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This story is intended to be a work of fiction, not reality. I might dream
that this happened, but it is very unlikely it did happen. If it did, then it
is just pure fluke.

Usual disclaimers apply, if you are offended by lesbian sex, are under the
age of consent in your country, or just plain donít like the look of the
story then please do not read any further. There is also some very mild
racist language in this story, please be aware that I do not approve of
racism in any shape or form.

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Beth Dominates Lilian Part 2
by MarkC1984

Lilian was by now desperate for release; to have the orgasm that Beth had
strictly forbidden her to have. She had heard Melinaís shrieks of pain and
pleasure as Beth had taught her a lesson for disobeying orders. As well as
listening to Melina, Lilian had been recounting some of her lesbian exploits
with WWE Divas and fans of WWE. She had been left with a desire to orgasm and
to do anything Beth said; even it meant debasing herself.

"So, you managed to restrain yourself then; dirty Spanish slut?" Beth asked
quietly; a hint of menace in her voice. Lilian nodded her head and then
promptly jumped and shrieked as Beth landed a stinging slap on her buttocks.
She gasped as the dildo buzzing in her ass was slowly pulled out. She then
let out a yell as it was pushed hard back in. Beth then began crudely fucking
Lilian with the dildo. ĎCome on slut; come for your mistress. Show me how
much you like anal sex by creaming your slutty Spanish cuntí Beth told Lilian
as she picked up the pace. Landing stinging slaps on the buttocks of Lilian;
Beth was almost at the point of orgasm herself. She loved ruining another
femaleís ass; whether it was like this or using a strap-on cock, Beth reveled
in making the sluts cream themselves through anal sex. Lilian shrieked and
gasped, wailed and thrashed; before finally cursing in Spanish as the orgasm
hit her body. It was so intense it made her pass out.

When she awoke, she was still naked but now on all fours on the bed. The
handcuffs had been removed which made Lilian extremely grateful. She had hurt
her wrists trying to release herself earlier. She saw a cock in front of her
eyes. She looked up and saw Beth standing there with the cock between her
legs; and Lilian recognised it was the one that had preceded the introduction
of Melina into this incredibly arousing experience.

Beth moved closer to Lilian and Lilian saw brown streaks running down the
veiny cock; and she was nearly sick as she realised what the pungent smelling
brown liquid was. "So Lilian; before I ram your cunt with this, it needs to
be cleaned. That stupid Latino whore Melina shit herself on this cock when
she orgasmed. I was going to make her clean it; but why should she get all
the pleasure? I want to see you suck this cock clean; and clean it good. I am
sure you do not want me to ram this shit-covered cock in your cunt. Fuck
knows what diseases you Latino sluts have; the way you fuck anything that

Lilian slowly started sucking on the cock; but retched as the shit passed her
lips. Beth had to take control after the third time of Lilian hesitating at
sucking the cock. Grabbing hold of Lilian by the hair; she brutally face-
fucked the Latin ring announcer; smashing the plastic balls off Lilianís
chin. As Lilian deep throated the 15-inch cock; she absently reached a hand
down and rubbed her sore pussy. She was now ready to be fucked hard and long
by Beth; but Beth was having too much fun assaulting Lilianís face.

After half an hour of assaulting Lilianís mouth, Beth pulled the cock out.
She lay down on her back and ordered Lilian to ride the dick. Lilian complied
but gave pitiful whimpers as the dildo entered her sore battered cunt. Beth
was annoyed by the whimpering and pushed Lilian down onto the cock; causing
the Latino to scream in pain. This made Beth smile a lot; and she then
produced a cane. Ordering Lilian to ride the dildo, she told Lilian that if
she did not go fast enough she would get the cane across her tits. Lilian
started riding the cock, going slow at first, which caused Beth to slam the
cane across the painful swollen nipples, which caused Lilian to curse in
Spanish. This caused Beth to spit in Lilianís face and ordered her to not
speak Spanish unless given permission to. Each time Lilian spoke in Spanish
when not allowed would mean five hard slaps with the cane.

Lilian now started to ride the cock with little care about her sore cunt. She
was desperate to stop the cane being used again; and this caused her to near
orgasm. "Donít you fucking dare cum Lilian" Beth yelled in her face. Beth
knew Lilian was not going to slow down so Beth decided to start lashing out
with the cane. She lashed out and caught Lilian just above the belly button;
eliciting a shriek. She then caught the nipples again, and then the whole
tit. All these three whacks had done was make Lilian even closer to orgasm;
she now associated pain with extreme arousal and the more pain she was in;
the more likely she was to cum. This infuriated Beth; she had temporarily
lost control of her conquest. Deciding that Lilian needed to be controlled
even more she knew that she needed the rest of her bitches.

As Lilian shrieked and wailed and cursed as she cum for the 3rd time that
night; she was aware of Beth giving her a stare that would have killed Lilian
if looks could do so as she came down from the orgasmic high. "Get off my
cock you little Latino whore. You were told earlier not to cum without my
permission. Now you will get dressed and leave. You will not wash your slutty
body; you will not cum until I see you next. You will not even entertain
touching another female person until you see me next."

Before Lilian was dismissed, Beth decided to punish and humiliate her little
Latino whore. She grabbed hold of Lilian by the hair and threw her hard into
the bathroom door. This elicited a scream of pain and fright from Lilian. She
cowered as Beth proceeded to rain slap after slap, kick after kick down on
her body. Lilian never realised that stiletto heels could hurt so much. She
began crying, soft little whimpers at first but after 5 minutes of a brutal
assault she began wailing like a baby. Beth had been in a trance whilst
assaulting Lilian and the sound of Lilian wailing brought her to her senses.

Beth stopped, not because her hands or feet were sore; but because she could
not run the risk of another person in the Hotel calling Reception or even the
Police. She knew that if anyone outside of her little circle of bitches knew
about her psychopathic lesbian tendencies her career and reputation would be
left in shatters. This caused Beth great anguish as she was having fun
abusing Lilian and looking down at her little Latino whore saw Lilian
tentatively reaching for her soaking pussy. Beth slapped Lilian hard, and
ordered her not to finger herself until the next time Beth was with her. She
then dismissed Lilian with a mere casual shrug.

Lilian was crushed; she had been assaulted and punished for having too much
fun; then treated like a worthless human being. She cursed to herself as she
left the room. Her greedy desire for an orgasm had now cost her the chance to
see what other pleasures Beth could bring to another female. She was so
ashamed of herself. Little did she know that Beth had merely given her a
little time to recover before she had to pleasure all of Bethís bitches? At
that moment, Beth was calling each of her six bitches ordering them to not
wipe their pussies or asses after going to toilet; and promised two of them
that they would be punished alongside Lilian the following day after they
confessed to cumming without Bethís permission.

When Lilian checked her mobile, she saw she had a voice message. When she
listened, her cunt started to drip moistness down her legs. Beth had ordered
her to attend a disused warehouse the following morning and to not be later
than half past 9. Lilian went straight to bed; it was just after two in the
morning. Lilian slept in short bursts; partly due to fact, she was incredibly
aroused still and partly because her body was, sore and kept catching the bed

Lilian awoke at nine and wondered at first if she had imagined the previous
night. Moving in bed and catching her sore ass on the linen jolted her into
realizing it had actually happened. She had been fucked by Beth Phoenix.
Moreover, not just fucked; she had been assaulted by her. She found herself
looking forward to meeting Beth later. She knew Beth obviously had power in
the dressing room; evidence of that was Melina behaving like a submissive
slut last night having her Latino ass abused by Beth. This memory caused
Lilian to remember Melina deliberately getting her caned and ass fucked by
Beth last night. Lilian swore to get even with Melina if it was the last
thing she did in the WWE.

Lilian dressed and left in plenty of time to get to the meeting place. She
was a bit apprehensive about meeting Beth in a warehouse; especially after
the brutal assault the previous night. She had bruised legs from where the
stiletto heels of Beth had caught her last night. She got there a few minutes
early and saw at least 2 cars there. Straight away, this put her in even more
of a worried state. Nervously; she knocked on the door. She let out a loud
gasp when the door opened. Standing there wearing a slutty French Maidís
uniform was former WWE Womenís Champion Candice Michelle. Lilian couldnít
stop staring at the shortness of the outfit and when Candice walked; Lilian
got a good view up her skirt and saw ugly welts on her ass.

Further shocks awaited Lilian in the main part of the warehouse. The first
thing she saw was a throne where Beth was sat; wearing a leather dress cut
for her tits to poke through. Her nipples were very erect and stiff and
Lilian couldnít help licking her lips at the sight. Looking around; she saw
sights she never thought she would ever see. Wearing a slutty nurse outfit
was Maria Kanellis; her titties bursting out of the tight fabric. Melina was
there again; wearing the same schoolgirl outfit as last night. The other 3
Divas were naked with ball gags in their mouths. Lilian gasped as she put
names to their faces. Ashley Massaro; Mickie James and Jillian Hall were the
other Diva babes. She was surprised; as she knew that Melina was already
obviously one of Bethís little fuck toys. But Ashley, Maria, Candice and
Mickie; fuck toys too? She had long lusted after these Divas but apart from
Maria and Jillian had never acted on her sadistic lesbian impulses.

Lilian let her eyes drink in the beauty of Beth and noticed she was wearing
stiletto heels again. Lilian felt her cunt moisten as she anticipated what
Beth was going to do to her. She had disobeyed Beth the previous night; she
had frigged herself senseless dreaming of what was to come. Beth had been
idly fingering Maria but when Lilian arrived Maria was unceremoniously pushed
onto her ass on the ground. Maria had been on the verge of an orgasm and she
shot Lilian a look of pure hatred for interrupting her orgasm. She also had
never forgiven Lilian for the brutal anal cherry taking she had been put
through a while back. Beth hurt in her anal fuckings sure; but she made the
massive anal orgasm at the end it all worthwhile. Lilian however had just
fucked Maria brutally until she had an explosive orgasm and then left Maria
hanging; wailing in frustration at having no orgasm.

"So you Latin skanky slut; did you finger fuck yourself last night or did you
obey my instructions?" Beth asked this question with a hint of menace and
Lilian could tell that she was going to be in big trouble for disobeying
Beth. She meekly hung her head and mumbled in the affirmative. She had finger
fucked herself and had come to at least 3 orgasms from it. Beth stood up and
approached her menacingly. Lilian quaked as Beth slowly approached then
circled her prey. Beth then landed a stinging slap on Lilianís ass cheeks.
Lilian let out a loud yelp; which only brought a flurry of hard spanks which
Lilian eventually caught on that they would stop if she stopped making a

The other bitches of Beth looked on as Lilian was subjected to a spanking.
They had never thought Beth could bring this so called dominant Latin babe to
her service; and now were drinking in the sight and sound of Lilian being
humiliated. Lilian was now sobbing quietly as the spanking had hit her old
wounds from the previous night. Beth was enjoying her punishment; and was
relishing showing Lilian that every single babe in this warehouse was now
hers. She landed a couple more stinging slaps to Lilian and satisfied that
Lilian now knew her true role.

Beth stood in front of Lilian and ripped the fabric. Lilian gasped as she was
now unclothed in front of the rest of Bethís little circle of bitches. She
was so embarrassed she turned a deep shade of red; and was trying to think of
how best to back out of this. She was only staying as she was part curious
and part desperate to see what else Beth could do to her to bring pleasure.
Beth let her hands drift slowly from Lilianís tits to her toned stomach.
Lilian gasped as Beth lightly raked her nails across the sensitive flesh of
her stomach. Beth then idly let one hand drop between the legs of Lilian.
Lilian let out a loud gasp as her abused cunt lips were spread by skilled

Beth slowly fingered Lilian and as Lilian rapidly approached climax; Beth
grinned and pulled the fingers out. Lilian let out a shriek in annoyance. She
was so near climax she was aching for Beth to resume the fingering. Beth let
the climax subside enough before resuming the finger fucking. As Beth resumed
the finger fucking; Lilian started breathing heavily and again rapidly
approached climax. Beth again slipped her fingers out and slowly licked them
in front of Lilian. Lilian was being driven wild by the way Beth used her for
amusement. Beth slowly resumed finger fucking Lilian and once again she
pulled out when Lilian was on the verge of an orgasm.

Beth greedily fed off her latest bitches cunt juices. She was now going to
drive Lilian mad with lust and desire; and hopefully make her cum at the same
time. She was now looking forward to marking Lilian as her property and was
going to do it in a really big way. She balled her hand into a fist then
without a warning shoved the fist up into Lilian. Lilian bellowed and
screamed as her hypersensitive cunt walls were driven to new heights of
ecstasy. Maria loved the sounds of the abuse that Lilian was getting from
Beth. Maria could not imagine life without her mistress; life without being
harshly anally fucked to orgasm after orgasm. Maria also loved the thought
that the woman who had brutally fucked her virgin ass just 3 years previously
was now being reduced to tears herself. She felt her cunt moisten even more
as Lilian was forced to endure the agonizing fisting for 15 minutes. Beth
eventually pulled her hand out and instructed Lilian to lick the fist clean.
Lilian greedily cleaned Bethís hand of her cunt juices and savoured the taste
of them.

Once Beth was happy her fist was clean, she pulled Lilian to her feet by her
hair. Lilian screamed in pain as Beth pulled her hair tight. The rest of the
Divas were now watching with interest in their eyes. They were wondering
whether Lilian was going to be given the same punishment as they were or
whether Beth had any mercy for the now submissive Latino ring announcer. They
were given their answer as Lilian was taken by Beth into a room just off the
main warehouse floor where she was put into her new outfit. It was a short
leather dress, one which barely covered Lilianís ass and pussy; and also one
that had cut outs where the tits were kept in. Lilianís titties were now
exposed to the world, and Beth then put a dog collar around Lilianís neck and
attached a dog leash. She commanded Lilian to get on all fours and then
proceeded to parade Lilian around the circle of the submissive lesbian sluts.

As Lilian was paraded around, the other submissives were permitted by Beth to
stroke, caress or hit Lilian as she was introduced to each Diva individually.
Maria was first in line, and as Lilian went past Maria took the cane that she
had collected from Beth earlier and proceeded to ram one end of the cane up
Lilianís ass. Lilian hollered as her ass was assaulted. But she knew she had
to take it, she had brutally fucked Mariaís virgin ass a few years ago and
had hurt her badly. Apart from leaving Maria hanging for an orgasm, the
brutal assault on the anus was enough to cause some anal bleeding which
required a trip to the local ER for Maria. Maria had harboured resentment
towards Lilian ever since, because she had been forced to tell the female
doctor in the ER that the bleeding was due to her first anal fuck which had
been rather brutal. This had led to another brutal assault as the ER doctor
had roughly examined the Divaís anal cavity to check for any permanent damage
(which was more likely following the second vicious assault in 12 hours).
Maria had truly cum this time; mortified she had creamed her cunt in front of
a stranger during a medical exam was enough to make Maria hate Lilian
forever. Beth smiled as Maria got her own back on Lilian, she had been
furious with Lilian when Maria had told her the story behind her first anal
fuck. This was actually what had led to the downfall of Lilian, the sluttiest
Latino woman ever. If only the fans knew that Lita was not the slut of the
WWE, but rather it was Lilian she knew the crowd would never be the same
again for Lilian. As Maria roughly slammed the cane in and out, Lilian came
close to creaming herself and had to be restrained by Beth as she tried to
force the cane even deeper into her ass to cum. Beth roughly pulled on the
leash and pulled Lilian onto the next Diva in the line. Lilianís heart sunk
when she saw who it was.

It was wannabe singer Jillian Hall. Lilian had long been a critic of Jillian,
saying to everyone that she was a shit singer and that she had no talent at
all. Indeed, she had bragged to some of her conquests that Jillian was a
lousy fuck; the way she had hit high notes during her sodomy session with
Lilian had led to an even deeper resentment by Jillian. Lilian knew that
Jillian would have some sort of punishment for her to deal with, and she
wasnít surprised when she noticed that the other slaves had been allowed to
put earplugs in their ears and noticed that Beth had done the same thing.
Right on cue, Jillian let out a piercing shriek as she hit a high note which
went through Lilianís ears and head. She tried to cover her ears but 2 slaves
grabbed her arms and let Jillian continue the verbal onslaught of Lilianís
eardrums. This went on for what seemed like hours, but was more like half an
hour. When Jillian signalled to Beth she had finished inflicting her
punishment, Beth removed her earplugs which was the signal for everyone else
to do the same. A ringing sound was still going through Lilianís head and her
ears were sore from the onslaught Jillian had put her through.

Next in line was Ashley. Ashley had been one of Lilianís more gentle
conquests. Lilian had treated Ashley with such tenderness and romance that
Ashley had actually dumped her boyfriend, father to her daughter, and become
a full time lesbian. Her resentment arose from the fact that when she turned
up at Lilianís hotel room the following night she heard Lilian sodomising a
female fan; and knew that Lilian was never going to be the sort who settled
down in a monogamous relationship with other women. Ashley merely gave Lilian
a disapproving look, and then turned her back on Lilian. This crushed her
more than Ashley hitting her, or shouting at her or doing something. But just
ignoring her was too much for Lilian to bear. She tried to reach out and
touch Ashley to say sorry, but Beth grabbed her and pulled her onto the next
slave in the circle.

This one was Mickie James. Mickie had been another one of Lilianís conquests,
and unlike Ashley but like Maria and Jillian, Lilian had brutally anally
assaulted Mickie for hours. Mickie had actually enjoyed it by the end, but
was still seething that Lilian had turned her back on Mickie after the fuck
session. Mickie had wanted to do it again, but Lilian had refused and so
Mickie had willingly succumbed to Beth when Beth approached her to become her
slave. Mickie had a rather severe punishment in store for Lilian. Lilian was
ordered to turn around and present her ass to Mickie. Lilian did so, and as
she settled down on all fours, she felt a hard cold metal entering her anus.
She shrieked at the coldness of it, but let out a shriek as Mickie gave
Lilian a clue as to what the object was. Mickie had shoved a cattle prod up
Lilianís ass. Mickie was now giving out shock after shock into Lilianís ass.
Lilian was hollering quite loudly as the shocks went through her body, the
shocks eventually blended between pain and pleasure, and by the end of the 20
minute assault on her ass, she was close to creaming herself again.

Beth pulled her off the cattle prod and then led Lilian back to the start of
the line; where Maria was waiting still with the cane. For the next few
hours, Lilian was led around the line over and over until eventually she
passed out with the torture she had been put through. Beth had left her on
the cold floor, and led all the other slaves into another part of the
warehouse which was soundproofed. In fact, the whole place was soundproofed
but this room was soundproofed so no-one else in the warehouse could hear
anything that happened in there unless they were in the actual room.

Beth had hoped that Lilian would pass out with the brutal torture and as a
reward had all her slaves remove any skimpy thongs they were wearing and then
bend over and touch their toes. She attached her favourite strap on cock and
then went down the line giving each of her slaves a brutal anal fucking as
reward for reducing Lilian to a wreck. Her slaves were in ecstasy as they
creamed their slutty cunts on Bethís cock. After each slave had been reduced
to quivering wrecks, Beth went back to check on Lilian and found Lilian was
still out of it. Beth called for her slaves to each bring a bucket of ice
cold water into the room, whereupon each slave at the same time threw the
contents over Lilian. The shriek nearly deafened them all; Lilian had finally
hit a note higher than Jillian! The slaves and Beth laughed cruelly at
Lilian, and then Beth proceeded to drag Lilian by her wet hair to the door of
the warehouse and threw her out of the door naked.

Lilian was left out in the freezing cold night, naked and wet. Her nipples
were painfully erect and her pussy was so wet she was sure she could have
taken a big black cock in there at that precise moment. Lilian crawled to her
car, and as she was getting in she was grabbed from behind. She hollered, and
shrieked for help. When she was given a sharp punch to her jaw, she knew she
was in deep trouble. Really deep trouble. She called out for Beth and her
fellow fuck slaves but either they couldnít hear her or were choosing to
ignore her. Lilian kicked and struggled but was punched again which this time
left her groggy. The last thing she remembered was being thrown into a cold
van and the van driving off at high speed.

Lilian woke the next morning, and was horrified to find herself strapped to a
bed, with a dildo pistoning in and out of her pussy, and another one being
driven into her ass. She tried to speak or scream but found herself with a
ball gag in her mouth. She struggled against the dildos but it was futile.
The struggling merely made her predicament more painful so she had to keep
still. The only thing was she was always kept on the verge of cumming. She
saw a mirror and quickly caught on that someone was watching her every move,
and each time her orgasm came close the dildos stopped moving. This went on
for some time; eventually the person controlling the dildos let Lilian cum.
Lilianís entire body convulsed and spasmed on the bed as her orgasm ripped
through her. Lilian resolved to thank Beth for the painful assault on her
pussy and ass. Only Beth could bring so much pleasure, right? Oh how wrong
Lilian was. The door opened and Lilian saw her kidnapper. They walked over
and took the gag out of Lilianís mouth.

"So my little Latino skank. Did you enjoy being tortured like this? As you
can see, I am not Beth Phoenix. It may surprise you, but even Beth is a
little fuck slave. Mine. Beth lets me use and abuse her, and in return she
gets her pick of the Divas division and can control them all she wants. Beth
has told me all about the way you have treated some of the Divas here in WWE.
I think we need to show you what naughty little sluts get as punishment. "

Lilian was cowering in the glare of the person speaking, she had heard
rumours but never dared hope they were true. They obviously were though.

"You fuck Beth? But, she seems so dominant; I cannot believe she is a slave
to you, I mean who would ever believe that you were behind all of Bethís
lesbian bitch training. Please, treat me like Beth. Please, make me into a
little fuck slut. Finish Bethís training. I beg of you, please Stephanie."

To be continued...

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