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The first competition has come and gone and what a competition it was. Every
single diva stepped up and then some to give me the chance to judge their
butt. As soon as the competition had ended, I started getting messages on my
answering machine from several wrestling women that were upset they didn't
get an opportunity to show of their ass-ets. At first I apologized but then
my friend, John, came up with a great idea. A second competition. The five
"divas" that contacted me were; Molly, Joanie Laurer, Taylor Vaughn, Tylene
Buck and Pamela Paulshock. I decided not to take anymore entries and just
stick to those five. The first competition was such an experience that my
friend John had trouble believing it all until the divas started calling. I
figured I would reward my friend, by bringing him along and helping me judge
these five bootylicious babes in Best Butt in Wrestling 2.

Best Butt In Wrestling 2 Part 2: Joanie Laurer
by Josh Damon (

The second diva to be evaluated in this competition was the statuesque,
Joanie Laurer. The former Chyna was scheduled to be involved in the first
competition but had to pull out at the last minute. This time, however, she
made sure she was available. John and I experienced some difficulties getting
there. First, our flight was delayed over an hour so we were already running
behind when we landed at LAX Airport. If that wasn't bad enough, John got
tapped to go have his bag checked.

"I better just go ahead, it looks like this is going to take awhile," I said.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. You go get started and I'll get there when I can,"
John said.

I hopped in a cab and headed off, on my own, to Joanie's. I arrived at her
nice looking house in the outskirts of Los Angeles and rang the doorbell a
few times. Joanie answered the door wearing a pair of black spandex workout
pants and ultra tight white sports bra that struggled to contain her huge
breasts. That outfit looked familiar but I couldn't place it. She also had
dyed her hair black again.

"Come on in, I've been waiting a long time for this," Joanie said, welcoming
me into her home.

"As have I. My," I started but Joanie cut me off.

"Shhhhhh, come with me," Joanie said.

She led me into a dimly lit room. I looked around, there was a big bed with
a stainless steel frame against one wall. The wall across from it had this
long, horizontal, aluminum pole high on it. It looked like a big towel rack
bar or something. Maybe a chin-up bar? I couldn't tell.

"So you've come to me today to judge my ass. You've come for my ass and it's
my job to show you why I think I've got the best butt in wrestling, right?"
Joanie asked.

"That's right," I replied.

"Then go ahead and grab it, feel it," Joanie said.

She turned around and I grabbed at her ass, covered by a thin layer of
spandex pants. It was firm, it was muscular, it bubbled and it felt great
in my hands. Joanie whispered for me to close my eyes, and I did. I felt
her move away and tell me to keep those eyes closed. All of a sudden I felt
cold steel against my wrist, and the next thing I was handcuffed to the
pole! Joanie grabbed my other wrist and forced the cuff on it then cuffed
it to the pole. Now I was stuck, my hands over my head, handcuffed to the

"What the hell is this for?!" I demanded an explanation.

"You need to realize what you're getting. Very few men ever get to touch,
let alone get inside of my ass. So you're going to have to go through some
TORTURE before I think about letting you in," Joanie explained.

"Torture?" I asked.

Joanie walked over to me and unzipped my fly, then pulled down my pants and
boxer shorts. I was mildly aroused from grabbing onto her ass a few moments
before but not fully erect.

"Do you remember the first time I showed my ass? The DX Split?" Joanie asked.

"Ahhh, so that's where the outfit is from," I responded.

"I know that gave you a hard-on. I bet you jerked off watching it," Joanie

"Many times," I said.

"Then you wouldn't mind a little live re-enactment, just for you?" Joanie

"I thought you were going to torture me?" I asked.

"Oh this will be torture," Joanie laughed.

Joanie stepped forward a few feet infront of me and turned around. She
uttered the famous line, "If anyone is going to initiate a DX split, it's
gonna be me!" With that, Joanie bent forward, peeling down her black spandex
pants, revealing her black thong filled ass. Joanie pulled her pants down
past her ass and wiggled it around. She then began slapping it with her hands
a few times before standing straight up to pull her pants back up. She didn't
pull them up, she left them down past her butt.

"I bet you wish you could stroke that cock, don't you? I can see its all
hard," Joanie said.

"Ahhh damnit, I want to," I conceeded.

"Ohh how it would feel for you to bury that cock deep into my ass. You'd like
that, wouldn't you? You'd like to bury that cock in my asshole, wouldn't
you?" Joanie asked, talking very dirty.

"Fuuck! Let me go! You proved your point, I can't take this!" I yelled. I
squirmed around trying to get a hand free atleast but I couldn't.

Joanie backed up towards me, so that her butt was just inches infront of my
hard-on. She grabbed on to her firm tanned buns and began spreading them

"It's so close, if only you could get in there. I bet you want in there
sooooo bad," Joanie said.

"What do I have to do?! I'll do anything, just let me go," I said.

"You will be subservient to me. You will give into your Mistress Joanie. I
will control you, I will have complete control over you. You're nothing but
my slave, you're nothing. Nothing! Nothing but a pathetic slave," Joanie

"Ok, ok, so I can fuck your ass?" I asked.

SMACK! Joanie smacked me hard across the face, almost dislocating my jaw.

"A slave wouldn't talk to his Mistress Joanie like that! You don't speak
unless I tell you to speak," Joanie said firmly.

"Ok I..."

SMACK! She drilled me on the other side of the face.

"I SAID don't speak unless I TELL YOU TO! I have complete control over you,"
Joanie shouted.

I looked up and saw John standing in the doorway, watching what was going
on. He crept over to a corner of the room then snuck up behind Joanie. He
surprised her, grabbing her hands behind her back and handcuffing them

"Where's the key for his cuffs?" John asked.

"You won't find it," Joanie said.

John sat on top of Joanie and pulled up her white sports bra and found the
key. He uncuffed me and immedately held my jaw, rubbing it in pain. I
commented on John's good timing while Joanie tried to get out of her cuffs.

"It's not gonna work," I told her.

"You being in control? That's not how its gonna work. We're the ones that
are gonna take control and YOU'RE going to be dominated for a change. And
there's nothing you can do about it but like it," John said.

"BRING IT ON!" Joanie growled.

I got down behind Joanie and buried my face between her toned buns. I spread
them apart, licking up her pussy to her asshole. SMACK! SMACK! I gave her
buns a few smacks then spat on her asshole, getting it nice and wet as I
rimmed it. John moved infront of Joanie and dropped his pants. He grabbed
her black hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. Joanie began bobbing her
head, sucking on his dick.

"Yeeah suck it! Suck that cock, Joanie, suck it!" John shouted.

"Keep that ass up in the air!" I demanded.

I spat in her asshole a few more times then pushed my cock deep into Joanie's
ass. I didn't care how it felt for her, I just started pumping, working my
way in and out of her deep hole.

"Yess! Fuck yeeah! Fucking take it! You like it?" I asked.

"Mmhhhh fuuuck my asshole harder! That's not hard enough! COME ON!" Joanie

"You don't talk, you suck my cock, Joanie," John said.

He grabbed two handfulls of Joanie's hair and made sure she kept sucking him
off. I started slamming harder and harder from behind, drilling Joanie's ass.

"Yeeah, fucking look at this ass. Yeeah, watch me fuck this ass hard!" I

I grabbed onto Joanie's muscular arms, which were handcuffed behind her back
still, and pounded her asshole as hard as I could. John stepped back,
watching Joanie's body shake as I slammed so hard into her.


"Ohhh fuuuck! Ohhh your asshole feels so good! Yeeeah you love me pounding it
raw!" I moaned.

I pulled all the way out of Joanie's asshole then thrusted back in. I pulled
all the way out again, and thrusted deep inside. I did this a few more times
while John stepped back forward and continued fucking Joanie's mouth. We
pounded her muscular body from both ends and she loved every second of it.

"Get down on your knees," I commanded and Joanie did as I said, "and crawl
around for us."

Joanie began crawling around on her knees with her face pressed against the
floor and her ass up in the air. John walked over and SPANKED her ass a few
times. I moved over to her face and shoved my cock into her mouth. I grabbed
her hair and started slamming into the back of Joanie's throat. John sized
up her asshole and slowly entered it.

"Ohh shit! Ohhh yess! Ohhh fuck this is nice!" John moaned.

"You fucking like that?" I asked, holding Joanie by the chin.

"Yeeeah I fucking like that cock ripping into my asshole!" Joanie moaned.

John held onto Joanie's toned hips and pounded her ass with long, deep
thrusts. I did the same thing to her mouth, pumping deep into her throat,
making her gag. Each time she gagged, her mouth filled with warm saliva.
John soon pulled out of her asshole and we made her kneel up. We took turns
making Joanie deep throat our dicks.

"Let's make this horny bitch take both," John said.

We stretched out Joanie's mouth, forcing two cocks deep inside of it. She
gasped for air as we double deep throated her. I pulled out of her mouth and
started smacking my cock against her face. John soon pulled out also beat his
prick against Joanie's face, leaving some precum on her cheek.

"Is that all you fuckers got? You ain't shit!" Joanie yelled.

"Let's give it to her," I said.

"Give what to me? You haven't given me shit, you're nothing!" Joanie shouted.

John laid down on his back and I picked up Joanie, sitting her on top of
John. I spread her legs apart and John worked his cock up into her asshole.
I then bent down and also put my cock into Joanie's ass. Her asshole was
stretched to the limit with two dicks inside of it. John began pumping and
I began pounding her asshole, even though there wasn't much room.

"Yeeeah fucking take that Joanie, yeeeah take it!" I moaned.

"Oohhhhhhhh yeeeeah! Ohhh fuck that's better! Yeeah fucking two dicks in my
ass! OHHH FUCK! UNhhhhhhhuhhhhhhh! Unhhhhh fuuuck soooo good!" Joanie moaned.

I grabbed onto Joanie's giant breasts tight and just pounded her filled up
asshole. John reached up and spread Joanie's legs wider apart as we double
fucked her asshole, giving her more then she could handle.

"Unh! Ohhh fuck! Ohh take two cocks! Take it hard! Ohhh fuck Joanie!" I

"Unnhhhuhhhh! Ohhhhh soooo hard! OHHHH FUCK! OH GOD! OH YES!" Joanie moaned.

"Ohhhh shiiit I'm gonna cum!" John exclaimed.

I pulled out of Joanie's ass and picked her up. I flipped the amazon over
onto her knees. John entered her asshole a few more times then pulled out and
sprayed his cum all over Joanie's round ass. He slapped his cock hard against
her cum covered butt then sat back.

"Are you gonna cum too?" Joanie asked.

"Just a minute," I said.

I laid Joanie down on her back and positioned my cock between her huge tits.
I pushed them together hard and began pumping between her massive mounds. I
fucked those big tits until I felt my balls tighten up. I couldn't hold out
any longer. I moved back and covered those huge tits with a big load of cum.
I let that last drop splash down on her hard left nipple. I then put my dick
in her mouth, letting her lick it clean.

"Mmmmhhhh mmmmmmm mmmmmmm," she moaned.

John moved around behind Joanie and unlocked the handcuffs. She rubbed her
wrists, which were sore from the steel cuffs. I got dressed and we started
to head out of the room.

"Wait!" Joanie yelled.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I take back what I said earlier, you really did give it to me good," Joanie

"Anytime ... Anytime," I said.


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