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Featuring: Lizzy Valentine (Lucha Libre USA,XPW, Wrestlicious), Sheamus

Better Than A K Mart Deal
A WWE/indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In early 2012 in Los Angeles, California, the man known as The Great White,
WWE Superstar Sheamus is checking over his cell phone as he `s about to leave
the studio he's been in to film an advertisement for Kmart. The handsome and
hunky Irishman has a smile on his face as he puts the phone away into his
pocket as he carries his travel bag, clad in a pair of jeans and a stylish
black shirt that's a perfect fit to his broad and muscular upper body, but
looking ahead at the door he sees someone waiting at the door that makes him
smile a little wider.

It's none other than the woman who played the "mom" in the advert,
independent scene wrestler Lizzy Valentine who appears to be waiting for
someone a she stands with her own travel bag next to her feet. The stunning
blond known for her work in Lucha Libre USA and several other indy promotions
is looking stunning in a white, long sleeved top that nicely shows off her
large and nicely rounded chest, and dark pants that hug to her juicy ass.
Looking over, she sees the approaching man and smiles approvingly, signaling
that he might be who she was waiting for.

"Hey there lass... Lizzy, wasn't it?" Sheamus greets with a smile.

"Bang on there Sheamus!" Valentine responds as she turns towards him. "I was
hoping to catch you before you left, because I just wanted to say that I had
a total blast working with you tonight! I've always wanted to, you know,
become part of the WWE, so it's really something to at least work with a real
deal Superstar even if it's just for an advertisement."

"Oh yeah? Ain't that something?" He replies with slight amusement. "Being in
the WWE is the dream of many people, and I happen to be one of the lucky few
to be living it. Mind you, I'd say from the look of you, you'd certainly fit
right in with the Divas... You and the other lass here, Buggy Nova was it?"

"Yeah, that's her name, but personally? She doesn't look like this all the
time... Look her up and you'll see her "other" look." She jokes slightly with
a smile. "But thanks Sheamus... I tried out for the Diva Search a few years
ago but never got in... I'd seriously love any chance to make it into the
WWE, and I do mean really love..." She adds with a suggestive tone to her
voice, slyly looking over the pale-skinned Superstar.

"Yeah, you and a bunch of others would love a try-out..." Sheamus chuckles
again, noticing the look she's giving him. "Mind you, that Buggy lass must
scrub up well to look like she did today... But you're looking very nice
yourself I must say... And the way you're eyeing me up right now, it looks
like you're enjoying The Great White right now."

Not blushing at being caught out, she smirks as she looks at him. "Well...
You looked very good today in your ring gear, even without having a tan...
And I've never been with an Irishman before... Can you blame me for looking?"
Lizzy says, slightly licking her lips.

"Lass... If it's just a good time you're looking for with me, then you don't
need to beat around the bush about it. I've got plenty of time to kill before
I'm out of this city and back on the road... So how about we cut the small
talk as they call it in this country, and we take this conversation to my
hotel room?"

Hearing this, Valentine's smile grows wider with an approving nod. "Oh, that
sounds better than a Kmart deal! Let's go!"

* * *

No more than a half-hour later, in the hotel room of WWE Superstar Sheamus,
said handsome and muscular Irishman is grinning as he sits naked on the edge
of the bed as the stunning and beautiful Lizzy Valentine kneels between his
legs, similarly nude with her tanned and curved body on full display as her
eyes widen in surprise as she gazes over his rock hard and very long cock.
It's clearly an appealing sight that makes her lick her lips as she takes a
hold of his shaft in her hand, giving him a couple of strokes as she leans
her head in and starts to swat her tongue against the crown of his thick
length, her eyes locked up at him as she slightly teases with a slow but
smooth motion around the head.

It's only a few more licks before the Lucha Libre USA starlet is opening her
mouth, taking the first couple of inches of his size in with a groan, finding
that her lips are having to stretch around his manhood as she tries to press
them around the meat, her hand holding him straight and giving him a couple
of strokes for added pleasure. As she begins to move her head up and down on
the top part of him, he places a hand onto the top of her head as he watches
her go to work on his dick, feeling the warmth and wetness of her oral hole
all around him and it's making him moan as he smiles down at her and watches
the indie circuit performer suck his cock.

Letting out another groan, she flicks her tongue up at the underside of his
length as she bobs her blond haired head back and forth along him, looking to
get it nice and wet with her saliva while still using her hand for the odd
jerking motion but more now to keep his pole straight as she pushes down
deeper to take in more of the pale-skinned stud's dick into her mouth. With
over half of his size now between her soft, pouty lips she starts to move
quicker on him, her movements getting more forceful as well as she groans and
slurps erotically around his shaft, giving the former WWE Champion the best
blowjob she can offer despite this being clearly the biggest man meat she's
ever had to handle.

Running his hand through her long hair, the hunky Irishman moans as he feels
her lips sliding up and down swiftly on his cock, smiling as the American
babe continues to bob her head along the majority of his vast size so that
her saliva trickles down towards his balls as her head raises and lowers like
an elevator on his manhood that's deep in her oral hole. It's not quite far
enough for his liking though, and he catches her by surprise when he uses a
hand on the back of her head to pull her sharply forward to make her deep
throat all of his inches, her lips pressing against the base as she lets out
a loud gag around him with closed shut eyes.

The former Wrestling Society X valet groans loudly in discomfort as she's
kept down onto his fat shaft, the head of his member touching the back of her
mouth as she tries to push away but his vastly superior strength keeps her in
place so he can enjoy the feeling of having every inch of himself deep in her
damp oral hole. A few long moments later though and he lets her go, and she
quickly pulls her head up and off to gasp loudly, catching her breath as she
shoots him a narrow-eyed but still seductive look, using her tongue again to
lick around the bell end before she gives him a long lick from the base all
the way up the underside and finishing with another slow and controlled swirl
around the head.

"I nearly choked on this fucking thing!" Lizzy states with a laugh as she
sits back, still catching her breath.

He chuckles in response with a handsome smile. "Sorry lass, but I figured
you'd be able to handle it..."

"Oh? And what's that supposed to mean?" Valentine playfully asks as she
stands up, giving him a great look at her large and nicely rounded tits along
with her neatly shaven pussy, before she moves forward and starts to straddle
his waist.

"It means I think you're a fine piece of tail for a start..." Sheamus states,
placing his hands on her waist as he lowers her down onto his cock. "And one
who can take a pounding..."

Feeling the thick and lengthy rod pushing up into her snatch, the former
J-Love of XPW moans and arches her back, her tight pussy being forced to
stretch even though he's not half-way into her yet and isn't looking like
he's stopping yet, his firm grip keeping the tanned and curvy beauty in place
as she places her hand on his broad, pale shoulders. She's able to grind down
against his shaft as he eases it up into her, further making herself moan as
she tries to adjust to the size invading her pussy, her eyes locked onto him
as she grits her teeth but doesn't for a moment think about backing out of
this even as she groans again when another fat inch is pushed into her

With a smirk, the man born in Cabra, Dublin in the Republic of Ireland again
catches her off guard, his first thrust up into her making her jolt forward
and almost right onto him, giving him a close-up view of her sexy tits in the
process but again his great strength keeps her impaled on his cock as he
starts to bang the New York City-born beauty. They are both moaning now as
she grips onto him more forcefully than before as she's rocking forward
towards him each time he sends his shaft right up into her snug snatch, and
despite him only using a steady and firm pace the force is more than enough
to cause her body to respond like this, her long hair already swaying as her
mouth hangs open in pleasurable shock.

Sliding his hands up her sides, the 2010 King of the Ring winner easily
controls the pace, pumping his lengthy tool right up into the gorgeous female
wrestler and model on his lap, his length working in deeper into her tight
snatch as he keeps the thrusts coming and moans from the feeling as he can
tell she's getting quite wet down there already. Indeed, the former Ultimate
Pro Wrestling Women's Champion is moaning noticeably louder than he is as
she's being made to almost bounce on his rod from the way her body moves
sharply forward each time his dick is sent straight up into her pussy but
doesn't seem to be complaining as she licks her lips and closes her eyes, her
breasts moving in time with her tanned frame as she's fucked by the pale but
handsome stud underneath her.

A smacking sound starts to ring out as his hips begin to collide with her
smooth thighs and juicy ass, all of his inches now getting stuffed into her
pussy when he thrusts up and only pulling out just under half way so he can
drive those thick inches right back into her tight and wet lower hole, the
snug feeling all around his cock making him groan in pleasure as he grins.
Who wouldn't be smiling with a stunningly curved and sexy American blond
moaning on their lap, and the red-headed Irishman has the best seat in the
house to watch her jolt back and forth each time he rams his manhood deep
into her snatch, driving them both wild with lust as he bangs her in his
hotel room just mere hours after filming a TV commercial with her.

Opening her eyes so she can look back over her shoulder and catch glimpses of
the vast manhood that's ploughing into her tight snatch, the woman who played
Kandi Kisses in Wrestlicious is starting to sweat from the steady and
forceful pumping she's taking from the WWE Superstar who's still holding her
firmly in place despite the way she's still jolting forward each time his rod
is sent into her. She's clearly not had to handle any length of this great
size before in her life but the pleasure is too strong for her to even think
about stopping or even calling for a break as she continues to grip his
shoulders, almost hanging on for her life, as she has little choice to take
everything she's getting from the hunk she's on the lap of and is quite
effortlessly controlling this sexual encounter that has them both moaning out
without any shame.

"Guess you're not used to a real Superstar, are you?" Sheamus asks with a
smile as he stops his pumps into her so he can lift her up and off of his

"Oh fuck no! You're really big!" Valentine responds with a grin of her own as
she moves to lay on her side on the beg, lifting her leg upwards to offer up
her snatch to him. "A big cock, lots of muscles... If you had a killer tan,
you'd be perfect!" She adds with a smirk and another lick of her lips.

He chuckles at that as she moves down into position, slightly kneeling on the
beg as he takes the leg to hold it over his shoulder. "I'm giving you a
seeing to, and you're making wise cracks about me skin?" He smirks back as he
lines his cock up with her. "You're gonna get it now lass!"

"Oh, I hope so!" Lizzy says as she looks down as his member comes close to
her entrance. "Sydal never made me sweat this soo-ooooooooh fuck!!"

Whatever she was going to finish saying won't be known as she's cut off when
he rams his cock back into her tight and damp pussy with a single, powerful
thrust that makes her tilt her head back and grip the bed sheets with a hand,
as once more she's having to deal with every single fat inch of his meaty
dick being buried deep inside her love tunnel. He gave her the warning, and
now he's following through with it as he starts his thrusts at a much more
quick pace with added force behind them as he grips her leg with one hand and
watches with a moan and a smirk as her body is made to rock as she lays on
her side, her breasts bouncing already for an added visual treat.

Gasping for breath already, the former Cheerleader Valentina in NWA-TNA has
sweat covering her stunningly curved and tanned body as has to roughly rock
back and forth as she's pounded over and over again by the very long and
thick to match cock belonging to the pale-skinned and muscular hunk who's
continuing to dominate her with thrust after thrust deep into her wet snatch.
Rather whorishly, she's using her free hand to grope her own shaking tits to
further make herself moan out as her juices coat the rod that's slamming into
her pussy, her eyes closed as she can only take it from the powerful sports
entertainer who unlike her seems to be ready for plenty more.

Looking back over at the man who's ploughing his shaft in and out of her
snatch, the gorgeous blond is biting down on her bottom lip as she gazes over
his muscular frame before down to watch his fat Irish cock slamming into her
tight and soaking wet American pussy, the feeling their both getting from
this keeping them both moaning out as the sexual encounter continues on. The
former WWE Champion is smiling as he works his hips towards and then sharply
away from her as he works his length into her impressively still snug snatch,
his heavy nut sack slapping into her skin as he goes balls deep into her love
tunnel and every impact makes the smacking sound ring out around the hotel
room, only serving to make this strong and intense fucking even hotter.

Despite having over ten years of experience across the independent circuit,
it seems the kind of pounding she's taking into her damp snatch is unlike
anything the valet on MTV's Wrestling Society X has ever handled before, her
body rocking forward on the bed every time she takes a deep thrust from the
groaning and grunting sports entertainment stud who's stuffing all of his
inches into her snatch. Neither of them feels any sting of pain when his
strong hips and waist smack into her when he pumps balls deep into her, the
pleasure more than easily overriding anything else as this steamy fuck
continues despite them both only meeting each other for a Kmart commercial a
couple of hours before, and now she's on her side moaning loudly as he bangs
her repeatedly and groans in pleasure himself as he enjoys every moment of
her nicely tight and wet pussy all around his cock.

Only now is the Irishman starting to sweat as the effects of this hot and
heavy pace start to take their toll on him, but the busty American babe he's
giving it to is already reaching her limit with an open mouth and eyes
rolling into the back of her head as Lizzy Valentine begins to cum hard on
the fat and long cock of Sheamus. Her pussy tightens around his meat as her
juices flood out all over his stiff rod and his crotch, making him groan but
he effortlessly keeps his control and carries on thrusting into her, making
her ride out all of her orgasm as her body jolts and sweat drips off her
stunning body before eventually her head falls down to the bed and she pants
for breath, groaning as he gives her a couple more pumps before pulling out
of her dripping and now much looser than when they started pussy.

"Awwww... Aw fuck..." Valentine gasps out as she manages to turn herself over
onto her stomach. "Holy fuck... That was so... Mmmm..." She groans again
before she lifts her head up, looking back as she feels him pulling her
backward slightly along the bed towards him. "What... What are you...?"

"Not planning on leaving me with "blue balls" as you say here, were you
lass?" Sheamus smiles down at her as he positions her so her legs hand off
the edge of the bed, her thick and plump booty out and facing him. "I ain't
finished with you yet..."

"You... You want more??" Lizzy asks with wide eyes, seeing him coming close
towards her. "Baby, you're too big! Too much for me to take!"

"Nice of you to say lass, but if you ain't got the energy then just stay
there and I'll handle the rest..." He states, placing his hands onto her butt
cheeks in order to spread them. "Back home, we call this taking someone up
the arse..."

Now the gorgeous blond is letting out a deep groan, both hands grasping at
the bed sheets as the head of the red-headed hunk's dick is pushed into and
then past her asshole with a stiff, controlling thrust that has him moaning
as he begins to pump his shaft back and forth into her juicy and perfectly
rounded ass, already making those cheeks shake a little just from the force
of his motion alone. He grunts, staring down at her backside and watching his
dick sliding deeper into her back passage as he looks to work it further into
her clearly tightest of holes, even with using her own pussy juices as a
makeshift lubricant, but there's little relief for the woman receiving this
as she grits her teeth and closes her eyes.

Showing that her worry wasn't unfounded, she doesn't have the energy left
after her intense orgasm to even lift herself off the hotel bed she's getting
fucked on so is unable to do anything else but just lay on her front and take
this, her large breasts pressing into the sheets she's holding onto as her
body once more rocks forward in response to his strong motion. Strands of her
long hair stick to her sweat covered face as she rests a cheek down,
unintentionally showing him the mixed look of some discomfort but still a lot
of lust on her beautiful face as her backside is getting hammered with steady
and hard pumps, filling her booty up with his fat shaft and all serving to
make her look more and more like a cheap slut rather than the sexy, long-time
female wrestler she actually is.

Perspiration now starts to really over the desirable and defined body of the
pale-skinned WWE Superstar as he leans his body over and places his arms at
either side of her head, an almost primal position as he lets his toned hips
do the work and ram his cock in and out of her asshole, a grin still on his
handsome facial features though as he clearly enjoys her tight back passage.
Her fully rounded and gorgeously thick American ass jiggles freely now when
the powerful Irish hunk pushes his rod deep between her cheeks, her whole
tanned body continuing to jolt as well as he dominates this fucking as he has
from the very start and despite the slight pain from having to take such an
amount of dick into her butt she is so caught up in the heat of the moment
she isn't calling for an end to it.

His crotch starts to smack sharply into her booty, the sound of skin meeting
sweat-coated skin ringing out into the hotel room and mixing with all the
grunts and groans they are both letting out, the thrusting motion unrelenting
and being delivered at such a rapid and forceful pace that veteran porn stars
would struggle to keep it up for even half as long as the former WWE Champion
is currently doing. His own desire is driving him on through as he takes the
stunning Lucha Libre USA starlet up her arse, sending every fat inch of his
cock into her backside and making it seem like the groaning indy scene female
wrestler is a expert at anal sex despite this clearly being the longest and
thickest dick she's ever had to take in any of her holes before in her life.

Said female has just about lost all control along with her own thoughts as
her mouth hangs open and she's reducing to a groaning, sweating mess with her
eyes closed and her body rocking back and forth against the bed in response
to every pump into her ass that's she takes, the former KAPOW! Women's
Champion now nothing more than a tanned and curvy living fuck toy to the
winner of the 2010 King of the Ring tournament. His own shameless desires
make the hunk forget about her state as he looks to get his own pleasure as
he grunts and hammers his starting to throb rod in and out of her juicy and
thick butt, clearly making sure he enjoys every moment of the stunning
blond's shapely posterior and all the while wearing a big, handsome smile on
his rugged face.

Perhaps mercifully in her case, the repeated swift and strong fucking of her
ass brings him to his own limit as he pulls out of her backside and she
loudly sighs in relief at the feeling, but a moment later she's letting out a
gasp as she's being lifted right up, opening her eyes to find herself
kneeling down in front of him with her head resting back against the hotel
room bed. She can only stare at the thick dick that has been in her ass,
mouth, and pussy, and is now being stroked off quickly as the man stood in
front of her moans and grunts and knowing what's coming her way she just
tilts her blond haired head back and closes her eyes.

A few more swift pumps of the hand is all it takes before Sheamus lets out a
deep moan and starts to blow his thick load across the beautiful face of
Lizzy Valentine, the first steam of spunk splashing right across her forehead
and some landing into her long hair and making her groan when she feels the
warm cum landing on her. He continues to jerk off and fire more jizz onto her
facial features, making sure plenty of spunk is sent onto her cheeks, her
forehead, across her nose, and onto her pouty lips to give him a more than
just satisfying final visual of this sexual encounter, especially when he
finally milks the last drop out and lets go of his spent dick there's so much
cum covering her face it looks more like a group of men had just fucked the
gorgeous American rather than the one Irish stud.

"Well lass... I bet you'd never thought your night was gonna end up like
this, did you?" Sheamus asks with a smile as he wipes some sweat from his

Opening her eyes, she smiles up back at him with his load all over her face.
"Actually... I was hoping it sort of would... But I never thought it'd be
this fucking good!" Lizzy answers as she tries to stand up but finds her legs
very weak so she falls back against the bed.

"Guess I was a little too much for you after all!" He states with a chuckle,
watching her sit up on the bed. "A shame... I was thinking that you and me
could get in another round if you catch my drift here..."

"Who... Who says we have to stop?" Valentine states as she licks her lips,
causing her to lick up some of his cum that she doesn't hesitate to swallow
down. "You remember saying the other girl at that shoot, Buggy Nova "scrubbed
up nice"? Well... I've got her number and I know she's not too far from
here... How about we call her up and see if we can get a three-way going?"
The sound of this idea puts a big smile on the face of The Great White.

"Lass... You've just made yourself a deal that's definitely better than a
Kmart deal!"

* * *

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