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Beth Phoenix Destroys Stephanie McMahon
by PerilEyes

"I'm all grown up."

The Smackdown crowd buzzed as the music for the boss's daughter, Stephanie McMahon, hit.
She posed at the top of the ramp. She was clad in a black blazer covering a tight black sleeveless
top, straining her beautiful billion dollar breasts. Below that she sported one of her trademark
black leather skirts which allowed her long smooth legs to be on displayed. A pair of knee length
black leather boots completed look. She was breath-taking tonight. She waltzed down the aisle
with a woman with a purpose. The audience knew that she had something on her mind to
surprise the WWE universe like this, but didn't know what.

She entered the ring through the bottom ropes and asked for a microphone. She stood with one
hand on her hip and the mic to her face as she waited for the crowd to settle down and her music
to die. This is classic Steph McMahon.

"You know, 10 years ago, my family was under crisis. And this crisis was a certain homewrecker
who was trying to sleep her way into influencing my father." She paused as sporadic "Trish"
chants went off in the arena. "This homewrecker tried to call herself the most dominant female in
WWE. But SHE didn't realize who she was messing with and ended up being bathed in raw

"And then in that same year, a very manly diva believed she could assert her dominance in the
WWF by wrestling all the men and winning titles and sleeping with other people's men. And as a
result, HE is no longer employed here," Stephanie had her facts wrong about her but it was clear
she was speaking about Chyna.

"And then several years later, another blonde homewrecker came along believed she could do
the same as her predecessor. And well, you know what they say about those who don't study
history." She said matter of factly, in reference to Sable. After a pause, she continued.

"But now, there's another female in WWE who thinks she's better than this company. There's
another female who thinks she can be an `apprentice.'" The crowd cheered realizing who the
billion dollar princess was now talking about. "This individual also thinks she's a singer also."
The crowd popped again. "And lastly, she thinks she's a creative business woman. Well there's
only one smart business woman in WWE and it's ME!" She paused and let it soak in.

with a stern voice.

"Here she goes again."

The redheaded diva appeared quite nervous and confused. She wore black spandex pants and a
small vest-like button down top which left her midriff exposed. She entered the ring and stood
with Stephanie in the middle of the ring.

"You think your smart don't you Maria?" The brunette began. Maria shook her and tried to
mouth a protest without a mic. "Shut up!" She was silenced quickly. "So you shot the
Apprentice. You've recorded your silly little album. You've made your ugly little ring outfits."
She looked up and down at today's attire in disgust. "You're doing it all aren't you?" The red
headed diva again tried to plead with her boss but to no avail.

"Actually, the only thing you haven't done is wrestle a match without getting mopped all over
the ring." That comment hurt Maria more than anything else. Stephanie was now taking jabs at
her jobber ways. "Here's a thought: how bout focusing on not being the punching bag of the
entire divas division!" Maria was in near tears now after being scolded by one of her idols here
in WWE.

"Well, just like Trish and Chyna and Sable, I have ways of dealing with women who try to
challenge me. There can only be one woman of business in WWE and it ain't you Maria!"

With that, Stephanie clocked Maria over the head with her microphone. The Greek diva went
down in a heap. Daddy's Little Girl then kicked her in the belly with her sharp boot. With Maria
going back to her hands and knees, Steph repeated the attack sending the redhead to the side of
the ring. She put her head on the middle rope and choked her on it. She yanked at the cable and
sent Maria back to the mat. Steph bent down and ripped the top right of her body. The Playboy
girl now had her breasts exposed to the live crowd and the television audience. Maria rolled over
to cover up with her arms but Stephanie only wrapped the garment around her neck, again
cutting off her air flow. The red headed moved around the ring taking Steph without her, like a
dog leading her master.

Once in the centre of the ring, Steph let go and threw down the top. She confidently walked
around to Maria's front. Holding her neck and trying to cover herself, the diva looked up and
tried to plead with the towering brunette. Having no sympathy, Stephanie SLAPPED her across
the face. On TV the sharp clicking sound is very audible. Maria fell back on her back. Stephanie
gripped the waistband of the redhead's leather bottoms (and her panties) and tugged it down her
hips and legs. The diva was now completely naked much to the delight of the crowd. "Now no
one has to be buy your shit Playboy issue!" Revelled Stephanie.

"On your knees! I want you BEG for me why I shouldn't fire you right now!" The frightened
redhead did as she was told. She started to grovel and talk her way out of it. Everything was still
inaudible without a mic, but the image of Maria in desperate, on knees naked before a powerful
Billion Dollar Princess was all that was needed.

"Enough. You know, Donald Trump obviously fired you, but that's the Apprentice and THIS is
the WWE. So Maria: YOU'RE FIRED!" The diva's heart just dropped as she sank in place.
"YOU HEARD ME! FIRED!! NOW GET OUT OF MY RING!!" Maria accepted it and got up.
With her head hung low, she began the walk of shame out to the ring. Not even at the ropes yet,
Stephanie came and her from behind and tossed her outside by herself. Maria lay on the matting
outside completely humiliated.

Stephanie stood in the centre of the ring with a beaming smile and sparkling eyes. "Now let that
be a lesson to everyone else! I AM THE MOST DOMINANT DIVA IN WWE!!"

She started to leave but the music of Beth Phoenix hit. The Glamazon emerged wearing her
black and green attire. She held her hands above her head in her signature pose and walked down
the aisle in all serious. Stephanie stared her down the whole time. When she reached the ring she
went right into the boss's daughter's face. This was a standoff right here.

Stephanie began. "Who the HELL do you think you are?!" Beth slightly smiled and looked to the
crowd. "ANSWER ME!"

The diva wound up for another slap of the night and smacked her foe across the face. The shot
rocked her head. The Glamazon held her cheek but turned to face Steph. She was completely
undeterred from the shot. Not having the desired result, she tried it again. She wound up and
delivered, but she was caught in mid-movement. The Glamazon clutched Stephanie's forearm as
they both stood their in limbo, the blonde smiling and the brunette with fear in her eyes. The
crowd popped at the action.

Then in a swift motion, Beth spun her around and locked her in a double chicken wing. The
crowd cheered even louder at what was going to happen now. Stephanie shook her head in
complete fright as the two stood there like that for a few seconds. Then Beth hoisted her high
into the air. She walked around the ring, displaying the Billion Dollar Princess and her Billion
Dollar Breasts for the fans. All the while Steph protested but to no avail. Beth made her way to
the centre of the ring and sat down to the mat with huge momentum. Stephanie's chests and face
bounced up the mat. The she spun around and stoop up. Stephanie lay spread eagle on the mat,
her legs parted and her arms above her head, seemingly unconscious.

The Glamazon stood looking down at her. The crowd marvelled at what they had seen. Then
Beth smiled and did her pose. She went to leave. Bending down between the ropes, she was
about to leave but she stopped. She looked at the prone Stephanie and smiled. She walked back
to her and stared at her from above. She picked her up by the hair and hoisted her on her
shoulder. Then she charged the ring corner with her slamming her back first into her. Steph woke
up screaming. Beth started to thrust shoulder after shoulder in her midsection. She used her
powerful legs to propel herself into her opponent's belly. Each time the brunette folded over the
Glamazon's body. Beth then pulled her out of the corner and slung her over the top rope and to
the ground.

She picked her up by the arm and dragged her to her feet. She flung her toward her and delivered
a crushing forearm. Steph's head hit the mat hard. She picked her up again and scooped her up in
her arms. She pressed her high above her head. The Princess screamed eight feet in the air as her
limbs and brown mane dangled down. The Glamazon posed for a great picture opportunity
before removing her arms and letting Stephanie fall on her breast implants. She raises her up and
again and whips her back first into the steel steps. Beth followed her and ground her knee into
the side of heiress's face. She rammed the back of her head into the stair. She picked her up once
again and bounced her head off the top of the steel. She repeated them move until a small trickle
of blood had formed on Stephanie's forehead.

Beth once again flung her back first in the barricade. Placing her arms behind the rail, she
grabbed at the heiress's coat and tore it open. She made quick work of it and threw it into the
crowd. Then the shirt was next, tearing the front of it and taking it completely off. Tonight the
billion dollar 34Ds were housed by a black lacy bra quite obviously too small to hold those
giants. Stephanie tried to cover up but Beth only punched her in the head. She lay in more hits to
her forehead, agitating the cut even more. She lifts her up by the bra straps and turns her to face
the front row. She was positioned in front of three hot young blondes who were having the time
of their lives taking in this action. Holding the prone Steph in front of her she said, "How bout it
girls. Want yourselves a feel of the richest pair of boobs in the world?" The girls giggled and felt
up her chest up and down and through her bra. They wiggled them and made them jiggle in
place. The girls laughed and celebrated in getting to feel up Stephanie McMahon, the most
spoiled person in the entire company. She was Beth Phoenix's toy now.

"Alritey, that's enough. Maybe if you're lucky I'll come back later." She winked at the girls and
pulled her victim away. She lifted her up once again in a double chicken wing and showed her
bra clad body off the crowd. The brunette shook her adamantly in protest as her back was being
wrenched. Beth walked around the corner and the steps to the announce table. She stood facing it
with Steph still high in the air. Then she let go and dropped her chest first on to it. Her legs still
on the ground, Steph slumped on top of it. Beth raised the vulnerable woman's head by her hair.
Playfully she brush aside all loose strands to the periphery of her face. By now her cheeks were
covered with a mix of tears, blood, and running mascara. Unceremoniously this already pain
reddened complexion was banged into the top of table again and again. The cut was deepened
and her nose was really close to being broken. Beth stopped the attack and stood behind the diva.
She unzipped the brunette's leather skirt and pulled it down her legs exposing matching black
bottoms. Then she worked on her boots. She unzipped one, took it off, and tossed it aside. And
then took off the other. She stood up and looked down mischievously at her panty clad ass. She
ran her hand over her shapely cheeks and gave them a squeeze. She inserted her thumbs into the
waist band and began to peel them down. The crowd popped. But Beth smiled and stopped. She
put her finger up to the crowd and waved it. "Not yet." She patted the billion dollar butt and
went and picked up the boot. She stood looking it over and even smelling the inside of it, waiting
for Stephanie to stand up. When she staggered to face her, Beth floored her once again with a
shot to the head with the heel of the boot. The sharp edge of the heel cut Stephanie above the
eye, another slash to go with her already bloodied head.

Beth picked her up and threw her back in the ring. She grabbed a steel chair from under the ring
and followed her in. Mrs Game dazedly got to her feet in the middle of the ring. When she shook
the cobwebs out she saw the Glamazon standing several feet in front of her holding her weapon.
She put her hands up and pleaded with the woman not to hit her. "Strip!" The former multiple
women's champ said. Stephanie shook her again in desperation. "Please no."

"I SAID STRIP BITCH!!" Beth snarled at Stephanie. Not wanting to mess with Beth, Stephanie
complied. Frightened, she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. The crowd cheered at
getting to see the billion dollar tits, a sight that every man had wanted to see and surely ever
woman jealous of her enormous mammeries that had their boyfriends and husbands ogling over.
Stephanie slided the straps down her arms. Right then, her areolas were now visible. At 1.5
inches in diameter, they were HUGE! And her breasts themselves. Wow. Perfectly sculpted.
Ever man dreamed of what they would look under every tight top and now they got to see her

"Give it to me. AND don't you dare try to cover up!" Stephanie nervously handed her bra to the
outstrected hand. "Good, now the bottoms."

Stephanie put her hands to her panties. "What?! No! I'm not getting exposed for all THESE
degenerates!" Beth didn't give her a verbal warning this time. She took one step forward and
readies her self to use the chair.

Stephanie cowered in fright. "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT YOU WITCH!" She slowly peeled them
off her hips and down her legs. Underneath was a perfectly smooth cunt. Beth had suceeded in
forcing Stephanie is strip down. And this was the most humiliating part. Beth didn't have to do it
herself. Here the most powerful woman in the company was standing before the entire WWE
world, bloodied and naked. She reluctantly gave them to Beth who snatched them and pressed
them to her nose. "Mmmm, I LOVE the smell of fear!" Stephanie and the crowd were both
shocked at that.

Without warning Beth got her hip up to Steph's belly, doubling her over. Dropping the chair, she
locked her in a front facelock and slung her arm over her shoulder. Then she lifted her straight
into the air and kept her there for about 10 seconds for emphasis. The crowd was thinking
fisherman buster, but instead Beth did a sit out facebuster from her position straight onto the
chair. It effective smushed her lovely breasts right into the chair. Stephanie lay motionless on the
ground after the amazing spot.

Beth picked up the near limp boss's daughter and carried her to a turnbuckle and stood her up
facing it. She slapped her with some forearms to her upper back pressing her puppies against the
corner. Then, just as before, she thrusted her shoulder into her back, which had the same result.
Stephanie cried at the shots to her entire upper body, most notably her two babies. Beth cockily
strutted to the corner diagonal. From across the ring she saw Stephy slumped and holding her
back. She glanced to the crowd from side to side and then charged full force into the boss diva's
body. Stephanie slided down the turnbuckle into a seated position. With her head lolling around
and blood continuing to flow down her face, Beth stomped her head some more. Her neck
snapped back with every strike. Then she aimed a bit lower at her breasts. She directed her boots
right into the nipples as they looked like little bull's eyes to her. Stephanie tried to cover up from
the assault. Her tits were getting completely mangled. Beth picked up the chair and threw it onto
the woman's chest. Taking a few steps back she ran and kicked it as if it was a football field
goal. The stiffness of the steel provided little cushioning for the brunette. It only added to the
systematic pancaking of them. Beth picked her up and perched her on the top rope. Without even
thinking about it she viciously SHOVED her off and all the way to the ring floor. A large THUD
filled the immediate area.

Beth exited the ring and ripped the top portion of the steps off their platform. She gathered a
disoriented Stephanie McMahon and laid her flat on top of it. Then in a great heap of strength
she lifted the other stairs and stood above the prone body. The McMahon looked up above with
wide eyes at her near future. "No.please." But the Phoenix just crashed the object straight
down on her injured tits, doing more to deflate her mammeries. She lifted it up again and
dropped it down on more time. The power it took to lift the stairs took a lot out Beth so she threw
them down after those two shots. Really that's all she needed. Stephanie was aching.
While she tended to her battered breasts, Beth lifted the ring apron looking for a new toy. She
pulled out a long rope with a noose tied into it. She went over to Steph and slipped the thick
know around her neck. Then grabbing the end of it, she jumped onto the ring apron and
proceeded the wrap it tightly around the ring post. The rope stiffened and Stephanie was dragged
to a kneeling position against the bar. She coughed and weezed as she felt the rope cut into her
neck and her air supply. She squirmed in place trying to get free. Beth jumped down and placed
herself in front of her. She stroked her bloodied face, licking a bit of crimson that got on her face.
Then she cupped her already deformed peasants.

"You know Stephanie, before tonight you may have been the Queen of Hearts in this company,
but that doesn't undo one were never that glamorous! A true femme fatale does not
flaunt all she has! I saw you years ago when you were running Smackdown. The tight t-shirts
with the leather pants and leather skirts. You pride yourself on being respected.too bad, that
these people didn't see through it enough to start up SLUT chants for the second time in your
career. Because that's what you are: A SLUT! A BIG TITTED SLUT!!"

With that, Beth reached into her tights and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. "Pl-
please..Beth..don't do this." The McMahon daughter tried to muster. But the FireBird only
answered with a shot to her face. She knelt over her and wailed down at her forehead with
straight down shots. She scratched the knucks against the surface of her skin. More blood flowed
down her face making a crimson mask out of her features. Then she punched her in the chest. It
had impactful results considering she was very hard of breathing as is. Beth exploded on her with
a flurry of enhanced punches to her titty flesh. "Such perfect punching bags. I don't even need
one at the gym. I should just bring you along!" Her impacts were really being molded and
softened up with the knuckled fist of Beth. All the while Steph's consciousness was under siege
as well. She was fading fast. Her protests were nearly nonexistent. Her arms fell to their sides
from the noose. Beth continue hit her with the knucks completely bruising the skin. Her beautiful
and voluptuous breasts were now getting severely discouloured.

Then Stephanie just shut her eyes. Her head fell to her chest, unable to cope with the unholy
combination of asphyxiation and breast torture, she passed out. She knelt on the steps completely
limp. The rope was still tied around her neck. Beth smirked. "Why I do believe the young
princess has retired" She said in a southern belle voice.

"Ugh, I'm thristy! Somebody hand me a goddamn beer!!" She strutted over to her three girls and
they willingly handed a cup to her with all beaming eyes. She nodded at them as took a sip.
"Mmmmm.that's good alcohol" She walked over to the sleeping Stephanie. "Thristy Stephy?"
She poured the liquid on top of her brown hair and watched it drip down to the steps below.
Know along with a blood puddle was beer. And along with her makeup smeared, tear stained,
blood flooded face was beer to mix. The billionairess ceased to wake up though.

Beth removed the noose from around her neck. She lifted her under the arms and dragged her to
her three young Glama-fans. One of them had Steph's suit coat on now. She held her in place as
the sleeping body leaned against her. She petted her matted hair and remarked, "I think Stephy
here needs a little waking, a little help girls?" The girls exclaimed in unison. "YEAHHH!!"'
The girls giddily began to stroke and massage Stephanie's battered and sweaty breasts, laughing
all the way. Beth rolled her eyes. "Come on! Give me more than that! Do you KNOW who this
IS?! This is Stephanie fuckin' McMahon!! The bitchiest, most spoiled person in this whole
goddamn company. She's gotten everything on a silver platter, never earned a damn thing
herself! If I were in your position right now, I'd be mauling her puppies right now! NOW

The girls were inspired and took both teats in their hands and twisted. Stephanie woke up
screaming. The fans pulled her nipples as far back as they would go. It felt like they were trying
to separate it from her body or something. Then one of them took her right stub and chomped
down on it. She bit and suck on it. She pressed down hard and dug her teeth into the flesh for a
good ten seconds. Beth laughed. "Now that's more like it. Destroy those oversized cow udders!
Triple H is never going to wanna play with them again." So she wasn't missing out on any fun
herself, Beth reached down between the woman's legs and inserted herself in there and got to

The third girl (that is, the one porting Steph's discarded blazer and the one without a nipple to
play with) had an idea. She took out a cigarette from her purse. Then she lit it and took a long
sweet drag. She exhaled the entire thing into Stephanie's face, pushing her humiliation a bit
further. She smoked the entire thing in the same manner. "Mmm, this has gotta be the greatest
cigarette I've tasted because I got to smoke the great Stephanie McMahon with it. Oops, all
done!" She was about to drop it and put it out but Beth, who had been fingering Steph this whole
time, stopped her. "Wait, what are you doing? You've got an ashtray right in front of you!" The
girl clued in and smashed it on her left busom. "AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Stephanie cried
hard as burning flesh hit her senses. When it was removed she saw a big red welt of dead skin, a
huge blemish to her powerful tits for sure. Then she look out her lighter once again and flashed it
in Stephanie's face. "No, no, can't." She told her friend's to part as she brought it
down to the older woman's now outstretched and deformed nipples. The lit flame came a
centimetre away from her teat but didn't actually touch it. The proximity was enough to heat it
up however. Stephanie again moaned at this new sensation. It was pain in her breasts and
pleasure in her cunt. What wasa girl to do? Of course, this was Beth's intention all the time, to
break Stephanie McMahon and make her a slave to her touch, whether violent or sensuous. As a
woman she knew the right moves, but as an Amazon she knew how to hurt also. Back to her
breasts, her nipples had been more than tickled by the flame. She had fiery teats now.

Beth thanked the ladies and Stephanie away. She lifted her up like she was going to give her an
inverted atomic drop, but instead she carried her to the ring post and rammed her into it cunt
first. The woman sat there for a little as her mouth did the ole "O." Beth pulled her upper body
down so her legs lay on the mat and the rest of her body upside down. She went under the ring
and pulled out a kendo stick. She cracked it over Stephanie's chest. She screamed as the wood
chipped into her body. She threw shot after shot at her formerly desirable rack. The splinters of
the stick ripped into her and the whole thing caused massive redness and bruising. Stephanie
called out hysterically for the torture to stop. From her inverted position she looked through tear
soaked eyes to see fans pointing and laughing at her. "Do it again Beth" and "Crush her cow tits"
they called out. Steph didn't know there was so much hate for her in people. Her tits were being
cut up by the cane and people didn't care. They encouraged it! The stick completely worn out
after about 10 shots to Steph, it completely broke.

Beth pulled her down and threw her back in the ring. She looked under the ring again. It took a
while and people were wondering what she was looking for. Finally she pulled out a giant
mirror. Beth smiled her biggest smile as she looked at her reflection in it. Unlike her opponent
she was the image of perfection, unscathed other than a few blood stains from Stephanie. She
rolled into the ring with the mirror and met Stephanie who was trying to make it to her feet. Beth
picked up her unstable form and wrapped her arm around her shoulders like she was her buddy.
It was quite the sight. One physically, wobbly woman who was doubled over and holding her
chest, and to contrast, a second woman beside her, fully upright, shoulders thrown back, and with
a triumphant look on her face. Beth held the mirror up to both of them so Steph could she herself

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the most GLAMOROUS of them all?" She laughed as she
teased the mirror. "It sure as hell ain't you Stephanie."

"Look Stephanie, Look at your pathetic self." She did and she saw a truly sad sight. She saw her
once brown hair matted to her head, now coloured with her own blood. She saw her bloodshot,
teary blue eyes, running with mascara, the pinnacles of fear and pain. She saw her forehead,
gashed with at least two deep cuts which had been flowing the whole time. Her cheeks were
covered in a mixture of tears and dried tongues. Her nose was probably broken and she had a
dried streak of blood running down her cheeks from her lip.

Now her tits. Once the talk of the WWE universe for their size and shape, people had a new
reason to buzz over them now. They were the image of complete destruction. For one thing, they
surely lost their shape. From all the sandwiching and steel step shots and mashing against the
turnbuckle, they were deflated. The second was they were marked with bruising, stripped flesh,
and blood. The punches, kendo stick shots had put them in a state where corrective surgery was
an absolute neccesisity. Finally her nipples. Outstretched and swollen because of the three
Glama-fan, they were completely deformed.

"How's it feel Miss McMahon? Not so powerful now are you? I don't see you with your hand on
your hip, buffing out your chest like you own the place. Today I showed the world what's behind
these oversized cow udders. A Cowering, overconfident, disgrace for a woman. Because when
you take a look in the mirror, you're a bimbo like the rest of the women back there."

Stephanie couldn't take this verbal degradation. She had to escape this now. She elbowed her,
breaking her hold, and tried to make a break for it. Beth shook off the shot that momentarily
fazed her and chased after her. She lifted the mirror up and SMASHED it over her head.
Stephanie almost fell in slow motion, first to her knees whence her eyes rolled to the back of her
and then she collapsed face down with arms above her head. Shards of glass rained over her and
settled around and on top of her corpse. The crowd was completely silenced by this unexpected
move. Beth knelt down and spoke to an out cold Stephanie. "Bad move princess. I was going to
finish with you're punishment but after this, no way.

She rolled her over onto her back and knelt on top of her. She slapped a few times in face
making her come to. She grabbed a broken glass and smiled sadistically. Then she brought it
down to her chest like she was going to stab the BDP with it. But instead she began to viciously
carve into her. Her design: a simple, stick drawing of a phoenix with its wings spread, a physical
reminder of the cause of all this anguish for Stephanie no doubt. She was ruthless about it. Skin
was meant to be torn into like this and Stephanie's banshee-like shrieks told Beth and the crowd
just that. When finished, a trail of blood made the design visible.

Satisfied with that, Beth got up once again and searched under the ring. She pulled out a wooden
table. She was going to end this bith a bang. She pushed it into the ring, lifted the legs out and
flipped it over. Then she positioned it nicely in the corner. She threw the chair neatly on top of it
as well. The crowd once again buzzed at what she had in store now.

She picked up a whimpering Stephanie McMahon to her feet and dragged her to the corner. She
lifted her up and perched her on the top rope. The last time she did this, she just shoved her off.
But not this time. This time Beth slapped her and told her she should be familiar with this. She
climbed on to the second ropes herself and hooked Steph's arms. Then pausing to look at the
crowd and hearing the "DO IT!" chants, she jumped back with Stephanie in tow. A top rope
PEDIGREE right through the table. Stephanie's chest met the chair on impact and then the
ground as the table broke in two. The couple were rained with "HOLY SHIT" chants!
Stephanie's breasts were completely destroyed now. The momentum and power of the pedigree
smashed them for good. Beth sat on her arms catching her breath as she looked over a face down
sleeping Stephanie McMahon laying in the rubble.

Regaining her footing, Beth dragged her to the middle of the ring and flipped her over so she lay
tits up for the entire world again. Beth looked down at her handiwork and then smiled to the
crowd as she put her hands in the air for the GLAMA-pose. She kicked Stephanie once who just
twitched in response and then headed out the ring. As she walked up the ramp, EMTs rushed
down to the ring. Stephanie would require plenty of medical attention and corrective surgery. For
Beth, she didn't even turn back to look at the scene behind her. Destroying Stephanie McMahon
was enough.

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