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Wrestlers: Candice Michelle, Mickie James, Jillian Hall

Back story: Theodore Long and Kristal's wedding... I don't remember Candice
and Mickie going back to the wedding after they took Jillian away so this is
my take on what happened.

Better Than A Wedding!
by Traci

"Let me go!" Jillian Hall yelled, trying, but failing miserably to escape
from her restraints. She tugged at the restraints that not only bound her
hands together but also bound her to her chair, but to no avail because her
captors had made it practically impossible for her to escape without help.

"You promised not to yell..." Candice said tauntingly. She and Mickie had
just "kidnapped" Jillian in attempt to stop her from ruining the seemingly
already doomed wedding of Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long and
Kristal but instead of just leaving Jillian somewhere, they had decided
it'd be a lot more fun just to mess with her.

"Let me go!!!!" Jillian shouted again although she had indeed promised not
to yell before Candice had ripped the tape off of her mouth.

"What's wrong Jillian? Not having fun?" Mickie asked.

"I SWEAR IF YOU DON'T LET ME GO, I'M GONNA --" Jillian's angry rant was cut
off by Candice's lips pressing rather roughly against hers. She tried to pull
back, fighting Candice as much as she could without being able to use her
hands but soon lost her will to resist when she felt Candice's tongue firmly
running across her bottom lip. She could feel her heart racing and her pussy
throbbing as Candice roughly cupped her clothed breasts attempting to release
them without breaking the kiss.

Candice ran her hands down Jillian's sides slowly.

Jillian moaned, allowing Candice to sneak her insistent yet gentle tongue
into her mouth. Jillian greeted Candice's tongue with her own struggling to
keep up with the not-so-deserving women's champion.

Jillian could feel soft hands that she assumed belonged to Mickie, slowly
making their way beneath her dress and up her thighs but she was way beyond
caring; she was way too caught up in the feel of Candice's tongue dueling
with hers. However, she most definitely did care when she felt a finger slip
under the waistband of her panties, thrust into her pussy and draw out almost
as quickly as it had slid in.

A sigh of disappointment left her lips but got lost into the heated kiss she
and Candice were engaged in. Candice pulled back, sucking on Jillian's bottom
lips a little before breaking the kiss completely.

"I'd say she's having fun now..." Mickie said examining the finger she had
inserted into Jillian which was covered with a sticky wetness.

Candice laughed.

"I'd say she's having a lot of fun," She said, taking Mickie's digit into her
mouth and sucking on it slowly and seductively.

Jillian swallowed hard, trying desperately to look at anything but the
display before her but finding herself powerless to do anything but look at
the sexual display her two co-workers were putting on in front of her.

Jillian licked her suddenly dry lips as she watched Mickie and Candice start
to make out in front of her. She was embarrassed that this was turning her on
so much and even more embarrassed that she wanted nothing more than to join

Mickie eased Candice backwards until her back gently hit the cold tiled floor
beneath her. They had found one of the most secluded places in the whole
building, it wasn't the most comfortable place but at least they didn't have
to worry about suppressing their moans.

Mickie hungrily pressed her lips to Candice's, tasting the slight tang of
Jillian still lingering there. Her tongue slipped between Candice's lips,
exploring the familiar depth of Candice's mouth.

Candice moaned as Mickie's tongue dueled with hers, sending well-known chills
through her body. She arched her body upwards trying desperately to feel more
of Mickie pressed into her.

Mickie smiled, breaking the kiss slowly and attaching her lips to a spot that
she knew to be particularly sensitive on Candice's neck. Candice squealed
beneath her, running her fingers through Mickie's hair.

It suddenly occurred to Jillian that they must have done this before. The way
Mickie's fingers trailed down Candice's sides, the way her tongue darted out
every so often to taste Candice's tanned flesh, it was all familiar
territory. Mickie obviously already knew how to drive Candice wild with
pleasure and Jillian was sure that Candice knew the same about Mickie. It
made Jillian wonder what else she didn't know about her co-workers.

Mickie's hand disappeared behind Candice's back, unzipping her form fitting
dress and pulling it down slowly, kissing any newly exposed flesh that she

Soon the dress was off and forgotten leaving Candice in a black silk thong
and a corresponding bra that barely enclosed her ample breasts.

Jillian gasped watching Mickie release Candice's breast. Jillian had seen
many women naked before, it was even common practice to change in front of
each other in the women's locker room, but she had never really stopped to
appreciate another woman's form as she was doing now. Her eyes scanned
Candice's features, taking in every detail that she hadn't paid attention
to before. Her eyes traveled, wandering from Candice's full, pouty lips,
the ones that had mere minutes ago caused the insistent throbbing in
Jillian's wet pussy, down to Candice's exposed breasts, her eraser sized
nipples erected by the cold air.

Another gasp escaped Jillian's as she watched Mickie bring one of her own
fingers to her mouth and suck on it slowly before using the saliva covered
digit to slowly trace the area around Candice's right nipple.

Mickie chuckled throatily.

"She's sexy isn't she Jillian?" She asked lowering her voice to a seductive

Jillian inhaled sharply not knowing how to answer the question. In any case,
she shouldn't have been thinking of Candice as sexy; not only was she her
co-worked but she was also very much another woman!

Mickie chuckled again, rolling one of Candice's nipples between her thumb and
pointer finger. She lowered her head running her tongue across Candice's left
nipple while still using her fingers to play with the right one. A low moan
escaped Candice's lips, reaching Jillian's ear drums and shooting right down
to her pussy, making it, if possible, even wetter.

"You want her don't you Jillian?" Mickie asked, this time more insistent
almost as if she were demanding an answer.

Jillian bit her bottom lip. She wanted to say no. She wanted to yell and
scream for them to let her go. She wanted to fight through her restraints
and go running through the door and never look back but she couldn't, all
the blood rushing to her pussy was controlling her now and there was
nothing she could do about it. She wanted this, no matter how much she
tried to deny it.

"Yes..." Jillian said almost inaudibly but Mickie still heard it and grinned

"How about it Candice? Do you think we should give the lady what she wants?"
Mickie asked mischievously.

Candice chuckled, glancing over to Jillian who appeared to be more than a
little flushed. She was definitely planning on giving Jillian what she wanted
and more but not just yet.

"Only if I get what I want first..." Candice said seductively.

Mickie ran her fingertips down Candice's sides, feeling Candice shiver
beneath her fingers.

"And what is it you want baby?" Mickie asked nuzzling her girlfriend's neck.

"You. Naked." Candice answered, grabbing Mickie's full ass through her silky
pink dress.

"That can be arranged..." Mickie said, nibbling on the flesh of Candice's
neck. Candice smiled, grabbing the hem of Mickie's dress and dragging it

Jillian's breath hitched in her throat as she watched Candice strip Mickie
down to her panties. The act just seemed so erotic... so sensual... so not
something she'd expect to be seeing or enjoying for that matter especially
between her two co-workers. She couldn't help but notice how different
Candice and Mickie's bodies were; while Mickie was fuller and curvier,
Candice was slimmer and more model like. Although different, they were both
equally as sexy and both equally serving to arouse Jillian more than she had
ever been aroused in her entire life.

Candice wrapped her arms around Mickie's neck, pulling her into another
fervent kiss.

Jillian fidgeted in her seat, the wetness seeping between her thighs becoming
unbearable. She just couldn't believe that she was sitting God knows where,
tied up, watching two of her co-workers, making out in their panties.... And
she definitely couldn't believe that she was enjoying it so much.

Jillian was snapped out of her thoughts when she felt soft lips press against
the nape of her neck as well as fingertips slowly caressing her thigh.
Candice was in front of her so she figured it was Mickie kissing path from
her neck to her ear.

"You know Jillian... I'm a fair person..." Mickie said, her warm breath
tickling Jillian's neck. "Right Candice?"

"The fairest" Candice agreed, her fingers getting closer and closer to where
Jillian was desperate for them to be.

"So... I'm gonna give you two options" Mickie said, her fingers stroking the
rope that bound Jillian to her chair.

Jillian swallowed hard. She could feel Mickie loosening her restraints.

"I'm gonna untie you... and when I do... you can either walk right out of her
and we'll never speak of this again... or you can stay which is the option
all the other girls chose but if you stay then you play by mine and Candice's
rules" Mickie explained.

"Other girls?" Jillian asked. The thought of Candice and Mickie doing to this
to other girls only made this seem that much hotter.

"Yeah..." Candice informed her, letting her hand brush slightly against
Jillian's panty covered pussy. The warmth that she felt there assured her
that Jillian was going to pick the second option.

"Like other divas?" Jillian asked.

"Yep..." She heard Mickie answer from behind her.

This new information shocked Jillian but not as much as it intrigued her.

"Which girls?" She asked curiously.

Mickie chuckled.

"If we told you that then we'd have to kill you!" She said jokingly.

"Or fuck you until you can't walk straight" Candice added suggestively. That
idea actually really didn't sound that bad to Jillian at that point.

Mickie untied Jillian letting the rope fall to the ground.

"So what's your choice? She asked.

Jillian flexed her now free wrists. She was way too worked up to even think
about saying no.

"I'm gonna stay" Jillian decided aloud.

Candice smiled pressing her full lips to Jillian's. This time Jillian was
ready, using her hands to roam over Candice's bare breasts. She cupped them
in her palms, letting her fingers trail along the already erect nipples.

"Wait!" Mickie said, stopping them. Candice looked at her girlfriend

Mickie grinned.

"We've got to get her naked first..." Mickie said. Candice nodded her
agreement climbing off of Jillian's lap.

"Get up..." Mickie ordered in a demanding tone that Jillian never knew Mickie
to possess. She got up immediately following Mickie's orders.

Candice got ready to pounce but Mickie stopped her with a slight wave of a
hand. Candice gave her girlfriend another quizzical stare but Mickie only
replied with a smirk.

"Strip..." She commanded.

Jillian raised an eyebrow. Realizing that Mickie was being 100 percent
serious, she quickly removed her dress, bra and panties, exposing herself to
the cool air as well as to the eyes of the two onlookers.

Mickie licked her lips loving every inch of newly exposed flesh uncovered for
her. She moved over to Jillian attaching their lips for the first (and she
knew it wouldn't be the last) time tonight.

Candice moved behind Jillian, sweeping her hair off of her shoulders and
attaching her full lips to the nape of Jillian's neck.

Jillian moaned into Mickie's kiss, thrusting her bare hips subtly into
Mickie's panty covered ones. She really wasn't used to this double sexual
assault... in fact... lately she hadn't had any sex lately which only pushed
her farther into Candice and Mickie's seduction.

The feel of two soft bodies presses up against her was driving her crazy...
she wanted this so badly that the madness of this situation was completely

Mickie kissed a path down Jillian's neck, continuing down the valley of her
rather large breasts and down to her stomach. She could smell Jillian's
desire and had to resist just diving in and licking her pussy until she
came over and over and over again in her mouth. She licked a path back up
Jillian's body, being careful not to touch any spots that would get Jillian

"Lay on the floor" Mickie instructed huskily, placing one last kiss on the
blonde's jaw.

Jillian did as instructed ignoring the coldness of the tile beneath her.

Mickie soon joined her straddling her thighs. Her fingers followed a path of
wetness up Jillian's thighs, stopping just short of her wet pussy.

"You want me to make you cum?" Mickie asked teasingly.

"Mhmm..." Jillian answered, her breathing ragged.

"I'm gonna make you cum harder than you've ever came before" Mickie assured
her. "But..." She continued. "I want you to make Candice cum first..." Mickie

Jillian looked to her right, watching as Candice tugged down her underwear,
baring her shaven pussy, the lips glistening with her wetness.

Candice moved over to Jillian and lowered herself on the blonde's face,
facing Mickie's direction. Jillian had never ever eaten a girl out before or
even had another woman's pussy that close to her but in her hormonal crazed
state, she was eager to taste Candice.

She held onto Candice's hips and used her tongue to gingerly part the women's
champion's pussy lips, licking her lips to savor her first taste of pussy.
Deciding it was a lot better than she had thought it would be; she dove back
in, sliding her tongue up and down Candice's wet slit.

An aroused moan slipped from Candice's parted lips that surprised and
encouraged Jillian. She sped up her licking, thrusting her tongue into the
women's champion's hole electing a surprised groan from her.

Mickie watched, letting her hands roam over Jillian's exposed body. Candice's
moans, Jillian's soft body beneath her, seeing Jillian tongue lapping away at
the women champion's pussy, it was all turning Mickie on so much that she
could feel her pussy throbbing.

"How does it feel Candice?" Mickie asked.

Candice's eyes were closed tightly, her head thrown back in ecstasy as she
bucked her hips trying to get the tongue of her amateur pussy licker further
into her pussy.

"So. Fucking. good" Candice breathed out, her words coming out in pants. She
was so close she could feel her orgasm building.

Candice always loved having her pussy eaten out by a veteran pussy licker
like Mickie, they also knew the right spots to hit but she also enjoyed the
amateurs. There was something so unpredictable and enticing about amateur
rug munchers that drove Candice wild. Like right now as Jillian's tongue
circled Candice's swollen clit before working its way back up her slit.

Jillian felt the warmth of Mickie's body leave her for a few lingering
moments before re-straddling her hips. She knew instantly what Mickie had
done because instead of feeling the damp cotton of Mickie's panties against
her thighs like she had felt before, she now felt a slippery wetness on her
thighs combining with her own juices which were flowing freely.

Mickie shifted forward, the friction sending a wave of pleasure through both
her and Jillian's body. She shifted forward again, grinding her dripping sex
against Jillian's. She figured if she were going to get off, she may have
well had just used Jillian's body to do it.

The obscene sound of Jillian and Mickie's slick skin grinding together only
served to excite Candice even more. She kneaded her own breast, pinching and
playing with the nipples as Jillian tongued her. Her hips bucked forward in
attempt to get as much of Jillian's tongue inside her as possible. She was
grinding her mound hard and fast against Jillian's face but Jillian didn't
seem to mind, she only tried harder to keep up, taking long laps up and down
the women champion's pussy.

And then it happened. Jillian's tongue pressed firmly against Candice
Michelle's swollen clit and without warning, she came, letting out a loud
moan as orgasmic bliss spread throughout her perfect body. A mass of juices
gushed out of her stimulated pussy as she rocked back and forth on Jillian's
face, getting the most out of her orgasm that she possibly could. Jillian
swallowed as much of Candice's cum as she could; the rest fell to her chin,
glistening even in the dim light of the room.

She had no idea that a woman could cum so much, nor did she know it could
taste so good.

Jillian groaned disapprovingly as Candice got off of her but found she had no
reason to complain as Mickie nudged her legs apart a little more so it was
direct contact when they grinded together.

Candice moved behind Mickie, her eyes fixed on the movement of Mickie's
thrusting hips. She could tell by the deep intakes of breath that Mickie was
taking that she was close to her climax. She kneeled behind her, wrapping her
arms around her from behind and running her fingertips smoothly up her
abdomen until she reached the large swells of Mickie's breasts. She cupped
the smooth flesh of the mounds in her palms, loving how heavy they felt in
her hands.

Mickie inhaled sharply as Candice pinched her nipples to erectness. She
continued moving against Jillian's flesh, the friction against her clit
becoming more and more stimulating with every thrust.

Jillian's hips bucked upwards, her clit pressing roughly into Mickie's slick
skin, sending her, with a loud moan, into the throes of orgasm. Mickie soon
followed, a throaty moan ripping through her as her pussy convulsed,
releasing a stream of cum that clung to Jillian's sweat covered flesh.

Mickie rode out her orgasm, progressively slowing her thrusting to a complete
stop. Candice laced wet kisses to Mickie's neck and shoulders as she came
down from her orgasmic high.

Jillian closed her eyes relishing in the orgasmic bliss that was caused by
her two co-workers. Her whole body felt as if it were aflame. Her lips and
tongue tingled from being coated with Candice's cum. She had never even
though about eating another woman out until Candice's pussy was hovering
above her lips and now she couldn't wait to do it again. She could feel
weight being redistributed as Mickie changed positions.

Jillian's eyes shot open when she felt a tongue lapping at the flesh of her
thighs. She watched intently as both Mickie and Candice lapped up the juice
that had flowed between her and Mickie during their orgasms. Mickie and
Candice made their way up to Jillian's naval before kissing each other

Jillian couldn't believe how much stamina they had. One orgasm had made her
tired as hell and they already looked like they were ready for more.

Mickie broke the kiss and concentrating once again on Jillian. She began
where she had left off, kissing and licking around the flesh of her naval and
continuing up her body. Candice followed suit, playfully claiming one half of
Jillian's body as hers.

Mickie and Candice's manner of foreplay seemed pretty straightforward and
similar to Jillian until they reached her breasts.

Mickie almost immediately attacked the nipple, swirling her tongue around the
puckered area before sucking it into the warm depth of her mouth.

Candice, however, was much more teasing, choosing to blow gently on the
nipple for a few moments before fondling it with her fingers and then finally
sucking on it.

Jillian really didn't know which method she liked better. They both felt good
to her and were both serving to recreate her pre-orgasmic aroused state.

Mickie continued up Jillian's body, nipping at the sensitive flesh of her
neck. Candice stayed where she was continuing to lick, suck, nibble, kiss and
caress Jillian's breasts.

Jillian whimpered, that insistent throbbing between her thighs returning to
her full force.

Mickie cleaned up the remains of Candice's cum left on Jillian's chin before
attaching their lips in a searing kiss. Mickie's tongue snuck past Jillian's
parted lips, exploring the crevices of her mouth.

She pulled back teasingly, a mischievous smile on her lips. She watched as
Candice finally made her way up to Jillian's neck leaving tiny little red
marks in her wake.

"Get on your knees" Mickie demanded of Jillian, her tone plainly leaving no
room for debate. Jillian did as she was told, getting on her knees on the

Mickie moved beneath Jillian, her mouth level with the Britney wannabe's
dripping sex. She was planning on fulfilling her earlier claim of making
Jillian cum harder than she had ever came in her life.

Candice took her place behind Jillian, knowing exactly where Mickie was going
with this. This was a move they had used on girls often and it never failed.

Mickie parted Jillian's pussy lips with her tongue, taking long licks up
and down her slit. Jillian moaned. She could tell instantly that Mickie was
really skilled at rug munching. Her well exercised tongue was driving Jillian
mad with lust.

Jillian's orgasm was building quickly and she was sure she'd explode soon.
Sensing this, Mickie began directing her attention to a certain swollen
bundle of nerves, wrapping her lips around it and sucking until Jillian
exploded, crying out as tremors rocked through her body.

Mickie wasn't done just yet. Without warning she plunged two fingers deep
within Jillian's pussy. Jillian let out a startled gasp. She wasn't even
over her previous orgasm yet and Mickie was bringing her on the way to
another one.

Jillian's previous orgasm made it extremely easy for Mickie to maneuver her
fingers inside the blonde and she did just that, twisting and grinding her
fingers inside blonde until she was sure she could fit another finger inside.
She thrust a third finger inside Jillian before starting a rhythm of hard
thrusts that Jillian struggled to meet with her bucking hips.

A second orgasm was imminent as Mickie pulled her fingers completely out of
Jillian and then pumped them back inside making sure to get as far as she
possibly could.

Jillian's rather ample chest was heaving as she breathed. She was so
close... she just needed something to push her over the edge. Her prayers
were answered when she felt her buttcheeks being parted and a hot tongue
delve inside. That sensation was new to her and she came almost instantly,
tremor rocking through her body as a second and more powerful orgasm rocked
through her.

Jillian was completely exhausted. She felt weak and she felt as if her pussy
would never stop convulsing but that didn't stop Mickie and Candice from
continuing their assault. Mickie continued her pace of thrusting, the rhythm
she set never changing. Candice continued fervently rimming the blonde, her
tongue delving inside the puckered hole as far as it could go.

"Oh my God" Jillian moaned out as her third orgasm built. She had never even
came three times in one day before let alone three times in such a short
period of time.

She could no longer even locate the source of her pleasure. All she knew was
that Mickie and Candice were forcing her body into yet another pleasurable

Mickie flicked her tongue across Jillian's swollen clit as she thrust her
fingers back into the blonde.

Jillian was so close. Her eyes slammed shut and her head threw back in
ecstasy. Candice knew she was close and knew exactly what to do to bring
her to her greatest orgasm of the night. She sucked on her own middle
finger, coating it with saliva before thrusting it knuckle deep into
Jillian's puckered hole.

Jillian felt her breath leave her. Pleasure shot through her body in tiny
sparks, reaching every point of her body all at once. A gush of cum trickled
out of her contracting pussy coating Mickie's slender fingers.

Jillian's head was spinning. She had never felt anything like that in her
entire life.

Both Mickie and Candice pulled out of her, each taking turns to kiss her
before they kissed each other passionately.

"So how'd you think the wedding went?" Candice asked, breaking their kiss.

Mickie laughed.

"I think what we did was way better than a wedding..."

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