thought that would be fine as the room already had
everything in it and all that was needed to move everything around.

I finally got to the room and I opened the door and went into the room and
there were Stephanie and Trish. I was confused to as why they were here, they
told me that they were here to practice their scene and I asked for their
help to move the furniture around then they could practice their scene. We
moved the couch into the centre of the room and I was tired from running from
one side of the arena to the other, so I sat down in the middle of the couch
and Stpehanie sat down to my right and Trish sat down to my left.

"You must be tired." Stpehanie said in a innoccent voice.

"A bit." I replied.

I layed back in the couch but my eyes went down and I tried to look down
Stephanie's top without her trying to see but I think she saw me right away.
I now sat back up on the couch and I looked to Stephanie and her head had
come closer to mine and our lips were right next to each other and then she
said something to me.

"Your going to be more tired after we're down with you."

I couldn't believe what I had just heard, had I died and gone to heaven.
As I was thinking about what Stephanie had said, I felt her lips press again
my and we started kissing and I could feel my pants get tighter and tighter
as I kissed Stephanie, but it was suddenly loosen when Trish undid my jeans
and my zipper and she pulled my pants down as my cock come right out in view
of her.

I couldn't see what Trish was doing as I was still kissing Stephanie and
she slipped her tongue into my mouth, I felt a hand grab my hard cock and I
knew it wasn't Trish as it was coming from Stephanie's side, I broke the kiss
to she who's hand had grabbed my cock and saw that Stephanie had infact
grabbed my cock with her right hand.

I went back to kissing Stephanie as she started to stroke up and down my
cock, I felt a warmness over my cock as Trish put her mouth over it. Trish
began sucking my cock slowly as Stephanie's rubbing became more intenise.
The faster Stephanie rubbed my cock, the faster Trish sucked it.

I put my right hand on Stephanie's breast and could feel her hard nipples
through the the fabric of her black top. Those new breast inplants felt so
good to rub and I didn't feel like stopping, so I kept my right hand on
Steph's breasts and put my left hand onto the back of the head of Trish as
she sucked on my hard cock.

I felt a hand come in contact with my balls and Trish began rubbing them,
Stephanie broke of the kiss as I finally removed my hand from her tits.

"We're going to make you cum like no one else ever has." Stephanie said
into my ear.

Stephanie slid off of the couch and Trish stopped sucking on my cock,
but she kept her hand on my balls as Stephanie kept her hand on my cock.
Stephanie began rubbing my cock up and down and slowly to keep it hard, she
was also carressing my balls to build up my cum.

Meanwhile, Trish sat back up on the couch and was talking dirty into my
ear, with Stephanie stroking me and Trish talking dirty to me nearly sent me
over the edge but I kept a hold of myself and would let go when Stephanie
wanted me too.

Stephanie began to lick the tip of my cock while holding it in her hand to
make sure my cock was balanced right for her to lick it, Trish began saying
how Stephanie was going to suck me until I cum.

"Steph is going to suck you until you completely cum and then she is going
to suck you until you are completely dry." Trish whispered in my ear.

Stephanie rolled her tongue around the tip of my cock a couple times
before taking in a couple inches of my 8 inch cock. Stephanie began to suck
the first 4 inches of the cock, the 4 inches went in and out of her mouth and
I could feel her tongue on my cock as it entered her mouth.

Stephanie's hand was now stroking the other 4 inches of my cock as she was
sucking on the other 4 inches, Stephanie stoppped and grabbed my cock in her
hand and put her face right up agaist it and she looked at me.

"I am going to make you cum now." Stpehanie said while holding my cock,
right infront of her face.

Stephanie licked up the cock and then her right hand began to sroke it as
her mouth came over my cock once again. This time, Stephanie took the whole
thing in and she sucked up and down, slowly at first but it soon became
faster and as she got fast so did her storking.

I put my right hand on the head of Stephanie and Trish grabbed the hair of
Stephanie as Stephanie's head was going up and down sucking my cock. I was
nearly ready to shot my load but I think Stephanie thought it took longer
then she thought because she placed her left hand on my balls and she
carressed them as fast as she could.

I looked down and saw my cock being sucked by Stephanie as fast as I
could, and now with her carressing my balls, I couldn't hold it in any

"I'm gonna cum, oh yes, I'm gonna shot my load in your mouth." I said.

"Yes, shot your load into Steph's mouth, cum in her mouth." Trish said.

That was it, I began to cum in Stephanie's mouth and she felt it hit as
she removed her hands from my cock and falls and placed them on my thighs to
take in as much of the cock as she could. My hips began moving up and down
off of the couch and into Stephanie's mouth, helping her take in all the cum
I shot at her.

Most of the cum I shot at Stephanie was sucked up but there was some left,
Stephanie removed her mouth from my cock and there was still cum in her

"I want you to taste your own cum." Stephanie told me.

Stephanie sat back up on the couch and planted a huge kiss on me and she
stuck her tongue in me to make sure the cum entered my mouth, while me and
Steph were kissing, Trish had lowered her head to my cock to take the cum off
of it that Stephanie didn't.

Trish cleared up all the cum from my cock as Stephanie and I finished
kissing, I looked at Stephanie and looked down at her breast and told her
how I admired them and she liked the compilament.

"I'm going to rib that top off and suck on your tits until your nipples
are so hard I could shave with them." I told Stephanie in a forceful tone of

I grabbed her top by the V shape in her front and just above her breast,
where the clevage is. I pulled my hands away as fast as I could holding onto
her top and her top ripped off, leaving only her black, lace bra. I squeezed
her breast together through the bra and pushed them together as far as they
could could be pushed.

"I ain't going to waste time with Trish, I just want you and I am going
to get you, I'm going to rib your bra off, suck on your tits and fuck your
brains out and you can do anything to Trish you want but you will be fucked
by me and that is that." I told Stephanie in yet another forceful tone of

Stephanie seemed to like the way I was talking and what I wanted, she
nodded her head in approval. So I grabbed the inside of her bra and felt her
breast agaist the outside part of my fingers as I grabbed the bra.

I pulled the bra away from Stephanie's breast and the middle of the bra
broke, so the bra was still on her shoulders but was broken in the middle
part of the front of the bra, right inbewteen the cups of the bra. I just
pulled the cups of the bra to one side and this was the first time I saw
these great tits of Stephanie McMahon.

I began massarging under her breast with each hand and fondled her nipples
with my thumbs, I was trying to get them hard but it didn't seem to make them
any more harder then they were.

"Your going to have to do alot more to make my nipples harder." Stephanie
told me.

I smiled at Stephanie's advice and nodded to her to tell her I will make
them harder. While me and Stephanie were sitting there, Trish had slid her
hand between her legs and under her miniskirt and her panties and she began
playing with herself.

But back to Stephanie and myself, I pushed her left breast upwards with
my right hand while my left hand kept on fondling her right breast. I soon
stopped pushing on Steph's left breast and bought it down to it's orginal
height but still kept my hand there to balance it out as I bought my head
down to her left breast.

I brushed Steph's left nipple over my nose and around my check, finally
settling it in my mouth, my tongue came out and made contact on a nearly rock
hard nipple. My tongue started off by circling around her nipple and then
licking up and down and accross the nipple, I began to flick it with my
tongue and I heard moans escape the mouth of Stephanie and I felt her nipple
become rock hard in my mouth. I was still fondling her right breast with my
hand, my thumb was carressing her nipple, trying to get it as hard as I could
before I sucked on it.

I finished licking her left nipple and took the whole of the nipple into
my mouth and sucked on it as much as I could I removed my left hand from her
other breast and my hands went around her back to hold her still as I pushed
my head right into her breast, while sucking on her nipple.

I licked under Steph's left breast before moving over to her right breast.
I kissed all around the breast, except for the nipple. I finally planted a
kiss on the nipple and started sucking it, flicking the nipple with my tongue
while it was in my mouth, it soon became rock hard as her other nipple.

As soon as the nipple came rock hard I sat back up and starred at both of
her rock hard nipples.

"Amazing" I said while still starring at those beauitful breast of

"I'm going to fuck your brains out now, I want you to sit on the couch,
with your knees on it and bend over and have your ass in the air so I can
take you from behind." I ordered Stephanie.

Stephanie didn't hesitate to do what I wanted and soon turns around on the
couch and she put her knees on the edge of the couch and she put her hands on
the top of the back rest of the couch to give her surpport while I was going
to fuck her.

I rubbed my cock up and down again to make it hard, I would of asked Trish
but she seemed to far gone by what she was doing.

I got to my feet and stood right behind Stepanie. I looked at the pink
mini skirt Stephanie was wearing and I grabbed the bottem of it with my hands
and slid it up and over her ass to reveal a black thong. I grabbed the waiste
part of the thong and pulled them down, around and off of her ass and down
her fine legs and she gladly stepped out of them, I stood up again and rubbed
her thong agaist my dick to keep it hard and I felt the wetness of it and it
felt good.

I looked at Stephanie's pussy and it was a brilliant site but I didn't
want to just stand there and stare at what was infront of me, I wanted that

I grabbed my cock and bought it close to her pussy lips, I rubbed my cock
around the entrance of her pussy and she was soaking wet. I knew she couldn't
wait any more and neither could I. So with one thrust, I put my cock into her
pussy as fas as it could go. A loud moan was heard from Stephanie as my cock
touched her g-spot, my cock came out slowly but I didn't bring it all the way
out, I left the tip of it in there.

And with another thrust, my cock went right back into Steph's pussy and
another moan was heard from Stephanie's mouth.

"I want it more, ohhhhhhh, I want it faster." Stephanie said and she got
what she wanted.

I slowly bought my cock out of her but this was the last time it would
come out slowly as my cock went right back into her pussy. My hips started
moving slowly but the movement of my hips got faster as my cock went in and
out of Stephaine's pussy, my thrusting action got faster and faster and my
balls were slapping agaist her pubic hairs as my cock got in as far as it
could, with this happening, it would only be a matter of time before
Stephanie was cumming.

I leaned back to get my cock in as far as it could and then I heard what I
wanted to hear from Stephanie.

"Ohhhhh sssssshhhhhhiiiiiiiittttttttt, I'm gonna cum, OOOHHHH YEEEEESSSSS,
I'm gonna fucking cum." Stephanie shouted

"Yes, cum all over my cock you slut." I replied.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHH, I fucking will." Stephanie said.

And she sure did, after saying she would she did, her cum was all over my
cock and I leaned back to get a good view of her cumming and it was a
beautiful site to watch and this sent me over the edge next.

"OOOOOHHHHHHH shit, I'm gonna cum now." I shouted out loud.

And Stephanie lent her head down to see me cum all over her. I pulled my
dick out of her soaking wet pussy and she turned around and sat back down on
the couch and she bought me closer to her by grabbing the back of my tighs
and pulling me next to her.

"Shot your cum all over my face." Stephanie ordered me.

I didn't refused and grabbed my cock in my hand and began to stroke it,
right infront of Stephanie and cum shot out and all over Stephanie's face.
Stephanie tried to get it all in her mouth but she could only get some of it
as the rest of the cum landed on her face.

After I shot all the cum I could, Stephanie grabbed my cock and she
rubbed my cock all over her face, my cock picked up all the cum that missed
Stephanie's mouth. With all the cum that Stephanie had missed now on my cock,
Stephanie began to suck on it to clear it up, she sucked me dry once again
and I sat down next to her after that.

"That was a great fuck." Stephanie told me.

Trish had finished playing with herself and was also relaxing in the couch
with myself and Stephanie.

"Should do it again." I replied to Stephanie.

I pulled my boxers up and my jeans as Stephanie got up and walked over to
a bag she had bought with her and she had some other clothes in there and she
placed them on.

I told Stephanie and Trish that I had to get back to work but Stephanie
told me that we should do it again. I agreed and I went on my way and I
thought I must of been good because Stephanie wanted to do it again. I left
the room but didn't leave the door and stood outside the door to see what the
girls were talking about.

"That was the best fuck I ever had." Stephanie told Trish.

"That was the way I like it."Trish replied.

I smiled and waled away thinking, if your good your good, if your
brilliant, like me, then your THAT DAMN GOOD.


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