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Besties Reign
by PreciousJessica

Lita and Trish was seen hanging out at the gym as they had just got done doing a training video for a new workout/yoga they was both teaching together as Roman Reigns comes walking towards them as they stood up and both smiled.

"Nice to see you enjoyed watching Lita and I today."

"Oh trust me ladies I really enjoyed watching.

Lita smirked as it was obvious he was enjoying it as she licked her lips when grabbing Trish by the arm and whispering something her that made her giggle.

"Trish and I are going to hit the showers if you want you can watch just like your cousin used too.

She winked as her and Trish went to the locker rooms and undressed as Roman quickly followed as he undressed his thick dark piece of meat flicking out as Trish and Lita smirked as they moved closer to him as they started to stroke his cock making sure it was nice and hard for him as Lita pushed Trish down to her knees holding her hair back as she started to force Trish down on his cock pulling her hair as she started to bob her head up and down on his cock as Lita watched her bestie take his cock down her throat as Trish used her free hand and started to rub Lita's clit as she was focused on his cock as Lita moaned out for Trish when feeling her hand brushing against her clit.

"Mmm fuck Trish get me so fucking wet."

Roman growled as Trish took his cock down her throat deepthroating his cock now as Trish slide her fingers into Lita thrusting them inside her tight pink pussy as Lita would grind against her fingers a few times before pulling away from Trish.

"Naughty Bestie you need to focus on his cock."

She smirked as she soon looked at Roman as his knees buckled from the pleasure of Trish's mouth taking his full long length down her throat as Lita smirked as she got down on the shower floor sliding between Trish's legs as her head was just right at Trish's pussy as she started to brush her tongue back and forth on her pussy. Trish would gag and moan against his cock as Roman started to cum making Trish drink his hot cum as she pulled away he looked down watching Lita lick at Trish's pussy as Lita soon started to thrust her tongue deep between her pussy lips making Trish squirt abit of her juices out letting Lita drink that teaseful juice as she soon pulled herself away from her pussy Roman smirked as he soon started to jerk his cock off getting them both covered in his hot cum as he left the shower as the scene faded out.

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