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Better Than You!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the start of the latest SmackDown broadcast, the reigning United States
Champion Montel Vontavious Porter is standing in the ring with a microphone
in hand, wearing an expensive black suit. The crowd boos him loudly as MVP
gives them a smug look before he starts to speak into the microphone. "Once
again... I... MVP... am going to tell you all once again exactly why I'm
better than each and everyone of you..." MVP says, "I'm the United States
Champion... I'm the highest paid Superstar in SmackDown history... and I
just don't dominate... I obliterate my opponents... especially that nobody
Matt Hardy...." MVP says with a cocky smirk as the audience in the arena
boos loudly. "That's right... I have beaten him every way possible... and..."

"Ohhhh yeah! WOO! I can slap a tornado..."

The crowd goes wild as the music for Matt Hardy plays, and the black haired
ultra-popular fan favorite comes through the entrance curtain, dressed in a
sleeveless black Matt Hardy t-shirt and baggy blue wrestling pants. Matt also
has his own microphone which he starts speaking into, "Wait... wait... did I
hear that right... you've beaten me? I don't think so..."

"That is so..." MVP says as he interrupts him, "I've beaten you royally at
the Great American Bash...."

"And I've kicked you ass in everything since then... I've beaten you in
basketball... arm wrestling... in fact... in every challenge you put up...
I've beaten you... and if you ever gets the guts to get into a match with
me.. .I'll beat you for the US title!" Matt yells and the crowd cheers

"Whoa... whoa... whoa! I have a very serious heart condition..." MVP says and
the crowd boos him. MVP ignores the fans as he continues, "But I tell you
what... you name a challenge for tonight... and I'll beat you so badly in it
that you won't have any right to get in my business again!"

Matt Hardy smirks, "All right... you're on... come back out here in an
hour.... I got a challenge for you..."

MVP raises an eyebrow, not liking what he's hearing, "What's the challenge?!"

"You'll see..." Matt says with a smirk as his music starts to play again as
he poses for the cheering fans before heading to the back.

* * *

Later on in the night, Matt Hardy, still dressed in his clothes from earlier,
is in the ring, which now has a black carpet covering the wrestling mat. Matt
holds a microphone as he waist for MVP to come back out. MVP's entrance music
begins to play and the crowd boos heavily as the cocky United States Champion
comes out from the back wearing long black shorts and a white basketball
jersey. MVP gets into the ring with his own microphone, "All right... I'm
waiting... what the hell is the challenge that I'm going to beat you in?" MVP
asks with a frustrated tone.

Matt smirks as he looks to the fans before looking at MVP, "Montel... this
challenge is going to involve all the skill you got... because it's not only
going to show I'm better than you... it's going to show I'm more man than

MVP grits his teeth, "There's no way a chump like you is more man than me!"

Matt steps away from MVP, "We'll see about that... and now... let me bring
out the challenge.... Torrie Wilson!"

"Waaaah! I know it won't be through so bad... I lie awake at night and think
of all the things I would do...."

The fans go wild as the multi-time Playboy Covergirl Torrie Wilson comes from
the back and makes her way to the ring, wearing a pink silk robe. MVP starts
to see what Matt has in mind. "All right... I see where this going... and
you're going to see why I'm better than you... and that there's only one true
MVP... and that's me!" MVP says as Torrie Wilson climbs up the ring.

Matt smiles at Torrie, "Thanks for helping out with this Torrie..." Matt says
as he looks at Torrie's gorgeous legs as she starts to untie her robe.

The stunning multi-time Playboy Covergirl, Torrie Wilson, presses her soft
lips together as she seductively looks at MVP and Matt Hardy while she
teasingly unties her pink silk robe "I'm happy to help Matt..." Torrie says
as she opens up her pink silk bathrobe, exposing her smoothly toned,
gorgeously tanned completely nude body, much to the delight of the male fans
in attendance.

"Yeah whatever..." MVP says with an cocky tone, "Let's get this started...
I'm not going to wait here all night to show that I'm more of a man than Matt
Hardy!" MVP says as he takes off his jersey, revealing his smooth and toned
upper body before he pushes down his long black shorts to whip out his
hardening eleven inch cock.

The female fans in the audience cheer a little, but a loud 'Hardy' chant
starts up which brings a smile to Matt's face before he speaks into the
microphone, "Well since MVP is jumping the gun... he can go first..." Matt
says before he takes off his sleeveless black shirt, which has all the
female fans in attendance cheering wildly. Torrie raises an eyebrow as she
slyly glances at the audience, before kneeling down on the black carpeted
covered wrestling mat, settling herself down in front of the overly cocky
and hyped MVP. Torrie tosses her blond hair back as she wraps her left hand
around MVP's eleven inch cock and lightly spits her soothing, wet saliva
onto the head of his cock, while then rolls down his long shaft. Torrie
smirks up at MVP as she starts to rub her saliva against his cock, while
she strokes the cocky Superstar's prick.

"Yeah... yea that's right..." MVP says with a smirk as Torrie spreads her
saliva over his cock with her left hand. MVP then looks at fans, "You all
wish you were me... " MVP says in order to taunt he fans before he looks
back down at one of the most sexiest women on television, Torrie Wilson.

Torrie slyly raises an eyebrow as she leans her blond-haired head down
towards MVP's cock and teasingly brushes her soft, wet tongue across the
head of his hyped cock. "Mmmm..." Torrie softly moans before circling her
tongue around the tip of his rock hard cock. The stunning former Playboy
Covergirl guides her left hand down his smooth shaft and begins to lightly
rub his ball sack.

"Mmmmmm yea.... mmmm...." MVP licks his lips as he puts his hands on his hips
as Torrie teases his stiff cock with her talented tongue while rubbing his
balls with her left hand. Matt leans against the ring ropes, with a smirk on
his face as he sees that MVP is starting to get a little impatient with
Torrie, and Matt just starts to lower his wrestling pants which brings loud
cheers from the female fans in the audience as his firm ass and thirteen inch
cock become exposed.

Torrie locks her sweet, seductive eyes with MVP as she softly presses her
lips against the head of MVP's cock, before she opens her mouth and easily
takes his shaft into her warm and wet mouth. The hot, stunning WWE Diva
presses her lips around his shaft and she starts to smoothly bob her head,
sucking MVP's cock at a gradually increasing pace.

"Ohhh yea... mmm yea..." MVP nods his head and licks his lips as the blond
bombshell sensually sucks on his cock. The cocky United States Champion
smirks as Torrie takes half his cock past her lips every time she lowers
her head on his cock. Matt Hardy just smirks as the loud male fans in the
audience start chanting Torrie's name.

Torrie raises an eyebrow as she slightly shifts her eyes in order to glance
at the right side of the audience as she continues to smoothly and sensually
bob her head on MVP's cock, coating his shaft with her wet saliva. "Mmmmm..."
Torrie Wilson softly moans as she taps her wet tongue against the underside
of his hard shaft while she takes his cock deeper into her incredibly hot

The male members of the audience cheer louder as they see on the double
SmackDown video screens that Torrie is close to deep throating MVP's cock.
Just before she does, the female fans start chanting 'Hardy, Hardy' wanting
to see the stud from North Carolina get some action. Matt nods his head and
steps over to Torrie, "All right Torrie... it's my turn..." Matt says as MVP
gives him a sour look.

"What the hell?! My turn ain't over yet..." MVP shouts as Torrie lifts her
head off of his saliva covered dick.

"Guess you're not man enough to move on to something else..." Matt says as he
taunts MVP.

"The hell I am!" MVP says as he takes a step back away from Torrie and starts
to walk around behind her.

Torrie laughs as she tosses her blond hair back as she looks up at the
handsome, studdly Matt Hardy. Torrie sweetly smiles as she firmly holds his
rock hard cock with her right hand. Torrie slyly raises an eyebrow as she
picks up the microphone that is laying on the wrestling mat, which MVP was
holding previously " you all think I can take Matt's entire dick?"
Torrie asks with a soft laugh as she directs her questions towards the
audience, while smoothly stroking Matt's shaft with her right hand.

"Hell yeah!" Every single fan, male and female, in the audience yells their
reply to Torrie question.

Matt gets a surprise look on his face as he takes the microphone from Torrie,
"Well Torrie... they think you... and I bet you can too..." Matt says with a
wide smile on his face. Meanwhile behind Torrie, MVP kneels down and grabs
Torrie's hips in order to raise her ass slightly, and before she can protest
he starts to guide his cock against her hot, perfectly shaved pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck yeah!" Torrie moans as she rocks forward on her knees,
taking MVP's cock into her warm and tight pussy. Torrie smirks up at Matt
as she gently moves her right hand up against his rock hard shaft before
lowering her head down and eagerly accepting his cock into her hot Playboy
Covergirl mouth. The stunning SmackDown Diva presses her lips tightly around
Matt's cock as she easily bobs her head on Matt's cock at a quicker pace,
before she is able to lower her head further down on his cock as she begins
to amazingly deep throat Matt's rock hard thirteen inch cock.

A small 'MVP' chant develops as the reigning United States Champion thrusts
his cock in and out of Torrie's warm, tight pussy. "Ahhh yea... mmm yea..."
MVP groans as he holds on to Torrie's waist as he deeply thrusts his cock
into Torrie's pussy.

"Mmmm yea Torrie... mmm..." Matt licks his lips as he pushes Torrie's blond
hair back as she deep throats his cock while saliva drips out of her mouth
down onto her tits and his shaft.

"Torrie! Hardy! Torrie! Hardy!" The majority of the excited fans chant loudly
as they clap for their favorites in the challenge that they are witnessing.

"Mmmmmm...." Torrie seductive moans around Matt's thick shaft as she
impressively deep throats his thirteen inch cock, while her wet saliva
drips onto his ball sack. Torrie lightly twists her head on Matt's cock,
gently grinding her lips against his shaft while she smoothly guides her
hot, smoothly rounded tanned ass back against MVP's muscular waist as she
takes his cock deeper into her pussy.

As the fans do dueling MVP/Hardy chants, MVP focuses on fucking Torrie's
tight pussy with hard, quick thrusts that causes his balls to slap loudly
against her smooth, tanned skin. "Mmmm... yea... ohhh yea... mmm..." MVP
grunts as he begins to sweat under the hot lights in the arena.

Matt Hardy licks his lips as Torrie gives him a hot blow job that makes every
male fan in the arena jealous, while Torrie getting to suck Matt's huge,
thick shaft makes every female fan in the arena is green with envy. "Ohhh yea
Torrie... mmm fuck..." Matt moans as he lowers the microphone down so that
the fans in attendance can hear Torrie's moans over the arena's speakers.

Torrie slowly lifts her head up and cutely smirks as she glances over at
the left side of the audience as she seductively grits her teeth while her
smooth, tanned body rocks back and forth on her hands and knees while her
hot ass smacks against MVP's muscular waist as his cock slams into her tight
pussy "Ohhhh mmmm...yeah" Torrie moans as Matt steps away from Torrie with
his saliva dripping cock.

MVP smirks as he watches Matt step away from Torrie, "There... ya see...
she's already bored with you... cause she's got me... MVP... fucking her
cunt!" MVP grunts as he slams his cock deeply into Torrie's pussy.

Matt shakes his head and laughs as the fans boo MVP, "Montel... Torrie ain't
getting anything special from you..." Matt says, "In fact she'll moan louder
if I was fucking her..." Matt says which brings MVP to a halt.

The United States Champion MVP pulls his eleven inch cock out of Torrie's
pussy and somewhat pushes her towards Matt, "All right... let's see what you
got chump!"

Torrie eagerly licks her lips as she looks over at Matt Hardy with a cute
smirk on her beautiful face "Mmmm...yeah Matt show me what you got..." Torrie
says as she stands up with her gorgeously golden tanned body shinning under
the bright lights in the arena. The fans cheer loudly as Torrie starts to
seductively walk over towards Matt, inside of the wrestling ring.

Matt Hardy smiles as he looks at the fans as they chant, "Hardy, Hardy!".
"You want to see what I got Torrie? Okay..." Matt says as he licks his lips.
The dark haired Superstar grins as he takes Torrie's hands and turns her
around to face MVP, and then Matt bends her forward slightly. Matt then grips
his cock and guides it right to the entrance of Torrie's pussy before he puts
his hands on Torrie's hips to guide her back against his cock, which slips
easily into her pussy, which makes Torrie feel the big difference between
Matt's thirteen inch dick and MVP's eleven inch shaft.

"Mmmmmmm....ohhhhhh!" Torrie Wilson moans as she presses her soft, seductive
lips together as she tilts her blond-haired head back while the stunning
former Playboy Covergirl bends forward easily, while she remains standing,
as she allow Matt Hardy to easily plow his cock into her warm, tight pussy
"Ohhhh ohhhh...yeah!" Torrie moans which gets the fans to chant louder
"Hardy! Hardy! Hardy!" Matt licks his lips and smirks as he smoothly thrusts
his cock in and out of Torrie's pussy, and the female fans in attendance can
see that Matt doesn't need to do much to make Torrie moan louder with him
than she was with MVP.

"Oh that's bullshit!" MVP yells as he walks over in front of Torrie, "You're
supposed to show them that I'm the real man here... not that chump Matt
Hardy!" MVP yells in anger as he pushes Torrie's head down towards his cock,
and his shaft goes right into Torrie's open mouth as she moans from Matt's
firm thrusts.

"Ohhhh mmmmmm!" Torrie moans around MVP's cock as he forces his cock into her
hot wet and warm mouth. Torrie presses her lips tightly around MVP's shaft as
she starts to smoothly bob her head on his cock while Matt Hardy firmly
thrusts his cock into her tight pussy. Torrie closes her eyes as her stunning
body rocks back and forth between MVP and Matt.

"Uhhh fuck yea... mmm suck that MVP dick!" MVP yells as he pulls on Torrie's
blond hair which gets the audience to loudly chant "MVP SUCKS! MVP SUCKS!" in
disapproval for MVP getting a little rough.

"What's a matter... not man enough for this challenge?" Matt asks as he does
a successful job of hiding how hard he's working to thrust his cock in and
out of Torrie's warm, tight and wet pussy.

"Fuck you..." MVP replies as he begins to push his hips forward to get his
cock deeper into Torrie's mouth as the audience continues to chant "MVP

"Mmmmmm...uhhhhhh!" Torrie moans on MVP's cock as the tip smacks against the
back of her hot mouth, her saliva drenching his cock while she deeply sucks
on his over-hyped shaft. Torrie closes her eyes as she smoothly and firmly
pushes back against Matt's cock, as she playfully tries to push his cock out
of her tight, warm pussy as sweat radiates off of her gorgeous body.

Sweat drips down off of MVP body as he tilts his head back while Torrie
deep throats his cock thanks to him pushing it deeply into her hot, saliva
dripping mouth. "Shit... I'm a damn MVP.... I'm the highest paid Superstar
on SmackDown... She should be riding my dick!" MVP says as he pulls his cock
out of Torrie's mouth before pulling her away from Matt.

The crowd boos as Matt gets a pissed look on his face, but Matt keeps his
cool, "Taking the easy road as always aren't you..." Matt says as the female
fans cheer a bit to see Matt's hard, fat cock again.

"Shut up!" MVP yells as he lays down on the carpet covered wrestling mat.

Torrie laughs and tosses her slightly sweat dampened blond hair back before
she walks over towards the middle of the ring with MVP is laying with his
eleven inch rock hard cock pointing straight up. Torrie bends over, giving
the left side of the audience, a perfect view of her hot and smoothly shaven
pussy as she picks up the microphone. Torrie stands up and face the right
side of the audience, while sweat lightly drips against her hot, tanned tits
"Hey want me to really ride MVP?"

"Hell yeah!" Half of the fans yell with the other half wanting to see more of
Torrie with Matt.

"The people have spoken! Get your pussy on my dick!" MVP yells as the crowd
once again boos him, which gets Matt Hardy to laugh over in the corner of
the ring. Torrie presses her lips together and shrugs cutely as she sets the
microphone of the black carpet covered wrestling mat and walks over towards
MVP. Torrie steps over and stands directly above MVP's cock. Torrie lowers
herself down onto her leans, pressing her legs against the sides of MVP's
waist before she leans back, to sit on his rock hard cock. Torrie licks her
lips as she places her hands on his toned chest and begins to smoothly rock
on his shaft.

The fans loudly chant "Torrie! Torrie!" as they watch the blond bombshell
sensually rock back and forth on the over-hyped cock of MVP. The arrogant
Superstar puts his hands on Torrie's hips and start to lift her up and down
on his near foot long cock, "Mmmmm fuck... mmmmm..." MVP grunts as sweat
drips off his body. Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as she gently moves
her soft hands against his lightly sweat covered toned chest and starts to
rock on his shaft at a quicker pace, while teasingly grinding her soft pussy
against his shaft as he thrusts up into her tight pussy.

Matt Hardy steps away from the corner of the ring to pick up one of the
microphones, "Hey... you want Torrie to get more... Hardy cock?" Matt asks
and the crowd responds with extremely loud "Hardy! Hardy!" chants.

"Uhhhh fuck... mmm shit..." MVP grunts as Torrie grinds herself on his cock
as he thrusts himself upward into her. The arrogant United States Champion
groans as he suddenly starts to cum inside of Torrie's pussy.

Torrie gently grits her teeth as she gently rocks back on MVP's throbbing
cock as his warm cum flood out of her pussy and onto his own shaft "Ohhhhh
shit." The sweaty Diva moans as she licks her lips and gently rocks on MVP's

Matt raises an eyebrow and then smirks, "Hey Torrie... did something just
happen?" Matt asks as he walks over to Torrie and holds the microphone near
her mouth as MVP glares at him while he finishes cumming inside of Torrie's
hot, wet pussy.

Torrie laughs and cutely raises an eyebrow as sweat drips down her beautiful
face "Yeah....Montel here...just...ummm exploded" Torrie says with a laugh.

The audience laughs after hearing what just happened as MVP shoves Torrie off
of his cum spent cock, "This is bullshit! I wasn't ready!" MVP shouts as he
gets up from the carpet covered wrestling mat.

Matt smirks at him, "Guess you came up short..." Matt says.

"You son of a..." MVP takes a swing at Matt, but Matt ducks, kicks MVP in the
stomach and then nails him with a Twist of Fate, which gets to audience to
nearly blow the roof off of the arena. Matt gets up to his feet as MVP rolls
out of the arena, holding his head, and Matt poses for the crowd, as Torrie
stands right behind him.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as she gently taps Matt on his shoulder
with his left hand. Torrie seductively presses her lips together as Matt
turns around to face the beautiful, stunning Playboy Covergirl. Torrie gently
takes the microphone from Matt "Ummm...I think everyone here would like to
see you finish..."

The crowd cheers their approval to confirm Torrie's statement and Matt grins,
"Well Torrie.... you can finish me up..." Matt says as he raises his hands to
feel up Torrie's tits before she drops the microphone down to the carpet
covered mat. Torrie hungrily licks her soft lips as she playfully smirks at
the handsome, studdly Matt Hardy before she lowers herself down onto her
knees once again in order to take his thirteen inch cock into her warm,
sensual mouth. The stunning Torrie Wilson starts to smoothly bob her head
along his shaft as she starts to easily suck on his cock.

"Mmmmm... ohhhh yea Torrie..." Matt moans as he puts his hands on Torrie's
shoulders as she sucks on his rock hard cock. The crowd starts to clap in
rhythm with the way Torrie is bobbing her head, so that the faster she goes,
the faster and louder they clap.

"Mmmmm...mmmmmm" Torrie softly moans as she lifts her seductive eyes and
locks them with Matt while she slides her wet tongue around his cock while
she expertly sucks the thirteen inch cock of the studdly wrestler from North

"Ahhh... mmmm... ohhh fuck..." Matt Hardy moans as he tilts his head back.
The sweating black haired Superstar grits his teeth as he looks back down at
Torrie as slides her tongue all over his cock as he begins to cum, first
shooting a large, thick blast of cum deep into her mouth, followed by several
short bursts.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Torrie loudly moans as his warm, salty cum sprays into her hot,
orally skilled mouth. Torrie closes her eyes as she gently bobs her head,
back and forth along his shaft while gently milking his throbbing cock of
his warm cum.

All of the fans in the arena start to loudly chant "Swallow! Swallow!"
towards Torrie as Matt finishes cumming and Matt grins as Torrie lifts her
head off of his cock once he's spent. "You hear them Torrie..." Matt says
with a laugh as Torrie keeps her mouth open so that the fans can see the cum
her in mouth on the large screens in the arena. Torrie closes her mouth and
tilts her head back, swallowing the warm, thick load of Matt's cock. Torrie
presses her soft lips together and leans her head back forward before she
opens her seductive mouth to reveal that it is empty, showing that she
swallowed Matt's cum.

The audience in attendance erupts with a standing ovation as Matt helps
Torrie up to her feet. He picks up the microphone and stands behind Torrie
as they both turn to look at MVP who has made his way to the stage area.
Matt wraps an arm around Torrie's waist so that her gorgeous ass pressing
against his softening cock, then Matt leans a bit to his left so that MVP
can see him as he starts to talk "Hey Montel... looks like Torrie and I
have something in common.... we're both... better than you!"


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