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Bella Sisterly Love
by Punisher924

Nikki Bella sat in the room she shared with Brie, thinking about her sister.
You see, Nikki had had quite the crush oh Brie for a long, long time.

Brie Bella was gone for a few more minutes, and Nikki was getting hot, she
didn't need Brie to see her like that. She quickly unzipped her jeans,
pulling them down to her ankles.

Then she did the same thing with her thong.

Nikki slowly spread her legs. Taking a breath, she place a finger inside her
passage, gently and soothingly pushing it in, and pulling it out. Nikki
chewed her lip, until nearly making herself moan, she realized her thoughts
had gone, and she quickly took her finger out, and pulled her thong and pants

She turned on the TV but there was nothing on. After a few minutes of channel
surfing, Nikki could hear Brie entering the room. Nikki quickly pulled her
duvets up, so Brie couldn't see the little wet patch Nikki had made on the

"Hey Nikki," Brie Bella greeted her now relaxed sister.

"Hey Brie," Nikki returned the greeting.

Brie put down her bags, and sat on her bed. Nikki turned the TV back on, the
only decent show on was South Park. As Nikki started focusing on the show,
Brie took a moment to check out Nikki.

God she was looking hot tonight. Brie licked her lips slowly. She was getting
very erotic thoughts of her sister. Brie quickly went and sat next to Nikki,
snatching the remote and turning the TV off.

"Brie?" Nikki asked playfully.

"TV is lame, nothings on," Brie said. She lay down next to Nikki. Nikki gazed
into Brie's eyes, and slowly drew her face closer and closer to Brie's. Brie
couldn't resist temptation, and brushed her lips against Nikki.

Nikki quickly wrapped her arms around Brie's neck, pulling her on top of
herself. Brie soon lashed at Nikki's lips, Nikki returning the kiss with full
force. Soon Nikki entered her tongue in Brie's mouth, the two fighting for
control. Running out of breath the two took a second to breathe.

Nikki Bella smiled, as she squeezed Brie's butt making her sister giggling.
Nikki soon found her hands sliding Brie's shirt off, revealing a lacy purple
bra. Nikki slowly brushed her hand down the back of Brie, until she decided
to slide of the bra, revealing Brie's breasts. Brie quickly returned to
kissing Nikki, but this time attacking her neck, nipping at the bit of flesh.

Nikki pulled Brie's legs up a bit, so she could reach her pants, Nikki gently
pushed Brie off, so she could undo her pants. After the job was done, Nikki
went for Brie's panties. But Brie quickly stopped her.

"Your turn," She said. Nikki nodded and immediately started attacking Brie's
neck, sucking at the flesh. Brie started working on sliding Nikki's top off.

"Just rip it," Nikki whispered as Brie nodded. With full force, Brie ripped
the shirt off, exposing Nikki's bra. Brie quickly went for the hook, and
after fiddling for a moment, managed to set Nikki's breasts free. Brie
quickly went to work on her pants, but Nikki interrupted her, with a
passionate kiss on the lips. Their breasts were touching and Nikki was
getting hot.

"Undo my pants," She ordered out of desperation. Brie quickly broke the kiss,
and easily slid off Nikki's pants, showing off her sister's thong. Nikki then
flipped her sister over, so she was on the bottom, and slid her panties off,
revealing her clean shaved area. Soon enough, Nikki slid two fingers into
Brie, like with herself, gently pushing in, and pulling out.

"Oh baby! Harder! Harder!" Brie ordered as Nikki agreed. Pounding harder Brie
signaled she was nearly ready for her climax. That's when Nikki led her head
into Brie.

"Eat me Nikki! Fuck me harder!" She cursed, wrapping her legs around Nikki's

"Yes! Oh god! That's it! Fuck me! Take me! Eat me!" Brie yelled.

Nikki continued eating and eating. Finally Brie reached her climax. Nikki
quickly finished sucking Brie's juices and sat up.

"It's so my turn to please you," Brie said. She quickly searched her bag,
pulling out a blue dildo.

"You kinky bitch," Nikki said. Brie smiled. She quickly pulled Nikki's thong
down. Nikki happily opened her legs as Brie inserted the dildo into her
sister. She started pounding at Nikki.

"Fuck Brie! Do me! Go harder! Pound me!" Nikki demanded, Brie happily agreed.
Nikki moaned and moaned, Brie knew what to do. She quickly pulled the dildo
out, and put her head in Nikki's legs. Licking, sucking and tonguing Nikki's
area, she felt legs wrap around her head.

"TAKE ME!" Nikki yelled as she reached her climax. Brie sat up and kissed
Nikki lightly on her lips.

"Oh god you were great," They said at the same time, and laughed.

"I love you," Brie Bella confessed.

"I love you too," Nikki said. Brie then settled hear head into Nikki's arms,
and the two fell asleep.

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