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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Bestie In The World
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the afternoon of July 23, 2012, as the Scottrade Center is being prepared for the 1000th episode of RAW, the legendary Trish Stratus is roaming the backstage area with a perplexed look on her face, "Now where can she be?" Trish wonder out loud before she is about to open the door to one of the backstage offices when it is opened from inside by WWE Champion CM Punk, "Oh hey... have you seen Lita anywhere?"

Punk raises an eyebrow, "No... why would I?"

"Cause you two are boyfriend and girlfriend... that's why..." Trish replies with a laugh.

"Well we're done..." Punk snaps.

Trish presses her lips together, "Again? What happened this time?"

"Nothing, she wants to settle down and I want to continue wrestling... it's as simple as that..." Punk says before he smirks a bit, "Besides we both know she is dull as shit, how about you come hang out with me..."

"Hold it.." Trish says with a smile as she raises her left hand to show off her wedding ring, "I may have been gone from the WWE for a while, but I still know what 'hanging out' means around here... and if you and she just broke up... that's just a bad idea... and not just because I'm married... but she is also my best friend..."

"That's not what she was saying lately..." Punk replies.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Trish asks with a bewildered look on her gorgeous face.

"Before we broke up, I told her about the rumor that you'll be going into the Hall of Fame next year... and she just snapped... calling you a dirty slut who fucked her way to every opportunity that should've gone to her..." Punk says.

"Hey I've earned everything..." Trish begins to argue.

"It's what she said, she also said that you're a terrible fuck..."

"Oh now that's crossing the god damn line..." Trish snaps angrily, "She knows damn well I'm a great fuck... hell I won every bet we've ever had..." The former seven-time Women's Champion adds before she takes a good look at the reigning WWE Champion, "You know what... I think I'd love to hang out with you..." Trish says as she licks her lips, "Where's your dressing room at?"

* * *

A short while later in CM Punk's dressing room, Trish Stratus forces her phone into Punk's hands as she sinks down to her knees in front of him, "Film me... I'm going to remind that bitch how great of a fuck I am!" Trish says as she grabs hold of Punk's cock and begins to rapidly stroke his large dick.

"Mmmmm shit..." Punk groans as he fumbles with Trish's phone to turn on the camera option and begins to film her as she jerks his cock to hardness. "It's recording..."

"Hey bitch... let me remind you that I'm Trish fucking Stratus..." Trish says as she looks up her phone as she pumps her hand on the dick of the WWE Champion, "I'm the greatest Women's Champion of all times.... and I earned every opportunity I got... you want to talk crap about me? Well let me show you why I'm better than you with your ex-boyfriend!" Trish says before she leans her head down to whorishly slap her tongue against the head of Punk's cock as she roughly strokes his tool.

"Ahhhhh awww shit... ahhhh..." Punk moans as he holds the phone as steady as possible as Trish assaults his cock with her tongue as she firmly moves her hand along its length.

"Want to call me a dirty slut? Lita you have no fucking idea..." Trish says before she lewdly flicks the tip of her tongue against the piss-slit of Punk's cock as if she was French-kissing the bellend of his manhood.

"Ohhhh fuck... ahhhhh..." CM Punk groans as Trish works her tongue like a seasoned-pro against the head of his cock before she opens her mouth wide to take his tool into her oral cavity.

"MMMMMMMM!" Trish Stratus moans loudly on his cock as she wraps her lips around his tool before she starts to rapidly bob her head on his cock while moving her hand off of his dick to cup his ballsack.

"Awww fuck... ahhhh shit...." Punk groans as he keeps the phone aimed down at Trish, filming every movement she makes as she rocks her head back and forth on his dick as she begins to squeeze and rub his nuts.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Trish groans on Punk's cock as she nosily sucks and slurps while drooling heavily on his cock, resulting in her saliva to drip off of his tool in impressive amounts each time she jerks her head back.

"Awww fuck... ahhhh..." Punk groans as Trish whorishly sucks his cock as she turns her head from side to side, grinding her lips around his fuck stick as she sucks him off.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Trish moans as she places both hands on Punk's waist as she takes his cock further into her mouth and down her throat, swallowing the full length of his manhood.

"Ohhhh fuck... ahhh fuck... way better than Lita..." Punk moans as Trish deep throat's his cock and holds it within her Stratusfying mouth for several long moments.

Trish then pulls her head up off of Punk's spit drenched fuck stick and smirks up at the camera, "You heard that bitch? Your man thinks I'm better than you..." Trish says as she tosses her hair back.

"How about you show her by riding my cock?" Punk suggests as he moves to lay down on the locker bench.

"Now that's a good fucking idea..." Trish replies as he stands up and approaches Punk as he films her with her own phone. The seven-time Women's Champion cups and squeezes her large breasts together before she moves to mount Punk as he lays on the bench and promptly lowers her tight wet Canadian cunt down onto his cock.

"Ahhhhhh shit..." CM Punk moans as he holds Trish's phone as steady as possible as she places her hands on his chest and begins to bounce up and down on his long hard and thick cock.

"Mmmmm yeah.... ohhhhh fuck yeah... riding the cock of your man Lita... the WWE Champion!" Trish moans a she makes sure to grind her tight twat down on Punk's cock as she looks at her phone as lustfully rides his shaft.

"Ahhhhh awwww damn.... ahhhh..." Punk moans as he lays comfortably on the bench while watching Trish's large tits jiggle as she rises and drops sharply on his cock.

"Ohhhhhh mmmmm fuck.... Lita you're such a dumb cunt to let a guy with a dick like this go!" Trish squeals with desire as she as eagerly bounces and rocks on the cock of the reigning WWE Champion, with her gorgeous ass smacking down against his thighs.

"Awww.... ahhhh fuck... ahhhh..." Punk groans as sweat drips off of his body as he raises his hips to drive his cock upward into Trish's snug wet pussy as she rides his cock with feverish and Stratusfying intensity.

"Ohhhhh mmmmm... ahhhh ohhhhh I want you to fuck my ass! Cause I know that bitch would never letter you fuck hers!" Trish says bitterly as she looks her phone as Punk films her with it to direct her comments directly towards Lita before lifting herself up off of his cock.

"She isn't the best in the world..." Punk says as he sits up on the bench as Lita moves to position herself on all fours on the floor of his dressing room where she sways her ass from side to side.

"That's cause I'm the Bestie in the World!" Trish says as she looks back over her shoulder over her shoulder at Punk as he moves to kneel behind her where he uses her phone to film himself guiding his cock into her gorgeous round ass, "Mmmmmmm ohhhhhh fuck!" Trish moans as she feels Punk's cock entering her backside.

"Ahhhhhhh awww..." Punk moans as he holds Trish's phone with his right hand as he starts to pump his cock in and out of her anal passage.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh fuck! Ohhhhh yeah!" Trish moans as she rocks back and forth on her knees, to cause her ass to smack against Punk's waist as he fucks her from behind.

"Ahhhhh mmmm fuck..." Punk grunts a she places his left hand on Trish's waist as he increase the rate of his thrusts as she bucks back against him.

"Ohhhhh fuck my ass! Fuck it! Fuck it!" Trish tosses her hair back as the reigning WWE Champion plows the full length of his cock into her ass.

"Ahhhh yeah.... ahhhhh..." Punk grunts while he uses Trish's phone to film her ass cheeks jiggling when they collide with his waist as he drive his dick into the depths of her ass.

"Ohhhh! Ahhh! Mmmmm yeah! Ohhhhh fuck! I'm the fucking best!" Trish screams as she firmly rocks back against CM Punk's thrusting cock as his balls smacking against her gorgeous rump.

"Awww.... ahhhh.... mmmm..." CM Punk moans as he repeatedly rams his cock into Trish's incredible ass while she pushes back against him.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah... ohhhhh fuck!" Trish licks her teeth as she looks back over her shoulder to look at her phone as Punk films her getting fucked by him, "Mmmm yeah ohhhh shit..."

"Ahhhhh... awww.... ahhhhh..." Punk moans as sweat pours off of his tattooed covered boy as he keeps pounding Trish's ass with his thick long cock as it starts to twitch.

"Mmmmm ohhhh yeah... mmmm fuck... ahhhh..." Trish squeals with lust as she feels Punk's manhood throbbing within the confines of her anal cavern.

"Ahhhh... awww... ahhhh fuck... ohhhh..." Punk groans as his cock throbs more intensely with each thrust he performs until he extracts his cock from Trish's Canadian booty.

"Mmmm I want that fucking cum on my face..." Trish says as she wastes little time in turning around to faces Punk while sitting on her knees as he stands up, which allows her to grab his cock with both hands.

"Awwww shit... mmmmm fuck..." Punk moans as he films Trish rapidly stroking his pulsating cock with both hands.

"Bet you're so glad you dumped that dumb cunt... now give me that cum!" Trish says as she rapidly works her hands along the length of the WWE Champion's cock.

"Awww ahhhh shit... ahhhh..." Punk moans as his dick begins to unleash thick ropes of spunk that splatter onto the gorgeous face of Trish Stratus as she continues to jerk him off at a swift rate.

"Mmmm fuck..." Trish moans as Punk's cum drips down her face as she looks up at her phone, "Don't you forget bitch... that I'm the BESTIE IN THE WORLD!"

* * *

Hours later after picking up a surprise win over Health Slater, Lita spots Trish Stratus standing by herself in the backstage area, "Hey there you are... I was looking for you..." Lita says with a smile, "Where were you hiding?" When Trish just folds her arm and glares at her, Lita raises an eyebrow, "Something wrong?"

"You tell me..." Trish says as she unfolds her arms and takes her phone out, and starts to play the video of her with CM Punk before handing it to the Extreme Diva.

"What's this?" Lita asks before she looks down at the phones screen to see Trish getting fucked by the WWE Champion, "Seriously... what the fuck is this?!" Lita asks again as she looks wide-eyed at her best friend.

"Punk told me all the crap you saying.... that I was a dirty slut and a terrible fuck?! Well there's a fucking reminder of why I won ever single one of our bets! You jealous bitch" Trish snaps as she snatches her phone away from Lita.

Lita stares at Trish for a long moment and then begins to laugh, "Oh my god.... Trish you're so fucking gullible..."

"What?" Trish asks as she looks at Lita with an perplexed look on her face.

"You got played by that asshole... I just dumped him earlier today after catching him fucking that little troll AJ Lee..." Lita says, "And he must've remembered some stories I told him about you... about how easy you can be if your buttons were pushed just right..."

Trish's face reddens with embarrassment, "Oh.... my....I'm sorry... I..."

"It's fine..." Lita says as she plucks Trish's phone from her hands, "So... how much shit did you talk about in this little video of you being a slut for my ex-boyfriend?"

"A lot... but... I was..." Trish begins to say.

"Pissed as all hell... not the first time someone I know flew off the handle and over-reacted..." Lita says with a smirk, "Except I wouldn't want to see a revenge fuck video featuring Matt... bet you called me all sorts of names..." Lita grins as she turns to head to the locker room area.

"Hey where are you going with my phone?!" Trish asks as she begins to follow Lita.

Lita looks back at Trish and smirks, "To find a place to watch you be what I always say... the best Bestie in the World..."


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