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Best Friends Forever...and Ever
by Innovator of Awesomeness

After the horrible atrocity that had taken place inside her very own locker
room, Torrie Wilson did not feel safe anywhere. She needed to get away from
things for a while and decided to return to her home in Las Vegas, Nevada to
get a much needed vacation.

Torrie arrives at her three-bedroom, two-bath home and opens the door. It's
not locked. And she's absolutely SURE she locked it before leaving for the
road just a few days prior. There must be someone else in the house. She
grabs the nearest item-a vase from beside the door-and arms herself with it,
in case the intruder happens to be a burglar. As she gets closer and closer
to the living room, she notices women's clothing scattered all over her
couch and loveseat. She sighs in relief.

"It's probably just Billy," she reassures herself. "I should have taken my
key back from him. It looks like he just came in here and threw some of my
stuff around."

But, as she picks up a pair of neon green G-string panties, she notices
something: They aren't hers. In fact, none of the clothing lying around the
living room is hers. She sees bras, t-shirts, underwear, and even stockings
sprawled out of her couch, loveseat, and the floor that occupies them. Then,
there is an article of clothing that catches her eye. It is a black sports
bra and black shorts. They are the type of shorts a boxer would wear to the
ring, only these are much shorter. As Torrie removes the two articles to
examine them, she comes across a framed picture that lies beneath the
clothing. It is a picture of Sable, a recent picture, decked in her old
wrestling uniform standing like she would in the publicity photos that are
handed out at her autograph signings. Only, it is the type of picture that
no fan would be able to see. Sable's sports bra is pulled up so that her
massive jugs can be seen. Beside her naked breasts, in black marker, reads a


Wilson throws the picture down in a fit of rage and storms to the sliding
glass door leading onto the patio. Sure enough, Rena is out there, sitting
in the Jacuzzi and enjoying a glass of champagne. Torrie slides open the
door and steps outside. The look in her burning eyes tells more of a story
than any words could. On the contrary, Rena has the same sultry glare in her
eyes as she always has-almost a look of innocent that one would find on a

"Something wrong, dear?" the sultry one asks.

"How the fuck did you get inside my house?" Torrie sternly responds.

"Oh," starts Sable as she flips back her wet mane, "Billy just let me borrow
the key."

"You mean you fucked him and took the key?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"You make me sick."

"Oh, come on, we both know he couldn't do anything for you." It is that
comment that leaves Wilson speechless.

"Whaa■" she begins, but cannot put words to the thoughts that are rumbling
about inside her head.

"Billy was just a fling," Sable states frankly. "He was all right for a
simple 20-minute fuck, but if you want true love making, no man can match up
with a woman's touch. Face it Torrie, we both know what we want. Men don't
have a clue. They know what they want and that's the way it is."

Rena almost had a point, Torrie thinks to herself, almost. In a twist of
fate, the diva's facial expression turns from a bubbling snarl to a
half-hearted smile. It is almost as if the comments Rena made hit close to
home with Torrie Wilson■ too close. True, Billy and Torrie were having
problems and true, women do know what other women want when it comes to sex.
But, Torrie still felt uneasy giving into Rena so quickly and the
experienced diva could see that in her eyes.

"Come on, Torrie," Rena calls out from the Jacuzzi, "just come inside. Let
me give you a back rub."

"I don't have a suit on me." Wilson is desperately trying to avoid any sort
of act that would sway her one way. Coming in physical contact with the
lovely Sable would most definitely make matters worse.

"Oh, just swim in your bra and panties," Sable coyly suggests. "After all,
you don't have anything that I don't have."

Another good point, Torrie says to herself. The sultry one was luring her
closer and closer with the way she said everything-how innocent it sounded
in Torrie's ears-and the come-hither looks she was flashing to Wilson
between sentences. There was no getting out of it this time. Torrie would
just have to give in to Rena Mero and hope that things did not get out of
hand■ too out of hand.

"All right, all right," Wilson submits.

Rena flashes a smile of content and swims to the edge of the hot tub,
placing her arms on the side and resting her head in her hands. She watches
intently as the lovely Torrie Wilson unzips her tight blue jeans and pulls
them down to her ankles. Her black thong panties intrigue Rena and she
smiles. After all, there is only one reason a woman wears black lingerie.
Wilson releases a heavy sigh and quickly yanks up on her yellow half-shirt
and pulls it up over her head. She tosses it to the side with one arm,
making sure that the other is stretched across her breasts, which are barely
being held in by a tiny black bra. This lingerie was definitely made for

"Damn!" Rena makes a catcall at Torrie that almost gets her to crack a

Torrie enters the hot tub, still covering her chest with her right arm. Rena
looks a bit displeased and places her fingers on Wilson's arm.

"It's okay," she assures her. "You have nothing to be ashamed of."

With Rena's help, Wilson pulls her arm side and uncovers her tits. They are
looking particularly gorgeous, not only being squeezed and pushed up inside
a small bra, but wet as well. Sable's eyes light up as she realizes the
beauty that sits before her. Torrie still seems a bit uneasy, wanting to
cover herself up; wanting to get away from everything; wanting to get away
from this situation. Sensing this, Rena tries to relieve the tense Torrie

"Turn around and I'll give you a back rub."

Looking troubled, Wilson slowly turns her back to her admirer. Rena moves in
closer, pressing her breasts against Torrie's back. She tries to get a peek
at Torrie's succulent butt, but the water distorts its image too much.
Later, she tells herself, later. Sable places her hands on Torrie's hips,
which cause the diva to shake nervously. Rena calms her down, and then
proceeds to move her hands up, slowly and surely, feeling the curves of
Torrie's body until she reaches her shoulders.

"How's that feel," Rena whispers, kneading the blonde's shoulders with her

Torrie releases a small moan-an obvious sign of her enjoyment. Rena keeps up
the massage with her right hand, but slips her left hand off Torrie's
shoulder and moves it down. It slips to the side of her stomach, down into
the water, and right to her crotch. Wilson takes notice and reaches down to
remove the unwanted intruder, but Sable leans in closer and kisses her ear.
Torrie retracts her hand and shuts her eyes, submerged in bliss. Rena
continues to lick and kiss the blonde's ears as her fingers slowly crawl
inside her thong panties. Even beneath the water, Sable can feel that Torrie
wants this almost as much as she does Her fingers trace through her
well-trimmed pubic hair and gently circle her labia. She presses in
slightly, causing Torrie to jerk her head back and moan. Rena takes
advantage of her temporary paralysis and moves her lips to Torrie's.
Wilson's response seems almost natural as she madly makes out with the woman
that she despised just ten minutes ago. The two go at it wildly with Sable's
fingers still pleasuring Torrie downstairs. Torrie's moans are muffled by
the lip lock, but are still audible enough for Rena to hear them, which
makes her finger-fuck Wilson faster and faster.

"OH GOD!" Wilson finally hollers out after the lip-lock is released. Her
scream is almost drowned out by the sound of water splashing Torrie's
stomach which comes from down between her thighs.

"You like this baby, huh?" Rena asks sternly, slowing down her finger-fuck
for just a moment before picking the pace back up again.

"It feels soooo good!" moans Wilson.

Just before she appears to reach orgasm, Torrie pulls Rena's hands away and
turns around to face her fiery new lover. Sable leans in for a kiss but
Torrie moves aside. A look of concern comes over the face of the first ever
WWE Playboy cover girl.

"Don't worry," Wilson assures Rena and kisses her on the cheek, "this all
will continue but it'll continue upstairs in my bedroom."

Smiling, Rena kisses Torrie on the cheek and stands up to finally reveal her
bathing suit. It is much like the swimsuit her wore at the Slammy awards
which has become infamous. It is V-shaped with her breasts hardly being held
in place by the two strips of fabric that come down over them. As she turns
to exit, Wilson slaps her playfully on the ass.

"Damn, no wonder women what to be like you," remarks Torrie with a giggle.

Rena chuckles a bit and then steps out of the Jacuzzi and stands on the
concert tile. Torrie follows and arm in arm, the two ladies enter the house
with a trail of water following behind them. Once inside, Rena immediately
heads for the stairs, but Wilson stops her. She holds Sable's old ring
attire-the boxing shorts and sports bra-in her hands.

"We are going to need these," she says and tosses them to Rena. "Come on,
let's get upstairs."

The ladies head upstairs, laughing and giggling the entire way. They come to
Torrie's bedroom door and open it up. The room is absolutely huge with only
a few pieces of furniture occupying it. There is a circular chair, known as
the "sex chair," to a select few in the corner. On the other side of the
room, next to the door leading to the bathroom, is a dresser that has bras
and panties strewn about it. And of course, in the center of the room is the
bed where, as it is said, "all the magic happens." It is an enormous
four-post king size bed with an abstract looking headboard, constructed of
metal bars that zigzag and cross to form some sort of tribal design. There
are a dozen or so pillows on the bed that rests on what appears to be the
most comfortable comforter in the entire world. Rena is eager to enter, but
again, Torrie stops her.

"Carry me across the threshold!" demands the blonde with a giggle.

Laughing, Rena picks Wilson up into her arms and carries her a few steps
into the room before setting her down. The two French kiss once again with
Rena force-leading Wilson to the bed. Torrie breaks free of the kiss and
tosses the millions of pillows to the floor.

"Before we get this under way, I have to admit something," starts a bashful
Torrie Wilson. "I've always had this fantasy of you in that Sable outfit.
I'd love for you to put it on for me."

Rena blushes a bit and looks at the outfit in her hands.

"You are a naughty girl," she says.

"I'll get things ready and you can go put that on," directs Wilson, pointing
to the bathroom as she continues to remove the pillows from her bed.

The sliding door opens and closes and Rena Mero disappears from sight. With
the blonde out of the room temporarily, Wilson dives across the bed and
opens up her nightstand. From it, she withdraws something that she quickly
tucks beneath a pillow. The second item she takes though, is clearly
visible: a strap-on, much like the one she fantasized about just the other
day while thinking of Rena. Just as Torrie closes the drawer, the sliding
door opens and Rena stands in the doorway with her arms tucked behind her
head. Torrie Wilson watches on as the newly resurrected Sable grinds her
hips, blowing kisses to her female admirer.

"It's time to drop the Sablebomb on you!" snaps Rena and points to Torrie.

"Come drop those bombs of yours," urges Wilson.

Rena climbs into Torrie's bed on all fours and crawls over to the fallen
diva. She leans in and kisses her lightly on the collarbone. Torrie moans
and wants more. Sable then kisses Torrie's neck, then her cheek, and finally
the top of her lips. Wilson moves her hands behind Sable's head and pulls
her in for a sensual lip lock. The two girls go at it like never before,
their tongues grinding against each other, mimicking the ladies' bodies.
Wilson moves her hands down to Rena's butt and lifts up her boxing shorts to
feel the thong that she wears underneath. Rena's hands wander down Torrie's
sultry frame and squeeze her massive boobs, which are still a bit wet. She
then moves her face down to where her hands are and licks up all the water,
dragging her tongue slowly across Torrie's chest and down into her deep,
deep cleavage.

"Ooooh!" Wilson moans and digs her fingers into the fleshy cheeks of Rena

"You like that, huh baby?" asks Rena rhetorically.

"Oh yeah, it feels wonderful," responds Wilson as she slips beneath Rena and
rises to her knees, "but I want to see more of that wonderful ass of yours.
I want you to go over there by the headboard and shake it for me. Shake it
for me and make me want it even more."

This newfound role of the dominant one even surprises Torrie Wilson herself.
Rena, normally one to dominate, continues to go along with it, knowing
inside her head that she could change things around at any given moment. She
makes her way to the front of the bed and places both hands on the
headboard. Without glancing back, she begins to shake her round butt,
arching her back and grinding her hips. She looks back for a second and sees
no Torrie Wilson in sight. Before she has a chance to respond, she hears a
loud "CLANG!" and immediately looks down at her wrist. Torrie is not there
but a pair of handcuffs attaching her one hand to the headboard is instead.
In sheer panic, she tries to pull herself away but just cannot this time.
She looks to her other side to see Torrie just finishing with the second
pair of handcuffs that completely fasten her to the headboard now. Rena
desperately tries to pull away, but the steel cars simply will not give.
Torrie circles the struggling blonde like prey, running her hands all along
her body.

"Well, well, well■" starts a confident and cocky Torrie Wilson, "what a
predicament this is. You seem to be handcuffed to the bed but more
importantly, you appear to be helpless. This isn't the same Rena Mero I once
knew. This isn't the same Rena Mero that tried to seduce me for the last
month and a half. This isn't the same Rena Mero that SLEPT WITH MY FUCKING

A fire unlike any other burns with hatred inside of Torrie Wilson's eyes.
She slaps Rena across the face hard, even harder than she did the last time
the two were together in a room. Sable feels the effects of the vicious slap
and she hangs her head low.

"You look at me when I'm talking to you, bitch!" screams Torrie Wilson and
forces Sable to look at her. "Hear me now. You may have been playing these
mind games with me for the past couple weeks but let me tell you something
Rena, this is the point where the mind games end. No wait, the mind games
aren't over. They are just beginning. I'm going to fuck with your head and
every other part of your body. I'm going to embarrass you, humiliate you,
and make you wish you had NEVER EVER messed with Torrie Wilson. That's a

Rena's struggles are slowly halted by the words of disdain that emerge from
Torrie Wilson's lips. Sable wanted only to mess with Torrie Wilson inside
her mind. She didn't actually want to be with her. Perhaps a one-night stand
to further mess with her mind, but that was all she wanted. What was
happening now was not part of the plan at all. Rena fears that any control
that she thought she possessed over Torrie Wilson is just a figment of the
past. There was no way to turn this situation around and there was no

"Now, let's get these skanky clothes off you first," starts Wilson with the
play-by-play. "These shorts are absolutely horrible on you. You don't have
the butt to fill them out, I'm sorry."

Torrie yanks down Sable's shorts and pulls them to her ankles. She leaves
them there as another reassurance that the diva will not escape. Wilson
moves her fingers up Sable's black thong panties and she pulls up on them,
wedging them between her asscheeks and her labia.

"You do have a nice butt," admits Torrie, "but it fails in comparison to
mine. In fact, that gives me an idea. Turn your head around."

As much as she does not want to, Rena turns her head to the side to see
Torrie turn around and remove her panties. She then edges closer, making
sure her toned butt was right in Sable's face.

"Now kiss my ass and tell me how much better it is than yours," Wilson

Without as much as a rebuttle, Rena leans in and kisses Torrie on the

"You're ass is so hot," she hisses, but even Sable can't pretend to be sexy
in this kind of situation.

"I don't think that was believable enough for me," says Torrie and she
places her hands on her ass and spreads her cheeks apart. "Just for that, I
want to feel you lick my asshole."

A heavy sigh escape Rena's lips and she pushes her face between Torrie's
cheeks. Tongue extended, she proceeds to give Wilson a brisk rim job that
seems to satisfy the dominating diva. Her tongue moves in all directions,
licking and sucking on Torrie's anus as if her life depended on it. And in
this case, it just might. With guilt and disgust, Rena moves her head away
and waits for a reaction.

"Ooo■ not bad at all■" Wilson moans slightly. "Now, whose ass is the best?"

"Yours," an unwilling Sable responds.

"That's better. Now, let's get back to that ass of yours."

Torrie moves back to Rena's rear and takes two handfuls of fleshy meat. She
jiggles them in her hands before coming down hard with a forceful slap.


Rena yelps in pain, but her cries are overpowered by the second slap that
Torrie Wilson sends down onto her buttocks.


"Tell me you're sorry, bitch!" Torrie vengefully screams.


"I'm so sorry!" Sable cries out.


"Sorry for what?" asks Wilson.

"I'm sorry for sleeping your boyfriend■"


"I'm sorry for trying to seduce you■"


"and■ uh■ I'm sorry for■ uh■"


"■I'm sorry for thinking that I could ever be as good as you."

Torrie raises her hand once more but retracts it. The red marks that stain
Rena's beautiful ass are satisfactory. Besides, she has something else in
mind that will really make Rena repent for what she has done. Torrie reaches
over to grab the strap-on that is lying on the bed and begins to put it on.
As she ties it around her waist, she taunts the helpless beauty.

"Rena, have you ever had your assshole fucked?" calmly asks Torrie.

"■uh■ yeah■ once or twice before■" a nervous Rena calls out.

"I bet you haven't had it fucked eight ways from Sunday though," laughs
Wilson as she moves behind Rena, strap-on firmly in place.

As if she knew exactly what she was doing, Torrie rubs the rubber dildo
along Rena's labia, making sure to skim the top and not penetrate her■ not
yet. Sable, much to her own surprise, releases a soft moan. Wilson smiles
and moves the fake cock up to Sable's pucked hole. She teases her for a bit,
sticking the dildo in slightly only to pull it out seconds later.

"Do you really want this, Rena?"

"Uh■ not re■"

"I didn't want you to fuck my boyfriend either■ but ya know what? Too damn

Forcefully, Wilson jams the cock into Rena's asshole and proceeds to tear
her a new one. She holds onto Sable's waist as she fucks her hard, pivoting
her hips back and forth like pistons. Rena can do nothing about it. She
bites her lip and closes her eyes, trying hard to fight back tears. Torrie
is relentless, jamming the 8-inch rubber dildo all the way into Rena's tight

"UGH GOD!" Sable finally moans.

"Take it bitch, take it!" shrieks a transformed Torrie Wilson.

Torrie's hands move from Rena's hips to her breasts. She mashes her boobs
with her fingers, making sure to cause as much pain as possible. Her
fingernails dig into the flesh of her tits as her hips continue to move
faster and faster. Sable screams out in intense pain, but it only causes
Torrie to squeeze and mash her boobs even harder than before. Her hands
knead Sable's jugs to the point where they begin to redden. Tears are slowly
forming at Rena's eyes. Not only is her anus being torn apart, but her boobs
are being dismantled as well.

"Why don't we recreate that little photo you gave to me?" a virtually
psychotic Torrie Wilson howls in a fit of laughter. "You should be able to
remember that, right Rena?"

More tears form in Rena's eyes as she feels her sports bra being pulled up
to expose her breasts. Wilson tears them apart much like she did when they
were covered, mashing them and digging into them with her fingernails. She
pulls down on her nipples until it looks as if another inch would cause
cartilage damage and then releases them only to slap her tits and pull even
harder. Rena is beyond the point of screaming out in pain. Instead, she
looks ahead at the wall as tears stream down her face and hit the pillow
below. Wilson finally begins to take notice and removes her strap-on from
Sable's asshole.

"Awww■ are you crying over there?" mocks Torrie.

Sable sniffles, not even signifying that query with a response. She
desperately wants to pull down her sports bra, pull up her shorts and thong,
or at least rub all the areas that stung with immense pain. But, by the look
in Torrie's eyes, the pain was far from over. On her knees, Wilson takes two
fingers and spreads apart Rena's labia so that she can spit inside her pink

"I want to see what this thing is made of," the blonde remarks as she lies
down on the bed and crawls underneath Sable who has yet to remove herself
from her on-all-fours position. "I want to see you and feel you fuck me
right now, Rena."

It is just another unwilling act for the unwilling diva. Sable lowers herself
down, feeling the pain of the thick rubber dick penetrating her cunt. She
tries to take it slow, lowering herself down to take it inch-by-inch, but
Torrie is unwilling to wait and will have none of that. She pulls down on
Sable's hips, stabbing the blonde with her thick false cock. In one mighty
thrust, Torrie has Rena sitting on her pelvic bone with all eight-inches
jammed up inside of her. Sable tries to adjust herself to the length and
thickness of the penis that has been promptly inserted inside of her, but she
feels Torrie's hands wander her breasts once again and knows that this act is
just beginning.

"Ride me bitch," a commanding Torrie orders as she pushes up on Sable's
hanging jugs.

The force of Torrie's push causes Rena to bounce slightly and causes her a
great amount of pain. Torrie continues to rub Sable's tits and pull her into
a riding motion. Soon, Rena is riding Torrie Wilson with minimal pain.
Wilson is now able to move her hands back to Sable's waist and uses her
slender hips as a guide to direct the blonde in any way she wants. She
begins to toy with Sable, moving her hips so that Rena bounces up and down
quickly with her breasts flying around in every which way, and then slowing
it down almost to a complete stop. Just when Sable begins to get a feel for
the pace that she's being forced into, it gets completely switched around.

"OH GOD! OH GOD!" Rena moans during a particularly fast motion. Her hips
buck wildly as her cunt grinds on Torrie's false hard-on.



Torrie slaps Sable on the butt which renews the handprints that had almost
faded away.

"I WANT IT HARDER!" Torrie demands.




Sable is moving on her own free will now, hoping that perhaps what she does
will satisfy Torrie enough so that this pain will subside. Her hips pivot in
small circles, making sure to grind extra hard to make Torrie Wilson feel
her every move. It appears to work as soon Torrie throws back her head and
releases a long strain of heavy moans.

"OH MY GOD! YES!" cries out an orgasming Torrie Wilson. "OOOH!"

A heavy sigh is released from the flustered blonde as she removes herself
from beneath Rena Mero. She rises to her knees and reaches over to dig
through the drawer in the nightstand again. This time, she removes two more
items: A camera and a tube of KY Jelly. Sable watches on in horror,
wondering just what in the hell this sadistic blonde has her up sleeve this

"There is only one more thing you have to do for me, Rena," Torrie states as
her inches closer. "This will all be over just as soon as you suck this

Relieved, Rena turns her head, closes her eyes, and parts her lips, ready to
receive the rubber dick. She has done this a thousand times and it is almost
second nature to her. The home stretch is in now in Sable's vision and it
looks promising. Just a few quick sucks and it is freedom.

"Let me first get some KY on there," interjects Wilson and she pours a huge
wad of jelly all over the tip of her mammoth false cock.

Again, Sable closes her eyes and parts her lips. Wilson smiles devilishly
and takes her cock in her hand. She rubs the tip of the head, which is still
dripping with KY, all over Sable's face, making sure to cover her lips, her
nose, her mouth, everything on her face. Then, before Sable can pull away,
Torrie jams the cock in her mouth and with her hands behind Sable's head,
forces her to suck on the entire thing. Rena quickly adjusts the muscles of
her mouth and develops a steady rhythm, even opening her eyes to show that
she is slowly regaining control that she once had. And then, a flash of
light blinds Sable and just as quickly as the cock was put in her mouth, it
is taken out.

"That's all I needed," Wilson states with her face hidden behind a camera.
She lowers it and flashes Rena a wicked grin. "Now everyone in the locker
room is going to know for sure you that you are nothing more than a
cocksucking whore."

Rena wildly thrashes about, pulling so hard on the handcuffs that her wrists
begin to turn a bright red. Wilson, meanwhile, calmly steps off the bed,
puts her panties back on and starts to walk out of the room. Before she
exits, she grabs the key from the dresser drawer and tosses it back onto the
bed by Sable's feet.

"Goodbye to you, my best friend."

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