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Best Friends Forever
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Sable, aka Rena Mero, had just arrived in the WWE and already she made a
promise. She was going to become best friends with Torrie Wilson, the WWE
Diva that recently made her first nude pictorial. Since Sable had been the
first to tread on this path, she felt that she shared a lot in common with
Torrie and thus, the two of them would connect instantly. Instead, Torrie
Wilson seemed to be frightened by the returning femme fetal and attempted
to avoid her at all costs. Backstage, Torrie would purposely begin
conversations with other wrestlers just so she didn't have to talk to Rena.
She was slowly becoming a plague that Torrie could not seem to control.

After a Smackdown! taping had concluded, Torrie quickly hightailed it back
to her locker room. She had not seen nor heard from Rena since their taped
television segment had ended, which was a sure sign that she had left the
building for the night. With a smile stretched across her beautiful face,
Torrie marched up to her dressing room and prepared to enter. As she opened
the door, she heard voices. These voices were coming from inside her dressing
room and immediately struck a chord with the WWE Diva waiting in the wings.
She recognizes the two people that were speaking and nearly falls over as
she barrels through the door into the room.

"What the fuck?!" she hollers, gazing at the sight in front of her. Rena
Mero, the woman that was becoming the needle that pricked Torrie Wilson's
skin, was knelt down in front of her boyfriend, Billy Kidman, handling his

"Don't worry," Sable assures her, "there is no fucking go on here■ not yet
anyway. After all, you did just get here. You didn't think we'd start without
you, did you?"

"What are you talking about?" Torrie wonders, looking at the smiles that grew
on both Rena and Billy's faces.

"Torrie, Torrie," Rena begins, unzipping Kidman's shorts and reaching in for
his prized member. "You have to remember, I want to be your friend. I want
to be your BEST friend. You keep avoiding me in the halls, so I figured this
would be where I would find you, so that's why I came inside. Billy just
happened to walk in thinking that you were in here and we wound up talking.
He doesn't understand why we can't be friends either."

"Now what does all that bullshit have to do with you getting ready to fuck my
boyfriend?" Torrie obviously did not want to hear what Rena had to say, but
knew she had to in order to make some sense out of this situation.

"Well," responds Sable as she began to stroke an already erect Billy Kidman,
"I understand that you share a bond with this young stud and I want to know
what kind of bond that is so that I can better understand you. But, if I just
fucked him behind your back, I wouldn't be much of a friend, would I? So, I
decided to wait for you to show up before I began my little show. In fact, I
was kind of hoping you would join in■ perhaps we'd get a little closer."

"WHAT?!" Torrie screams. She was appalled that she would even be asked such
a question. "NO! IT IS OUT OF THE QUESTION!"

Rena sighs a heavy sigh and releases her grip from Kidman's cock. "All right,
that's fine. I like to have people watch anyway."

Before another question could escape the trembling lips of Torrie Wilson,
she watches in horror at the acts that unfolded in front of her. She felt an
overwhelming feeling of helpless overcome her body as Sable began feeding
Kidman's cock through her pouty lips and onto her hot, wet tongue. She takes
more and more of his meatstick into her mouth, inch by inch, until she finds
herself face-to-face with the base of his massive member. Torrie's mouth
becomes agape at Rena's amazing ability to deep throat her boyfriend. Rena
seemed to have a certain gift at the art and knew it, too. She draws her
mouth up slowly, making sure to leave noticeable amounts of her own saliva on
the length of Kidman's penis--making sure that Torrie was watching. And with
all eyes focused on her, Sable withdraws her mouth for only a moment to watch
a string of saliva from the tip of Billy's dick, and then she quickly gobbles
it back down again, shoving it deep in the back of her throat.

"Damn Rena," Billy moans as he threw his head back. "You definitely know what
you're doing down there."

In Torrie's mind, that was a direct insult to her and she took it to the
heart. Her eyes began to sink into sadness, but then a furrow in her brow
turned her face to anger. Billy Kidman was her man for a reason. She wasn't
about to let some washed-up slut come in and take him away from her,
especially not with something that Torrie was an expert at: Sex.

Billy and Sable were off in their own little world, though, and fail to take
notice to Torrie approaching. Billy grabs a thick handful of Sable's blonde
locks and jams his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Rena, looking as
if she was going to suffocate, takes the meat with an open mouth, so to
speak, and moans in ecstasy as Kidman fucked her face. The slurping and
gulping noises that clog the room could not silence Torrie as she jerks back
Sable by the hair and brings a hand down to her face.

"Listen here you washed-up, Playboy cover girl has-been!" Torrie screams as
she slaps Rena in the face. "I'm sick of your shit. You may have been one of
the first divas around here, but that does NOT mean that you are better than
me in ANYTHING■ especially when it comes to pleasing my man."

Rena parts her lips, obviously prepared to respond, but no words escape her
mouth. For once, she is speechless. She just remained on her knees and
focused on the fire that burned inside Torrie Wilson's eyes.

"So what are YOU going to do about it?" Sable finally responds coyly, still
rubbing her jaw.

"Well... I'm going to..." Torrie mutters. With each stutter and lost word,
she loses the advantage she gained just moments ago and regains her

"That's right," Rena cuts in, "you are going to do nothing about it, Torrie
Wilson. Now, why don't you get back to watching and I'll show you how this is

In a huff, Torrie walks to the locker room door and grabs the handle.

"Billy, honey, would you mind sitting down on that chair right there?" she
can hear Sable directing her man.

Torrie holds the door's handle for just a moment and turns around to observe
the scene one final time. Billy pulls over a chair and sits down, but not
before removing his shorts and jockeys and tossing them aside. Rena Mero
stands with her back to Kidman, her hands reaching behind her back to untie
her tight leather top. Gradually, she pulls each string until it is untied,
all the while swaying back and forth and shaking her hips for her admirers.
Torrie still watches on from the corner of the room, not content with leaving
her boyfriend alone.

Rena spins back around and begins to slowly pull down her loosened top. Her
eyes become fixated on Torrie Wilson and remain there as she reveals her
crimson red bra. Sable then switches her attention to Torrie Wilson's overly
anxious boyfriend, Kidman and locks eyes with him. Kidman can only keep eye
contact for a moment's rest as Rena begins to sway back and forth, waving her
jugs in front of Billy like hunks of meat in front of a lion. Kidman licks
his lips, obviously mesmerized by the luscious woman that stands before him
with the even more luscious breasts.

"No touching," Rena instructs much to Kidman's chagrin. "At least, not for
this part."

Rena spins back around with her hands now rubbing her scrumptious butt,
confined inside a pair of black leather hot pants. She begins to swivel her
hips, tossing her backside around in slow circles to entice the young man
that sits behind her. Kidman watches each movement with his head, moving from
side to side as Rena's hips to the same. The Playboy Playmate lowers herself
down-still moving her butt in a circular motion-until it rests on the tip of
Billy Kidman's full-blown hard-on. Slowly, Sable moves her ample backside,
barely skimming the top of Kidman's cock, but just enough so that it sends
shivers down his spine. Billy reaches out his hands, hoping to get just a
small feel of the ass that shakes before him, but Sable slaps his hands away.

"I said NO touching!" she shouts.

"But I can't help it, Rena," Billy responds in almost a child-like voice,
"your ass is just so perfect."

"Better than your girlfriend's?" Sable asks, making sure to check over her
shoulder at Torrie Wilson, who now looks on with intrigue.

Kidman does not even ponder his answer for a second.


He is far too entranced to think anything less. Either that, or he just wants
to see this blonde beauty in all her glory.

"Very well, I suppose it is time to take it up a few notches."

Torrie Wilson cannot take anymore of it. She opens the locker room door,
steps out, and makes sure to slam the door behind her. The sound goes almost
unheard by Kidman, whose eyes widen as Rena unzips her leather pants. Rena
glances over shoulder as Wilson makes her exit and laughs to herself. Victory
is hers.

With Billy Kidman's watchful eye following her every move, Sable bends over
and pulls down her pants, displaying a beautiful backside for her beloved to
see. The dark red thong she wears can hardly been seen wedged between her
bulbous cheeks. Kidman can no longer help himself as he reaches out and slaps
Sable on the ass.


Rena shakes her cute butt for Kidman, begging him for more.



A red handprint stains Rena's milky white skin and she reaches back to rub it
in pain.

"Ouch, you really hurt me!" she hollers. Kidman bows his head in shame.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself any longer."

"It looks like I'll just need to show you a little pain then," Rena responds
as she mounts Billy Kidman.

A bewildered yet excited Kidman holds his cocky stead as Sable lowers
herself down. She is penetrated with a loud moan from both Kidman and
herself. Rena rests on her hands on Kidman's shoulders to use as leverage
as she sways and swivels back and forth. Her blonde hair falls a bit more
in front of her face with each gentle grind. Kidman's hands immediately
find Sable's chest and he holds on to each mammoth boob as Mero's pace
picks up. Her once slow and methodical grinds turn into hard and fierce
thrusts. The two's moaning becomes louder and more intense as Rena's
riding pace quickens. Kidman squeezes and massages her breasts in his
hands, which serves to hold Rena down and prevent her from knocking the
two over. Still, the chair teeters on its edge as the two go on wildly
fucking. The sounds of skin slapping skin and loud moaning can even be
heard outside the room where Torrie leans against the door, sobbing to
herself. Curiously, she peeks her head inside the door.

The sight she sees before her sickens her to the pit of her stomach. Kidman
now has a firm grip on the blonde locks that have fallen and cover the agape
mouth and blissful eyes of Rena Mero. Mero, on the other hand, is in firm
control. She is moving back and forth at such a pace that her image becomes
a blur to the onlooker Torrie Wilson. Her breasts flail about in all
directions to the point that it looks as though they are about to rip right
off her chest. The moans grow louder and it sounds it as if orgasm is about
to be reached. Suddenly, Kidman rises up, gripping his hands underneath
Sable's buns and lifting her into his arms.

With a newfound strength, Kidman leans Rena up against the wall and thrusts
into her like a madman. She bounces up and down in his arms, shouting his
name with each pounding of his pelvis. Kidman kisses Rena on the lips, a
sight that causes Torrie to duck her head back outside the locker room. The
two release the lip-lock and Rena throws her head back in a loud, untamed

"AAHH FUCK!!" she screams at the top of her lungs. "GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE IT

Kidman digs his nails into the fleshy skin of Rena's backside and jams her
harder and harder with his dick. Each thrust takes more and more energy out
of Kidman and puts more and more energy inside of Rena Mero.

"HARDER!" She shouts for more.

"UGH!" Kidman moans, giving it to Sable with hard, fast thrusts.





The orgasm bubbling inside of Kidman since the moment Rena first handled
his cock grows closer and closer. Kidman lets Rena down and holds his cock
steady for the impeding release. Mouth wide open, Sable sinks to her knees.
Kidman slides his hand up and down his tool at a vigorous pace, throwing
his head back as the build-up becomes greater and greater. An eager and
horny Rena pushes in on her breasts, rubbing them together so that her
nipples spill over her bra. The excitement is just the boost that Kidman
needs and he releases his milky white semen all over Sable's face. She
takes a majority of it in her mouth, and then purposely allows it to spill
over her lips and down her face. A few drops splash her breasts and fall
into her cleavage. Kidman finishes the last bit of goo from the tip of his
dick with some more quick jerking motions, and then places the limp tool on
Sable's lips. Willingly, she slips it back into her mouth to finish up the
expert oral action that was rudely interrupted earlier.

Outside the locker room, Torrie Wilson still leans against her locker room
door. Her eyes are shut and her left hand has found its way beneath the
waistband of her shorts. An index finger gently massages her clit as her
imagination stimulates her fantasy. Inside her head, she rides her lover in
a Jacuzzi. Her wet blonde hair thrashes about and she can hear the water
splash against their two joined bodies. The cock inside her touches the right
spots, causing her to moan louder and louder as the intense sex session

She dismounts, drifting out into the water and never making eye contact with
her lover. Instead, her hands travel beneath the water to her lover's tool.
Her hands gently glide over its length, massaging the head while twisting at
the base. Torrie retracts her hands. Being beneath the water have left her
hands unable to truly feel the texture of this throbbing member. Wilson dunks
her head and finds the dick with her feather soft lips. She feeds it into her
mouth and her tongue grazes the underside of the bulging head. Only the taste
of rubber fills her mouth and in disgust, Torrie pulls the cock from her
mouth. Her head rises up from below the water and as the drops fall away from
her eyes, she can fully see the lover that sits before her. The flowing
blonde hair that seems like her own cascades down across a pair of gorgeous
bare breasts. Torrie's heart palpitates. Her eyes glance at the familiar face
of her lover... a recognizable face that causes her to scream and immediately
break free of her imagination.

Torrie opens her eyes and thoughts circulate about in her head like cars on a
street with no traffic lights. What has she done?

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