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The first competition has come and gone and what a competition it was. Every
single diva stepped up and then some to give me the chance to judge their
butt. As soon as the competition had ended, I started getting messages on my
answering machine from several wrestling women that were upset they didn't
get an opportunity to show of their ass-ets. At first I apologized but then
my friend, John, came up with a great idea. A second competition. The five
"divas" that contacted me were; Molly, Joanie Laurer, Taylor Vaughn, Tylene
Buck and Pamela Paulshock. I decided not to take anymore entries and just
stick to those five. The first competition was such an experience that my
friend John had trouble believing it all until the divas started calling. I
figured I would reward my friend, by bringing him along and helping me judge
these five bootylicious babes in Best Butt in Wrestling 2.

Best Butt In Wrestling 2 Part 1: Molly Holly
by Josh (

After informing the five women about the competition, I had to decide who I
would judge first. Instead of doing a random drawing from a hat, I decided
to go in order from the first one who contacted me to the last. The first
diva to contact me was the only one currently working for WWE ... MOLLY!
John and I were off to the great (?) state of Minneapolis to kick off this

Once we were in the right city, we rented a car and bought a map so we could
find Molly's house. It probably would have been best just to get a cab but
after a while we started to figure out where we were going. After driving for
quite some time, we finally got closer to the address. I took a right turn
down her street, and looked at the house's numbers.

"It must be WAY at the end of the street," I commented.

"DUDE! It's her!" John yelled.

"Who? Where?" I asked, confused.

"Molly, dumbass. Up there about half a mile ahead," John replied.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Of course, I'm sure, I could spot that nice big booty anywhere. Pull over,"
he said.

I found a spot to park the car on the street and then we got out. We hustled
up the sidewalk until we were a few feet behind Molly. She was wearing
headphones and had no idea we were there. Molly was wearing a white tank top
and pair of tight, black spandex pants.

"Damn man, would you look at that butt," I commented.

"Yeah man, that's the shit right there. Fuck look at that, look at it jiggle
while she walks," John said.

We followed Molly, just watching her ass move side to side as she walked. She
just filled out those spandex pants to perfection. I almost got hard in my
pants staring at her ass but I managed to contain my excitement. After about
a minute, Molly looked over her shoulder and saw us. She took off her
headphones and looked a little confused and annoyed.

"Excuse me?" She asked.

"Oh, uhm, I'm Matt and this is John. We were just admiring the view," I

"Well you just keep on enjoying, we're almost at my place," Molly said.

Molly continued walking and we kept on following her. I watched as Molly
slipped her thumbs down the sides of her spandex pants and slowly slid them
down, showing us a hint of her ass crack. She left her pants like that and
kept walking for a few steps before pulling them back up. Molly took a right
turn and we followed her up some steps to her house.

"Are you ready to come inside and worship this ass?" Molly asked.

"You're nothing like we thought," John commented.

"You thought I was a prude? Hahaha! We'll see about that now won't we boys?"
Molly asked with a grin.

She opened the door and we followed her in, watching her big round booty move
from side to side. Molly led us into her living room and I set down my bag of
'goodies'. Molly closed the curtains then walked back over towards us.

"Here we are ... I'm all yours," Molly said.

"Do you like to play with toys, Molly?" I asked.

"Ahhhh yeah, I love toys," Molly responded.

"Those pants are so nice and tight. Bend over," I said giving Molly a couple
light smacks on the butt.

"Like this?" Molly asked as she leaned forward against the wall, sticking
her butt out.

"Yeah, your butt looks really fucking nice in those pants," I said.

I rubbed Molly's ass, feeling how soft it was. Molly then got down on her
knees and stuck her booty out. She wiggled that big thing around and then
started fondling her tits through her shirt. John and I both got down near
Molly's ass and began rubbing her big butt. Molly pulled off her tank top
and moaned softly as we felt up her booty. We gave each bun some nice
smacks, watching it jiggle through her pants.

"Fuck I'm hard already, let's see this thing," John commented.

I peeled down Molly's tight black spandex pants, pausing every so often as
the tight pants squished the flesh of her meaty buns up. I pulled her pants
all the way down past her big butt and began licking her asshole while John
fingered her pussy.

"Ohhh yeeeaah is that everything you imagined?" Molly moaned.

"And more, holy fuck, look at that big ass," I commented.

Molly kneeled up and showed off her nice big natural breasts. I sucked on
her left nipple while John sucked on her right one. She rubbed our faces as
we tasted her pink nipples. Her breasts were nice and soft, nice and natural
for a change. But we weren't there for her tits, we were there for Molly's
butt. I went into my bag of toys and pulled out a string of pink anal beads.

"Are you gonna stick those in my ass?" Molly asked.

"Yes we are," I replied.

"Good, I love having my ass played with," Molly said.

"I wouldn't think that you'd be into this sorta thing," I said.

"No, you see Matt, back when I was pretending to be a virgin, I'd always give
up my ass to guys. And now, nothing compares to anal," Molly explained.

I pushed the first anal bead into Molly's ass, it didn't go in so smoothly
but the second one eased right in. Molly moaned softly before I pushed the
third and last anal bead deep into her ass.

"Ohhh that feels good ... why don't you slap those hard cocks against my
ass?" Molly asked.

She didn't have to ask us twice. I slapped my cock against Molly's soft left
bun while John slapped his against her right bun. I then grabbed the string
of the anal beads between my teeth and slowly pulled them out of Molly's

"What else do you have for me?" Molly asked.

I grabbed a nice big red butt plug out of my bag. Molly looked at it and
smiled. I began pushing the butt plug deep into Molly's asshole. She took
it real well and real easily. With the plug deep in her asshole, Molly
began crawling around on the floor, wiggling her asshole. She moaned louder
every time she made a movement. Molly crawled back towards us and grabbed a
firm grasp on both our rods.

"Mmmmhh let me taste those nice thick cocks of yours," Molly said.

She alternated between both of them, giving them both a good sucking. She
stroked on one cock while sucking the other one deep. I ran my hands through
her brunette locks, brushing her bangs out of her face. Molly switched faster
between both cocks as precum dripped down her chin.

"You like sucking those cocks, Molly?" John asked.

Molly didn't even take time to respond, she was so focused on just sucking
both of us off. She started taking them deeper and deeper. As she focused
sucking on John's rod, I moved behind her and buried my face between her big
buns. I pulled the plug from Molly's asshole then squished her ass down on
top of my face. Molly grinded her big butt back and forth against my face
while sucking away on John's cock. After a couple minutes of this, I slid out
from underneath Molly's ass.

"Is it time yet?" Molly asked.

"Oh it's time," I responded.

I pulled a chair into the middle of the room and sat Molly down on it
backwards so that her butt hung slightly off the edge of the chair. I leaned
her forward and she arched her back spreading out that nice big rump. I gave
her wide open asshole a quick rimming before stepping back.

"Would you look at that?" I said.

"I can't wait to get in that ass," John said.

"Come and get in, come on, I'm waiting," Molly said.

"Go ahead, John, you can have first crack," I said.

John stepped forward, almost giddy in anticipation of taking first crack at
Molly's ass. He bent down, staring at her beautiful plump ass spread over
the edge of the chair. John stood up and slowly eased his average sized rod
deeper and deeper into Molly's asshole. He watched the seven inches of his
cock disappear easily into Molly's ass.

"How does it feel in there?" I asked.

"Aaaaahhhh aaaaahhh real aaahhhh real good," John replied, in a quiet voice.

"Mmmmhhh ohhh yeeeah, start pumping, oooohhhh ohhhh I like it," Molly moaned
in approval.

"Ohhh god, ohhhh your big ass is amazing, Molly, goddamn!" John moaned. He
began feeling her thick buns between his fingers as he slowly slid in and
out of Molly's asshole. Molly was so calm and relaxed, loving every second
of John's prick penetrating her.

"Ooohhh yeeeah! Ooohhh baby! Ohhhhh you fuck that asshole good, mmmhhhmmmm,
oooohhhhh," Molly moaned out.

I walked around in front of Molly, captivated by her sexy moans and facial
expressions. Molly would exhale and moan every time John thrusted real deep
into her asshole. Her eyes were closed for the most part. Molly would open
her eyes, catching me admiring her. She reached down and took over the job
of wanking me. John continued to fuck Molly's ass at a slow but obviously
very enjoyable pace. I moved closer to Molly and she began sucking on the
head of my cock. A mouthful of wood muffled her moans somewhat. Molly began
to have trouble sucking on my cock, because John was increasing the tempo
and making her moan even louder.

"Mmmmmhhh mmmmmhhh unhhhhhh you like the way that ass feels, baby? Ohhhh
fuck it, ohhh yeeah," Molly moaned.

"It feels so good, itís so round and juicy, but I can't hog it. Matt, you've
gotta get in here," John said.

"I wanna feel this one in my ass," Molly said and gave my prick a few more
sucks. She smirked at me, in almost a show of confidence. Confidence in just
great of a fuck her ass is.

John reluctantly pulled out off Molly's rear entry, ending what had to have
been an amazing butt banging. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and sat
down for a moment. I approached Molly's spread out backside. Her anus was
still gaping somewhat and almost calling me in as Molly looked over her
shoulder. I pushed my cock into her asshole and the rest of it just slid
right in. Slowly, I pumped, just enjoying the incredible sensation that ran
from my dick, all the way through my body.

"Ohhhhhh ohhhhh yeeeah, ohhhhh yeeeah," I moaned continuously.

"Pretty fucking amazing isn't it?" John asked.

"Mmmphh ohhh yeeah! More, mmmphhh cushion for the, ummmph, pushin'!" I

"Unnnhhh huhhhh, PUSH IT IN THERE! Yeeeah fucking push that cock into my
ass! Ohhh yeeeah slam into that cushion! Ohhh fuck that's it, yeeeah!" Molly

John got up and moved around front of Molly, making his prick available for
Molly to do what she pleased with. I rammed into Molly's ass a little bit
faster. I kept the thrusts real deep because that's what got Molly moaning
the most. My eyes became fixated on her thick buns, especially when I slammed
into her cushion.

"Ohhh fuuck, look at that booty shake! Yeeah, look at it jiggle! Fuck that's
amazing," I commented.

"Ahhh fuuuuuuckk make my ass jiggle! OHHH YEESSS! Pound it and make it
jiggle! Slam that fucking cock deep in there! Ohhh fuck that's what I like!"
Molly moaned.

"Spank it," John muttered.

"What?" I asked, not totally hearing her.

"I said ... SPANK MOLLY'S BIG ASS!" John shouted.

"You want me to spank that ass, Molly?" I asked.

"Unnhhhuhhhh spank it hard, I can take it," Molly moaned.

I squeezed the firm abundance of flesh that were Molly's buns and then
raised my hand in the air...


I brought my hand down onto Molly's soft ass but it barely fazed the
brunette. She looked back over her shoulder and raised her eyebrows, looking


I smacked that ass harder, giving each cheek a good shift smack that echoed
through the room. Molly's expression changed to a slight smile as she
mouthed, "MORE."


"Ohhhhhh yesss spank my ass baby! SPANK IT HARD! Yesss nice and hard!" Molly
moaned as I thrashed her booty with several swift spanks.


"Ohh Molly, your ass feels so good in my hand," I moaned.

"Goddamn, I can't believe how it jiggles when you spank it. Give it one
more," John said.


I brought my hand down as hard as I could onto Molly's ass and I think I
heard her yelp but she had a mouthful of John's rod. I went back to pumping
Molly's asshole at a nice pace. Molly's ass was just so unbelievable; I
knew it wasn't going to be long before I was cumming all over the place. I
continued slamming into her ass until I reached the brink of climaxing. I
immediatly pulled out of Molly's ass and descended from the brink of climax,
so that I wouldn't cum. It just wasn't time yet.

"It's yours, John," I said.

"Why don't you sit down and let me get on top of that cock?" Molly asked

John obviously had no objections to whatever Molly wanted. She was the one
with the spectacular mind-blowing ass after all. I watched Molly's thick
cheeks bounce with each step as she walked towards the seated John. Molly
saw me playing with myself, while gazing at her glorious glutes. She bent
forward, sticking that butt out as she sucked face with John for a bit. She
swivelled her ass around in circles for me while she kissed him. Molly
straddled him then lowered her asshole down around his cock. I watched her
plump ass squish down on his lap as her asshole engulfed his manhood.

"Ooohhhh oohhhh stick it up there, ooooooohhhhh," Molly moaned.

She wiggled her butt around, getting comfortable in this position. Molly
leaned forward, giving John a mouthful of her big natural breasts. He held
her around the midsection as Molly started to bounce up and down. With each
bounce, the room filled with the sound of Molly's cushion smacking against
John's thighs. I was content just sitting back and watching how great that
butt looked while getting fucked.

"Mmmmhhhh fuuuck Molly, fucking ride that cock, ohhh fuuuck yes!" John

"Unnnhhhuhhh that cock gets so deep my ass! Unnhhhh baby grab on, grab onto
my butt!" Molly moaned.

John moved his hands around to Molly's backside, grabbing two handfuls of
her butt. He spread her cheeks apart even more and Molly rode him faster.
Molly held onto John's shoulders for support as she widly thrashed up and
down on his rod. Molly screamed and took short, heavy breaths as she just
rode John as hard as she could. Molly went at it hard and faster for a good
minute or too before slowing down to catch her breath. She looked over her
shoulder at me, enjoying the action.

"You know what would be even better then this?" Molly asked.

"What's that?" I inquired.

"Double ... Penetration," Molly said slowly with a lick of the lips.

"So you want one in your pussy and one in your ass?" John asked.

"No, that's not what I want," Molly said, almost sounding annoyed.

"What'd you mean? You said you want double penetration, that's double
penetration," I said.

"I want John's cock in my ass and I want your cock in my ass. I want them
both in my ass at the same time," Molly explained.

"At the same time?" John and I said almost in unison.

"Yes at the same time. So are you man enough to give me what I want?" Molly

"I'm man enough, but can you take what you want?" I asked.

"I wouldn't ask for it, if I couldn't take it," Molly replied.

"If two dicks in your ass is what you want, then that's what you'll get,"
John said.

I approached Molly's ass, ready to give her exactly what she wanted. There
was no chance in hell I could say no to her. John's rod was already firmly
lodged Molly's anus. I pushed my way into Molly's asshole, stretching it
wide open.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuck yeeesss that's what I want! Ohhhh yess! Ohhh fuck two
cocks in my ass! OHHHH MY GOD!" Molly moaned at the top of her lungs.

"Ohhh fuuck Molly's it's so fucking tight in here now, oh god your ass is so
good," I moaned.

"UNNHHHHH YEEEEEAH! Fuck my ass! BOTH OF YOU FUCK MY ASS! UnnnnhhhhhhuhhhhhH!
Ohhhhh my god! Oh my! OHHHH FUUUCK THAT'S GOOD! Unnhh! Unhhh! Ohhhh don't
stop!" Molly moaned.

"Ahhh fucking take it Molly, take two dicks in your ass!" John moaned.

I continued pumping in and out of the little room I had in Molly's filled up
orifice. I couldn't believe how she was taking this all in her ass but it was
very erotic and pleasureable. We butt-fucked Molly for several minutes as
Molly moaned like she was off in some other world.

"Ohhh! OHHH! OHHH! FUUUUUUCK THAT ASS! OHHHH GOD YES! Ohhhh fuck that feels
MY ASS!" Molly screamed out in ecstasy. Her body began shaking uncontrollably
as she went through a series of intense orgasms.

"I don't know how much longer I can possibly hold out," John said.

"I never wanna stop fucking this nice big ass but I'm gonna cum soon," I

"Gimme your cum! Gimme all of it on my ass! Splash that hot cream all over
my butt," Molly requested.

I pulled out of the double penetration and stepped back a few inches. John
pulled out and with a couple strokes, streams of cum were flying up and
landing all over Molly's ass! I held my shaft tight and completely drained
my nuts of an enormous amount of cum all over Molly's plump cheeks. The two
loads of cum almost covered Molly's big booty. Molly got off of John and
rubbed the cum into all over her ass.

"Ohhh that's so warm, mmmhhh that feels good. Didn't that feel good to get
that all out?" Molly asked.

"I've never cum that much in my life at once," I said as I collapsed onto
the couch.

"Are you sore?" John inquired as he saw Molly rubbing her asshole.

"Just a little, but ohhh it felt soo good. It was so worth it," Molly said.

"It's too bad that it's over," I groaned.

"Over? It's not over, not at all. Unless you have to leave," Molly said.

"Leave? Yeah right," I replied.

"That's VERY good to hear. I'll be back down in a little while, you don't go
anywhere," Molly said.

"Yeah, like we're gonna leave THAT," John said.

Of course the 'THAT' he was referring to was Molly's ample backside bouncing
as she walked up the stairs. We rested on the couch, recharging our batteries
for whatever the marvelous Molly had planned next. It would be a good half
hour or more until Molly returned. She was still naked in all her delicious
glory but she came back carrying a medium-sized clear plastic bottle.

"I've got a very special outfit that I picked out for you two, and the Divas
photoshoot, but mainly you two. But first, I need this oil spread all over my
body. I could do it but what fun would that be?" Molly laughed.

"BACK! I call the back," I quickly shouted.

"Fuck! Oh well, there's nothing wrong at all with the front," John said.

I positioned myself behind Molly and squirted some oil on her back. I started
at Molly's neck and moved down her back, making it glisten in the lights with
oil. John started at Molly's feet, spending a good amount of time rubbing the
oil up the fronts of Molly's legs. I shifted down to Molly's calves and began
to work my way slowly up the back of her legs. John massaged the oil into
Molly's thick muscular thighs. He continued on up to Molly's flat stomach. I
drenched my hands full of oil and then slapped them on Molly's large
backside. I started with the left bun, making sure to cover every inch with a
good coat of body oil. Meanwhile, John was spending an equal amount of time
on Molly's great set of breasts. I heard Molly make some soft moans as I
massaged the oil into her buttocks and John worked over her breasts. Neither
of us missed one single spot on Molly's beautiful body and soon she glistened
with oil.

"Thank you," Molly said giving both of us a peck on the lips.

"No, no, thank you!" I replied.

Molly laughed and headed back upstairs to put on whatever this outfit was she
was talking about. We speculated on what the outfit might be but decided to
wait and be surprised. We waited with much anticipation until we heard Molly
walking back down the stairs. She was wearing black and white cowboy boots.
A thin black sleeves belly shirt. A pair of what looked like black bikini
bottoms. She was also wearing a holster. Molly spun around and the black
bikini bottoms turned out to be a black thong, which disappeared between her
juicy buns.

"How do you like it?" Molly asked.

"I'm ... I'm ... I'm speechless," I stuttered.

"Goddamnit Molly, you're too much," John said.

"Too much?" Molly asked.

"Those thick muscular thighs, that big firm butt, those big tasty breasts,
those eyes, that face, Mmmmmmmmolly!" John salivated.

I moved around behind Molly and dropped to my knees so I was eye level with
her thong flossed butt. I pressed my face against Molly's ass, rubbing my
nose between in her deep ass crack. John pulled me aside and then buried his
face in Molly's backside. I pushed him out of the way and went back to
feeling Molly's ass against my face. We almost got into a fight over it until
Molly offered an interesting proposition. She made both of us lay down on the
floor with our heads close together. Molly took off the holster and set it
aside. She then knelt down over both of our faces then squished her soft ass
down. Molly wiggled around, grinding and just rubbing her butt into her
faces. I held out my tongue, licking her tasty ass cheeks and crack as she
moved all around on top.

"You like that boys? You like that ass on your face?" Molly asked.

Of course neither of us could respond because we were being almost suffocated
by Molly's rump. Molly began bouncing up and down on top of our faces. With a
normal girl's bony ass this would have hurt like hell but Molly's soft
cushion felt so good slapping against my face. Another minute of heaven
passed before Molly stopped and stood up.

"How'd you like that? Actually, I think your faces say it all," she said,
looking down at the stupid grins on our faces.

"What's in there?" I asked as I saw Molly pick up the holster.

She opened and didn't pull out a gun. Instead, she pulled out a long, thick,
butt plug. Molly pressed something on the base and it began vibrating. We
watched as Molly sucked on the plug then got down on her knees. She pulled
her black thong to the side and began working the plug deep into her asshole.
John stepped forward and began helping her. I moved around the front of Molly
and ran my fingers through her brown hair, watching her take this big plug
all in her ass.

"Ohhh unhhhhh ohhhhh press the button John," Molly instructed. John pressed
the button on the big butt plug and it began vibrating real fast in Molly's
butt. The vibration from the plug made her whole booty jiggle.

"Now ohhh ohhhh ohhh now ohhhh ohhhhhh stick your cock in too, ohhhohhhhhh,"
Molly moaned out.

John tried but he couldn't with the vibrations going on. He switched off the
plug and then worked his cock inside of Molly's ass ontop of the vibrator. It
was an even tighter fit then when we both were in here. With his prick lodged
firmly in Molly's ass, he switched the vibrator back on and started pumping.

"HOLY SHIT!" John exclaimed.

"Unnhhhh ohhhhh baby, ohhh does that feel good?! Ohhhh god! My ass is all
filled up! Ohhhh ohhhhh unhhhhhmmmmm yess! YES! OHHHH YES!" Molly screamed.

Molly reached forward and grabbed a firm grip on my rod, trying to contain
an incredible sensation of her asshole being penetrated by John and a large
vibrating butt plug at the same time. John was digging his fingers into the
flesh of Molly's ass, holding onto the jiggling goodness as he tried to pump
in there along with the vibration.

"Ohhh! Ohhhh, man, you've gotta try this, it's incredible!" John exclaimed.

John turned off the vibrator and removed his prick from Molly's ass. He moved
around front of Molly and she sucked the taste of her delicious ass off of
his cock. I moved around back and pushed my way into her asshole alongside
the vibrator. Definatly a tight fit but a good fit. I switched the vibrator
on and as I began to pump, I felt a feeling like never before. The vibration
against my cock, trapped inside of Molly's asshole was as John said,

FUCK IT! OHHHH YESSS SLAM MY ASSHOLE! Ohhh that's so hard! It's all full! Oh
my god! Ohhhh fuuuck yesss!" Molly screamed in ecstasy.

"Ohhh fuck you take it so good! Ohhh fuck take all of this in your ass! TAKE
IT MOLLY! Taaaaaaakkeeee iiiiiiittt!" I grunted.

I grabbed onto Molly's hips tightly and just forcefully pounded her asshole
as hard as I could. It was so tight in there with the vibrator but I just
went crazy, slamming into her ass as hard as humanly possible.

"Mmhhhhhh soooo hard! You're POUNDING MY ASS soooo hard! Don't stop!
Unhhuhhhh I love it! Ohhh fuck that's hard!" Molly moaned.

"Yeeeah I fucking love your big ass! Yeeah I love pounding it!" I shouted

I pulled out of Molly's ass, breathing very heavily, and just slapped my cock
against her asshole and fleshy cheeks. Molly slid her knees back so she was
laying on her stomach, flat on the carpet. Her ass bubbled up, the vibrator
still shaking away inside of her.


"FUUUUCK!" I exclaimed as I sat almost on top of her ass and pushed my cock
back inside of Molly. I gave her a few thrusts then pulled back out. I
removed the butt plug and tossed it aside, wanting all of her asshole to
myself. I slipped my cock inside of her wide, gaping asshole and humped away
on top of her. My cock slipped out and got wedged between her cheeks,
reminding me of something.

"I can't believe I forgot," I said.

I moved back, sitting at the base of Molly's backside. I spread her thick
buns apart and wedged my cock between them. I leaned forward, pushing Molly's
fleshy ass cheeks together, making my cock pretty much disappear. I held her
buns tight together and pumped, in and out.

"Damn that looks good," John commented.

"Ohhhh it feels good, sooo good," I moaned.

"Oh yess! Ohh slide that dick between my buns! Yeeeah fuck them, fuck those
buns, baby," Molly encouraged.

"You come get some of this," I said to John.

I gave Molly's buns a few final pumps then removed myself. John came over
and assumed the position over Molly's ass, sliding his rod between her thick
meaty buns. I moved around to Molly's face and she started sucking me off.

"How's that feel?" I asked John.

"Ahhhh man I love this ass, ahhh fuck these cheeks are so good, Molly. THIS
BIG ASS IS SO GOOD!" John exclaimed.

"Mmmmhhh mmmmmhhhh I knew you'd love my butt," Molly said, in between slurps
on my dick.

"Ohhh fuuuck I'm gonna blow," John said.

"You know where to blow it, baby," Molly responded.

I watched as John gave Molly's ass cheeks a few more thrusts before pulling
out and unloading once again all over that big juicy target. With her ass
slick with cum, John slid between Molly's cheeks once again and pumped until
his hard-on wore off.

"Are you gonna cum on my ass again, too?" Molly asked, removing my dick
from her mouth to speak.

"Nope, not this time," I said.

I grabbed a handful of Molly's brown locks and pulled her head back as a
target. I gave my shaft a few good strokes and shot my jizz into Molly's
mouth. Some of it missed and splattered against her cheeks and dripped down
her chin but Molly licked it up. I let go of Molly's hair and let her take
back control, sucking my cock dry of any remaining cum.

"Mmmhh mmmmmmhhhh that taste good, mmmhhh," Molly moaned as she swallowed a
mouthful of gravy. I gave Molly's breasts a couple kisses and then she gave
us both a kiss. I felt bad for neglecting her nice looking natural breasts
but it was all about the ass, and what an ass it turned out to be in more
ways then one.

"I think we made a good choice going with Molly first," I commented.

"I don't know, how can the other four possibly compare to this?" John asked.

"They can't and they won't, it's just not possible," Molly said.

"You really weren't kidding about your love of anal," I said.

"Not at all ... You guys comeback anytime," Molly stated.

"Don't say that or we may just have to move in next door!" John laughed.

That concluded an exhausting and thrilling encounter with the marvelous
Molly. We gathered our things and reluctantly left Molly and her sweet ass


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