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The women of wrestling, past and present, all work very hard to be in the
best possible condition. While many of them are friends, they're all very
competitive for the male audience's attention. The most heated issue among
the women is who has the best butt. Good breasts can be bought but a great
ass can't. That's where me, Matt, comes into the equation. I am the premiere
(straight) swimsuit/fashion/nude photographer in the world right now and I'm
also a long time wrestling fan. Of course I jumped at the chance to judge
some ass but it would be on my terms. Each woman will fly me to their house
for ONE DAY to sell me on why they have the best butt in wrestling. I sent
out invitations to many women in the wrestling world and ten agreed to the
competition. Those ten are; Dawn Marie, Ivory, Joanie Laurer, Kimberly Page,
Lita, Stacy Keibler, Teri Byrne, Terri, Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus.

Best Butt In Wrestling Part 3: Torrie Wilson
by Josh (

The next name out of the hat would be 'TORRIE WILSON'. The beautiful big
breasted blond of WWE was up next. I was off to Idaho to conduct my third
evaluation. Torrie's house was really out of the way and it just seemed
like a nice, peaceful place. Torrie answered the door in a black silk robe
and high heels. Her smile was breath taking as she welcomed me in to her
home. We talked for a little while, getting to know each other before I
began the 'evaluation'.

"Do you like pudding?" Torrie asked.

"Sure," I responded.

"Is vanilla good?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Come with me," Torrie said. She led me into her kitchen where there was
a big glass bowl of vanilla pudding sitting on the kitchen table.

"We're going to eat pudding?" I asked.

"Well ... sorta ... Take off your clothes," Torrie said. I did whatever
she said, taking off all my clothes before I stood before the buxom blond in
all my glory. Torrie then dropped her robe and there was NOTHING underneath.

"Wow," I commented. She looked even better then I had imagined. She was
perfectly proportioned and had a nice golden tan.

"How'd you like me to feed you this pudding?" Torrie asked.

"I'd love it,"

Torrie dipped her big right breast into the pudding, covering a little
more then the areola with pudding. My mouth began watering as Torrie kept her
eyes locked on mine, pushed her right breast up and licked the pudding off. I
started to sweat a little watching Torrie lick the pudding off her tit.
Torrie took some more pudding into her hand and spread it over her right
breast, covering it again.

"Your turn," Torrie said.

I held her large beautiful right breast in my hands and began slowly
licking the vanilla pudding off of it. I took long, slow licks making sure
to savour her breast. Torrie started to moan as I finished cleaning off her
right breast with a long suck of her hard nipple. Torrie took some more
pudding and covered her left breast this time. I savored this tit as well,
licking it all off. Torrie began to moan a little louder and I caught a
glance of her neatly shaved pussy which was noticeably moist.

"Lay down on the table for me," Torrie instructed.

I sat on the table and leaned back so I could watch what Torrie was going
to do next. Torrie filled her hand with some more pudding then grabbed my
stiff cock in her hand. Torrie began stroking the cold pudding against my
warm rod, up and down.

"Oooohhh ohhhh ahhhhhh that's good, ooohh yeah," I moaned.

"That does look good," Torrie said, still stroking me pudding covered

Torrie stood up, keeping her alluring brown eyes locked on mine. She
licked the pudding off the palm of her hand and held it out on her tongue
before swallowing it. She then sucked her thumb dry, like she was sucking
on a cock. She did the same to each finger, slowly sucking the pudding off
of them. She had a little bit of pudding left on her finger and rubbed it
against my chest, then licked it off. Torrie lowered her head down and
began to lick the remaining pudding off my cock. Torrie took long, slow
licks up my cock, tasting the pudding in her mouth. I squirmed a little at
the intense feeling shooting up through my body.

"Ohh fuck Torrie, ohh that's nice, fuck!" I moaned.

Torrie continued to lick until all the puding was off my cock. By the time
she was done, my member was throbbing and at peak hardness. Torrie slowly
moved her mouth down, taking it all into her mouth. She wrapped her lips
tight around it and slowly moved her head up, completely sucking any
remaining pudding off my cock. Torrie stood up and smacked her lips. I ran
my hands through her hair and kissed her deeply.

I leaned Torrie forward against the table and took a big handful of
pudding. I slapped the cold pudding against Torrie's left bun. I took some
more pudding and slapped it against her right bun. I then rubbed the pudding
all around, covering her gorgeous ass with vanilla pudding. I began to take
long, slow licks up her shapely ass cheeks. As I got closer to the crack of
Torrie's ass, she started to moan.

"Oohhhh that feels good, your warm tongue and that cold pudding on my ass,
oooohh," Torrie moaned softly.

"Mmmmmhhhh nothing's ever tasted better," I responded.

I licked Torrie's firm buns clean of pudding, which took me a good twenty
minutes as I savored her ass. I licked it all off except for a line of
pudding down her ass crack. I took a long slow lick up, running my tongue
past Torrie's asshole. I felt her shiver a little as my tongue hit her anus.
I kept some of the pudding in my mouth and turned Torrie around. I kissed
her and she took the pudding into her mouth and swallowed it.

I grabbed two handfuls of Torrie's butt and lifted her up onto the table.
I laid Torrie down onto her back then climbed up, straddling her beautiful
big breasts. I took a generous amount of pudding and spread it between
Torrie's tits. Torrie licked the last of the pudding off my fingers while
moaning eroticly.

"Push your tits together," I said.

Torrie pushed her big tits together, trapping my cock between them. I
began to pump in and out of the pudding between her tits. Torrie lifted her
chin and licked the head of my cock, each time it pushed between her breasts.

"Mmmmmhhh ohh I can taste the cum starting, ohhh fuck my tits, ooooh I
love it, yeeeah," Torrie moaned.

I began pumping faster and faster between Torrie's pudding covered mounds.
The combonation of Torrie's amazing rack, the cold pudding and her sexy moans
were too much to take.

"Ohh fuuck I'm gonna cum," I moaned.

"Oh god, just shoot it," Torrie moaned.

I kept pumping between her tits until cum squirted out of my cock and
landed on Torrie's pretty face. Torrie licked some off her cheek but most it
was out of her tongue's reach. Torrie used her fingers to wipe the cum off
her face. She mixed it in with the pudding between her breasts then began
licking it. Soon Torrie had cleaned herself of all the cum and pudding.

"How was that?" Torrie asked.

"I will never think of pudding the same way again," I replied.

"Hahaha. Well I'm all sticky now. I'm gonna go take a quick shower ...
care to join me?"

"I'm there."

I made sure to follow Torrie up the stairs, into her bedroom and then into
the bathroom. She had a nice big shower, which would certainly be able to
hold both of us. Torrie turned on the water and waited for it to get warm.
She tested the water and I could tell it was cold because her nipples began
spiking. Once the water was warm, Torrie stepped in letting the water splash
her beautiful body. She waved me and I closed the shower door, trapping in
the steam. Torrie passed me the shower head while she got a good lather of
soap in her hands. Torrie began to scrub the stickiness off her body. She
started with her big round globes and moved down her tight stomach. It was
then my job to rinse her off after she was done scrubbing. I saw Torrie bite
her lip as the warm water splashed against her chest. We did the same with
her long, lean legs until they were nice and clean.

Torrie turned around and began to soap up her back. I leaned forward,
kissing her ear and then took the soap out of her hands. "Let me," I
whispered into her ear. Torrie took the shower head from me as I cleaned off
her back. It was then down to her ass. I got a good lather in my hands and
scrubbed her firm buttocks, making sure it was squeaky clean. I heard a soft
moan come from Torrie and I looked up to see that she had the warm water
running down her chest. I cleaned her ass a little more before I took the
shower head from her and rinsed it clean.

"All clean," I remarked.

"Now let me clean you," Torrie said.

There was really only one place on me that was sticky and that's exactly
where Torrie headed. She got a good lather of soap in her hand and began
scrubbing my cock, almost giving me a hand job. Torrie smiled as I started
to grow in her hand. She took the water and rinsed me clean. Torrie turned
around to put the shower head back in its holder and my stiffening member
brushed against her ass.

"Torrie, ohhh, I can't wait," I said.

"Here, put this on your cock first," Torrie said handing me a bottle of
shower gel.

I squeezed a generous amount onto my cock, lubing it up. I set down the
bottle then placed a hand on Torrie's right hip. She leaned forward a little
as I pushed my dick deep into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhh fuuuck!" We both moaned at almost the exact same time.

"Pump that cock into my ass, ooohhhh god, ooooooohhh yeeeeah!" Torrie

I leaned forward and wrapped an arm around Torrie's midsection and began
pumping harder into her asshole. It was hard to really slam into her because
the shower floor was wet and slippery. So was her beautiful ass and my cock
just slid in and out of that tight hole.

"Unnnnhhhhuuuhhh ... UNNNNHHHHH FUCK THAT'S GOOD! Ohhhh fuck me! Ohhhh
fuck my ass! Ahhh yeeeah, ahhhhh baby!" Torrie moaned.

"Oh fuck you're so beautiful!" I moaned.

"Oooohhh yeeah, harder if you can, mmmmmmmhhhhuuuhhhh!"

"Ahh I'm trying, fuck it just feels so good! FUCK!" I moaned.


"Oooohhh yeeah! SPANK MY ASS!" Torrie shouted.


"You want it harder, Torrie?" I asked

"Ohh fuck a little harder!"


"That's good, yeeeah, like that, keep pounding my ass, UNNNNHHH FUCK

I rubbed Torrie's butt, holding the flesh in my hands and then I laid in
a few more good hard spanks as Torrie moaned.

"Oh fuck this ass is amazing!" I cried out.

"Mmmmmhhhhh just fuck it ooohhh god I like it hard! YEEEEAH FUCK MY ASS
BABY! Unnnhuuh!" Torrie moaned louder.

"Fuuuuck, I can't hold out much longer but I'll try."

I pumped as hard as I could for a good minute but then I had to slow down.
I was nearing climax and the pleasure was just too intense to really give it
to her hard. Torrie enjoyed the changes in speed as her heavy sexy breathing
continued. I rubbed Torrie's ass cheeks, they were just so perfect. I had to
cover them with my jizz.

"Holy fuck I'm gonna blow a huge load on your perfect ass!"

"Yeeeah give it to me!" Torrie screamed.

I gave Torrie a few more thrusts then pulled out and unloaded my cum onto
her ass. I squeezed out the last few drops between her cheeks then slapped my
cock against her ass a few times. Torrie rinsed off her butt, cleaning off my
cum and the lube.

"That was wonderful," Torrie said and gave me a kiss.

We exited the shower and Torrie threw me a towel. I dried off and watched
Torrie do the same. Torrie wrapped herself in the towel and saw me downstairs
where I put my clothes on.

"I think when it's time to make your decision on who has the best butt,
you'll make the RIGHT decision," Torrie said. She gave me another kiss and
saw me out of her house.

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