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Bella Competition
by Punisher924

"Melina, you're gonna have to choose between us." Nikki Bella says solemnly.
"One night you wanna be with Brie, the next you wanna be with me. I can't
keep doing this. It's..." she trails off, an assortment of adjectives - some
not so nice ones- coming to mind.

"Unfair to both of you," Melina finishes for her. "I know," she admits
softly. "This is not easy for me either," she adds sullenly, green eyes
fastened to her shoes in an attempt to look anywhere but at the two women
currently occupying the room with her.

Melina knows she shouldn't have let this go on for as long as it has. She
knows the longer she waits to make her decision, the more pain it's going to
cause the one she doesn't pick. She knows that no matter who she picks, or
even if she picks neither, someone is obviously going to get hurt. She knows
all of this, yet, she still can't make a decision. It definitely doesn't help
that the two women are like complete polar opposites.

There's Brie Bella; impulsive, wild child who Melina feels devoted to. After
all, she was with Brie first and Brie had forgiven her and stuck by her side,
even after she had admitted to her first drunken tryst with Nikki. And it's
not like it's a weary "I just don't want to hurt her because she's been good
to me" devotion she feels towards her either, in fact, it's quite the
opposite, more like a "I really don't know what I'd do without her," kind of
devotion which in all essence should make this decision easy but...

Then there's Nikki; sweet, loyal, tender, all curves and soft skin, Nikki,
who in retrospect, Melina had first slept with when she was drunk off her ass
but still, even then, Brie was her friend, and a damn good friend at that.
There were times when Brie wasn't exactly being best.girlfriend.ever
material, when she had chose to "hang out" with the boys who flocked to her
like lambs to the slaughter, and left Melina all by her lonesome during which
Melina had found herself, cheeks tear-stained, in Nikki's comforting embrace.
And, quite frankly, had she known before their first drunken escapade that
Nikki was into chicks, she's not entirely sure she wouldn't have gone for it,
after all, she had continued to sleep with Nikki after their first time.
There's just an allure there that she can't quite escape.

"I really don't see what's so hard about it," Brie pipes in, scooting closer
to Melina on the hotel room bed. "You know I love you," her hands find their
way to Melina's shoulders. She kneads the soft flesh, surprised at how tense
her girlfriend really is. "And, I know you love me," she continues. "The best
decision seems pretty simple babe,"

Nikki Bella rolls her eyes.

"You know I'm getting kind of tired of your self-centeredness Brie,"

"And I'm getting really tired of you period Nikki," Brie Bella retaliates.

"Melina," Nikki begins, scooting in on the bed on the other side of the
brunette. She takes Melina's hands in hers. "I can't say I'd exactly be
overjoyed if you..." her eyes dart to her sister. "Pick her over me, but,
it's your decision to make and I'll respect it and you no matter what. I want
you to be happy Mel."

"You know we were perfectly happy before you came along Nikki," Brie
interjects before Nikki can finish.

"Obviously you weren't or we wouldn't be here in the first place," Nikki
replies. If she recalls correctly, which she is sure she does, it was Melina
who came onto her the first time, and then the second, and then the third...

"She was drunk Nikki."

"She was drunk the first time, Brie..." Nikki corrects, her tone making it
clear that there were many times after that.

"And I wouldn't be surprised," Brie continues as if Nikki hadn't even spoken.
"If you had conspired to get her drunk just so you could have your way with

"You know maybe if you weren't off being a little slut all the time, she
wouldn't have been at a bar drinking. And maybe, had you been fulfilling your
duties as a girlfriend, she wouldn't have kept coming back to me, now would
she, sis?"

"Guys," Melina said meekly, trying to cease the argument before it got out of
control but it was obvious there was no stopping this one. This was the kind
of argument she had been avoiding over the past couple of weeks and it was
obvious now that the volcano of unadulterated tension had been un-capped and
unbridled and was currently erupting right before her eyes.

"There is nothing; absolutely nothing that you can give her that I can't,"
Brie says.

"I think it's safe to say that Melina obviously disagrees," Nikki argues.
"But I can think of something you can give her that I can't,"

"What's that?"

"An STD."

Melina sighs, shaking her head disapprovingly at the immature turn for the
worst the argument seemed to have taken. She rubs her temple softly, deciding
to tune completely out of the argument, at least until it actually comes to
physical blows, in that event, she's pretty sure that William Regal is
staying on their floor and he'd be more than gentlemanly enough to help her
break up a cat-fight.

* * *

Melina looks between the two women beside her, blinking rapidly in confusion.
She had been doing quite a good job at blocking them out until she heard,
"Well let's ask her."

"Melina, who do you think is better in bed?"

"Ermm," Melina chews on her bottom lip nervously. "Guys, I-"

"Melina!" Brie says, her tone quite outraged as if she can't even fathom that
the brunette even has to think about the question. "You know I know you Mel,"
she says.

Melina shivers, her body involuntarily reacting as Brie's hand falls to her

"I know your body Melina," Brie continues, her voice dropping an octave to a
seductive drone. "I know how you like to be touched," her fingers tips trail
over Melina's crossed legs. "where you liked to be touched," she accentuates
her words by tracing circles over a particularly sensitive spot right behind
Melina's knee.

"Ermm," Melina bites her bottom lip, her eyes fluttering shut momentarily.
She has no idea what it is she had to say, all she knows is, Brie is really,
really going to have to stop doing that if she wants her to say something.

Brie smirks at her sister to which Nikki only shakes her head. Two can play
at that game!

Melina nearly jumps out of her skin when she feels the insistent press of a
palm against the smalls of her back. She swallows hard when that touch
expands, when Nikki drags her knuckles up the column of her vertebrae,
caressing each gentle rise of her spine. Goddamn backless dresses!

"You remember that time when I made love to you in that Jacuzzi in that hotel
in Miami?" Nikki asked, her fingertips caressing the nape of Melina's neck.

Melina made a sound deep in her throat that could have been a yes, most
likely was a yes, because Nikki really didn't see how Melina could have
forgotten it.

"Remember how many times I made you cum?"

Melina nods. That was something that couldn't be easily forgotten. She had
been so exhausted afterward that Nikki had to practically carry her to bed.

Her eyes flutter shut again, her body reacting to the adamant touches much
faster than her mind.

"Guys," she finally says when the situation finally sinks in, and by sinks
it, it actually takes the soft brush of fingers against her underwear clad
center for what is going on to actually register. "Guys, I-,"

She is cut off by a soft press of lips against her - not exactly a bad way to
be cut off - she internally muses.

She's not exactly sure this is particularly the right way to settle their
little dispute though because really, after a few minutes, everything starts
to blur and blend into one. Her eyes close, her head tips back, and she falls
back against the mattress. She has a hazy awareness of who's doing what, but
with Brie's lips pressed against hers - no wait, they're Nikki's lips now,
she's not sure when that happened - and lips - those are Nikki's, she can
taste the strawberry lipstick that only Nikki wears- trailing down her neck,
as well as two sets of hands, Nikki's - she thinks... she's pretty sure-
kneading the flesh of her thighs, and Brie's -yep, definitely Brie's- cupping
the gentle swell of her breasts through the thin material of her dress, she
kind of feels like she's being touched everywhere at once.

Her body literally feels aflame under a whirlwind of lips and teeth and
tongues and hands, and she briefly wonders if it's possible to drown and burn
at the same time because this is definitely what it feels like.

She's briefly aware of when her dress is being pulled off, but not at all
aware of who's taking it off, maybe it's Nikki, or it could be Brie, or maybe
it's both of them - yeah, what a time for them to finally decide to work
together- but it really doesn't matter, because it's off now and lips are
wrapping around nipples, yes, both of them, one on each side, and she's
really helpless to do anything but fist her hands in the crisp white hotel
room sheets and moan out in pleasure.

She really feels like she's coming out of her skin by the time she feels her
underwear being dragged down her legs and she's pretty sure that's she's died
- burnt, drowned, whatever - and gone to heaven, by the time two fingers
enter her, knuckle deep. She's so wet that the intrusion doesn't even push
that boundary of pleasure and pain. It's all pleasure, from the way the
fingers curl inside her and caress just so to the way gentle palms graze her
hips as they travel lower. It only gets better from there though, because
there are lips -Nikki's which means it's Brie's fingers curling inside of
her- traveling down her abdomen.

"Oh God!" Melina breathes out, biting down on the fleshiest part of her hand
to stop herself from screaming.

Brie's tapered fingers are thrusting inside of her, twisting, curling,
withdrawing and reentering in perfect agreement with Nikki's tongue as she
traces small circles over the swollen flesh of her clit.

Her thighs are trembling and her thrusting wildly into the fervent touches.
She's nearing her climax. She can almost feel it and suddenly it occurs to
her, as an abrupt warmth spreads down her sides and un-furls in the pits of
her stomach, that she really had no answer for them about who was better in
bed because really as clich‚ as it sounded, they were just skilled at
different things and this- this combining of said skills- really only served
to reaffirm what Melina already knew, she just couldn't choose.

The End

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