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Featuring: Sarita (TNA, "Dark Angel" Sarah Stock in SHIMMER), Taylor Wilde
(TNA, Shantelle Taylor in SHIMMER), Doug Williams (TNA), Brutus Magnus (TNA).

Best Fucking Tag Team - A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Moments have just passed following the conclusion of the special January 1st,
2010 "New Year's Knockouts Eve" edition of the TNA Impact that hosted a
one-night tournament to crown a new number one contender for the TNA
Knockouts Championship. Now looking ready to leave the Impact Zone are the
reigning TNA World Tag Team Champions known as The British Invasion, who had
earlier taken it upon themselves to provide editional commentary to the
Knockouts Tag Team title match on the show, and are now clad in jeans and
their own merchandise T-shirt and their titles resting on their shoulder.

"Not quite sure what this whole show was supposed to do mate, it must be an
American thing to give the birds a whole show!" Doug Williams says as both
men walk down a corridor, heading towards the exit.

"It wasn't all bad..." The equally handsome and rugged Englishman Brutus
Magnus states with a cocky smirk. "I mean, did you see the "cannons" on that
redhead out there, whatever her name was? TNA would do alright to get her

"I dunno mate, the blond that was with her was a bit of alright, even if they
did get thrashed out there by Wilde and Sarita." Doug says with a shuckle.

"Well, they are our top competition after all..." Brutus responds as they
both turn a corner, but up head is a sight that makes them both grin a little
wider. "Speaking of the devils..."

Standing with their hands on their curvy hips and their own title gold on
their shoulders are the current TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions of the
beautiful luchadora Sarita, and the busty blond Canadian Taylor Wilde and
both women seem to be unimpressed as they wait and watch for the two British
wrestlers to approach. Both Knockouts are looking stylish in form fitting
jeans that hug to their juicy asses, and matching tight-fitting blue short
sleeved tops which rests nicely against Sarita's rounded chest, but slightly
strains against Wilde's large breasts.

"So, you guys are calling us your next competition, are you?" Sarita asks
with a demanding tone as she eyes them both up, referring to the comments the
men made on commentary during their Knockouts Tag Team Championship defense
earlier in the show.

"Guess news travels fast?" Williams says, unfazed by the look both Knockouts
are giving him and his best friend. "We might have said something like that,
and what if we did ladies?"

"It matters because we are serious about our championships and about being
the best that TNA has to offer!" Taylor states as she steps forward towards
Brutus as he smirks. "We don't appreciate being mocked at any time, let alone
by you two on commentary!"

"Easy, easy there ladies!" Magnus says, raising his hands up with mock fear.
"We meant no harm. It's just that this whole show needed some class and
actual entertainment, and we provided that as well as making sure the real
best tag team in TNA, and the whole world for that matter, appeared on TV!"

"Oh, so you two British chumps think you're better than us, do you?" Wilde
snaps, getting angry at this clear disrespect being shown to them both.
"Listen up! Me and Sarita have beaten off all the competition, even two women
not even in TNA tonight, and if we wanted to we could take both of you on and
win!" She states boldly as her tag team partner nods her head in agreement.

Both members of The British Invasion glance to each other before back to the
duo of Knockouts. "Is that so?" Doug asks with amusement. "I think that's a
challenge mate!"

"Sounds like it, and I think we accept!" Magnus says, catching both women by
surprise. "But I think that if you two birds are so sure you can get the
better of me and Doug here, then let's raise the stakes here. If you two win,
then me and Doug will go to the ring live on the next edition of Impact, and
public admit that you are the better team..."

Wilde and Sarita seem genuinely interested at this development while Williams
looks confused, about to say something before Brutus shoots him a cocky wink
and continues. "However, if The British Invasion win and trust us, we will,
you two are going to be down on your knees, taking what we give you onto
those championships that you think mean more than our real World Tag Team
Championships and by that, I mean me and Doug here blowing one hell of a load
onto your titles!"

Sarita's eyes go wide in shock as her jaw near drops down to the floor, while
Taylor narrows her eyes as she glares at both men, before she places a hand
on her friend's shoulder. "Figures! You two want to just get a piece of us
and think we're a couple of sluts?" Wilde says with a slight shake of her
blond haired head. "I don't know how the chicks across in the UK act, but me
and Sarita are the best around and not just out there in the ring. You know
what? You're on! We'll out fuck you just like how we'd out wrestle you in a
match, but on one condition... We all wear just our tag team titles, so we
can really prove who the best fucking tag team is! Deal?"

With big smiles on their faces both members of The British Invasion answer
unanimously with: "Deal!"

* * *

Less than half an hour later, in the shared double single bed hotel room The
British Invasion have booked, one half of the UK tag team Doug Williams is
naked apart from the TNA World Tag Team Championship belt around his waist,
with his head buried between the spread legs of an also completely nude bar
from her TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship belt around her toned waist
Sarita. Her gorgeous tanned body is on display as she sits on the end of one
of the beds, moaning as she feels his tongue lapping against her neatly
shaved pussy as she leans back with her nicely rounded chest pushed out and
she keeps herself propped up with her arms, biting down on her bottom lip as
the handsome man licks over her snatch, seeing his face right against her
crotch as he slides his tongue across her entrance.

Just a couple of feet across, the busty blond Taylor Wilde is on her knees as
she takes the cock of Brutus Magnus into her warm and wet mouth, wrapping her
soft lips around his impressively long and thick cock and groaning around his
length as she has to stretch as she takes some of his inches into her oral
hole, both of them similarly only wearing their respective tag team title
belts around their waists. She stares up at the hunk she's blowing to lock
eyes as she rocks her head up and down his rock hard shaft, making him moan
as he enjoys the feeling of warm around his manhood as she eagerly goes to
work on him, groaning herself as his pole passes in and out between her lips
as she keeps them firmly pressed against his meat.

Swinging her legs up, the native of Mexico City, Mexico wraps her smooth,
tanned legs around the head of the Reading, England born man as she moans
from his oral work, his tongue slipping in deeper to her snatch as he licks
across and around, making her wet as he shows he's had some experience in
pussy eating before, much to her clear delight as she watches on with a
slight lick of her lips. He moans a little into her snatch as he feels her
pushing her hips towards his face to grind herself across his mouth but he
doesn't skip a beat, running his hungry tongue around inside her with slow,
controlled motions that drive her wild and make him smirk confidently into
her as his hands firmly grip her thick thighs.

Pushing her head down deeper, the Toronto, Ontario native takes a larger
amount of the former UK Gladiator's shaft inside her mouth, her groans
muffled around his fat dick as she blows him with swift, deep motions that
make her long blond hair slightly sway from the effort she's using to please
the stud she's running her hands up and down the muscular waist off with
clear desire. This just makes the cocky man she's sucking off grin and moan
as he watches the beautiful Knockout blowing him with obvious skill, her
tongue flicking up at his underside as she moves herself up and down along
his manhood, covering his rod with her soothing saliva as her face looms
closer and closer still towards him to show she wants all of his size inside
her oral hole.

Back across, the sexy luchadora is tilting her dark-haired head back to let
out a moan as she feels the hunky Englishman's tongue now pushing in deep to
her snatch, probing deep and lapping up the juices that are starting to form
down there as she continues to rub her pussy across his rugged facial
features in a quite over eager fashion. It's just all the more ammunition for
him to keep on eating her out, lapping his tongue at and around her wet love
tunnel as her thighs press against his head, that friction just turning him
on as he works his tongue into every part of her snatch that he can reach,
groaning into her himself as his hands reach under to first cup and then
squeeze her juicy ass cheeks to make her further moan.

A loud gagging sound is now heard as the stunning blond pushes her pretty
face right down onto the cock she's sucking in order to deep throat the
moaning hunk in front of her, pouty lips pressing against the base with her
chin touching his ball sack as she keeps herself held down to slobber over
his length as she stares up at him, loving the look of pleasure she sees on
Magnus' face and showing no concern about how it looks that her forehead is
touching his TNA World Tag Team Championship belt that's around his waist.
She's soon back to blowing him though, lifting up until half way before
rushing back down and making herself gag again when the tip of his rod
touches the back of her warm mouth and putting on a somewhat slutty
performance as she runs her hands down and across her own large and perfectly
rounded breasts, squeezing them together as she sucks off the Englishman's
thick cock.

"Mmmm..." Doug says as he lifts his head away from Sarita's snatch, licking
his lips clean of her juices as she unwraps her legs from around him. "Might
not be a good old fish and chips, but I'll gladly dine there again love..."
He says with noticeable cockiness as he stands up and looks across to his
partner. "You've got a live one there!"

"Mmmm... Ah bloody hell!" Brutus moans with a smirk as he watches Taylor
bobbing away on his shaft. "She's well into it mate!" He says with a groan as
she pulls up and off from him, letting out a gasp as she catches her breath.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Wilde says seductively as she hops up onto the bed she's
near, looking back over her shoulder as she gets into the doggy style
position and pushes her thick backside out. "So which one of you wants to
"invade" me first?" She teases with a grin.

"Go for it mate, I want a piece of the Mexican bird..." Magnus states as he
moves across toward Sarita as she stands up from the bed she'd been being
eaten out on, and turns to look at his manhood with a very approving smile
and a lick of her lips.

All to eagerly, the stunning lucha libre-styled female wrestler hops up onto
the Docking, Norfolk, England born stud, both of them moaning as his long
cock that's covered in the saliva of her friend and tag partner slides up
into her already damp pussy as she eases herself down onto him, wrapping her
legs around him and making their respective tag team championships press
against each other along with her breasts touching his muscular chest.
Gripping her by the hips, he starts to pump his rod up into her pussy to make
them moan again as she grips his broad shoulders, tossing her long dark hair
back before locking eyes with him with a saucy smile as he bangs her and
controls the pace, feeling how tight she is around his size but taking him
impressively deep already.

Not too far there's more moaning to be heard as Doug Williams is thrusting
his manhood into the tight and already wet pussy of Taylor Wilde as she
pushes her juicy ass back against his steady and firm motion, gripping the
bed covers as she stares back at him as he plunges his length in and out of
her love tunnel and keeps a hold of her by those gorgeously rounded and
tanned ass cheeks. He groans as he pushes further into her with each forward
pump, already well over half-way inside her with his fat length but it's
clear they both want all of his inches inside her snatch and she is very
willing to take that and then some as she continues to rock herself backward
to meet each and every motion he's got for her.

The native of Mexico City, Mexico is now bouncing on the thrusting length of
the stud holding her completely up and off from the hotel room floor as she
keeps herself held against him, moving her snug snatch up and down on his
dick as it's sent swiftly and with increasing force up into her, ensuring
they both groan out in pleasure without any hint of shame. As she rides up
and down on the thick piece of man meat driving up into her pussy, she's made
to moan out as her nicely sized tits rub against the chiseled out of stone
chest of the man she's gripping onto, and at the same time her tag team title
belt is sliding against the world tag belt he's wearing, the two golden front
plates presses against the other as this standing fuck continues at a quick
and intensifying pace.

Back across to the other bed, the former TNA Knockouts singles Champion is
taking it deep from behind as the English stud behind her drives his long
cock in and out of her tight pussy, her large breasts swaying as they hang
down from the way she's roughly pushing her tanned body backward to meet his
pumps, her desire clear as she wants all of him inside her even as he's
pounding her with a hard and fast pace that would send a normal woman of any
nationality into a sudden orgasm within minutes. She's taking it though, eyes
narrowed in lust as she gazes over the frame of the hunk who's squeezing her
butt cheeks as he bangs her, moaning as he pushes his shaft back and forth
into that wet and snug love tunnel to nail the horny beauty who's perfectly
timing her motions against his own so that each time he rocks his hips
forward she's there to meet him with a slam of her hips, a move more expected
from a porn star rather than a professional wrestler.

Sliding her hands up to capture the face, Sarita presses her lips into those
of Magnus, soon moaning into his mouth as they make out with almost feverish
slaps of the tongue against one another, swapping spit and exchanging groans
and never skipping a beat as she bounces on his massive cock and he keeps in
thrusting straight into her wet, tight pussy. Both have their eyes closed as
they keep pressed together, making it all to easy for him to drive up balls
deep into her, sending every inch of his English cock into the luchadora's
snatch as she jolts along the length that never pulls out more than a couple
of inches so he can quickly thrust back into her and make both of them moan
out as the sound of their groans of lust, the slapping of skin against skin,
and the sharp ring as championship gold rubs against title gold is heard.

Meanwhile there's the sound of skin smacking against skin to be heard as
Williams is driving his shaft balls deep into the Canadian's damp snatch, his
muscular waist colliding with her juicy ass when he thrusts forward and she
pushes back sharply to take all of his inches inside, the bottom of his TNA
World Tag Team Championship also touching her booty when he pumps into her
made for taking a hard fucking like this pussy. The female on her hands and
knees in front of the moaning stud continues to whorishly rock backward to
take his stiff and quick pumps, her own Knockouts Tag Team Championship
slightly jolting from her waist as it hangs down but not nearly as much as
her long blond hair or her big titties as she groans out and stares back at
the hunk banging her on this hotel room bed.

"Mmmm... Ay dios mio!" Sarita moans as she breaks off the kiss, grinding her
snatch down against the dick being pumped up into her. "I wanna... I want to
bend over ... Mmmmm... And take it from behind from one of you British
studs!" she says with lust dripping off her voice and a big grin as she
glances between both men.

"Tag me out mate, I'll take that offer!" Williams says as he pulls out of
Wilde's snatch. "Always loved giving it to a bird from behind..."

With a chuckle, the man who'd been banging Sarita now sets her down on the
floor, the two men switching places and as soon as he's in reach, Magnus gets
surprised when the blond grabs him and pulls him down to lay on the hotel
room bed. "Bloody hell love!" He says with another laugh. "You could have
asked, we do both speak English!"

"Mmmm... Let me make it up to you baby..." Taylor says with lust as she
mounts him, placing her hands on his championship belt that's strapped around
his waist for a moment before she reaches backward. "By taking that fucking
huge English dick in my hot, Canadian ass!"

With her legs spread and bent over forward so she can grip the edge of the
bed with both hands, the beauty from Mexico City, Mexico moans loudly as she
takes the long, thick cock from the Englishman behind her into her wet and
still pleasurably tight pussy, the force of his already strong thrusts making
her tanned and desirable body jolt forward, causing her tits two swing
slightly and the Knockouts Tag Team Championship belt she's wearing to bounce
slightly on her toned waist. Showing his sexual skill he's keeping her held
in place by holding onto her sexily rounded butt cheeks, spreading them
enough to watch his manhood as he plunges it in and out of her damp hole,
moaning as he looks over her whole body as it rocks forward each time he
sends his length into her that's covered in the juices of her best friend and
tag partner.

A short distance away, it's a different lower hole being filled up as the
busty blond bounces herself up and down on the rock hard shaft stuffed into
her back passage, both of them moaning as she smoothly moves on his thickness
that's stretching her tight asshole as she makes herself take his inches deep
into her, both hands resting on the chest of the hunk she's on top off as she
leans over and gives him a great look at her large breasts. His hands are
reaching around to grip her booty as she rocks back and forth on him, gasping
as he feels how tight she is in this hole but isn't holding back, fueled by
desire as she bounces away with only the pussy juices of the other half of
the Knockouts Tag Team Champions that coats the shaft she's impaled onto
being used as a form of lubricant.

The rhythm being used to nail the moaning and now sweating dark-haired beauty
has become hard and fast as his waist smacks repeatedly into her gorgeously
rounded ass cheeks when he pumps into her, the sound of skin hitting off of
tanned skin the signal that he's going balls deep into the talented female
wrestler who looks more like a cheap "slapper" as he'd call them as she stays
bent over in front of him in order to take his thrusts. She can only look
back with her mouth open as moans escape, feeling his ball sack smacking into
her skin when he drives forward and forces her body to rock forward as her
fingers dig into the bed she's leaning over, seeing his TNA World Tag Team
Championship belt touching her backside when he comes in and knowing she's
only wearing her title gold as she's getting hammered just turns her on even

Shamelessly the other half of the female tag champs in TNA moans out as she
takes the long dick of the former "Oblivion" of the UK Gladiators television
show into her juicy ass, sharply moving herself up and down on his manhood to
make him groan at the feeling of her tight hole all around his man meat as
she's almost recklessly driving herself on him with a clear, slutty purpose.
Her big breasts are bouncing from the motion she's making her body use, her
long blond hair shaking as she groans out and sweats on top of the grinning
and moaning British stud beneath her who's squeezing her thick ass cheeks as
she rides his manhood with her tight asshole so he doesn't even need to
thrust up into her to get pleasure, just watching the lust-crazed beauty do
all the work and neither has any complaints about that.

Eyes closed and head tilting back, the woman known as "Dark Angel" in
promotions outside of TNA groans deeply as she's banged with every inch of
the thick, English cock belonging to the talented grappler behind her who's
continuing to sexually dominate her with hard pump after swift pump, and from
the moans she's shamelessly letting out it's obvious she loves every moment
of this intense banging she's willingly taking. These kind of strong, fast
thrusts would have sent a normal woman over the edge long before this point,
however she's still taking it and has the strength in her smooth, tanned legs
to stay bending over in front of the stud ravaging her soaking wet and snug
pussy as her backside collides with his waist and title belt he's wearing
when he drives forward into her, every cry of joy she releases only serving
to make her look more like a dirty whore with each passing second.

International fucking continues over at the other bed as the beautiful beauty
from Toronto, Ontario, Canada drives herself sharply down on the cock of the
Docking, Norfolk, England born stud who's moaning underneath her any time she
raises or lowers her tight asshole on his member, sweat covering her sexy,
tanned body as she rides away and moans out even though her pussy isn't being
touched right now. That's far from her lust-driven mind as she takes his
shaft into her juicy ass, his balls touching her cheeks when she drops onto
his cock as she shows this isn't the first time she's taken part in anal sex
even with a dick of this vast size, and he's certainly pleased with this as
he watches her bounce away on his shaft, his gaze switching from her moaning
pretty facial features to her large, jolting tits and both make him groan out
along with the vice-like grip around his tool.

"Awww fuck yeah..." Brutus moans as he watches Wilde bounce on his shaft.
"Nothing like a fine piece of arse, right mate?" He asks with a smile,
looking over to the other half of The British Invasion.

"We've got a couple of them here, that's for sure..." Williams states as he
pulls out of Sarita's snatch with a groan. "Think I fancy a bit of blond
there, if you don't mind..." He says as he approaches the other two TNA

"Mmmm... Not at all..." Taylor answers as she lifts herself up from the dick
she'd been riding, taking a second to catch her breath as she stands up,
allowing the other Englishman to get off the bed and he's already moving back
towards the other Knockout. "God I love a huge fucking dick!" She adds with a

"Come on Papi..." Sartia says with a moan as she moves up onto the bed onto
her hands and knees, looking back at the approaching hunk. "Tap my fine
Mexican ass!" She almost orders as she reaches back and delivers a hard spank
to her own backside as she sticks it out for him.

With a big, cocky grin he steps forward, spreading those juicy butt cheeks
apart before sticking his shaft deep into her asshole that had just moments
ago been inside the back passage of her best friend and fellow TNA Knockouts
Tag Team Champion, and is now pumping swiftly in and out of her sexily
rounded booty to make them both moan out as the feeling of a thick pole
sliding into her ass. Arching her back and looking back over her shoulder at
him, she starts to rock her hips backward towards his thrusts to meet then,
allowing him to venture in deeper already as sweat starts to drip off her
beautiful face, especially as she slides a hand downward to tease her own
snatch with her fingers as she gazes at the hunk working into her backside.

A short distance away, the first woman to have held the Knockouts singles and
tag team titles is laying on her side on the hotel room bed as behind her
Doug Williams is pumping his dick in and out of her juicy, tanned ass as he
holds her leg up and keeps his muscular chest pressed against her back, the
force of his thrusts more than enough to make her jolt forward as her breasts
bounce and his TNA World Tag Team Championship belt grinds into her lower
back to make her groan. Her eyes are closed as she groans out and rubs her
wet snatch with her hand, getting herself off as she takes it up the butt
from behind and loves every moment of it, her sinful pleasure only increasing
as he goes deeper and deeper still into her back passage with every thrust, a
task made easier thanks the the previous anal sex she'd been engaging in with
his fellow Englishman.

Back across, and said native of the United Kingdom is sweating himself now as
he puts plenty of energy into banging the stunning arse of the Mexico City,
Mexico native as she rocks backward against his stiff and swift motion,
plunging his rod into her back passage as his waist starts to smack into
those juicy cheeks and the bottom of his World Tag Team Championship touches
her booty when he thrusts into her. Panting for breath, she's now pumping her
own snatch with a couple of fingers that are now coated with her own juices,
using her other arm to keep herself up in this doggy style position in order
to take it up the ass from behind by a fellow TNA star who's reduced her to a
moaning butt-sex craving slut rather than the talented female wrestler she
actually is.

Not too dissimilar is the state the busty blond is now in as she rams her
fingers back and forth into her soaking wet snatch to make herself moan, her
other hand now feeling up her big titties as her sweat covered body rocks
back and forth in response to the sudden, hard pounding she's taking into her
back passage balls deep as the rod of the hunk behind her slams in and out of
her tight asshole. He's likewise feeling the effects as perspiration trickles
down his handsome face, using up as much energy as he can muster to keep up
with her lusty demands and give her stunning rounded ass the kind of fucking
it deserves and from the way they are both moaning loudly and without shame,
he's achieved that goal and then some with the pace of his strong and fast
pumping he's delivering to her that would rival the most experienced of porn

Skin smacks against tanned skin as the sulty luchadora continues to push
herself back to meet the incoming thrusts into her full and curvy booty from
the former UK Gladiator even as each hard pump makes her desirable body jolt
forward as every inch is pushed into her still very tight back passage, and
all the while she keeps on finger banging her own pussy so she can feel an
even intenser pleasure as he savors the feeling of her ass all around his fat
member. So much has been taken out of her that she can't keep herself propped
up, now face down and ass up on the bed she's on as he uses his superior
strength to keep her in place so he can smoothly, roughly, and quickly hammer
into her backside over and over again into her snug asshole with a pace that
would render any normal woman unable to sit down without feeling pain for
well over a week but even as she endures this near punishment, it doesn't
stop her looking less like a cheap slut as she's fucked in the ass from
behind by a hunk that's not even from the same country she's from.

Reaching around, the master of the Chaos Theory gropes the large breasts of
the stunning female he's got his cock deep inside the back passage off, only
further making her groan like a whore as her tanned and perfectly curved body
continues to jolt in response to his balls deep pumps into her still tight
back passage, her own TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship around her toned
waist bouncing slightly from her motion as his World Tag Team Championship
belt presses into her lower back. Her mouth remains open in an O-shape as
moans pour out, her blond hair sticking to her face as she sweats hard and
keeps her own digits pumping back and forth into her damp snatch as she's
rammed hard in her juicy ass from behind, his muscular waist smacking into
her butt cheeks as he keeps her leg held wide up for easy access as he stuffs
all of his fat, English inches into her one-of-a-king Canadian ass that seems
built for taking this kind of pounding that wouldn't look out of place in a
grade-A quality porno film.

With her eyes closed and her tongue almost hanging out of her moaning mouth,
Sarita starts to cum hard on her own pumping fingers as she's fucked in the
ass by Brutus Magnus, juices flowing out of her snatch and down not just her
digits but onto her hand and wrist as she drives herself though an intense
orgasm as the British hunk behind her continues to pound her juicy, Mexican
booty with deep thrusts. Even as her back passage tightens around his thick
member, he keeps control and groans with every pump in and out past her
asshole, feeling his shaft starting to throb inside her tightest of holes as
he enjoys her arse for a few moments more and watching her shake and writhe
in pleasure in front of him, still slightly easing herself back against his
pumps as she fingers herself though her sexual high that's leaving her spent,
sweat soaked, and with a big, rather slutty grin on her beautiful face.

Just as the other half of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions is coming down
from her peak, it's the turn of the busty blond to reach hers as Taylor Wilde
starts to orgasm over her own digits as she's banged hard and fast up her
juicy Canadian ass by the long, English cock of Douglas Williams that's
driving in and out of her tightening back passage, both desirable wrestlers
groaning at the sensations as they close their eyes but keep moving against
each other. Her fingers keep on sliding in and out to make an erotic
squelching sound be heard when she slips them in or out of her soaking wet
hole, coating her digits with fluids as her eyes roll into the back of her
head as his waist keeps on smacking into those smoothly rounded cheeks to
make them jiggle, his member now starting to pulse inside that now vice-like
back passage but what would make a normal red blooded male blow their load
there and then just makes him grunt as he delivers some more deep thrusts
into her sexy arse.

Both of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions have now have been left sweat
soaked and exhausted as the men pull out of the arse they'd been hammering,
leaving the female wrestlers gasping for air as they lay on the hotel room
bed with closed eyes and heaving chest to make their breasts raise and lower
to make them look like a couple of easy sluts that had been fucked by a group
of men, rather than the two grinning studs who stand with their cocks still
hard but throbbing and wearing nothing but smiles and their TNA World Tag
Team Championship belts.

"Mate, I think we've won that little bet with these two birds..." Magnus
states as he pats his tag team partner on the shoulder. "So shall we finish
the job we started?"

"It'd be rude not to!" Williams states with a similar cocky grin. "We are
gentlemen after all..." He adds with a chuckle as he moves across and heads
towards the bed Sarita is still laid out on as he best friend and fellow tag
champion moves across towards Wilde.

Still to worn out to move herself, the dark haired luchadora finds herself
being pulled up first so that her Knockouts Tag Team title belt can be pulled
off from around her toned and tanned waist, and then lifted further up to her
knees on the bed as she's made to take a hold of the gold in her hands but
her attention is drawn upwards as she's grabbed by a handful of hair and
turned towards the long cock belonging to the smirking hunk born in Reading,
Berkshire, England. Offering no resistance, the beauty from Mexico City,
Mexico opens her mouth wide and immediately is made to groan loudly as he
starts to thrust in and out past her luscious lips, making himself moan as he
holds her hair with a double grasp of her long locks, staring down to watch
his shaft move into her oral hole as she stares up still with lust in her
eyes even as she tastes the ass of her own best friend and tag partner off of
this dick.

A few feet across from this, the other British wrestler is moaning out as he
has his shaft sandwiched between the large and perfectly rounded breasts of
the worn out Canadian underneath her as he holds her tits firmly against his
rod that's come straight out of the back passage of the other Knockout as he
pumps himself in and out of her deep, sexy and sweat covered cleavage.
Groaning at the feeling as her chest is made to jiggle as its pumped firmly
and quickly, the stunning Canadian can only gaze up and watch, one of her
hands holding onto her Knockouts Tag Team Championship while the other runs
up the strong thigh of the man mounted on top of her, still breathing deeply
as she watches one of the hunks that had been pounding her hard now
pleasuring himself with her big boobs.

Saliva is now starting to cover the dick of the sweating hard professional
wrestler with his cock sliding smoothly and quickly in and out of the oral
hole of the luchadora he's holding right in front of him by the hair as he
moans out, feeling his member throb inside her warm and wet mouth as he
swiftly sends it back and forth into her to use her mouth to get himself off
after having hammered both her and her equally attractive best friend
repeatedly. Her groans are muffled around his length as its sent rapidly and
repeatedly past her soft lips, the occasional gagging sound coming from her
when the head of his shaft touches the back of her mouth when he pushes in
deep and his World Tag Team Championship touches her forehead when his hips
rocks forward and his balls smack into her chin as he moans loudly with
closed eyes and feels her spit coat his length to this face fucking even
hotter than it already is.

Leaning her head up from the bed she's getting tit fucked on, she sticks her
tongue out and swats it against the bulbous bell end of the cock of the
former UK Gladiator as it pushes up and out between her big titties, making
him moan louder even more than he'd been doing already from just sliding his
thick length between her chest as he keeps her mounds pressed tightly against
his rod. That saliva dabbed onto the crown of his pulsating shaft is just an
extra pleasurable sensation as he uses her breasts to get himself off with,
steadily thrusting his cock in and out of her soft boobs as they grind
against his man meat thanks to how he keeps himself sandwiched firmly between
her breasts that are the perfectly sized and rounded to be pumped by a cock,
especially one the vast size of his.

The beauty hailing from Mexico City, Mexico continues to be made to gag and
slobber all over the lengthy and thick to match rod of the groaning British
stud she's kneeling down in front off as he rapidly thrusts his shaft back
and forth into her damp mouth, causing her to groan out around the meat she's
taking every inch of as her saliva seeps past her pouty lips and down her
chin as well as covering his pulsating length. Her eyes are starting to water
from the repeated pumping she's having to take in her oral hole but she
hasn't the strength to resist as his strong hold of her long, sweat soaked
dark hair keeps her head in place as his moans begin to get deeper and louder
as he races towards his limit and uses her mouth to get there.

A short distance away the other hunk from England feels his fat dick starting
to throb wildly between the big breasts of the groaning blond he's on top off
and is fucking the tits off with such force and speed that a normal woman
would be left crying for mercy, instead of just watching in an almost
hypnotic trance as the head of his cock pops up and then vanishes back down
to between her cleavage. Still high on the desire of this whole steamy sexual
encounter she keeps sliding her tongue against the tip of his rod when it
pushes up near her, shamelessly giving him as much pleasure as she possibly
can and she couldn't care less that it makes her look like a filthy slut as
she licks at the dick that's fucking her large titties.

Pulling his cock out of the mouth he'd been stuffing full, it's the signal
for her to hold up her title belt as she gasps for much needed breath and
watches with seductively narrowed eyes as he starts to stroke off his long,
English cock and aims it down at her prized gold, groaning lowly as after a
few jerks Doug Williams starts to cum over the TNA Knockouts Tag Team
Championship belt that Sarita is presenting to him as a target. She watches
on with a strong blush on her cheeks but not of shame, rather acceptance of
being so sexually dominated by him and the other superior tag team member,
so the stunning Mexican keeps her eyes on her belt as his thick, creamy spunk
splashes onto the golden center plate in a completely disrespectful display
but the look in her lust-controlled eyes shows she's loving watching his load
being sprayed across the first championship she's ever held in TNA.

At the same time, the equally stunning blond Taylor Wilde is holding up her
half of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship so that Brutus Magnus can
shoot his load over it, his spunk landing right down onto the golden front
plate as she licks her lips and groans at what should be to her a shameful
display but it's only turning her on to watch the jizz of the TNA World Tag
Team Champion be fired all across her title belt. She also can't rip her gaze
away from watching every drop of cum land onto the gold she's offering up to
him, a sign of complete dominance that he's got the Canadian clearly enjoying
how he's disrespecting the title she's the current and half of the first ever
champions of, moaning as the Englishman's spunk sprays over it and collecting
every last part of it as he milks himself dry.

Both men have huge, arrogant but for good reason smiles on their handsome,
sweat covered faces as they step back and watch as the two beautiful but
sexually and seemingly mentally defeated Knockouts move over to each other,
side-by-side as they again hold up their Knockouts Tag Team titles to show
off the jizz from both members of The British Invasion that have been fired
onto them. Both women blush deeply as they gaze up at the hunks that fucked
them senseless and have left them humiliated with their cum all over their
prized championships that they were the historic first ever holders off, but
the obvious desire still in Sarita and Taylor Wilde's eyes show that they
don't give a damn about that, and would do it all over again to be nailed by
Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus again.

"Well ladies, I think we've established who exactly is the best tag team
around here, haven't we?" Magnus asks with a big smirk and a glance to his
best friend and tag partner before back down at the two women still on their
knees in front of them both.

"Too bloody right we have!" Williams says with similar arrogance. "Now if you
two birds want to try your luck again, we'll be glad to oblige, but trust us,
when we beat you again? The "punishment" will be a whole lot more severe than
this, understand?"

Obediently, the two Knockouts nod their heads slowly as they gaze down at
their covered with spunk championships and while any right thinking woman
would be sick to their stomach at being made to live through his degrading
humiliation, the way they are staring at the cum and how they are licking
their lips show that now only do they want another shot at the men who fucked
their brains out, they want to lose again and be punished. It may be the
start of a New Year, but it seems they'd both discovered a new, sinister, and
most of all male-dominated side to their lives, let alone their careers that
means for Taylor Wilde and Sarita, they will never be quite the same again as
they lift their titles up to their beautiful faces and with their eyes locked
up at Brutus Magnus and Douglas Williams, they start to use their tongues to
lick clean and then swallow down the cum off of their Knockouts Tag Team

* * *

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