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Better With Age
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the arena where Smackdown is holding it's TV tapings for the week, Linda
McMahon, the beautiful wife of Vince McMahon and the CEO of World Wrestling
Entertainment is walking through the backstage area towards Vince's arena
office. As she turns down one hallway she passes by Rey Mysterio and Kurt
Angle. Both men smile when they see her.

"How's it going Mrs. McMahon?" Rey asks, seconds before Kurt can ask the same

Kurt smiles and puts his hands behind his back, "You're looking great Mrs.

Linda smiles and nods as she pauses in the hallway to talk with Kurt Angle
and Rey Mysterio "Thank you...I'm doing good, congratulations both of you
on your wins at Royal Rumble." Linda replies with a polite smile as she's
dressed in her professional black business suit, looking radiant as usual.

"Thanks Mrs. McMahon," Kurt smiles.

"We really appreciate it," Rey adds as one of the Road Agents, Dean Malenko,
comes by.

"Excuse me Mrs. McMahon," Malenko says as he interrupts the mini
conversation. "Kurt, Rey, they need you both for a photo shoot."

Kurt and Rey both frown, "We'll be right there..." Kurt answers. Malenko nods
and walks away as Kurt and Rey give their attention back to Linda.

"We got to go Mrs. McMahon, thank you for the congratulations," Rey smiles

Linda smiles "Oh no problem Rey.." Linda says before she too walks away,
heading down towards the hallway passing by SmackDown Diva Melina. Linda
smiles and nods her head "Hello Melina..."

"Oh... hi Mrs. McMahon," Melina smiles, "I have to thank you for the advice
you gave me... about my relationship with Johnny. It was really helpful."

Linda stops in the hallway and smiles "Ohh...Melina, don't worry about it,
just remember sometimes men like to spend some alone's nothing to
do with you..."

"I know that now," Melina laughs a bit, "But still, thank you..." Melina
looks down at her watch, "Oh shoot I got to go get ready for an interview...
thanks again Mrs. McMahon." Melina smiles and quickly runs down the hall were
Josh Matthews and a cameraman is waiting.

Linda smiles as she watches Melina walk away. Linda then sighs and continues
on her way to her husband, Vince's office. Linda turns the corner in the
hallway and walks up to the office of WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon. Linda
slides her hand through the bangs of her hair as she fixes it, waiting
outside of Vince's office. Linda reaches for the door handle, but suddenly

From inside Vince's office she can hear laughter, and then she hears voices.
One she easily recognizes as Vince's, but the other she doesn't identify but
she can clearly make it out as it being a woman's voice.

"So... how badly do you want to be a WWE Diva..." Vince says from inside his
office to who ever he is talking to. Linda raises her eyebrow as she stands
outside the door, she then presses her left ear up against the door to hear
better on what's going on inside.

"Ohhh I really want to be a Diva Mr. McMahon..." The female voice says.

"Really? Well why don't you come over here... so I can... give you a personal
try out..." Vince replies, and moments later Linda can here the woman giggle.

Linda sighs as she steps away from the door. Linda folds her arms and
shakes her head disappointedly "Asshole..." Linda says under her breath "He
promised, he quit..." Linda takes a deep breath before she walks away from
the office door, trying to be as strong as she can and not break down in the

As Linda walks down the hallway, she passes by Randy Orton. Randy has been
around Linda McMahon since he was a kid and when his father, Cowboy Bob
worked for the McMahons back in the 1980s, and he easily recognizes that
Linda is upset by her body language. He starts to walk after her and
eventually catches up, "Hi Mrs. McMahon..." Randy says in a polite voice,
just like he's done whenever he's spoken to her when he was younger.

Linda stops walking and turns her head, looking at Randy, she smiles "Oh...
hello Randy, is your dad feeling better?" Linda asks as she looks away a bit,
obviously keeping something on her mind.

"Yeah, the doctors are getting fed up with him, but you know dad, he hates
hospitals." Randy laughs slightly, as he slides a hand through his short dark

Linda smiles "Well that's good to hear.." Linda turns slightly and sighs
"Excuse me Randy...I need to be going..."

Randy hears the wavering in Linda's voice and gently placing a hand on her
back, "Are you ok? You seem like something's bothering you."

Linda sighs "Randy...I'm fine really..." Linda then pauses and takes a deep
breath "Vince is at it again..."

Randy frowns and raises an eyebrow, "I thought he quit doing all that...."
Randy mentally kicks himself for saying that and quickly says, "I'm sorry
Mrs. McMahon... but you know how I was raised by my dad, and a husband
should always be faithful to his wife at all times."

Linda shrugs "Well...I guess Vince missed the announcement on that one..."
Linda shakes her head "He's always looking at the younger women...and you
know I'm just as good as they are."

Randy smiles, "I bet that's true... you're a beautiful woman... and I'm sure
just like with me wrestling, only gets better with time and practice."

Linda laughs "Oh...Randy you're such a charmer."

Randy smiles, "Thanks.... I try my best..." Randy then gets an idea, "Hey...
how about... I help you relax... and forget about Mr. McMahon for a while."

Linda raises her eyebrow suspiciously "Randy...what exactly are you getting

"Oh... just a little... something fun... to get your mind off of what he's
done... maybe a massage," Randy smiles again, "You look like you need one."

Linda smiles a bit "I guess I could use sometime to just relax."

"My locker room is just down the hall..." Randy puts his arm around her as he
takes a step forward to begin walking.

Linda and Randy reach his locker room, and he holds the door open for Linda.
Linda smiles as she walks in "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Randy replies as he steps in to the locker room a moment
later and closes the door. Randy stands behind her, "Do you want to remove
your suit jacket?" He asks as he gently lays his hands on her shoulders.

Linda smiles and nods her head "Sure..." Linda says as she slides her black
business jacket off and casually sets the jacket down on the couch in Randy's
locker room.

Randy moves his hands up and down Linda's arms, rubbing them through the
material of her blouse. "Your perfume smells great..." Randy comments while
moving his hands back up to her shoulders to rub them.

Linda smiles "Thank you..." Linda then closes her eyes as Randy uses a bit
more pressure, while he massages her slender shoulders.

Randy angles his head so he can whisper into her ear, "How can Vince be
unfaithful to you... you're beautiful..."

Linda blushes a bit "Oh don't need to lie."

"It's no lie... you are very beautiful... gorgeous... sexy... you have it
all..." Randy whispers as he relaxes his hand to let up on the pressure he's
using to massage her slender shoulders.

Linda turns her head slightly "Oh...I'm just an older woman."

"So... you're more attractive than most of the divas..." Randy smiles, "You
have class... and a great body..."

Linda turns her head more, now looking back at Randy "Oh...I'm not more
attractive then the Divas."

"Yes you are... I think you are..." Randy tilts his head as he looks in her
eyes. "And if Mr. McMahon had any brains... he'd be here saying what I'm
saying to you... because it's all true..."

Linda blushes and then turns facing Randy " honest, what do you

"Honestly... I want you..." Randy places a hand on Linda's waist as he slides
his fingers against her right cheek.

Linda smiles "Well...seeing as my husband has no problem being with younger
women...I have no problem being with a younger man."

"I hope not..." Randy leans in and softly kisses Linda's lips as he gently
pulls her towards him to press their clothed bodies against each other. Linda
kisses back as she places her left hand over Randy's crotch of his wrestling
shorts. Randy slides his tongue into Linda's mouth as he moves his hands to
unbutton her shirt, starting from the bottom button and working his way up.

Linda breaks the kiss and looks up at Randy, she takes a deep breath and then
shakes her head "I can't believe I'm doing this.." Linda sighs and gets down
onto her knees in front of Randy.

Randy smiles, "You don't have to... I wouldn't me upset... I'm happy just to
help you relax." Randy bends down a bit to slowly take her blouse off her
body, sliding it down one of her arms and then the other. Randy stretches
over to the couch and gently drops it on top of Linda's jacket. Linda takes
another deep breath as she slowly pulls down Randy's wrestling shorts. His
cock flops out of his shorts and Linda takes his cock into her gentle hands,
she then begins to slowly stroke her hand up Randy's shaft.

Randy's cock slowly comes to life in Linda's hands and he lets out a soft
gasp of pleasure. "Mmmmm..." Randy closes his eyes for a moment as his dick
approaches its full length and thickness. Linda moves her hand down Randy's
shaft before she pulls Randy's cock up to her mouth, she opens her mouth and
takes Randy's cock into her mouth. She loosely wraps her lips around his cock
and begins to slowly bob her head on Randy's nicely sized cock.

"Ohhhh wow Mrs. McMahon..." Randy moans as he leans his head back. He bites
his lower lip as he forces himself not to push his dick deep inside of
Linda's mouth, and does so successfully by tightening up his entire body.
Linda presses her soft tongue against Randy's cock as she starts lifting her
head slightly quicker on Randy's cock, lapping her saliva around his shaft
as she sucks. "Ahhhh yes... oh god... Linda..." Randy speaks her first name
in the heat of the moment as he moans in pleasure. He opens and closes both
of his hands fighting the urge to rake his fingers through her hair. Linda
slowly brings her head up from Randy's cock and smiles up at him, before she
stands up.

Randy gets speechless for a moment before he smiles, "That... was... the
best... I've... ever gotten..." Randy places his hands on Linda's waist and
gently pushes her towards the couch to have her sit on it. Randy unbuttons
her suit pants to slide them down her legs. He gently drops them on top of
her other clothes before he takes off her under-garments. Randy smiles up
at her, as he presses his fingers against her pussy and begins to rub her
private area slowly.

Linda licks her lips and watches Randy gently caress her smooth, shaven pussy
"Ohhh...Randy." Linda softly moans. Randy licks his lips as he looks at her
face while bringing his mouth to her pussy. He flicks his tongue up and down
between the pussy lips as he gently inserts two fingers inside of her. Randy
slides his fingers in and out extremely slow. Linda closes her eyes as she
relaxes herself. Linda tilts her head back "Ohhhh...mmmm...Randy..." Randy
takes his fingers out of Linda's pussy and uses them to spread the folds
apart. He inserts his tongue into her pussy then starts moving it around
inside of her. Randy places his hands on her legs, gently massaging her
thighs as he thrusts his tongue in and out of her pussy repeatedly. Linda's
bottom lip trembles "Ohhhh...Randy..." Linda moans while licking her lips.

Randy lifts his head away from her pussy and smiles at her, "Mr. McMahon
doesn't know how lucky he is..." Randy stands up a bit and grips his cock at
the base. He presses the tip of his shaft against the entrance of her pussy
but doesn't push it in just yet. Instead he locks eyes with her and asks,
"Are... you ready?"

Linda smiles and nods "Yes...I'm ready.." Linda says giving Randy a wink.

"Ok..." Randy smiles as he slowly eases his cock inside of her warm wet
pussy. He lowers his body so his chest is near her face and begins to slowly
pump his shaft into her.

Linda bites down on her bottom lip as she places her soft hands against
Randy's toned stomach. Linda feels Randy's body against her hands each time
he gently thrusts into her pussy.

Randy closes his eyes, "Ohhhh god Linda... you're incredible..." Randy moans
as he keeps his thrusts slow and gentle, taking special care to try and give
Linda extra pleasure with each push.

Linda begins to gently and slowly push back against Randy's stiff cock,
inside her warm pussy. Linda closes her eyes as she moves her hands up to
Randy's strong shoulders "Mmmmm....ohhh...Randy..." Randy licks his lips
as his thrust start to get a bit faster and harder. He wraps his arms
around Linda's body to turn her a bit onto her side. Without pulling out
of her, Randy lays behind her on the couch and continues to pleasure the
lovely Linda McMahon with his cock. Linda rest her head back against
Randy's shoulder as he begins to quicken his thrusts.

Randy rests a hand on Linda's stomach to somewhat hold her in place as his
thrusts push Linda forward slightly each time. "God... you're so... beautiful
Linda..." Randy whispers while trying not to be rough with her delicate body.

Linda smiles "Thank you..." She replies as she begins pushing back once
again on Randy's stiff cock "Mmmm...Randy.." Randy starts to turn Linda again
towards a position where she'll be on all fours, but he stops halfway, unsure
if he should take her from behind. He decides not to and rests Linda back on
her side.

Linda grits her teeth as she begins to cum "Ohhhh.....shit..." Linda
surprisingly blurts out.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh fuck...." Randy grunts as he begins to cum a moment later
inside of Linda's pussy. He holds her close to him as he cock spasms inside
of her.

Linda laughs a little as she looks back at Randy "Is that all you got?"

Randy lifts his head, and smiles as his face gets a little red, "I... was...
excited... normally... I last a lot longer... but... you were incredible."

Linda takes a deep breath "You know Randy...I'm going to make a executive

"You are? Can.... you... tell me what it is?" Randy asks with a smile before
he kisses the back of her shoulder.

Linda nods her head "'re going to collect yourself...and be ready
to go again." Linda sighs "And this time.. Mr. Orton, I the
interest of fairness that you last longer this time.." Linda then smiles.

"Yes ma'am!"


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