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By Wonder Mike

Welcome to Mtv, I am Kari Wuhrer, the host of this new show, you can see
me In Sex And The Other Man, Vivid, The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane, What Do
You Mean, I Am Getting On With It, O.K. and the VH1 movie Out Of Sync.

We are here today to debut, Big Brotha's, we have set up a house with
cameras in every room, we have brought in three celebrities, none who are as
big as me, we are going to but them in the house, they are former wrestling
valet, Spice, former Power Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson, and teen actress, and
former performer on Party of Five, Lacey Chabert, I could have stared in that
show you know.

Welcome to the show, you all know that you will be living in the house 24
hours a day, I know you have nothing better to do with your pathetic lives,
maybe this will make you famous like me.

Kari: What you girls don't know is that we have put a special supplement in
your lunch, you should be feeling the effects shortly.

Kari: You will be feeling a tingling sensation, the people at Mtv didn't want
to make the same mistake that CBS did, we are going to be an action show.

Kari: Let me introduce to you, your housemates.

Lacey: Nobody told us about housemates.

Kari: Shut up, I was speaking, now as I was saying before I was so rudely
interrupted, let me introduce your housemates.

Amy: Lacey was right I didn't know anything about any housemates.

Kari: I can see this is going to be a problem, these girls don't know what
it's like to be a star, Bubba Joe, Marcus, Henry, come on out here.

Kari: Here are Bubba Jo Tyrone Malone, Marcus Johnson, and Henry Reems, they
are from the Lompoc federal pen, they are all lifers, they will be joining
the girls, guys, tie up Amy.

Kari: I bet your sorry you quit Felicity now aren't you bitch?

Amy: What are you doing, put me down, let go of my leg, let go of my shirt,
fuck, I'm naked.

Spice: What are you doing to her?

Kari: Guys after you tie up Amy, do Spice first.

Spice: What do you mean?

Henry: Amy is tied up, I have Lacey, Bubba, Marcus, take Spice.

Spice: Please what are you doing? You ripped my shirt off.

Kari: Pull her in front of the camera.

Bubba: I have her clothes off, everybody watch as I stick a finger into her

Kari: I bet your sorry you quit WCW aren't you bitch?

Spice: Please.

Bubba: I am sticking my thumb into her ass, man, she's tight, she can take
another finger though, I knew you could.

Spice: Please don't.

Bubba: I bet you can take three fingers in you cunt, can't you? I knew you
could, how about two in your ass? Yes, you can.

Kari: Give it too her good boys, I bet none of you girls have had a black
man before, well you all will.

Bubba: Can you take four fingers in your cunt bitch? I knew you could.

Spice: Please don't, stop.

Bubba: Look at me work my fingers in and out, she can take them deep.

Spice: Please don't stop, harder.

Bubba: I knew she wanted it, take it hard bitch.

Spice: Please fuck me with your fingers.

Marcus: I have to get me some of that, wait until she gets a load of me.

Marcus: You know why they picked the three of us, it's because we all have
twelve inches where it matters most, take a look.

Spice: I have never seen one that big before.

Marcus: Have a closer look, suck it bitch.

Marcus: That's right, wrap your lips tight around it, take it deep, that's
it, Bubba, stuff your fingers all the way to the knuckle, now shove three
into her ass, that's right.

Spice: I can take for up the ass, please do it, Please. I need it.

Bubba: Beg for it.

Spice: Please sir, finger me good.

Bubba: You have to deep throat Marcus.

Spice: His cock is too big, I can't take it all.

Bubba: If you want to get fucked, you'll take it all.

Marcus: She is going for it, eight inches gone, nine, ten eleven, she has
done it, I can feel my balls slapping across her face.

Marcus: Her hair is so short, it's hard to get a grip, but I am going to
fuck her face, look at her take it deep. She is taking my whole cock down
her throat every thrust I take.

Bubba: I am ready to get fucked, bring her over to the couch, I want her to
ride me.

Bubba: That's right, sit on my cock, that's it, take all my twelve inches,
fuck me harder, don't stop sucking Marcus, that's it.

Marcus: This bitch sucks like a pro, this sure beats sitting in jail, I can't
believe we are getting paid for this.

Spice: Please fuck me hard, like that, ram that cock up into me, yes, just
like that, harder. Oh God harder.

Bubba: This bitch really wants it, all right, take it harder, I am going to
knock her off my cock.

Spice: No your not, I am holding on.

Marcus: Fuck her good dude.

Bubba. I need to bend her over so I can really give it too her.

Bubba: that's right, bend over, now take my cock into your tight cunt, man it
feels good, take it deep, I can feel my balls slapping against her ass.

Marcus: I can feel my balls slapping against her chin, do her in the ass.

Spice: Please do me in the ass.

Bubba: My cock is sliding into her ass, she has a perfectly shaped ass, it is
wide open now.

Bubba: She took my whole cock into her ass, I am putting it back into her
cunt now, all the way, now back into her ass.

Bubba: It's back in her cunt now, man it's tight, she has the body of a
thirteen year old boy.

Spice: What about you Marcus? Don't you want to fuck me?

Marcus: Damn right, Bubba spin her around, that's right, point that ass at

Kari: Shove that cock into her ass.

Spice: God, it's so big, fuck my ass.

Marcus: She is taking both our cocks, look at this bitch ride us, man this
ass is tight.

Spice: Please fuck me harder. HARDER, I said HARDER.

Bubba: Let's fuck this bitch senseless.

Kari: Do her good, I can feel our ratings soar, we will be bigger then

Marcus: What are you taking about Kari, didn't they tell you about that

Kari: Shut up, this show is about me.

Spice: All of you shut up, and fuck both my holes.

Spice: That's right you all are doing me good, that's it, slam those cocks
into me.

Bubba: Hold on, I'm cumming, yes, I'm cumming, get off my dick and suck my

Spice: Yes, please cum in my mouth.

Bubba: Here it comes, that's it, drink it all, don't spill any, keep going,
I'm still cumming.

Marcus: I'm cumming too, take my cock bitch.

Spice: Hurry, I need your cum too, that's it coat my throat with your juice.

Marcus: Swallow it, yes, swallow it, take it all, do it, yes.

Kari: Spice, open your mouth, lets see the cum, that's it, now you can
swallow. I bet your glad you quit w c w now aren't you.

Spice: Yes, I am.

Amy: What about me, I need some too, please, fuck me too. Please.

Kari: Don't worry, you'll get your turn, somebody get me the vacuum cleaner.

Amy: Hurry please.

Kari: Don't tell me what to do, I know what to do, first I'm going to attach
the hoses to the vacuum, where are your power ranger powers now? How come you
can't get out of that chair?

Amy: That was just a role you moron.

Kari: I know you are but what am I?

Kari: Look at those tiny tits, I bet this vacuum hose could suck one of those
all the way in, look at that, your whole tit fits inside the tube, let's do
the other one now, which one feels better? Who cares?

Kari: I bet I know what will feel better, lets move the hose south, yeah,
squeal for me baby, that's it, lets open you up, I can see why they called
you the pink ranger now, look at it.

Kari: I bet this vacuum feels good on your clit doesn't it, doesn't it bitch.

Amy: Yes, it feels good, turn it up.

Kari: Yeah, lets turn the suction up to medium, that's it, I can see it
pulling on your clit, it looks like you have a little cock.

Amy: Please, but it in.

Kari: Beg me bitch:

Amy: Please cum bucket, but it in.

Kari: Whose the cum bucket?

Amy: You are, God what are you doing?

Kari: It's on high now, it is sucking your cum right out of your cunt, listen
to it.

Amy: God, I'm cumming.

Kari: Now lets see how far I can get this hose inside of your, do you guys at
home think she can take all two feet of it?

Amy: Please do it.

Amy: Yeah bitch, work it in and out, harder, deeper, God I need it bad, do me

Kari: It won't go in any further, your cunt is deep, but I knew it was.

Kari: I bet I can get three fingers into your cunt too, that's right,
everybody at home count along with me. One finger, two fingers, three
fingers, should I go for four?

Amy: I can take it, do four, please, Kari, I am sorry about the name calling,
please, I need four fingers and the hose in me.

Kari: Since you asked nicely, here goes, that's it, take four fingers bitch,
I can feel you cumming on my hand, your cunt is trembling, I can still hear
your cum being sucked into the vacuum.

Kari: I am tired of the vacuum, somebody get me a feather, hurry, o k, now
lets see where cum bucket is ticklish.

Kari: Her breast aren't ticklish, her neck isn't, oh, I think I found the
spot, her little pink pussy, look she's straining against her ropes, she's
trying to get away.

Kari: Wait, she's not trying to get away, she trying to spread her legs, our
special supplement is working great. I can't wait until after they have had a
couple of doses.

Amy: God that feather feels good, do it, do it bitch, I'm cumming, please, I
can't take anymore.

Kari: I guess that's it for Amy, I bet your glad you quit Felicity now aren't
you? Somebody bring Lacey over here.

Lacey: It's about time

Kari: Let go of the dog, we should save that for the sweeps.

Lacey: Please I want to do it, I need doggy cock.

Kari: Hank, get over here and give Lacey what she needs.

Hank: It's about time, My cock is about to burst, Lacey, lift your chin up,
that's it, now take my cock deep, that's it, take it deep.

Hank: Look Mom, this TV star is sucking my cock, I bet you wish Party of Five
was still on don't you.

Lacey: I can't talk with my mouth full.

Hank: I love that squeaky little voice of yours, it's sexy.

Kari: Not as sexy as mine though.

Hank: Of course not. Now suck it Lacey.

Hank: That's right, deeper, deeper, you almost took it all, a couple of more
inches, you can do it, a couple more, that's it. You did it.

Kari: Let's give Lacey a big hand, she is deep throating him, look at her go.
She is slamming her head all the way against his chest,

Hank: Take it all the way out, now stuff it back down your throat, that's it,
all the way down again, now kiss my stomach, yeah, do it, lick my ball now.

Hank: Dude, she licking my balls while she deep throats me, I am ready to
blow a load already.

Lacey: Your not blowing your load until you fuck me Mr.

Hank: Yes Ma'am, so turn around and bend over. That's it, now wiggle your
ass, man, that's nice.

Hank: Kari. doesn't she have a nice ass?

Kari: Yeah, I guess, but not

Hank Bubba Marcus: We know, not as nice as yours.

Kari: Fuck all of you.

Marcus: You did, an hour ago, don't you remember.

Lacey: All of you shut up and fuck me.

Hank: Here it comes, take it bitch.

Lacey: Yeah, it feels good, ram it, that's it, ram it.

Hank: Fuck, this is the tightest cunt I've ever felt, fuck.

Lacey: Do me hard.

Hank: Fuck, fuck fuck fuck, she is squeezing my cock with her pussy, fuck,
fuck, fuck fuck.

Hank: look at her slam back on my cock, man she is a little fuck machine.

Lacey: Can't you do it any harder? Fuck me with you twelve inch tool, do it
I said.

Lacey: Man, is that all you got, fuck it lay down, I'm going to ride you.

Hank: O k, sit on my cock, yeah, that's it, bounce up and down, do it, do it,
fuck me you horny little minx.

Lacey: Yeah pump that cock up into me, do it, do it I said.

Lacey: I need it harder, harder I said. I need to cum please.

Hank: I'm fucking your tight cunt as hard as I can, I think I need help.

Marcus: Don't look at me, I'm out for the next couple of minutes. Spice's
ass wore me out.

Bubba: I can go again.

Hank: Then get over here man, shove that cock of yours into her cunt.

Lacey: YES, that's what I need, two cocks into my teenage pussy, do it.

Bubba: Here it goes, here it goes, slowly, the tip is in.

Lacey: Do it.

Hank: Both cocks are in.

Lacey: Please I need both of you to fuck me, do it I said.

Kari: Look at her, she riding both cocks.

Lacey: Harder, harder, harder, now deeper, deeper deeper.

Hank: I'm going to cum, God I'm cumming, get off my cock, I ain't paying now
child support.

Hank, stick out your tongue.

Lacey: Yes, cum in my mouth, do it.

Hank: That's it, catch it all on you tongue, don't miss any.

Bubba: I'm cumming, open your mouth.

Kari: Turn her toward the camera.

Lacey: I need your cum, it taste so good, I need it to live.

Kari: Look at her, she is the real cum bucket, man, she didn't even get any
on her face.

Kari: Come here Lacey, that's it now give me that cum, spit it into my mouth,
yeah, lip smacking good.

Kari: That's all the time we have for today, but remember, the camera's are
rolling everyday and we'll have special challenges for the girls.

Kari: Remember you can see my on repeats of Sliders and Beverly Hills 90210
and look for my album Shiny, What do you mean shut up?


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