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Big Booty Diary Part 1
by Revolution

Mickie James walked through the curtain backstage feeling exhilarated after a
tag team victory with Kelly Kelly over Beth Phoenix and Katie Lea. She was
feeling so good because the match was great and the crowd was really loud for
her during the whole thing. She was even impressed with her tag team partner,
Kelly Kelly, for showing signs of improvement out there and not just relying on
her looks. As Mickie and Kelly walked towards their locker room, she saw Vince

"Mr. McMahon, how'd we look out there tonight?" Mickie asked, excited to get
some approval from her boss.

"Well Mickie, I have to say that Kelly Kelly looked great. As for you, why can't
you look more like her? Why can't you have a body like hers? You'd look better,"
he said and walked away from them.

"Awww Mickie, don't listen to him," Kelly tried to console Mickie.

"Why do I even bother trying to put on good matches?" Mickie sighed and walked

* * *

When Mickie James returned to her hometown of Richmond, Virginia, she was still
bothered by the fact that nobody in WWE could understand one of the major
reasons why she was so popular. She felt that she could be even more popular if
they really allowed her to show off her body. These are the same people that
couldn't understand why Mickie still lived in Virginia and didn't move to
California or Florida like almost every other wrestler. Mickie hoped that a
night's rest would ease her mind and she wouldn't be so depressed about her
situation in WWE.

The next day, Mickie went down to her local Starbucks to get a latte. One of the
things she loved about her hometown was that she could do this and people
wouldn't treat her like a celebrity. She knew the people that worked there and
the regular customers and it was a cool, relaxed atmosphere. Mickie was still a
little depressed so she got her latte and went to sit outside by herself. She
saw a familiar face walk out of the shop and she stopped him.

"Andrew!" She said, getting his attention. Andrew was one of the regular servers
at Starbucks and he was also an amateur swimmer. Mickie would chat with him for
a couple minutes almost every time she went into the store. He wasn't a big
wrestling fan but Mickie would tell him whenever she had a big match so he'd
watch and give her his opinion. Andrew turned around at the sound of Mickie's
voice, walked back over to her and sat down.

"I haven't seen you in a while, do you have time to sit and chat?" Mickie asked.

"Yeah sure, it's an off day for me today," he replied.

"How's the swimming going?" She asked.

"Pretty good, I won a tournament last week and I'm going to start training soon
for the next one. How is everything going in WWE?" He asked.

"It's been better but it's also been worse," Mickie said trying to be positive.
They chatted for a few minutes about how things were going for her career and
how she felt like no matter what she did she would never get the full respect of
her bosses. While they were talking, Andrew noticed that Mickie wasn't wearing
an engagement ring and he had to ask her what happened.

"Mickie, just tell me if I'm out of line asking this but where's your fiancee
been recently?" He asked. He was curious about it but as a guy who was 6'2" and
175 pounds, he didn't want some big wrestler thinking that he was making time
with his fiancee.

"We're not together anymore," Mickie said.

"Why? What happened?" He asked.

"It just wasn't working out anymore and I had to end it."

"So you broke it off? Did he do something?"

"It's what he wasn't doing. It's complicated. I really need to stop dating
wrestlers, it never works out," Mickie explained.

"So why do you date them?" Andrew asked.

"I'm around them all the time and I kept thinking the next guy would be
different. I really wish I could meet a nice normal guy like ... like you,"
Mickie said.

"Like me?" Andrew was surprised.

"Yeah like you. Do you have any friends that are single?" Mickie laughed.

"I'm single," He replied.

"Shut up! No you're not!" Mickie said, punching Andrew in the arm.

"Yes, I am. There doesn't seem to be that many women willing to put up with the
hours that I put into training and working here," he explained. At this point,
some people recognized Mickie and came up to get some autographs. Mickie was
nice to everyone and signed their autographs and took some photos.

"So you're really single?" Mickie asked.

"100% single," he replied.

"What would you say if I asked you to come back to my place to continue this

"I would say ... lead the way!"

It didn't take that long for them to get to Mickie's place. She had a nice sized
home in a fairly good neighborhood and was clearly making a lot more money than
an amateur athlete! She got a couple Red Bulls from her fridge and they sat down
on her couch to talk some more.

"Mickie, I have a wrestling related question for you," Andrew said.

"Fire away, what do you want to know?" She said.

"I've noticed a while ago that you changed your wrestling attire from skirts to
tights. Was there a reason for that?" he asked.

"Actually it was management's decision."


"Yeah, they gave me a choice to either slim down and keep wearing the skirts or
stay the way I am and wear tights."

"Slim down? That's bullshit!"

"Really? Kenny agreed with them and wanted me to lose weight. Maybe I should
have listened to them," Mickie sighed. "No way, don't lose a pound."

"I'm surprised, I figured you liked very slim swimmer girls," Mickie said.

"Nah, I prefer the way you're built. I'm surprised that you wanted a guy like
me. I figured that you were into those big muscular guys," Andrew said.

"Been there, done that, was never impressed," she explained.

"Maybe this isn't as surprising as I thought it was," he admitted.

"Me too, I'm just so happy that you like my build and aren't trying to change me
like everyone else."

"I wouldn't even dream of changing you."

"Awww, you're sweet. You know, speaking of my wrestling attire, I want to get
our honest opinion on something that I want to wear but they won't let me,"
Mickie said.

"I'll be honest," he replied. Mickie took him upstairs to her bedroom and went
into her luggage. She found the spandex shorts and top that were not approved
and showed them to Andrew.

"I wanna wrestle in this but they won't let me! I know its what my fans want but
they're like, oh no Mickie, you're too fat, you can't wear that," she sighed.

"What are they? A bunch of homos?" He asked.

"No comment," Mickie smiled.

"To be fair, I'd have to see you in it to really judge," he suggested.

"I like the way you think. Wait here and I'll go put it on," she said. Mickie
went into the bathroom and stripped down to her g-string and bra. She first
pulled the bright blue and pink spandex bra top over her black push-up bra. The
top barely fit over her big full round breasts. Next, Mickie took the spandex
shorts that were about four sizes too small and tried to get them on. She got
them about halfway up her thighs and couldn't get them up any higher. Mickie
poked her head out the door and asked Andrew to toss her a bottle of baby oil
that was in her nightstand. He threw it to her and had no idea what was going on
in there. Mickie took the shorts off and started oiling up her big thighs and
ass. She greased up that thick lower body of hers and tried to get those tiny
blue and pink spandex shorts on again. Mickie struggled and fought with them
until she FINALLY got them on. They were some tight that the only covered about
half of her ass and were wedged deep between her cheeks. Mickie looked at
herself in the mirror and got very turned on. She started rubbing herself
through the shorts and closing her eyes.

"Mickie? Mickie? Is everything ok in there?" Andrew called out. Mickie was
startled and realized that he was out there waiting for her. Mickie opened the
door and revealed herself to him.

"This is what *I* want to wear but what do you think?" She asked with her tanned
flesh busting out and stretching that spandex to its limit.

"Damn Mickie that is one TIGHT outfit! You have some fucking curves," he

"Oh trust me its tight! How does it make my booty look?" Mickie asked, turning

"Big ... very big! Good gawd those shorts are tight," he exclaimed. "I knew I
liked them when Candice and Michelle said they would make me look fat," Mickie

"Damn right, Mickie, those skinny bitches have nothing on you," he said.

"They will never let me wear this," she said.

"Those shorts are so tight, can you even wear anything underneath?" he asked.
Mickie peeled down the side of her shorts a little bit to show the side of a
pink g-string.

"Only the smallest g-string that I could find. Check out the major camel toe it
gives me," Mickie said, pointing down to her crotch.

"Oh I noticed it right away," Andrew smiled.

"It must make you just want to reach out and touch it. Go ahead, give it rub,"
Mickie told him, grabbing at his hand. He rubbed her crotch through those shiny
blue tights and felt her pussy devouring that g-string. It was making for a big
camel toe.

"My ass isn't the only fat thing on me," Mickie smiled, moving his hands around
onto her big, round ass. Andrew rubbed my hands all over it, feeling those big
buns hanging out from those tight shorts.

"How's it feel?" Mickie asked.

"Huge!" He said.

"Yeah ... that's what I like to hear," Mickie said, enjoying his hands rubbing
her huge ass. He moved his hands down from her ass onto her massive thighs that
are filled with muscle and fat.

"I'll never forget it when Torrie Wilson told me I should be embarrassed for
wearing a skirt and letting everyone see my thunder thighs," Mickie recounted.

"What a dumb bitch. They have no idea what men want, do they?" Andrew asked.

"They know what some men want ... men that pump themselves full of steroids and
spend more time looking the mirror than I do," Mickie laughed. Andrew moved his
hands back up onto her booty while Mickie started undoing his belt.

"You've seen what I'm working with, now let me see what you're bringing to the
party," she said. He let his pants drop and his 9" cock was pretty much hard.

"Mmmmm I like what I see, a fat dick for a fat ass chick," Mickie grinned.
Andrew turned her around and started rubbing his cock against Mickie's fat ass.

"Ohhh yeah, smack my huge ass with your big hard cock!" Mickie demanded. He
slapped away at Mickie's ass with his nine-inch cock, smacking against both
flesh and those tight shorts. Mickie pushed him backwards so he fell down onto a
chair then she backed her ass up and squished it against his cock.

"Damn! That is a fucking badonkadonk!" He exclaimed as Mickie rubbed her big
soft buns up and down against his cock. "Mmmmm you like that?" Mickie asked.

"Ahhh yeah rub that big fat ass on me," he said.

"Yeah? You like my big fat ass? You don't want me to lose weight and cover it
up?" Mickie asked, still rubbing her plump butt against his cock.

"Fuck no, Mickie! Stay phat!" Andrew exclaimed. He was getting oil all over him
from Mickie's body as she simulated riding his cock by rubbing her big ass
against it. He reached around her, rubbing one hand against her breasts and one
on her sexy thick stomach.

"Mmmmm Mickie these shorts are so fucking sexy," he said. He picked her up and
bent her over the side of the bed.

"Oh yeah, look at my big badonkadonk eat up that spandex," Mickie said, looking
over her shoulder. She watched as Andrew rubbed his big nine inch boner between
her ass cheeks and against that spandex.

"This is an ass! Those dumb cunt divas making fun of it. Half of them look like
men and the other half look anorexic," he said.

"Mmmmm it's nice hearing a real man for a change," Mickie said. Andrew let her
up and gave her a long, deep kiss.

"Mmmm you're good with that tongue," Mickie remarked. She grabbed the back of
his neck and pulled him down onto the bed, trapping his head between her thighs.

"Wow! You're quick and strong," Andrew said with his head stuck between Mickie's
tree trunk like thighs.

"These thick thighs aren't all fat," Mickie smiled. Andrew rubbed his hands on
her thighs and felt them squishing against his face. He moved his head up a
little so his mouth was directly over Mickie's pussy. He began tonguing it
through her bright blue spandex shorts. Mickie's pussy was so fat and juicy that
it was flopping out of her g-string and pressing right up against the shorts.

"Oooohhhh mmmmm ohhhhh that's nice ohhhh yeah baby," Mickie moaned feeling that
tongue against her.

"Mmmmmm you have a big fat sloppy pussy, don't you Mickie?" Andrew asked in
between licks.

"I have the biggest, fattest, sloppiest pussy out of all the divas!" Mickie
proclaimed proudly.

"Mmmmmm you're all woman," he said. Mickie released her grip on his head and let
him out from between those massive thighs. He kissed the insides of her thighs
and moved up her body. He stopped at Mickie's stomach and gave it little kisses
all over.

"You like my stomach? It's toned but still soft," she said. He didn't reply and
kept on rubbing his lips all over it. He moved up her body and squeezed her big
breasts through her bra top and tongue kissed the exposed part of her cleavage.

"Mmmmmhmmmmm what a perfect body," he said. He grabbed her around the waist and
rolled over so that Mickie was lying on top of him.

"It's built for real men," she said. She pushed her thighs together so that they
were squeezing Andrew's rock hard cock between them. He held her tight, feeling
her soft curvacious body against his lean muscular frame.

"Next time they call you fat and tell you to lose weight, just smile because
that means this body is in perfect shape," he told her in between kisses.

"Oh I already feel that way. I got so turned on when I had to oil myself up to
fit my fat ass and legs into these shorts," Mickie admitted.

"Ohhhh Mickie," Andrew moaned softly as he squeezed her half covered butt.

"OHHHH MICKIE!" He now moaned louder.

"OHHHH I'M CUMMING MICKIE! OHHHHHH YESSSSSS!" He screamed as he squeezed down on
her ass and felt the cum involuntarily shoot from his cock and splatter onto the
back of Mickie's thighs.

"Ohhh shit! I have never cum like that before!" He said.

"Mmmm wow, you came just from my fat thighs squeezing your big dick! That's
impressive! I knew this outfit was good," Mickie responded.

"Fuuuck that felt good and we haven't even fucked yet!"

"Ooohhhh I'm so excited ... now if we can just get me out of these shorts and
get you hard again, we're in business!"

"Don't worry, once those shorts come off, you won't need to worry about me
getting hard again!"

"That's so manly ... I love it!" Mickie rejoiced as she got up off of Andrew and
stood in front of the mirror. She started rubbing his warm cum all over her
thick thighs, mixing it in with the baby oil. Andrew rolled off the bed and
stood behind Mickie, pulling her brunette hair away from her face and looking
over her shoulder into the mirror.

"Fuck those are amazing," he said, referring to Mickie's thighs.

"Everyone used to go crazy over Stacy Keibler's legs but I guarantee she's never
made a man cum like that before," Mickie smiled while rubbing those big thighs.

"You know, these aren't too shabby either," Andrew quipped as he put his hands
around Mickie and squeezed her breasts.

"Oh these big things? Help me get this top off and you can get a better look,"
she said. The two of them peeled off the blue and pink spandex top and unsnapped
her black bra. Mickie took Andrew's hands and placed them on her breasts.

"Ohhhh yeah those are real nice," he said, squeezing Mickie's large tanned
breasts. Mickie leaned her head back and gave him a kiss while he rubbed his
thumbs over her hard nipples. He turned Mickie around and leaned his head down
so that he could gently suck on those hard nipples.

"Mmmmmm ohhhhhhh that feels good," Mickie sighed. She reached down and began
stroking Andrew's cock while he caressed her big full breasts and sucked on her
hard sensitive nipples. With his cock getting semi-hard, Andrew kissed up
Mickie's chest and gave her another long deep tongue kiss.

"I think it's time we try and get those shorts off," he said.

"Good luck with that," Mickie said, looking over her shoulder into the mirror
and seeing how tight those shorts were. Andrew reached around her and grabbed
the top of her shorts at the back and tried to peel them down. He could only get
them down far enough to see Mickie's tiny pink g-string.

"You weren't kidding! This is gonna be tough," he said.

"Mmmmhmmmm my ass is so big and fat, isn't it?" Mickie asked.

"Theres so much ass and so little spandex," Andrew replied. He now tried to pull
the shorts down from the bottom but they were stuck to Mickie's buns. Mickie was
looking over her shoulder into the mirror the whole time and loving how much
trouble he was having getting her shorts to come off. He used his thumb and
index finger from both hands to pull the bottom edge of the spandex shorts off
Mickie's ass and he quickly stuck a finger in there. With a finger stuck between
the spandex and Mickie's flesh, he could now start pulling her shorts down on
one side.

"I think this is what the brothers like to call a badonkadonk!" Andrew said.

"I've heard them all. Badonkadonk, phat apple, junk in the trunk, bootylicious,
ghetto ass, phat ass white girl, and on and on," Mickie smiled. Andrew was
slowly working her shorts off, one side at a time. He would pull on side down a
few inches then switch to the other side. He went back and forth until he
finally got Mickie's spandex shorts down to her thighs.

"Wow," Andrew said with his mouth hanging open. He stared into the mirror and
Mickie's whole ass hanging out only flossed with that tiny pink g-string.

"Is it as good as you thought it would be?" Mickie asked.

"Better," he muttered, still staring. Mickie felt his cock go from semi-hard to
its full nine inches in her hand. She pulled the shorts all the way off her legs
and stood in front of Andrew in only a g-string. Mickie backed him onto the bed
and made him lay down. She started stroking his throbbing cock then got onto the
bed with him. Mickie plopped her pussy right down on his face and leaned forward
so that she could start sucking his cock.

"Oohhhhh Mickie oohhhh my god," Andrew groaned as Mickie used her whole mouth
and throat to milk his cock. She had one of her hands constantly working over
his balls while she slurped away on his dick. He held onto her thighs and pulled
her down closer to his face. He grabbed her g-string with his teeth and moved it
to the side so he could get right at her pussy.

"Ahhh yeeeehhhh you like that pussy don't you?" Mickie asked, feeling Andrew
devouring her pussy.

"Mmmmmm such a nasty pussy mmmmmmmm it tastes so good mmmmmmm," he moaned in
between licks of Mickie's fat, sloppy, meaty pussy. It was so wet and juicy that
he couldn't help but feast on it. Mickie was equally as enarmored with Andrew's
big nine inch cock and she sucked it like it was the best thing she had ever had
in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm so fat ... mmmmmmmm so wet ... mmmmmmm so sloppy ... mmmmmmmmm I gotta
fuck this pussy," he proclaimed.

"Oh god yes, let me feel this huge cock inside of me!" Mickie said. She quickly
got onto her back and Andrew mounted her in the missionary position, sliding his
cock in her wet pussy with ease.

"Ooohhhhhhhh yesssssss its sooooooo big!" Mickie moaned. She wrapped her massive
thighs around him and held him close as he slammed his cock inside of her.

"Ohhhhh god Mickie ohhhhh damn this pussy ohhhh shit!" Andrew grunted.

"What? What about it?" Mickie asked.

"I've fucked tight neat pussies all my life but your pussy is ohhhhhhhhh fuuck!
FUCK! It's a hundred times better!" He moaned.

"Mmmmmm yeeahhhh my sloppy fat pussy is eating your whole huge cock! That's why
you fucking love it!" She said. Andrew kept pumping away, feeling Mickie's thick
wet pussy lips against his cock. He couldn't believe how good Mickie's loose
pussy felt on his cock compared to a nice, tight, small pussy. He fucked her
hard until his cock slipped out of her wet pussy and rested against her thigh.

"Your thighs make my cock look small," he commented.

"I wanna get on top," Mickie said.

"Fuck, go right ahead," Andrew smiled. He rolled onto his back and Mickie
straddled his cock, lowering her soaking wet pussy down onto his stiff nine inch

"Mmmm ohhhhh yeahhhh there you go," he said as Mickie started bouncing up and
down on his dick.

"Ohhhh wow I can really bounce on this big dick," Mickie said. Andrew reached up
and held her curvy waist, watching her big tits bounce up and down. Slowly his
hands moved up onto those tits and he squeezed them a little bit. His hands
moved around her back and down onto her ass. He grabbed onto that big thing and
felt it jiggling between his fingers.

"Ohhhhh damn Mickie, I need your ass!" Andrew proclaimed.

"Yeah? You wanna fuck my fat ass? I tell most guys that I'm not into anal but
between you and me, I'm dying to feel your big cock inside my big ass!" Mickie
said with a huge grin. Andrew picked Mickie up and put her down on her knees.

"God that looks tasty," he said, sizing up Mickie's plump backside.

"Come get some of this big booty," Mickie said, slapping her ass. Andrew put
both hands on Mickie's ass and spread her thick cheeks apart so he could get at
her asshole with his tongue. He licked up Mickie's ass crack with long, slow

"Ooohhhhh I like that," Mickie cooed.

"Mmmmmmmm me too," Andrew agreed. He used the tip of his tongue to tease
Mickie's asshole before he returned to his long, slow licks where he got the
taste of Mickie's ass all over his tongue.

"Ohhh my god does that feel good. Tell me honestly, what does it taste like?"
Mickie asked.

"I never knew a big, fat, sweaty ass could taste so good. I could eat this ass
all day long," he answered.

"Mmmmmm as good as that sounds, why don't you replace your tongue with your
dick?" Mickie suggested.

"Whatever pleases you, Mickie," he said, pulling his tongue away from her ass
and getting up behind her. Mickie reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart
so Andrew could use both of his hands to guide his big nine inch cock inside of
her. He pushed the head of his cock in then slid in all nine inches but he
quickly pulled out.

"What happened?" Mickie asked as Andrew stared down at his cock.

"I ... I almost came! Your big ass felt TOO good!" He exclaimed.

"Mmmm I know you can give my fat ass a good hard fucking, baby," Mickie
encouraged him.

"You're right, Mickie, I need to give your big ass the fucking that it
deserves," Andrew said. He composed himself and worked his cock into Mickie's
ass again. He took a few big deep breaths and he was ready to pound Mickie's

"Ohhhhh yeahhhh that's it! Fuck me like I know you can! Fuck me like none of
those meathead wrestlers could! FUCK MY FAT ASS!" Mickie yelled back at him. He
took Mickie's hands off her butt so her fat buns rubbed against the sides of his
big cock as it penetrated her ass.

"OH YEAH MICKIE! Ohhh you earned this Mickie! You're the greatest diva of all-
time! You fucking deserve to be pleasured the way you want! Ohhh my god your ass
is so fucking big ohhhh so fucking good ohhhhh," Andrew groaned.

"Ohhhhh fuck slam that cock in my fat ass! Ohhhh god you fuck like a real man!
YESSSSSSS!" Mickie screamed in pleasure. Andrew pulled back on Mickie's hair and
saw the look of ecstasy on her face and he knew the WWE diva was telling the

"Ohhhh I can't hold it anymore ... I'm gonna cum," Andrew exclaimed but Mickie
quickly moved away from him and made him lay down. "Don't touch it," she told
him. A few spurts of precum dripped down his cock but it stopped short of

"I can't let you cum yet, my big ass needs more loving," Mickie said.

"I'm trying my best but I've never fucked an ass like yours before," he

"You don't need to compliment me so much, I'm having a great time," Mickie said.

"Believe me, I'm holding back on the compliments," he smiled.

"Let's give that big cock of yours a little rest. You look hungry," Mickie said.
She stood up on the bed, walked over Andrew's head and sat down on his face. He
held onto her big strong thighs and sucked on her asshole. Mickie looked at
herself in the mirror and smiled. She was smothering Andrew's face with her big
thick ass and enjoying the feeling of his warm tongue darting in and out of her

"Mmmmmm I am sexy. I do have a perfect body. Mmmmm look at me. I am the most
talented and most beautiful diva of all-time. I'm Mickie James! All those nasty
jealous divas and all those weak dicked muscle bound wrestlers can have each
other. They don't deserve all of this!" Mickie said out loud while rubbing her
hands all over her body. When she was done giving herself what sounded like a
motivational speech, she lifted her fat butt off Andrew's face.

"They can all kiss your ass," he said.

"No, they can't. Only real men can kiss this ass," Mickie said, slapping her
butt. She moved down Andrew's body and gave his cock a few strokes. It didn't
explode with cum so she got on top of him in the cowgirl position, taking his
nine inches up her ass.

"I think I'm in heaven," Andrew sighed as Mickie grinded on his cock.

"Hold on baby," she said. He reached around her back and grabbed onto her big
ass. Mickie placed her hands on his abs and began bouncing on his cock. He held
onto that booty tightly as Mickie bounced up and down.

"Ride it Mickie! Ride my cock like only you can! Bounce on it with your fat
ass!" Andrew encouraged, giving that ass a spank then grabbing back onto it.

"Unnhhhhh my god your cock! Ohhhhh its so fucking big I love it! OHHHHHH
YESSSS!" Mickie screamed, bouncing hard and fast on that nine inch pole. Her big
ass made the loudest sounds as it came smacking down against Andrew with each
bounce. Mickie rode his cock with such power and force because she was strong
yet had so much cushion.

"You're not gonna slow down at all, are you?" Andrew asked, giving her ass a few

"Look at this body, I can go and go and go and go!" Mickie bragged. Andrew
pulled her down closer to him so he could suck on her big beautiful tits while
she humped his dick.

"My god are you perfect, Mickie," he sighed.

"I'll show you perfect," Mickie said. She reversed her position so that her ass
was now facing Andrew. All he could see now was Mickie's gigantic ass and thighs
riding his big cock.

"PERFECT! So fucking perfect!" He said.

"You're not gonna be able to hold it much longer, are you?" Mickie asked.

"No fucking way, not looking at what I'm looking at," Andrew answered.

"Hold it as long as you can but when you're ready to explode, I want all of that
cum on my fat ass, ok?" She asked.

"You got it Mickie," he agreed. Andrew laid back and let Mickie's ass do all the
work. She bounced it up and down on his nine inch cock and he watched it jiggle
uncontrollably. That sexy phat golden ass jiggled and jiggled with each bounce
sending shockwaves down her thick thighs, making them shake.

"Can't ... hold it ... any ... more .... OHHHHHHH YESSSSSS!" Andrew screamed as
he jerked his cock from Mickie's ass and stroked out the cum onto Mickie's big
ass. It splattered on those big buns and dripped down the back of her thighs.

"YES! YES! FUCK YES!" He shouted as he smacked his big cock hard against
Mickie's soft butt. Mickie turned around so that she was sitting on his lap and
looking him in the eye.

"I haven't been fucked that good in a long time," she told him.

"With that big booty, you should be getting fucked good whenever you want," he

"We should do this again sometime," she suggested.

"Hahahahaha," he laughed.

"Why are you laughing?"

"I was gonna try and play cool guy but I can't do it. Nobody I've been with has
ever come close to being as good as you so I'll drop anything I'm doing when you
want to see me again," Andrew admitted.

"So it'd kinda be like a booty call, right?" Mickie asked.

"Never has BOOTY call been a more accurate description," he joked as he smacked
Mickie's booty with two hands.

The End...

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