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Beth Dominates Lilian Part 1
by MarkC1984

It was the RAW after the Royal Rumble and Lilian was wearing a cleavage
revealing black top. She always loved to dress as slutty as she could, as it
turned her on that people would wank over her. She knew she had a nice body,
and she was always flaunting it to the maximum. Tonight, she had dressed
extra slutty as she was going to be introducing Beth Phoenix in a WWE Divas
tag match; featuring Mickie James and Ashley Massaro teaming up against the
crap singer and Britney Spears wannabe, Jillian Hall and the dominant
Glamazon (as Beth had christened herself) and WWE Womenís Champion, Beth

The show progressed smoothly, and before long it was time for the Divas tag
match. The music for Ashley blasted out, and the blonde star came bouncing
down the ramp, her lovely surgically enhanced breasts bouncing delightfully.
She smirked at Lilian, knowing that Lilian had a thing for women, as her
personal experience taught her. Then Mickie Jamesí music started playing. She
skipped to the ring, wearing a fetching pink number, her massive breasts
hardly contained in the top. Lilian felt her cunt moisten in her knickers
looking at Mickie. Suddenly, the crowd was booing. The Britney wannabe
Jillian was coming to the ring, and she eyed up Mickie and smirked at her.
Mickie gave her a hateful stare back, and it was evident there was bad blood
between Jillian and Mickie. Then suddenly, the music of the Glamazon started.
Lilianís pussy flooded with more juices as the dominant figure strode to the
ring, wearing a blue one piece wrestling costume. Lilian was so hot that she
almost forgot to introduce the Glamazon and even when she did she screwed up
calling Beth the diva champion instead of the women's champion. She quickly
corrected herself, but her mistake had been heard throughout the arena and
all over the world. She tried not to think about it as she took her seat to
watch the match.

Lilian watched the match from her ringside seat, and when Beth mocked Mickie
by pretending to cry Lilian felt her vaginal muscles contract with lust. She
knew she had to have sex with the Glamazon. She would do anything, just to
feel the Glamazon pleasure her. Lilian had been having lesbian sex since she
had divorced her husband some 10 years ago. As far as the fans were
concerned, she was in a relationship with someone not connected with
wrestling. The occasional female fan was aware that was a lie, as Lilian had
a penchant for inviting girl fans back to her hotel room for some fun, and
she had lost count of the number of 13 and 14 year old girls she had fucked
to orgasm. All too soon, though, Beth had used the Fishermanís Suplex to
finish the match and Lilian announced the winners.

After the show had ended, Lilian was walking to her car when she spotted Beth
Phoenix in front of her. Knowing that she had to at least ask Beth whether
she was interested in lesbian sex with her, Lilian decided to bite the bullet
and called out.

"Hey Beth, wait a second." Beth stopped, turned and scowled at Lilian. "Beth,
I was wondering whether you wanted to have some fun tonight?"

Beth looked Lilian up and down, like a butcher with size up a piece of meat.
Remembering what Jillian and Ashley had told her backstage after the match,
Beth said, "Sure, but it will be on my terms. And I warn you, Iím not a
submissive woman."

Lilian readily agreed, hell she would have stripped naked there and then and
walked back to the hotel naked, if it meant Beth giving her some hot lesbian
love. It was decided they would use their separate cars to travel to the
hotel, so as to avoid arousing any suspicion.

In the lift up to the room, Beth had started examining Lilian in her skimpy
outfit. She caused Lilian to let a loud moan escape as she ran her fingers
over Lilianís barely concealed pussy, feeling her juices flowing through the
thong. This got Beth hot, and she couldnít wait to dominate the Spanish
lesbian slut moaning as she was brought to the verge of climax just by Beth
touching her pussy lightly through the thong.

Lilian turned her head to try and kiss Beth but was greeted with a barked
"Face the front bitch!"

Lilian did as she was told, shaking with lust and anticipation of what Beth
was going to do to her, as the Glamazon slipped a finger inside her thong and
played with her pussy. Just then the lift doors opened, and Beth removed her

"Get out of the fucking lift bitch!" Beth barked at Lilian.

Lilian did so, but soon realised that they were on the wrong floor. She
turned to tell Beth, but the lift had shut. Lilian soon caught onto the fact
that Beth was teasing her, and she waited patiently for the lift to come
back. She smiled as the doors opened again, Beth not there, but a note from
Beth was near the buttons. It had the floor, and room number. Lilian was
about to screw the note up, when she caught the instructions at the bottom.
Beth had ordered her to strip nearly naked in the lift, and to just leave her
thong and high heels on.

Lilian shuddered as she walked down the corridor towards the room, covering
her breasts with her hands as she prayed no one would see her. She was fully
aware that she was going to be in trouble if anyone caught her walking around
practically naked. She knocked on Bethís door. It opened and Lilian entered.
As she walked in, Beth grabbed her hair from behind and threw Lilian down on
the bed on her back. As Lilian looked up at Beth, she shuddered as she saw
the Glamazon naked, except for a big pair of killer stiletto heels and a
massive black strap on dildo. Lilian guessed the size to be about 12 inches,
and was scared as to what Beth was going to do with it.

Beth looked down on her prey, and eyed up the Spanish beautyís lovely
breasts. She could see the nipples were hard, but Beth thought they could be
stiffened more. She crawled between the legs of Lilian, keeping eye contact
with her as she did so. Soon the Glamazon was practically on top of Lilian,
one of her knees pressing against the announcer's pussy. Supporting herself
on her strong knees, Beth took Lilian's breasts into her hands and began to
gently play with them, using her thumb and index finger to massage the tender
flesh. Suddenly, she caused Lilian to scream as she pinched both nipples
hard. Beth felt more juices flood Lilianís thong, and smirked. She twisted
and pulled the nipples, making Lilian flood her thong with more juices with
each painful manipulation of the nipples by the Glamazon. Beth soon tired,
and presented the dildo to Lilianís mouth, ready to go onto the next level.

"Right; my little Spanish bitch. You have two minutes to suck this cock
before I fuck you. Get it nice and lubricated, otherwise just your pussy
juices will have to do." Beth commanded Lilian.

Lilian opened her mouth ready to suck some cock. As she prepared to stick her
tongue out to start a blowjob, Beth moved back from her mouth. Every time
Lilian got near to the cock, Beth would edge just out of range. Lilian tried
with all her might to catch Beth and lubricate that big cock but it was no
use. She felt like crying with lust, she was so horny and needed to suck the
fake cock, damn it.

After two minutes, Beth looked down at the cock, and then looked at Lilian.

"Not a good cock sucker, are you?" Beth taunted.

Lilian wanted to scream out that she couldnít suck the cock as it kept being
taken away from her mouth. Instead, she looked up at Beth scared by the
demonic look in her eyes. Then, without any warning, Beth reached out,
grabbed Lilianís thong and ripped it off. Lilian by now was so desperate to
be fucked, she considered ordering Beth to fuck her, but decided against it.
Almost as though Beth was reading her mind, what she said next took Lilianís
breath away.

"Spread those legs wide; bitch. And if those Spanish fingers touch me then
Iíll fucking snap them in half." Beth ordered.

Lilian spread her legs as wide as she could without it hurting her. Her clit
was now clearly visible, and Beth took advantage of this. She landed two hard
slaps directly onto Lilianís clit. Lilian screamed and nearly leapt off the
bed. Beth laughed, and then sitting between Lilianís legs looked the Spanish
lesbian in her eyes.

The Glamazon gave Lilian a small smile, and then suddenly thrust the dildo
into her little bitch. Lilian gave a loud groan as the dominating women's
champion filled her Spanish twat. Beth didn't stop until every inch of her
strap on was inside the announcer's cunt. Once her dildo was all the way
inside her the Glamazon finally stopped, just for a moment, to allow her
little whore a chance to get used to the size of the cock inside her,
stretching her out like never before.

When she was sure the slut was ready Beth started fucking the announcer
slowly, getting Lilian used to the cock inside her moist cunt. The dildo may
not have been lubricated by Lilianís mouth, but her cunt juices allowed the
dildo to slide in and out comfortably. Lilian was grateful for this because
she'd never had anything nearly this big inside her before. Her former
husband had been a poor excuse of a man, and although the Latin beauty had
experimented with many nicely sized dildos before none of them could match
the size of the Glamazon's.

When the Glamazon was satisfied she had stretched the Spanish whore out
enough she began to increase her pace inside Lilian, giving her little slut a
real pussy pounding. Much to her delight the announcer moaned and writhed
underneath her, giving Beth that feeling of power that she craved.

In everything Beth did she craved power and control. Whether it was in the
ring or in the bedroom the Glamazon would settle for nothing less than total
and utter dominance, and that's exactly what she was getting right now. Of
course it wasn't just dominance she was craving right now, it was fun, and oh
how she was going to have fun with Lilian tonight.

Beth started grinding harder and faster, wanting to get her little fuck toy
on the edge of orgasm, just so she could be cruel and stop before the orgasm
came. Suddenly, Lilian started screaming in Spanish, and thrusting herself up
against the Glamazon, trying to get more of that wonderful strap on inside

Lilian just couldn't help herself. Many guys, and many, many girls who were
all very skilled with a strap on had fucked her, but none of them even came
close to matching Beth in both power and skill. The Glamazon was fucking her
better than anyone had ever done before and the RAW ring announcer just
couldn't get enough.

Beth couldnít understand what was being said, but got the gist of it, and
promptly pulled the cock out. Lilian looked up at her mistress, tears of lust
and frustration in her eyes. Beth just laughed cruelly and penetrated her
again, and again just before Lilian orgasmed, she pulled out.

Beth teased Lilian like this for about 1 hour. Every time her orgasm was
denied, Lilian would howl in Spanish. The last time Beth did it and Lilian
started moaning in Spanish, she apparently understood enough of what Lilian
was saying, as she landed a stinging slap to Lilianís face.

"Little bitch. All you can do is moan. You wanted to have sex with me; I told
you that I did things my way. What have you got to say about that?" Beth
asked Lilian. She couldnít understand what Lilian said in reply in Spanish.

"Permita por favor que mŪ tener un orgasmo"! Lilian yelled at Beth.

Beth stared angrily at Lilian for a moment, before slapping her across the

"In English you fucking whore!" Beth screamed.

"Please, let me have an orgasm." Lilian half whimpered, half pleaded.

The RAW ring announcer didn't care what abuse she had to go through she
wanted... knowing she needed to cum.

This pleased Beth, Lilian was now so horny and desperate to cum, Beth knew
she could have some fun with Lilian. Beth slowly removed her dildo from
Lilian's pussy and took it off as the beautiful Latina cried in frustration.

"I'm bored of you now." Beth said, getting off the bed, "I'm going to have a
shower and wash your filth off me. I shall enjoy cleansing myself as I try
forgetting that I lowered myself to sleeping with you. Don't do anything
until I get back. Don't even move a fucking muscle. And if you touch your
pussy, I will punish you."

Beth went into the bathroom, and Lilian waited for the shower to start
running. When she heard the water cascading, she grabbed the dildo and sucked
her own juices off it. Bobbing her head greedily on the shaft Lilian reached
for her pussy, which was still sore from the fucking it had received from the
Glamazon, and plunged 3 fingers inside her, desperately trying to finger
herself to orgasm. But after that wonderful fucking her fingers just couldn't
get the job done. That was ok though, she had something else for her horny

Grabbing a firm hold of the dildo, Lilian plunged it deep into her pussy. She
rode it, and after only a minute, shrieked as her orgasm hit her. The water
stopped running, and Lilian was frozen to the spot. Beth had given her an
order, and she had disobeyed it. Beth came out of the bathroom, water
dripping off her Amazon like body. She gave Lilian a cold stare as she
realised Lilian had disobeyed her. She dried herself off, and then dressed.
She walked out of the room, making sure she had the key with her, all the
time ignoring Lilian.

Lilian was crushed; she thought she had blown her chance of a passionate
night of sex with Beth. She cursed in Spanish. Suddenly, the door opened and
Beth came back into the room. Lilian got down on her hands and knees and
crawled to where Beth stood.

"Please Beth," Lilian wept, "I'm so sorry I disobeyed you, but I was just so
horny. Please don't leave, I promise I'll be good. I'll do anything you want,
just please, please, let me cum."

"You want to cum slut?" Beth said, with an evil smirk on her face.

"Once in awhile." Lilian said timidly.

"Well I'll tell you what slut." Beth said, "A second ago I asked someone in a
room at the end of the corridor to phone down to reception to say that I have
been locked out of my room. There should be a key waiting for me there.
Lilian, you are to go down naked, and collect the new room key. I will give
you 15 minutes to do this. If you make it back in time, then I will let you
have as many orgasms as you like."

Lilian swallowed hard, "But... I..."

An infuriated Beth grabbed Lilian by the throat and held her up until they
were eye level, "Listen to me you worthless whore, you disobeyed me, and
therefore you should be punished. What's more, you should be welcoming this
punishment because if you are able to do as you're told I may forgive your
insolence and play with your unworthy flesh some more. Do you understand me

"Yes." Lilian squeaked.

"Yes what?" Beth growled, slapping Lilian across the face.

"Yes Beth." Lilian cried.

"Guess again bitch!" Beth laughed cruelly as she slaps Lilian again.

"Yes Mistress." Lilian wept.

"Good little whore. You see, you can be at least a little intelligent when
you try," Beth said sweetly as she caressed Lilian's face, waiting for the
girl to lean into the caress before throwing her to the floor like garbage,
"Now get out of my sight! And if you are not back here within 15 minutes,
then I will tie you naked to the bed when you do return and then leave you

Lilian whimpered and cried as she crawled towards the door, only getting up
when she reached it and running out of it, as fast as she can to get the key.

She ran to the elevator, and stamped her feet as she waited for what seemed
an eternity. The ping of the elevator made her let out a sigh of relief.
Thankfully, she was still wearing her watch. She looked at it, and saw she
still had ten minutes. She was relieved when she saw her dress was still
there, and thinking Beth wouldnít know she had worn it, put it on. She had
just adjusted it as the door opened in reception. She collected the key, and
retuned to the elevator. There was a little holdall in the elevator, and a
note attached to it.

"Put the clothes inside this holdall on, keep your high heels on and if I
found out you wore your dress down to reception, the punishment will be
harsher." Lilian gulped, wondering if Beth had known the dress was in the
lift before sending Lilian out. If she had, then she would have seen the
dress was missing. Shaking, she opened the holdall. She gasped as she saw
what Beth wanted her to wear. She hurriedly ripped the dress off and dressed
in the new clothes. She was transported back to the night she had seduced
Ashley, forcing her to dress in exactly the same attire.

Lilian was now wearing knee length white socks, a short pleated charcoal grey
skirt, white blouse and a pair of white cotton panties. She looked like a
schoolgirl; and it was a change for her to be dressed as a schoolgirl.
Normally, all the girls she slept with were forced to wear the uniform and
she would spank their asses before fucking them with her sexy Spanish mouth
and fingers and sometimes a nice big dildo. Lilian just loved to strap on a
dildo and fuck a girl in much the same way the Glamazon had just fucked her,
dominating them and taking them in every hole. Lilian slowly stroked her
moist cunt through her panties as she thought back to the Divas she had
dressed as schoolgirls before fucking them. Ashley, Maria (who had been
totally sexually naÔve before), Candice Michelle, and even the Britney
wannabe Jillian; had all succumbed to Lilianís insatiable lust for kinky
lesbian sex. Jillian had relished the opportunity to show how much like her
idol Britney she was. Lilian was hot as she remembered how Jillian had sung
ĎHit me baby one more timeí whilst Lilian had buggered her with a big strap
on dildo.

All too soon, the elevator had opened on the right floor. She walked down the
corridor to the room, and glanced at her watch. She panicked as she realised
she was on the verge of being late. She picked up the pace, and when she got
to the door, hesitated. Should she knock, or use the key? She knew that
whichever she did Beth would want her to do the opposite. So she decided to
knock and then opened the door with the key. She gasped when she come in and
saw Beth. She was now wearing a tight mini skirt that clung to her tanned
legs, barely concealing her pussy. She was wearing a pair of crotch less
black panties, her bald cunt glistening with juices of lust and desire. Her
hair had been put into a tight ponytail, a pair of spectacles perched on the
end of her nose. A white blouse finished the look, a bra pushing her already
incredible breasts into a cleavage many people would pay money to lose
themselves in.

Beth had a smirk on her face, Jillian had told her about the night Lilian had
sodomised her whilst making her sing. However tonight it was Lilian who was
going to have her ass taken brutally. Beth motioned for Lilian to sit on the
bed. As she did, she saw a white board that had been set-up especially for
this. She saw a list of words in English, and then and equals sign. She
wondered what was happening.

"It's a test." Beth said, "You're going to translate all the words on the
board into Spanish for me, and if you get just one wrong then I'm going to
punish you."

Lilian bit her lip and asked with a slight quiver in her voice, "Please
Mistress, you canít speak Spanish, so how will you know that what I put down
is right?"

Beth fixed her with an ice-cold stare, and advanced closer to the bed. Lilian
tried to shrink away from Beth, but soon realised it was futile to resist.

"Iíll know if its right, I have found someone on this floor who speaks
Spanish. And if she says you have translated the words right, then I will
allow you to have an orgasm." Beth said calmly. She then produced a cane from
behind her back and cracked it down next to Lilian on the bed, causing Lilian
to jump. She pointed at the board, gave Lilian the pen and then when Lilian
moved to the board, spoke. "You have 10 minutes, bitch. Make me proud,
otherwise I will make you learn the Spanish words in my own style."

Lilian didnít doubt that, and turned her attention to the words she needed to
translate. She felt her cunt moisten as she read what Beth wanted translated.

Lilian got right to work, and worked with relish. She completed the task in
five minutes; it was easy as she spoke Spanish. Beth looked at the board, and
wished she could speak Spanish. Maybe she was going to have to make her
little bitch teach her Spanish. Beth stood up, and walked towards Lilian. She
planted a kiss on Lilianís lips, an uncharacteristic soft, passionate and
gentle kiss. Lilian was confused, why was Beth changing? This was all part of
Bethís plan; make Lilian worry about which persona her Mistress was going to
be using at any given time. Beth crossed to the door and opened it. She
motioned for someone to come into the room.

Lilian nearly fainted as she saw fellow WWE Diva Melina enter wearing a
similar schoolgirl uniform to hers. Melina had her hair in pigtails, and
looked down at the floor submissively. Lilian felt a flood of juices flood
into her cotton panties at the sight of another Latino stunner and someone
she had always thought was so dominant being treated as a whore. Melina
walked over to the board, and looked at the translation. She tutted; and
fixed Lilian with a killer stare. Melina had once been a dominating 'top'
herself, but recently the Glamazon had shown the once feisty brunette her
true place in life and now she couldn't live without Beth's domination. She
wanted the Glamazon all to herself but Beth had made it clear to Melina that
she was nothing but a piece of ass and just one of her many, many slaves. And
besides, Beth wasn't a relationship person anyway. But that didn't stop
Melina from plotting against her fellow slaves, trying to make them look bad
so that her Mistress would favour her over the others. Lilian's translation
was perfect, but where was the fun in telling her Mistress that.

"Mistress, the translation is wrong. It should be Soy un coŮo puta lesbiana
amorosa por favor uso y me abuso."

Beth glared at Lilian. She had a look in her eyes that made Lilian feel
immediately scared and fearful. Beth marched over to Lilian and grabbed her
hard by the cheeks. Lilian was shocked; she hadnít expected this and the pain
as her jaw was crushed in the vice like grip of Beth. Beth then let go and
Lilian fell to the floor, and started rubbing her jaws trying to make them
stop hurting. Suddenly, she became aware that Beth was watching her intently.

Beth walked over to Melina and gave Melina a tender kiss, so tender that
Melina started to return the kiss. Lilian got so wet watching the 2 Divas
make out in front of her that she started to run a hand over her pussy
through the panties. Beth saw this and walked over and slapped Lilian hard
around the face.

Beth then grabbed Lilian by the hair and pulled her up. Lilian was scared,
and Beth relished seeing the fear in her eyes. Beth dragged Lilian to the bed
and threw her down on her back. Lilian looked up scared and confused, how had
she translated the words wrong? She then had a sudden rush of realisation.
Melina. The bitch had done this on purpose. But why would Melina do this?
Lilian tried to figure it out but Beth then brandished her cane. Lilian
shuddered and tried to crawl away from Beth. Suddenly, a pair of hands
grabbed hold of her legs. She looked up, and saw Melina standing there
holding onto her.

Melina helped Beth turn her over onto her stomach and then Melina sat on
Lilianís lower back. Lilianís mind was running at 100 miles an hour. She
shrieked when the cane bit into her ass. Melina was rubbing her ass after
each swat with the cane, and Lilian soon found she was turned on beyond
belief at being treated like this. She knew now that being dominant was not
her true personality. Thank God for her new mistress the Glamazon. If she had
not put her in her proper place she might still be under the delusion that
she was some kind of Dom, when nothing could be further from the truth. The
truth was she was a submissive little bitch and she was always meant to be a
submissive little bitch. Beth's submissive little bitch.

Beth delighted in beating Lilian's ass until it was a swollen red, Lilian's
screams music to her ears. Beth delivered another 20 lashes with the cane
before ordering Melina to take Lilianís cotton panties off. Melina ripped
them off, delighting in the scream Lilian gave as she received a friction
burn from the material being torn off at such a speed.

Lilian turned her head and saw Beth getting her strap on dildo ready. This
scared Lilian, the look on Bethís face would have killed even a corpse.

Eager for her mistress's attention Melina fell to her knees and devoured the
cock in one gulp. Melina had been a cock sucking slut long before she had
become Beth's slave, but now she saw all those cocks she had taken as nothing
but preparation toys for her life as one of the Glamazon's many slaves.

Beth was amused by her slutsí lack of self-control, but she could not allow
this to slide. She had not told Melina that she could have the privilege of
sucking her fake cock, and soon the little Latina whore was going to be
punished. But for now the Glamazon was going to enjoy the cunt that was
Melina's mouth.

Beth grabbed Melinaís pigtails and used them to help her fuck the Latinoís
mouth with a vengeance. Melina gagged and choked on the dick, but she did not
object. Beth owned her body and if the Glamazon wanted to use her mouth as a
cunt then Melina would welcome it. Suddenly, Beth threw Melina off the cock
and strode over to the bed. Lilian wanted to run, but she was frozen to the
spot in fear. Then again, even if she could run she probably wouldn't, not
after all this.

Grabbing Lilian by the hips Beth spread her butt cheeks and smiled wickedly.
Just as she thought, a anal virgin. Beth had busted enough cherries to tell
when an ass hole had been violated or not and she could definitely tell that
Lilian was a anal virgin. This was going to be so sweet.

"Hey Melina," Beth said as she lined the cock up with Lilianís shit chute,
"Teach this slut how to speak Spanish while I tear her ass hole up!"

"No, please, don't," Lilian, begged.

"Shut the fuck up whore!" Beth snarled as she slapped Lilian around the head,
"One more word of complaint and I'll beat you and gag you! You understand me

"Yes mistress." Lilian whimpered.

"Good, now listen up my little submissive Latin bitch." Beth said, "You copy
what Melina says, and every time you get it wrong I will slam this cock up
your ass. And that means 5 thrusts for each word wrong."

Not waiting for a reply Melina started the lesson, and Lilian, utterly
confused by what was happening, got 3 words wrong. So Beth unmercifully
slammed every single inch of that massive dildo through Lilian's unlubricated
virgin ass hole and balls deep into her bowels in one single thrust which had
the RAW ring announcer screaming in agony. Not even pretending to care Beth
began thrusting in and out of her ass, not stopping until she had given
Lilian exactly 15 hard, bowel breaking thrusts. Lilian gasped with each
thrust, each one bringing her more agonising pain than the last. When the
thrusting finally stopped Lilian hoped that Beth would finally show some
mercy and allow her ass hole time to get used to its penetration, but she was
out of luck.

"Again," Beth growled at Melina before turning her attention back to Lilian,
"We're doing this until you get every single word right you fucking Latina

Melina repeated the phrase and Lilian tried again, but she got the whole
thing wrong. Lilian shrieked as Beth slammed in and out of her overly
stretched shit hole 60 times. This time, Beth was much harder than before.
Lilian was crying by the end, the pain in her bowels was too much. She
wondered if any of the many, many girls she had buggered had felt this pain.
When it came to butt sex Lilian had always been giving, and never receiving,
and suddenly she was feeling very guilty about all of the many, many girls
she had sodomised over the years.

Lilian was forced to endure another 50 thrusts of the dildo inside her ass
before she managed to get the phrase right. Her bowels were on fire, and she
was crying with the pain. Beth then decided it was time to punish Melina for
sucking on the dildo without permission.

She ordered Lilian to hold Melina whilst Beth buggered her. Lilian readily
agreed, and held Melinaís head down on the bed whilst her arse was stuck in
the air. Beth tore Melinaís skimpy thong off and then proceeded to slam the
cock into Melina. Melina let out one of her famous ear piercing screams. Beth
suddenly pulled out and ordered Lilian to lie on her front. Lilian did as she
was told, and then a bolt of fear went through her when she felt cold steel
on her hands. She looked to the left and Melina was handcuffing her left hand
to the bedpost. A look to the right, and Beth was doing the same to her right

"OK bitch, Iím going to take Melina off to remind her who dominates who
around here. You are to stay here, and if you so much as start an orgasm, I
will thrash your ass with my cane again," Beth told Lilian.

Suddenly, a buzzing sound filled the room and Lilian jumped when her ass was
spread open. A 10-inch dildo was forced deep into her shit chute, just 1 inch
sticking out. Lilian was out of her mind with the buzzing sensations deep
inside her ass. She heard the door shut, and then she was left alone to
think. Her mind drifted to the first time she had seduced another female.
NaÔve Maria Kanellis, a busty brunette who had won WWE Diva Search 2004, had
looked so damn hot one day that Lilian had forced herself onto Maria. She
squirmed as she recalled how Maria had screamed and sobbed whilst having her
tight virgin ass brutally assaulted by Lilianís fingers.

Then Jillian Hall had been next. The Britney wannabe had been so good at
singing whilst her ass was fucked without lube, that Lilian had jammed a
dildo deep inside Jillianís cunt whilst her bowels were invaded. It had
certainly helped Jillian reach some high notes! Lilian went mad running
through her conquests, too many to count. Her ass was on fire, and she was so
desperate for an orgasm that she tried to break free from the cuffs. They
were too tight, so she only succeeded in hurting her wrists.

The oldest female she had fucked was an old lady in the local market back
home. At 65 years of age, the lady still had a good figure, and Lilian had
enjoyed reducing the OAP to a quivering orgasmic mess. The youngest, God, had
been just 12 yeas old. Lilian felt her cheeks burn with shame as she realised
here and now, that she had been a dirty lesbian paedophile. The shame however
turned her on more, and she was now aware of a damp patch running up the
sheet under her. She wondered just how wet and close to orgasm she was.
Suddenly, she heard the door open. She waited with bated breath for what was
to happen next.

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