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The women of wrestling, past and present, all work very hard to be in the
best possible condition. While many of them are friends, they're all very
competitive for the male audience's attention. The most heated issue among
the women is who has the best butt. Good breasts can be bought but a great
ass can't. That's where me, Matt, comes into the equation. I am the premier
(straight) swimsuit/fashion/nude photographer in the world right now and I'm
also a long time wrestling fan. Of course I jumped at the chance to judge
some ass but it would be on my terms. Each woman will fly me to their house
for ONE DAY to sell me on why they have the best butt in wrestling. I sent
out invitations to many women in the wrestling world and ten agreed to the
competition. Those ten are; Dawn Marie, Ivory, Joanie Laurer, Kimberly Page,
Lita, Stacy Keibler, Teri Byrne, Terri, Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus.

Best Butt In Wrestling Part 4: Stacy Keibler
by Josh (

The fourth name out of the hat was ... 'STACY KEIBLER'. It wasn't long
before I was off to evaluate one of the strong favorites in the contest, the
leggy blond, Stacy Keibler...

Stacy answered the door in red belly shirt, a pair of tiny black shorts
and open toed black high heels. I took a long look up her perfect long legs,
which were tan and glistening, until we made eye contact.

"So, who have you had so far?" Stacy asked.

"Uhm, Trish, Teri Byrne, and Torrie Wilson," I answered.

"Well, that's some stiff competition."

"It sure is."

"Then we better not waste any time," Stacy said. She brought me into her
living room, which was dimly lit. Stacy sat me down on a mauve colored couch
with a rather large, low mahogany coffee table in front of it.

Stacy walked across the room to a stereo. She pressed some buttons then
turned up the volume. I recognized the tune right away as "Legs" by Kid Rock.
Stacy began walking towards me, swaying her slender hips and rubbing her
hands all over her body. Stacy stepped up onto the table, moving with the
music and man, could she move. Stacy spun around, her butt facing me. She
teased taking off her shorts but then moved her hands up underneath her small
red shirt and undid her bra. Stacy pulled her bra off from underneath her
shirt and tossed it onto my lap. She then peeled her top up over her head.
Stacy held her top across her breasts as she faced me. She leaned forward
wrapping the shirt around the back of my head, winking and smiling. Stacy
dropped her shirt and continued dancing on the table. She rubbed her hands
up across her abs then over her perky pink nipples, getting them hard.

Stacy moved back and forth on the table, shaking her hips. She began
pulling down her shorts then stopped. She turned around with her butt facing
me as she leaned forward, pulling down her tiny black shorts, revealing a
tiny red thong. Stacy stepped out of her shorts, tossing them on the floor.
She stretched her arms high in the air and clenched her glutes, making her
ass cheeks jiggle slightly. I was starting to sweat now and my dick was
pressing against my jeans. Stacy swiveled her hips, shaking the magnificent
ass that sat nicely ontop of those long lean legs. Stacy turned around, still
shaking her goods. She leaned forward, unzipping my fly, letting my cock
spring out of my boxers.

"Go ahead, baby, stroke that nice hard cock for me," Stacy said.

"As long as you keep dancing," I said.

Stacy rubbed her fingers up her long right leg as she stood back up. She
continued rubbing her hands all over her body, as she danced to the music.
I stroked away as she turned around and bent all the way forward, rubbing
her hands against her butt as she stood back up. Stacy placed her hands on
her hips, shaking her ass even more. Stacy danced for another minute or two
until she stepped off the table. She dragged the table across the room, far
away from me. Stacy walked towards me, still dancing. Stacy turned around
and bent forward so that her ass was just inches away from my face.

"Fuck that's perfect, oh fuck," I commented.

"Let me finish you off," Stacy said.

Stacy reached between her legs, grabbing my cock. She took over stroking
me off while I just gazed at her perfect shaped ass. It didn't take long
until I was cumming all over Stacy's hand. She gave me an extra few jerks
just to make sure I was done. Stacy turned around, holding up her hand which
was covered with my white goo. Stacy seductively licked the load of cum off
her hand until it was all gone.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmhhhh," Stacy moaned as she finished cleaning off her

"Well, ahem, you're amazing ... I just gotta ask, how do you get your legs
so shiny like that? It just makes them look even better," I asked.

"Oh I guess I can let you in on my secret. It's honey flavored lubricant.
I was messing around one day, got some on my leg and I've been using it ever
since," Stacy explained.

"Honey? Do you mind if I take a lick?" I asked.

"Oh, go right ahead, I love when a man licks my legs."

I got down on my knees and began taking long slow licks up Stacy's calves.
I would give them some deep kisses in between licks. Stacy began to moan
softly. She wasn't lieing at all about liking her legs being pleasured. Stacy
soon sat down on the ground and I pulled off her long black high heels. I
took Stacy's right foot in my hand and began sucking on her toes. While I
sucked and tongued her toes, I massaged up her leg with my free hand.

"Ooooohhh oooooooh unnnhhhhh I like that," Stacy cooed.

I moved over to her left foot, giving it the same treatment. I looked up
to see that Stacy was rubbing herself through her red thong. I could see the
thong getting darker and wet. I lifted Stacy's left leg high in the air and
began licking the underside of her thigh.

"Oh god ... ohh don't stop ... ohhh yeeeah," Stacy moaned a little louder.

"Mmmmmhh you like me licking up your long legs?" I asked.

"Ohhh I do ... ohhh lick me, ahhh fuck," Stacy moaned.

I switched to her right leg, massaging her calf as I licked around the
inside of her thigh. I could smell the strong scent of Stacy's wet pussy as
she kept rubbing herself. Stacy started moaning louder and shaking a little,
like she was orgasming just from me licking long legs. I kissed down the
insides of her thighs, tasting the sweet honey lubricant.

"OHHHH FUUUCK! Ohhh yess! YES! OHHHH YES!" Stacy moaned loudly as she

The taste of Stacy's legs against my tongue and her sexy moans had gotten
me hard once again. Stacy got me to stand up. She inched close to me, still
on her back. She lifted her legs up in the air, bending slightly at the
knees. Stacy grabbed onto my cock with her feet. She began moving her feet
back and forth, tightly against my shaft.

"I want you to cum on my legs," Stacy said.

"Ohhh I will just keep this up," I moaned.

Stacy's luscious feet felt so good against my cock as I looked down at the
finest pair of legs I've ever laid eyes on. Cum began oozing and dripping out
of my cock down onto Stacy's calves. It dripped down onto her thighs.

"Fuuck ooohhh fuuuck!" I moaned.

"Yeeeah that cum feels so nice against my legs," Stacy said.

Stacy released her grip on my cock. She then stood up and lifted her left
leg straight up in the air with incredible flexibility and managed to lick
some of the cum off her leg. She did the same thing with her right leg then
rubbed the rest of it onto her hands and licked it up.

"You've already cum twice and we haven't even gotten to my ass. The ass
that is going to win this competition," Stacy said.

"It just might," I responded.

I sat back down in the chair and pulled Stacy's butt into my face. I
pressed my face against her ass for a few moments then pulled down her red
thong. I spread Stacy's ass cheeks apart and began licking the rim of her
anus. Stacy began to moan softly as I hit the right spots. I licked my index
finger and started working it into her butt. Stacy moaned a little louder
and began rubbing her clit. I grabbed the flesh of her firm ass between my
fingers and kissed it. I gave it a few light smacks then went back to burying
my face between her buns. I tongued her asshole then worked two fingers in.
Soon it was three fingers and Stacy was moaning real loud.

"Ohhh fuck, just fuck me, just stick that cock in my ass," Stacy moaned.

Stacy sat down on my cock, sticking it first into her pussy. She held it
there for a few seconds then stood up. My rod was dripping wet from her pussy
then Stacy lowered her asshole around my cock, gripping it like a vice. She
leaned forward, her ass pushed out right there in front of me as she started
moving it up and down on my rod.

"Ahhh fuck, Stacy, fuck, your ass looks so nice," I moaned and gave her
butt a nice spank.

"Unnnhhhuhhh ooohhh fuck my ass ooooooohhhhh YES! Unnnhhh!" Stacy moaned
and started to bounce faster. She began playing with her clit, adding to her

"Oh fuck Stacy, fucking ride that cock! OHHH FUUCK!" I moaned. I gripped
Stacy's little buns and start bucking my hips up, slamming up into her ass.

"Unnnnhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh oooooohh yeeeah baby!" Stacy moaned.

"Ah shit, I need to slam into that ass," I said.

Stacy stood up and walked to the middle of the room where there was nice
thick rug over the carpet. Stacy got down on all fours, sticking out her
beautiful ass. She rubbed her pink asshole, looking over her shoulder at me
with a wicked smile. I bent down behind Stacy, rubbing and admiring her
tanned backside. I rubbed my piece against her buns then used Stacy's same
trick of sticking it into her pussy to get it all wet. I pushed into Stacy's
ass and then got a firm hold on it. My thumbs pressed into the flesh of her
perfect sized round buns.

"Yeeeeah! UNNNHHHH! Unnnnhhhhuhhhh oohhh fuuuck me! Ohhhh fuck my ass!
OHHHHHH FUUUCK!" Stacy moaned.

"Ohhhh fuuuck look at that butt ... ohhh fuck!" I moaned.


"Ooohhhh fuck me harder!" Stacy moaned.



"Ohhh fuck that looks good!" I moaned.


"Unnnnhhhh yeeeah fuck that ass! Oooohh FUUUCK!" Stacy screamed. She
leaned forward, resting her face and elbows down against the ground. I
grabbed onto her hips, getting the most support I could and just started
pounding into the leggy blond.

"Oooohhhh ooooohhh god! Yeeah ... yeeeah ... oooohh fuuuck YEEEEAH!" Stacy
moaned as she grabbed onto the rug, clenching her fists.


"Fuuuck Stacy, ohh fuck!" I moaned in pure enjoyement. I stood up on my
feet, my knees bent. I leaned forward, resting my hands on the ground so I
was pretty much mounted on Stacy's ass. I just pumped and pumped, humping her
perfect backside.


"Ahhh I fucking love it!" I screamed.

I stayed like this for a few more moments, humping her butt. Stacy then
laid completely face down on the ground and I knelt down, slightly below her
ass. I spread her ass cheeks apart and wedged my cock deep into her asshole.
I held the flesh of her buns tight as I thrusted into her asshole the best
that I could.

"Ooooohhh yeeeah I fucking like that! Ohhh fuuck!" Stacy moaned, looking
over her shoulder and watching me fuck her butt.

"Ohhh fuuck that looks sooo good!" I moaned.


I just couldn't resist the urges to bring my hand down onto her firm ass
and Stacy wasn't complaining.


"Ohhh god keep on fucking that ass ... ohhhhh fuuck unnhhhh yes!"


"Oh fuck Stacy I can't last much longer, it's too good!"


"Mmmmhhh I can't wait to feel your hot cum on my ass!"

I picked Stacy up and leaned her against the wall. I held onto her slim
waist and gave her some long, slow thrusts. I then pulled out and had the
perfect target right in front of me. I went left to right, spraying my big
load of white cum all over Stacy's firm ass.

"Ohhh fuuck yeeeah!" I commented as I looked at my cum dripping down her
tan buns.

Stacy spread the cum all over her ass, really rubbing it in while I caught
my breath. Stacy put her bra and thong back on while I got dressed as well.
Stacy got real close to me, leaning in to kiss me but she grabbed my hands
and moved them around and onto her ass.

"I think you've got a winner but you go and enjoy the rest of the so
called competition," Stacy said, kissing my chin.

"Believe me, I will," I replied then headed out of her house, another
evaluation complete.

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