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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Bellas Get Rock'ed
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following a vicious Attitude Adjustment from John Cena at the end of the
March 28, 2011 episode of Monday Night RAW, The Rock, wearing a 'I Bring It'
t-shirt and black pants, is slowly making his way to the backstage area of
Chicago, Illinois's All-State Arena. "That giant bowl of Fruity Pebbles is
gonna pay for this... no one adjusts The Rock's attitude..." The Rock groans
as the beautiful and mischievous Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie approach him.

"Hey Rock..." The sly and mischievous Nikki Bella says as she walks up beside
The Rock, taking hold of his right arm. "Hi Rock..." The adorable and playful
Brie Bella says as she walks up beside The Rock on the opposite side, taking
hold of his left arm.

The Rock looks to his left and then to his right as the Bella Twins hold his
arms, "Who... in the blue hell... are you..." The Rock says first to Nikki
before saying to Brie, "And you?"

Brie Bella cutely smiles and looks at The Rock. "I'm Brie..." Nikki Bella
glances at The Rock with a sly smirk on her face. "And I'm Nikki..." Nikki
says. "We're the Bella Twins!" Brie and Nikki both identically say at the
same time.

The Rock raises his eyebrow, "Do you think that's cute?" The Rock asks.

Brie Bella smiles and nods her head. "Yeah!" Brie replies with excitement.

Nikki Bella sighs and rolls her eyes as she reaches over and places a hand
onto The Rock's shirt covered chest. "Don't mind her, Rock. We're far from
cute..." Nikki says with a smirk. "In fact we're pretty fucking hot..." Nikki
says with a bit of arrogance.

The Rock looks at Nikki, "Well Mikki, Nikki or whatever the hell your name
is, The Rock ask, what do the two of you want, cause The Rock is in the mood
to lay the smack down on some candy ass!"

Brie Bella presses her lips and innocently looks at The Rock. "Well...that's
kind of why we came up to you..."

Nikki nods her head and adds "Yeah...we saw what John Cena did to you...."

"Don't bring up that giant Fruit Loop... The Rock is going to deal with that
jabroni when he doesn't expect!" The Rock says.

"Well...we were hoping that we could make you feel better..." Nikki says with
a smile as she moves her hands against his strong right arm.

"Yeah! Nikki and I are really about cheering people up..." Brie replies as
she moves her hands against his strong left arm.

The Rock smirks, "Oh The Rock sees what you two are all about... The Rock
KNOWS what you two are all think for one second that all those
Hollywood Celebrities that guest hosted RAW don't talk about what happens
when you two are around?"

Brie Bella opens her mouth a bit and her eyes widen slightly. "Ummm...we

Nikki narrows her eyes and turns to look at The Rock. "What did they say
about us?"

"That two of you are two of the biggest sluts in all of entertainment!" The
Rock says as he pulls his arms away from The Bellas, "The two you want a
piece of The Rock, the people's champion, the pie-eating, jabroni-beating,
people's elbow dropping, most electrifying man in all of entertainment...
then the two of you need to show The Rock what you GOT!"

Brie and Nikki Bella both look at each other before nodding their heads in
unison. "Oh....we can do that!" Brie and Nikki both identically reply at the
same time.

"Then..." The Rock raises his right hand up begins to do a 'come on' motion,
"Just bring it..."

* * *

A short time later in The Rock's locker room, The Rock is sitting on the
couch while Brie and Nikki Bella are kneeling between his legs as they drag
their tongues up and down the sides of his long, thick and rock hard cock.

Mmmmmmmmm..." Brie softly moans as she drags her wet tongue against the right
side of The Rock's impressively long and thick shaft, while Nikki works her
wet tongue against the left side, with her tongue reaching the head of The
Rock's cock first.

"Mmmm..." The Rock groans as he watches the smoking hot Bella Twins tag team
his massive cock with their talented tongues. Brie works her wet, soft tongue
back down The Rock's long shaft as she approaches his large ballsack, which
she immediately starts to lap her tongue against. Meanwhile, Nikki Bella
slides her sultry, wet tongue against the large head of The Rock's cock.

"Ahhhh show The Rock what you got..." The Rock groans as Nikki circles her
tongue over the head of his cock while Brie laps her tongue against his big
balls. Nikki parts her moist and sultry lips as she lowers her dark haired
head down on The Rock's cock, taking him into her nicely wet mouth. With her
lips pressed around the upper portion of his large cock, she begins to bob
her head, while the playful Brie flicks her tongue teasingly against his
large balls.

"Mmmmmm..." The Rock groans as Nikki Bella bobs her head on the top portion
of his cock while Brie pats his balls back and forth with her tongue.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Nikki moans as she places her hands down onto The
Rock's waist as she smoothly bobs her head up and down on his shaft, with her
lips brushing back and forth tenderly. Brie Bella slides her tongue against
The Rock's ballsack before popping one of his testicles into her mouth.

"Ahhhhh..." The Rock moans as Brie Bella begins to suck on one of his balls
while Nikki is freely bobbing her head up and down on his dick.

"Mmmmmmmmmm..." Brie softly moans as she bobs her head lightly on his one
testicles, while lightly pulling her head back.

Ahhhhh awww..." The Rock groans as Brie sucks on one of his testicles while
Nikki lowers her head all the way down on his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Nikki deeply moans before she turns her head on his shaft,
grinding her lips on his shaft before she bobs her head swiftly back and
forth on The Rock's cock.

"Ahhhh... The Rock says you two aren't bad.... but The Rock is not
impressed..." The Rock says as Nikki sucks and slurps on his cock while Brie
pulls her head back from his balls.

Brie Bella licks her lips and innocently glances up at The Rock. "Oh...but we
can impress you." Nikki lifts her head off of The Rock's cock and smirks.
"Yeah! Name it and you've got it!"

"You..." The Rock points at Brie, "Turn around... all fours...." The Rock
says as he starts to get up from the couch. Brie Bella nods her head and
smiles excitedly before she turns on her knees to face away from The Rock and
bends forward onto her hands.

The Rock gets behind Brie and looks at Nikki, "You... find something to
do..." The Rock says as he guides his cock into Brie's hot wet and tight

Nikki Bella narrows her eyes as she watches The Rock starts to swiftly pump
his cock from behind into Brie's pussy. "Oh...I'll find something..." Nikki
says with a laugh and a lick of her lips before she starts to crawl over on
her knees.

"Ahhhhh..." The Rock groans as he grabs Brie's hips and pulls her back
against himself as he pumps his cock deeply and firmly into her cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmmm...ohhhhh..." Brie Bella starts to moan as she rocks back
and forth on her knees with The Rock pumping his cock firmly into her. Nikki,
kneels behind The Rock before she lays on her back and slides herself
underneath The Rock. Nikki raises her hands to The Rock's muscular thighs and
lifts her upper body so that her head is just below The Rock's toned, hot
ass. Nikki slyly smirks before she slides her tongue from The Rock's ballsack
to his start of his asscrack.

"Ahhhh damn you're a freak..." The Rock groans as he feels Nikki's tongue
going from his ass crack to his balls and back again while he pounds Brie's
twat with swift and hard thrusts.

"Mmmmmmmm..." Nikki seductively moans as she drags her wet tongue between The
Rock's toned ass cheeks before she starts to tease the entrance of his
asshole with her tongue, while he rocks forward on his knees to pump into
Brie Bella.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm..." The Rock moans as he deeply fucks Brie's hot pussy as
Nikki darts her tongue teasingly against the entrance of his asshole.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmmmm that feels so good!" Brie Bella moans and closes her eyes
as she swiftly rocks back and forth on her knees as The Rock powerfully
controls the pace of Brie's movements as he hammers his cock into her.

"You... on your back...' The Rock says to Nikki as he pulls his cock out of
Brie's pussy and pushes her forward.

Nikki raises an eyebrow after she lifts her head out from underneath The
Rock's ass. "I do have a name..."

"It doesn't matter what your name is!" The Rock says as he cuts Nikki off,
"Get on your back or I go back to fucking this one..." The Rock adds as he
motions towards Brie.

Nikki narrows her eyes and glares at Brie "No! It's my turn!" Nikki says
before she moves slightly and lays back on the floor a short distance away
from Brie. The Rock moves to kneel between Nikki's legs and he quickly slams
his large cock into her pussy with one firm, swift thrust.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh yeah..." Nikki Bella moans and smirks as she looks
directly up at The Rock as she hooks her smooth, gorgeous legs around The
Rock's muscular waist as she starts to move on the floor underneath The Rock
and his large thrusting shaft.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh... you..." The Rock looks at Brie Bella, "Do something..." The
Rock grunts as he pumps his cock swiftly and firmly into Nikki's twat.

Brie Bella laughs and blushes. "Ummm...well I know how much you love to eat
pie..." Brie says as she cutely moves closer while on her knees.

"Then get over here..." The Rock groans as he pumps his cock into Nikki's
pussy. Brie grins as she stands up and steps over Nikki so that her pussy is
right in The Rock's face. The Rock leans forward and starts to lap his tongue
against Brie's pussy as she places her hands on his head while he fucks her
twin sister.

"Ohhhhhhhh...mmmmmmm..." Brie moans and licks her lips as she tilts her head
back as she feels The Rock's skilled tongue lapping against her wet pussy, as
beneath her, Nikki is laying on the floor feeling The Rock's entire cock
thrusting into her pussy.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" The Rock moans as he munches on Brie's sweet wet snatch as he
slams his cock into Nikki's cunt. The Rock grabs Nikki's hips and jerks her
towards himself as he plows her pussy repeatedly with his cock as he eats
Brie's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhh yeah Rock...." Brie Bella moans softly as she starts to
lightly grind her pussy against The Rock's tongue. Meanwhile, Nikki Bella
starts to grind her body against The Rock's cock as he deeply slams his cock
into her mischievous and sultry twin.

"Ahhhh mmmm!" The Rock darts his tongue against Brie's pussy lips as Nikki
grinds herself on his pistoning cock.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmmmmm is Twin Magic too much for you, Rock?" Nikki asks with a
smirk as she arches her body off of the floor to grind sharply against his
cock. Brie Bella is clearly enjoying The Rock's skilled work of his tongue as
she pushes eagerly against his tongue.

The Rock pulls his head back from Brie's wet pussy, "Nothing is too much for
The Rock!" The Rock says as he pulls his cock out of Nikki's pussy. The Rock
then gets up and pulls Brie with him so that when he sits on the couch, he
lifts Brie onto his lap so that she takes his cock back into her twat. Brie
Bella smiles cutely and licks her lips as she places her hands onto The
Rock's impressively muscular chest as she starts to rock forward on his cock,
while straddling his lap.

"Ahhhhh.... mmmm..." The Rock groans as he starts to lift Brie up and down on
his cock as he thrusts it up into her pussy.

Brie gently moves her hands back and forth against The Rock's highly muscular
chest as she bounces up and down, feeling the Braham Bull's cock slamming up
into her. "Ohhhhhh yeah...ohhhhh..."

"Mmmmm..." The Rock groans as he continues to lift and drop Brie on his cock
as he pumps his dick harder into her cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhh...mmmmmmm...ohhhhh that feels so good..." Brie moans as she
continues to bounce on The Rock's cock. Soon, Nikki Bella moves over to the
couch, kneeling on the floor between The Rock's knees as she leans her head
forward and starts to slap her tongue against his ballsack.

"Mmmmmm.... ahhhh..." The Rock grunts as he continues to pistons his cock up
into Brie's pussy as Nikki pats her tongue against his big balls. Brie Bella
leans forward against The Rock and lowers her head to press her pouty lips
against his firm lips as she eagerly rocks back and forth on his cock.

"Mmmmmm..." The Rock moans against Brie's lips as his large cock starts to
throb inside of her soaking wet cunt while Nikki continues to lap her tongue
against his ballsack. Brie gently slides her tongue into The Rock's mouth as
she bounces smoothly on his shaft as he thrusts upward into her pussy. The
Rock slides his tongue against Brie's tongue as she bounces swiftly on his
pulsating cock.

Nikki Bella lifts her head away from The Rock's ballsack and smirks. "That
cum is mine, Brie!"

"Ahhhh mmmm..." The Rock groans as he feels Nikki grabbing the base of his
cock in order to pull his shaft out from Brie's pussy when she moves upward
on his dick. As Brie looks over her shoulder at Nikki, the more mischievous
Bella Twin starts to stroke The Rock's cock Nikki Bella licks her lips before
she lowers her head and takes the top portion of The Rock's cock into her
mouth, while moving her hand on the base of his shaft.

"Ahhhh awwwww...." The Rock groans as Nikki sucks on the head of his cock
while she strokes the shaft. Within moments The Rock starts to cum within
Nikki's mouth as Brie lifts herself off of his lap. Nikki presses her lips
tightly around The Rock's shaft and lightly bobs her head as the warm load
floods her mouth.

"Mmmmm damn..." The Rock moans as Nikki bobs her head on his dick until he's
finished cumming. Nikki slowly lifts her head off of The Rock's cock before
she opens her mouth and proudly displays the large load that has been

"Most men would be impressed...' The Rock says, "But The Rock is not like
most men... The Rock says you two are two of the biggest tramps The Rock has
ever seen in the WWE!"

Brie Bella bites down on her bottom lip. "You didn't enjoy me, Rock?" Brie

Nikki finishes swallowing The Rock's cum. "Of course he didn't Brie...he
liked me more!"

"The Rock says... she at least put some effort in..." The Rock says as he
points at Brie, "You... you really suck...' The Rock says as he points at
Nikki, "Now both of you get out of The Rock's locker room."

Nikki Bella narrows her eyes and glares at The Rock. "You weren't good
anyway!" Nikki yells before she stubbornly begins to pick up her clothing.

The Rock smirks, "It doesn't matter what you think... The Rock is without a
doubt the most satisfying experience you will ever have... if you smell what
The Rock is cooking..."

Nikki Bella rolls her eyes as she finishes getting dressed and opens the
locker room door. "Yeah...whatever! Come on, Brie!" Nikki calls out before
she storms out of the locker room.

Brie Bella, however, remains still for a moment, cutely looking at The Rock.
"I thought you were great..." Brie says with a laugh.

The Rock looks at Brie Bella, "As The Rock told her... it doesn't matter what
you think... The Rock said you were better than her.... The Rock didn't say
you were good."

Brie presses her soft lips together as she places her hands onto The Rock's
muscular chest and moves to straddle his lap. "I bet I can change your mind
about that..."

The Rock raises his hands and places them on Brie's stomach to keep her from
getting on his lap, "Whoa hold it right there... The Rock was not impressed
the first time... The Rock does not give second changes, The Rock says go
find yourself a little plastic sex toy... shine it up real nice... and shove
it straight up your candy ass!" The Rock says as he stands up from the couch.

Brie places her hands onto her curved hips and smirks a bit at The Rock, in a
Nikki-like manner. "You'll come back for more...they all do..."

* * *

A short time later out in the hallway, Brie slams the door to the Rock's
locker room as Nikki glares at her with her arms folded, "Who does he think
he is? Turning ME down!" Brie says bitterly.

Nikki Bella raises an eyebrow and smirks. "Brie...if you makes you feel any
better...I would turn you down..." Nikki says with a laugh before she crosses
her arms against her chest. "Also remember...John Cena has turned you
down...Randy Orton...Evan Bourne...Dolph Ziggler...John Morrison...Cody
Rhodes...even Hornswoggle turned you down..." Nikki says with a laugh.

"Oh don't get me started on who turned you down... Ted DiBiase... Justin
Gabriel.... The Miz... Alex Riley..." Brie starts to say before she shakes
her head, "But that jerk has to be the most self-centered horse's ass... you
heard how often he said the same lame catch phrases over and over, as if they
were funny?"

Nikki rolls her eyes and laughs. "You're jealous because The Rock was totally
into me...he even let me swallow his load!" Nikki says, despite her throwing
a fit earlier when The Rock kicked her out of the locker room first.

"Nikki... you did realize he had no clue who you were... hell he didn't even
say either of our names from when we got into his locker room!" Brie says.

"He just didn't want to hurt your feelings and call you Nikki..." Nikki fires
back with a smirk. "Get over yourself're not that hot..."

"Oh you're just... impossible!" Brie snaps and stomps her foot, "He
practically throws you of his locker room and if it wasn't for me, you
wouldn't get a mouthful of cum!"

"Please Brie....The Rock wanted me to have his cum..." Nikki says with a lick
of her lips. "And it was so tasty..." Nikki says before she suddenly stops
and a nearby locker room door opens. Nikki turns her head and sees John Cena
exiting from the locker room.

"I doubt it..." Brie shakes her head before she turns her head and she also
sees John Cena. "Nikki... you know... John at least knows our names..." Brie
says slyly.

Nikki makes a face and looks at Brie. "Umm...he knows MY name!" Nikki says
before she quickly steps away from her twin sister and approaches John Cena,
taking hold of his right arm. "Hey John...."

"Hi John!" Brie says as she quickly approaches John Cena to take his left

John Cena looks at Brie and smiles, "Hey Brie..." John says before he looks
at Nikki, "What's going on Nikki?"

Nikki smiles and slightly pulls John toward herself. "I was wondering if you
wanted to go hang out with ME!" Nikki says as she stresses the point. "I
mean...that was so cool what you did to The Rock tonight..."

"Well... can't say he didn't deserve getting an Attitude Adjustment..." John

"Oh totally.... I mean he really needs a serious attitude adjustment," Brie
smiles as she pulls John towards herself, "Maybe you and ME can go talk about
that..." Brie says.

Nikki Bella turns her head and glares at Brie before she pulls John Cena back
her direction. "Ummm...I think you'd really want to come with ME, John"

"No I think you'd really want to come with ME, John," Brie Bella says as she
glares at Nikki as she pulls John back towards herself.

"Well... why not both?" John asks with a smile.

Nikki casually releases her hold on John Cena's arm and turns to look
directly at him and Brie. "Ummm...John I think you'd have a better time with
ME...because well as I told the world last year...Brie is a man!" Nikki says
with a glare directed at her twin sister.

"I am not a man! I can prove it!" Brie says sweetly and innocently.

John laughs, "I thought you were the man Nikki...' John says.

"Yeah that's right... Nikki is totally a guy!" Brie says as she smirks at

Nikki Bella turns to face John Cena before she raises her left hand and
smacks Cena across the face before she turns to attention to Brie and reaches
forward to grab a handful of her twin sister's hair.

"Ahhh bitch!" Brie screams as she grabs a handful of Nikki's hair and starts
to pull on it. The two Bella Twins scream as they both end up falling to the

John Cena rubs his face before he looks down at the Bellas, "Maybe next
time..." John says as he steps over them and continues on his way, leaving
the cat-fighting Bellas on the floor.


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