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The women of wrestling, past and present, all work very hard to be in the
best possible condition. While many of them are friends, they're all very
competitive for the male audience's attention. The most heated issue among
the women is who has the best butt. Good breasts can be bought but a great
ass can't. That's where me, Matt, comes into the equation. I am the premier
(straight) swimsuit/fashion/nude photographer in the world right now and I'm
also a long time wrestling fan. Of course I jumped at the chance to judge
some ass but it would be on my terms. Each woman will fly me to their house
for ONE DAY to sell me on why they have the best butt in wrestling. I sent
out invitations to many women in the wrestling world and ten agreed to the
competition. Those ten are; Dawn Marie, Ivory, Joanie Laurer, Kimberly Page,
Lita, Stacy Keibler, Teri Byrne, Terri, Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus.

Best Butt In Wrestling Part 6: Kimberly Page
by Josh (

As I entered the second half of the competition, the sixth name out of the
hat would be Kimberly Page. The wife of DDP, his former valet as the 'Diamond
Doll', and the lead women in the Nitro Girls. I was off to Los Angeles, where
Kimberly is pursuing and acting career, to find out just what the alluring
brunette had in store. Kimberly answered the door in a pair of tight black
leather pants and a little white cut-off shirt which was just resting on her
large breasts. Kimberly had her hair tied back and looked incredibly sexy.

"Good, you're here," Kimberly said. She turned around and bent over,
giving me a great view of her bubble butt. She picked up two helmets and
walked out the door locking it.

"What's this?" I asked.

"There's only one thing I've found that comes close to the rush of good
anal and that's riding a Harley. So I'm gonna take you for a little ride,"
Kimberly explained.

We headed out to Kimberly's garage where she brought out an expensive
Harley V-Rod. Kimberly sat on the bike and put on her helmet. I took a moment
to take a good took at her ass straddling the seat. A hint of her black thong
was showing as well. Kimberly waved for me to take a seat and I did.

"Get real close and hold on," Kimberly said.

I inched forward and my crotch pressed against her ass and I held onto her
shoulders as she fired up the bike. Kimberly took me on a long, fast ride
along some fairly deserted back roads in the desert. She was right, the rush
from the speed and the wind was exhilirating. However, what was even more
exciting was being pressed up against Kimberly's tight ass for the whole
ride. We returned to Kimberly's house and she parked the bike halfway up her
long driveway. It was a hot California day and I was especially hot after
that bike ride. Kimberly took off her helmet and let her hair down.

"Such a nice day out here," she commented.

"It really is, that ride was something else," I responded.

"Well, how about we stay out here and enjoy it?" Kimberly suggested.

"Whatever you want," I answered.

Kimberly turned her back to me and pulled her white cutoff shirt over her
head, letting her large shapely breasts free.

"Ahhhh I just love that hot sun beating down on my chest," she said,
holding her arms out.

I took her lead and pulled off my shirt as well. Kimberly walked around,
feeling the hot sun beating down onto her big tits until she walked close to
me and hugged me tight. Her breasts felt so good against my chest. I couldn't
help but reach around and move my hands onto her butt. The black leather was
very hot and I jumped back.

"Ouch, that's one hot ass, literally," I said, rubbing my hand.

"Yeah these pants are rather hot," she replied. Kimberly proceeded to
unzip her black leather pants and pull them off. That exposed her beautiful
bubble butt with a nice black thong flossing her tanned buns.

"Now where were we?" Kimberly asked, moving in close to me again. She
began kissing me with her soft tasty lips. I moved my hands around again and
held the flesh of her ass. I kissed down Kimberly's neck and then cupped her
big right tit in my hand. I sucked on her nipple then kissed back up her
chest, kissing Kimberly some more on the mouth. I kissed down her neck again
then began sucking on her large left tit. I slid my tongue down her nicely
toned abs and began making out with her naval. I slowly slid down Kimberly's
black thong, kissing the inside's of her thighs.

"Oooohhhh ohhhh you're almost there," Kimberly sighed softly. I pulled
her thong completely off the reveal a dark strip of hair leading down to a
beautiful looking pussy. Kimberly spread her legs apart as I began sucking
on her clit. I parted her pussy lips and went to work. Kimberly moaned
softly, rubbing her hands all over her perfect body. She started to get
wetter and squirm. I worked my finger into her asshole, penetrating it as I
sucked on her clit.

"Oh! Ohhh ohhh yes, ohhh that's the spot, that's where your cock is gonna
go, ohhhhh," Kimberly moaned encouragingly. Well not yet, I was enjoying the
taste of her sweet pussy too much. I worked a second finger into her asshole,
making her moan a little louder and squirm a little more. I held my finger
up, letting Kimberly lick herself off it. I kissed back up her stomach to
those huge breasts. I fondled her tits some more then Kimberly sat me down on
the bike.

Kimberly kissed down my chest to my crotch. She grabbed my cock in her
soft fingers, stroking it gently. She worked her mouth over it then took it
deep into her throat. Kimberly worked over my cock with just the right amount
of saliva. It wasn't too wet and slippery, there was just enough so there was
still some intense friction.

"Ahhhh ooooohhhh ohhhh Kimberly, ohhh fuck you're beautiful, oohhhh my,"
I moaned. Kimberly began licking down the sides of my cock and then focused
on my nuts from a while. She tongued my balls while stroking my shaft. She
licked all the way up the shaft then went back to long, deep sucks. Kim
followed each suck with a long stroke.

Kimberly soon removed her mouth from my rod. I looked down in interest as
to what she was doing. Kimberly shifted her body up a little and wrapped her
big beautiful breasts around my cock. Kim held her tits tight against my rod
and started grinding them up and down. All that came out of my mouth was a
few whimpers of sheer joy from this tit fuck. Kimberly kept it up for a
little bit longer before going back to focusing on sucking me off. I looked
over Kim's shoulder at her luscious ass and dirty ideas began running through
my mind.

"Ohh Kim stand up, I have a good idea," I said. Kimberly stood up and I
lifted her up at the waist into a standing 69 position. She rested her knees
around my head, and went back to sucking my rod. My hands gripped her tight
bubble butt as her sweet pussy was right in my face.

"Mmmmmm mmmmmhhh ohhh mmmhhhh yeeah," I moaned as I just went to town on
that sweet pussy while she sucked on my rod. She tasted so good and her
blowjob was amazing. As much as I loved tasting her pussy, with my hands
grabbing her butt and her asshole right in my face, I couldn't go much longer
without getting in there.

"Ahhh fuck I need to fuck this ass," I blurted out.

"Let me down and bend me over, I'm ready," Kimberly responded.

I let Kimberly down and she leaned against the front of the motorcycle,
gripping the handlebars and sticking out her gorgeous butt. I spread her buns
apart and pushed my cock deep into Kim's asshole. I gave it some gentle slow
thrusts before grabbing onto her hips and increasing the tempo.

"Unnnhhh unnhhhuhh unnnnhhh yeeeah! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhh yes! Ohhhh fuck
it baby! Ohhhh fuck it nice!" Kimberly moaned. I ran one of my hands up and
grabbed onto Kimberly's large tit for support as I thrusted into her nice

"Mmmmpphhh ohhh fuck this feels so nice ... ohhh fuck you're beautiful,
ohhh god your ass is great," I moaned, pumping harder into her butt.

ASS! OHHHHH FUCK YEAH BABY!" Kimberly screamed. She ran one of her hands
through her flowing dark brown hair, messing it all up and somehow making
herself look even sexier. I slowed down my thrusts and admired the sight of
my cock entering Kimberly's ass.

"Holy fuck, look at that, ohhh fuck," I commented.

"Ohhh yeeeah! Just fuck that ass, ohhh fuck it good! Ohhhh fuck! Ohhh
yess!" Kimberly moaned.

"Oohhhhh fuck that's so good! Ohhh you're making me too fucking horny!" I
said as I picked up the pace again, just slamming into her asshole. The sound
of my flesh smacking against hers reminded me of the sound of an ass being
spanked. Looking at Kim's fine ass, I just had to give it a few spanks.





Kimberly moaned at the top of her lungs.

I held Kimberly around the midsection and then walked over to a ledge and
sat down with Kimberly sitting her ass down on my lap.

"Ride my cock with your beautiful body, ohhh fuck, ohh just let me look at
that butt," I said.

Kimberly began bouncing up and down, her butt jiggling slightly with every
bounce. I wrapped my hands aroudn her, cupping her large breasts while still
staring at her great ass.

"Ohhhhh oooooohhhh yeeeah oohhh fuck I love that cock up my ass ...
UNNNHHHH FUCK! FUCK YES! Ohhh play with my tits, unnhhhh ooohhh," Kimberly
moaned as she started riding harder and faster.

"Ohhh fuck Kimberly, ahhh shit, I don't know how much more I can take,
ohhh fuck," I moaned.

"Just a little more ... ohhhh fuck yeah! Unnnhhhuhhh a little more of my
ass ... ohhh fuck! Ohhhh I wanna feel your hot cum all over my ass!" Kimberly

"That's what you're gonna get," I said. Kimberly got off my cock and
leaned forward, sticking out the target, her perfect ass. I unloaded several
thick streams of hot white cum all over her ass.

"Ahhh fuck there it is, ohhh yes!" I moaned, watching my steamy load drip
down her tanned round ass cheeks.

"Thinking about it, the motorcycle ride just doesn't match up to a good
ass fucking and this was a good ass fucking. I hope I made your decision
making a lot harder," Kimberly said licking her lips and blowing me a kiss
before walking into her house. She definatly did make my decision a whole
lot harder and everytime I see a motorcyle, I will think of this incredible
Kimberly butt fucking.

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