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Better With Age Part 2
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During a mid-summer edition of Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton is standing in
front of the Raw Interview set, wearing a black Evolution T-shirt and black
wrestling tights. He has a confident smirk on his face, as he looks o his
right where the lovely Terri Runnels is holding a microphone.

Terri, dressed in short white skirt and a tight black tank top, is holding
a microphone with her left hand as she smiles, getting her cue to go live
on-air for Monday Night Raw. Terri looks at the camera "I'm standing here
with Evolution's own Randy Orton, who just returned last week to Raw after
suffering an injury a few months ago." Terri says before turning to Randy
"First of all, welcome back to Raw. Now my question is what’s in your sights
now that you're back on Raw?" Terri asks as she holds the microphone up to

"Terri... the answer is quite simple... I have might sights set on gold...
championship gold..." Randy looks into the camera as if talking to all the
reigning champions in the WWE, "And it doesn't matter if it's Tag Team
gold... or Intercontinental gold... The Legend Killer is one swift RKO away
from becoming a champion..." Randy then looks back at Terri with a smirk,
"That is where my sights are... in addition... to the business of killing
of legendary careers..."

Terri nods her head as she moves the microphone back to her mouth "Are there
any concerns for someone who might step in the way of your sights at WWE
gold?" Terri asks before moving the microphone back up to Randy.

That depends..." Randy licks his lips, "On who it is.... but I have no
concerns... because no body can be that stupid to get in my way."

Terri nods her head and smiles back at the camera "Back to you, JR and
King..." Terri says as she lowers the microphone once the camera is turned
off. Terri clears her throat as she straightens out her white skirt.

Randy rubs the back of his neck and turns his head from side to side, "Now
that was a good interview..." Randy smirks, showing he's proud of simple
promo for his plan for success in the WWE.

Terri looks at him and smiles politely " was..." Terri then turns
her head away and rolls her eyes.

Randy licks his lips, "And you certainly kept your composure... I know how
hard it is for a woman like yourself... to stay professional around someone
who looks like a work of art come to life..." Terri looks back at Randy with
a raised eyebrow and folds her arms over her large chest as like usual has
erected nipples.

Randy grins at her, "And I see that I'm right... it's all right Terri... I
don't discriminate against women if they are a bit older."

"Excuse me? A bit older?" Terri removes her arms from her chest and places
them on her small hips and looks up at Randy, since she's shorter then the
Legend Killer "What's that supposed to mean? I'm not old!"

"Of course you're not..." Randy smirks, "But then... you have been around
the business for what... almost 13 years.... but you're still young... just
experienced with age..."

Terri narrows her eyes a bit as she looks at Randy "Haven't you ever heard
the saying you only get better with age?" Terri asks as she presses her soft
lips together.

Randy looks down into Terri's eyes and licks his lips, "I heard that saying
before... but I'm not sure if that applies to you... at least not yet I

Terri nods her head a bit as she glances down at Randy's crotch, noticeably
"Ok...Randy...I'll prove it to you.." Terri replies presses her soft lips
together once again.

Randy raises a hand and slides it through Terri's soft blond hair "Shall
we... go to someplace a little more private... wouldn't want anyone catching
you proving yourself in public..."

Terri shrugs her shoulder as she confidently looks at Randy "I have no
problem doing it anywhere."

Randy looks at Terri with a look of amusement, "All right..." He licks his
lips as looks up and down Terri's clothed body, with his eyes focuses on her
chest. "If you have no problem... show me what you got... right here."

Terri nods her head to make sure her and Randy are on the same page "Right
here?" Terri asks as she looks around the interviewing set and sees the coast
is clear.

Randy nods his head slowly as he smirks "Yeah... right here..." Randy then
laughs slightly, "Unless you have a problem with it... and want to admit you
were boasting..."

Terri shakes her head from side to side "I have no problem with it..." Terri
replies before she reaches down and slowly lifts her black tight tank top up
and over her head and off of her stunning tanned body and revealing her
large, nipple-erected, tits.

Randy licks his lips as he sees Terri's hard nipples and her large tits,
"Damn... those... look impressive..." Randy comments before he lifts his
black Evolution T-shirt up and off of his young muscular body, complete
with a well defined muscular chest and rock hard abs.

Terri licks her lips as she looks at Randy's solid built chest and rock hard
abs "Mmm...that's quite impressive too..." Terri says as she starts to push
her white skirt down her smooth, tanned legs. Her skirt drops down from her
waist and slides down her legs. Terri steps out of her skirt, revealing her
smoothly shaven, pantie-bare, pussy.

Randy tilts his head to the side to look at Terri's lovely pussy and smirks,
"Nice and shaved... perfect..." Randy comments as he starts to lower his
black wrestling tights down his firm muscular legs, allowing his twelve inch
cock to come free them. His dick hangs between his legs as it slowly starts
to become erect as Randy looks at Terri's pussy and then her beautiful tits.

Terri licks her lips as her eyes lower down to Randy's impressively built
cock "Mmmm...very nicely, Legend Killer..." Terri replies as she presses her
lips together once again. She motions her left hand down to Randy's large
cock, hanging between his muscular legs "May I....?"

Randy nods his head slowly, "Yes you may..." He says as he spreads his legs
further apart so that his cock is easier for her to take hold of. The Horny
Little She-Devil, Terri, bites down on her bottom lip seductively as she
slowly lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Randy, flipping her
blonde hair back as she takes a hold of Randy's massive cock into her soft,
cool hands. Terri gently wraps her hands around Randy's shaft and begins to
move her hands slowly up and down his shaft.

Randy moans slightly as he places his hands on his hips, "Mmmm... what great
hands..." Randy smirks as looks down to see Terri's hands wrap around his
cock. Terri looks up at Randy with a sly smile as she moves her hands up and
down Randy's shaft at a quicker rate. Terri slowly leans her head down and
the horny little she-devil presses her tongue against the head of Randy's

"Mmmm... yeah..." Randy moans a little as he feels Terri's small moist tongue
against the head of his stacked dick. He places a hand on Terri's head and
smirks, "Hope you know how to handle something like that..." He says with a
cocky tone of voice. Terri laughs a little as she starts to circle her small,
wet tongue around the head of Randy's cock, before she lowers her tongue down
from the head of his cock and begins to guide her tongue down Randy's shaft.

"And... I see that you can..." Randy chuckles a bit as he starts to run his
fingers through Terri's soft hair. He moves his left foot back a bit when he
feels Terri's saliva drip from her tongue down his shaft to his rather large

Terri slowly brings her tongue back up Randy's shaft gently patting her
tongue against his shaft before she pulls her head away. Terri flips her
soft blonde hair back as she smiles up at Randy "Let me see what else you
can do..."

Randy smirks, "All right... but I hope you can keep up with someone who's
younger..." Randy says as he stands Terri up and presses her up against the
wall of the interview set. He gets down on his knees and pushes Terri's
perfectly tanned legs apart so he can bring his mouth to her pussy. Randy
instantly slides his tongue out and starts circling her clit with it while
he reaches between her legs to press his fingers against her ass crack.

Terri slowly tilts her head back and licks her lips as she feels Randy's cock
enter her warm pussy " that can do...?" Terri asks as she
softly moans. Randy doesn't reply verbally instead he leans down further and
gently presses his tongue against the soft lips of Terri's sweet pussy. He
pushes his tongue inside of her cunt and starts thrusting it in and out
rather quickly. Meanwhile, Randy moves his fingers that are presses against
Terri's ass crack and starts thrusting his middle finger of his right hand up
and down between her ass cheeks.

Terri bites down on her bottom lip as she places her right hand on top of
Randy's shorthaired head "Ohhhhh Randy..." Terri moans as she gently grits
her teeth. Terri moves her left hand up and wraps her hand around one of the
bars on the interviewing set to help keep her balance. Randy starts moving
his tongue quicker in and out of Terri's pussy, and grinds his face a bit
against her cunt as well. As he eats her out, Randy reaches further between
Terri's legs and pushes his middle finger father up Terri's ass cheeks so he
can push it into her asshole. The handsome young superstar slowly finger
fucks Terri's round backside as he starts to back his tongue out of her

"Ohhhhh yess...Randy.." Terri moans as she starts to thrust her pelvis a bit
into Randy's facing, forcing his tongue deeper into her horny little pussy.

Randy tilts his head to the right so Terri's hand falls off of his head, and
then he backs his head completely away from her pussy when he brings his hand
out from between her legs. Randy looks up at Terri with a smirk, "You liked
that Terri?" He asks as he licks his lips.

Terri nods her head with satisfied smirk "Not bad kid, not bad."

"Kid?" Randy smirks a bit as he stands up and he looks down at her, "I'll let
that slide once..." Randy says as he looks out of the corner of his eye and
sees an equipment trunk just to the left of the interview set. He then looks
at Terri and smirks, "I need to give you a lift..." Randy says as he picks
Terri up, hoists her over his shoulder and carries her over to the equipment

Terri raises her eyebrow a bit as Randy carries her over one his shoulders
"Randy...what are you doing?" Terri asks.

"Just moving you..." Randy replies with a light laugh before he sits her down
on top of the equipment trunk. He then spreads Terri's legs and guides his
cock towards Terri's pussy and eases it into her. Randy pushes his dick all
the way completely so that his balls are pressed against her, and so Terri
can feel every inch of his huge cock inside of her tight little she-devil

Terri grits her teeth and lets her head hang back "Ohhhh Randy..." Terri
moans as Randy begins to thrust his cock in and out of her hot pussy. As
Terri sits on the equipment trunk, she wraps her smooth legs around Randy's

Randy keeps a cocky smirk on his handsome face as he places his right hand on
Terri's chest to pinch her right diamond hard nipple while he gets a steady
rhythm. "Mmmm uhhh you like that Terri..." Randy asks as he moans slightly
and reaches places his left on Terri's lower back to pull her forward towards
him when he thrusts into her.

Terri nods her head with a seductive look on her face as she starts to push
herself against Randy's cock "Ohhh...yess Randyyyyy..." Terri moans as she
feels Randy deliver a powerful thrust to her sensual pussy.

Randy grins at her as he wraps both of his arms around Terri's petite body
and lifts her off the equipment trunk. With her legs wrapped already around
his waist, Randy begins bouncing her freely on his cock as walks back to the
interview set. "You got... some serious fucking coming..." Randy says as he
presses her up against the back of interview set, with her round ass pressing
against the cool metal bars of the set.

Terri closes her eyes with her tilted back as Randy starts wildly bounce
Terri on his cock, causing her to slam down harder and harder upon each
impact "Ohhhhh...yesss...ohhh Randy!" Terri moans as she begins to sweat.

"Yeah... ohhh yeah... you love that don't ya... you like this young stud
fucking this good..." Randy says as he thrusts his cock harder and faster
into Terri's pussy while keeping her pressed firmly against the wall of
the interview set.

Terri grits her teeth "Ohhhh...I love it!" Terri groans "I love sex!"

"Then you'll love this..." Randy says as he unwraps his arms from around
Terri and steps back away from the wall. Terri starts to lean back a bit,
but he catches her before her head smacks against the wall. He the lifts
Terri off of his cock after making her break the lock she has around his
waist with her legs. Randy stands her up and turns her around, but before
he does anything he smirks, "You need to grab one of those bars on the set
Terri... I got something in mind..."

Terri looks over her shoulder with a sly smirk before she looks forward and
the interviewing set, placing both of her hands on one of the bars on the
set. "Now hold on tight..." Randy licks his lips as he kicks Terri's legs
apart with his right foot as if preparing to frisk her. But instead, The
Legend Killer squats down a bit, spreads Terri's perfect ass apart with his
right hand and uses his left to help lead his throbbing cock into asshole.
When his cock is half way in, Randy wraps his arms around her waist and
lifts Terri off the ground, then he shove the rest of his big hard shaft
into her asshole.

Terri grits her teeth as she looks back at Randy, watching the young
third-generation stud power-drills her tight, soothing asshole "Ohhhh
ahhhhh Randy! Yesssss!"

Sweat starts to drip down Randy's face and his smirks at Terri as she looks
back a him, "Don't... let go... of that bar..." Randy grunts as he starts
slamming his cock in and out of her tight little asshole, over and over
again, with his balls crashing against her non-stop.

"Ohhhh...Randy...rub my pussy...please!" Terri groans.

"Alllll right...." Randy groans as he moves both hands, that around her
waist, towards her pussy. Adjusting his hold so that his holding Terri mostly
with his left arm, Randy presses his right hand against her pussy and starts
to furiously rub her clit with his palm. "Fuck... yeah ahhh shit..." Randy
licks his lips lustfully as he pounds her ass with his dick, successfully
keeping up his hard and heavy pace.

Terri hangs her head, looking down at the floor as Randy ravagely rubs her
sweet pussy and he powerfully fucks her tight asshole "Ohhhhh ahhhhh....
Randy...ohhhhhh yessssss!" Terri moans as she begins to cum on Randy's hand.

"Ahhhh ahhh yeah ahhh gahhh fuck..." Randy grunts as he continues his
relentless assault before he shoves all of his cock in one last time before
he starts to cum hard in Terri's tight ass. Terri's wonderfully tight butt
practically squeezes the entire hot load out of Randy's cock as he holds the
horny little she-devil up.

Terri removes one hand from the metal bar of the interviewing set and slides
it through her sweaty-moist hair "Ohhhh godd..." Terri groans.

"Damn... that was good..." Randy grunts as he starts to ease his cock out of
Terri's ass, with a bit of cum dripping out as well. He lowers Terri down to
the ground and holds her in case her legs are a bit weak.

Terri smiles and turns around with a smile on her face " only get
better with age, right?"

Randy smirks, "Yeah you do... but since you have... quite a few years on
me... just picture how I'll be in few years..."

Terri raises her eyebrow as she places her hands on her sweaty hips, she
shakes her head "Kid, you sure are cocky..."


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